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From [personal profile] k_a_webb a meme that gives me an excuse to update. She gave me 27.

If you comment here with the words "I wanna play" I will assign you a number from 15-30 of facts about yourself to post about yourself in your journal.

1-I'm allergic to pretty much the entire bee and wasp family-the vespids.
2-I lived in New Zealand for three years.
3-I speak French and can read and write Latin and Ancient Greek.
4-I always have a book in my purse-current one Half-Resurrection Blues by Daniel Jose Older.
5-Country music is my comfort music.
6-The best way for me to finishing writing a fic is if I'm writing it as a gift for someone or as part of a fic exchange.
7-I didn't get my driver's license until I moved back from New Zealand in 2008.
8-My dream job would be as a youth librarian at a small public library or a middle school librarian.
9-I hate the texture of raw coconut.
10-My two favorite kinds of tea are English Breakfast and Earl Grey.
11-At the moment I live in a seaside town with a lot of retirees.
12-For every new book I'm reading, I'm always rereading an old favorite at the same time.
13-I love working as a fact-checker, its intense and interesting and has helped me feel far more confident in my research abilities.
14-Every day I wear my watch, two bracelets and always put on earrings and a necklace.
15-I discovered my first grey hair was I was in my sophomore year of high school and have a grey/silver streak hidden in my hair.
16-I'm part of a blended family, the youngest and the glue with two older brothers and an older sister.
17-I studied abroad in Athens in 2002 and whenever I read about Greece's troubles, I remember how beautiful the country is and how kind the people were.
18-I've been wearing glasses since fourth grade and contacts since my senior year of college.
19-I miss having a cat.
20-If I won the lottery, I would pay off friends' debts then travel to see everyone especially my new nephew.
21-I was raised as a Quaker and consider myself one.
22-I don't like the taste of coffee.
23-My favorite color is dark blue.
24-I know how to do stage makeup.
25-I get my best ideas when walking or driving.
26-My great-grandfather was a Congressman, a member of the House of Representatives.
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Happy Galentine's Day! Its a joy to know all of you and I hope that this weekend, everyone gets a chance to do something indulgent and fun. I'm planning on seeing Jupiter Ascending tomorrow and maybe writing some fic.

Job stuff is happening to keep me busy since I returned from the Midwest. I'm feeling hopeful that doors are opening as there's another part time opportunity along with substitute calls and school jobs appearing. Its nice to be someplace without lots and lots of snow though its still cold.

I'm going to do a variation on the letter meme from [personal profile] just_ann_now, she gave me T. Comment if you want to play.

Something I hate: Taxes, Turbotax does help a lot but tax forms always seem to be written in another language.

Something I love: Tea, but in particular Earl Grey for fannish reasons and because its soothing along with providing caffeine. I have a huge collection of teas and tea stuff, but end up coming back to Earl grey.

Somewhere I've been: Tauranga, New Zealand, I had lunch there with a family friend after she looked at a trade in car. I was staying with her in Rotorua. Its a beautiful city on the water and somewhere I have a picture of her on the beach.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Tenth Arrondissement in Paris to visit my new nephew.

Someone I know: TLvop who's awesome.

A film I like: The Cutting Edge

New additions.

A book I love: Tam Lin by Pamela Dean

An Author: Tamora Pierce
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My Christmas is off to a wonderful start. Last night we opened presents and I'm already enjoying one of them, a clever tea infuser that is lovely and I'm now enjoying loose leaf tea for the first time in a while. It even fits wonderfully into the tall mug that my brother gave me last weekend.

I have two new books, one I've already started reading and another I plan on playing with a lot. One is My Dear Cassandra, a gorgeous, illustrated book of Jane Austen's letters to her sister and the other is the Smitten Kitchen cookbook. I've wanted this cookbook since I've known it was going to happen but hadn't bought it. I'm going to have such fun cooking with it.

I've just started my headlong dive into Yuletide and have two recs, my gift and a wonderful Old Kingdom fic.

What Could Go Wrong?, a fic about the Carmilla web series and it captures the tone of the series perfectly. Its an adventure in the midst of trying to write a paper and it doesn't require too much knowledge of the series.

Then when looking over my friends list, I found this fantastic Old Kingdom fic that's post-canon and really follows along with my own ideas of what might happen next. And Sam making something with Nick working with him is a huge part of it.

The Eighth Bell (4569 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Old Kingdom - Garth Nix
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Lirael (Old Kingdom)/Nicholas Sayre
Characters: Lirael (Old Kingdom), Prince Sameth, Nicholas Sayre, Mogget (Old Kingdom), Sabriel (Old Kingdom)
Additional Tags: Worldbuilding, Post-Canon

After the events of Abhorson (and The Creature in the Case), Sam and Lirael decide that since Mogget/Yrael helped defeat Orranis, he should have a bell.

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Last night I had a great amount of trouble sleeping but got myself to work because I knew I would be missing tomorrow. I didn't have too much to do as around 9, the parents started the lunch set up and I pretty much tried to not fall over. At one point, my supervisor came over and told me to go home and take some food to go. It made me feel good to know that she and the school were worried enough to say, glad you're here, but you need to take care of yourself.

I did that and stopped at an urgent care clinic on the way back and had that awful experience of the nurses going, need to see you now as we can hear you breathing. It turns out I've got an upper respiratory infection that's combining badly with my asthma. At the clinic, they gave me some treatment and I have prescriptions for some drugs I haven't taken since I was I think in college. Though it was all familiar, my allergies and asthma used to be a lot worse and at one point I took a lot of meds. There's a pharmacy between the clinic and my hotel, so I stopped there and now have tea and I hope in time that I can eat some of the lovely food the parents made. Currently, I'm hungry but wary of actually eating, so tea and possibly a nap later. It never rains but it pours.

Though I did get a lot of stuff done yesterday, which is wonderful. Cable is sorted and I finally set up an email that I've been meaning to do for ages and tomorrow I move in. Also I have the weekend to get everything how I like it though I won't have internet in my place until Tuesday. That means that I'll be quiet depending on how up I feel to go out to cafes and use their internet.
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This morning I checked out the Holiday Inn and settled in a place with actual suites. I have a kitchen and will be going shopping later today to get herbal tea, hot chocolate and stuff for lunch and dinner, though this place does provide dinner four nights a week. Its not too far from school, not as close as the other one but its nicer. Fall has truly arrived in Michigan, the days are grey, chilly and sometimes there's rain, but I feel as if its all possible. I think October is going to go a lot better than September as I've found my feet.

I have some ideas of what I might ask for when Yuletide sign ups happen, I always ask for at least one Diana Wynne Jones' canon, probably will ask for Tommy and Tuppence and definitely The Seven Realms. In terms of what I offer, that's going to be a little trickier as there are always ones that are stretches and some that are easy.

In wonderful writing news, I seem to have got my writing groove back and thanks to the awesome Graveyard Smash ficathon have now written two things.

What's Mine, a Natasha fic with an appearance from Mystique.

Only the moon howls, a Ruby from Once Upon a Time fic.

It feels wonderful to have the words coming, they've been slow lately. The tropes' meme got me going a little but I've been so busy and stressed that I haven't been writing as much as I normally do. There's at least a few of those prompts that want to be larger.

Yesterday was quite busy with TwitterFicFriday as well.
FicFriday )

A lull

Sep. 26th, 2012 01:34 pm
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I have today off and seem to have really needed it as I'm currently not feeling that healthy. I woke up with my back hurting and my body feels a little wobbly. A lot of this seems to be coming from the stress I've been under and I'm still waiting to hear if I got the place I want to rent, which sucks. Being in-between and waiting is one of my least favorite feelings ever especially as the weather's starting to get colder and all my winter weather stuff is in storage.

Job and tech thoughts )

Another good thing that happened yesterday was I was able to sit and watch a marathon of SyFy's Face Off and my host didn't change the channel, so I could type and watch TV. It was so nice and reminded me just how much I want my own space again. Oh and at work I ended up getting fed by people. I think people have started noticing how I don't really grab lunch, because my host brought me leftover pizza and someone else gave me a bagel. I do try to bring snacks, but I haven't been able to get into a place of properly making my lunch and someone even said, you need to eat or else you'll get sick. And the college counselor told me that a lot of the kids really like me, I think what I said on Monday about I think the kids see what I'm doing more than the administrators and teachers is true. I'm pretty okay with that, there are teachers who talk to me about projects as other teachers see what I've done for them, then they'll want me to help. In terms of creating a library culture, having the kids truly understanding is going to be more powerful since they'll talk about what I'm doing and make it real.

At the moment, I'm sitting at one of my favorite cafes drinking mint tea after having chicken noodle soup and just enjoying having a day when I don't have to be on. I'll head back later in the afternoon and start my laundry before probably trying to sleep slightly early.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): There's a good chance that your rhythm in the
coming days will resemble a gentle, continuous orgasm. It won't be
stupendously ecstatic, mind you. I'm not predicting massive eruptions of
honeyed bliss that keep blowing your mind. Rather, the experience will be
more like a persistent flow of warm contentment. You'll be constantly
tuning in to a secret sweetness that thrills you subliminally. Again and
again you will slip into a delicious feeling that everything is unfolding
exactly as it should be. Warning! There are two factors that could possibly
undermine this blessing: 1. if you scare it away with blasts of cynicism; 2.
if you get greedy and try to force it to become bigger and stronger. So
please don't do those things!

Uncle Rob, this does feel kind of true to me, because I'm starting to figure out what works for me at this job. One of the things I love about being a librarian is that my day is full of variety and when it works, I do get a real thrill from it. Students applauded me yesterday and I still get a kind of silly smile on my face when I think of it.

I realized that I almost forgot [community profile] yuletide, which I really shouldn't do. My three nominations were for The Seven Realms books by Cinda Williams Chima, Tommy and Tuppence by Agatha Christie and the Magids series by Diana Wynne Jones. All of them were approved, which was a nice feeling.
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I have learned something new about my body that I kind of wish wasn't true. For part of this week, my asthma seemed to be acting up, I was wheezing and took my rescue inhaler and was coughing. It wasn't good, but after I cam home from work, [personal profile] silveraspen told me on Twitter to relax and reminded that I have been under a lot of stress. That got me thinking and I started focusing on my breathing, long and deep breathes until I wasn't having as much trouble breathing. So I found out that the inhaler can only help so much when part of the issue is going on in my head. At the moment I'm still coughing a little bit and my throat hurts, but I can't hear myself wheezing which is an improvement.

I will be so happy when its August and I've moved back to Delaware. I know that there will still be stress there as I'll be looking for a job, but the moving portion of the stress will be gone. Also in Delaware, I'm a lot closer to my support structure in terms of family and friends, which will help a lot.

In which I grumble about one interaction at work )

Today though I'm doing a lot better. I walked to one of my favorite places in Ann Arbor, Tea Haus and had a light afternoon tea as I read Incognito, a book about how the brain works.

Also in my inbox, I keep getting new comments from the two latest CaptainAwkward posts and I recommend them both; the first one where the LW really didn't get it but the comments are full of great advice on meeting and talking to people and the follow up that is full of recommendations of women centered and created media. What's great about the second one is reading all the opinions on different authors and the conversations that start up. Posts like that remind me why I'm a librarian, because I want to facilitate that kind of discussion, where everyone goes I loved this, I hated this, do you know this? The first post inspired a blog post of mine over here called "Go Where You Want to be" and that's the last time I'll link it here.

FicFriday was rather quiet this week as it seems like this week has hit a lot of people really hard, but I'm happy with the various pieces that I wrote.

FicFriday )
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I'm currently at a hotel that's my normal stopping point between Michigan and Delaware but tonight is my rest between Delaware and Cincinnati. Tomorrow night, I'll be starting my two day interview by having dinner with some of the faculty and then then the next day, all sorts of meetings. The weather today has made me so happy as its been sunny out and I've been driving along and getting lots of writing ideas. Life is going forward in great ways.

I don't know what's going to come out of the interview but I know no matter what happens, I'll learn a little bit more. It's lovely to feel prepared and that's how I am. I have leftovers from my nieces' first communion brunch, choices for interview clothes and a chance to actually watch along on a few shows tonight. There are also fic and RP ideas bubbling around in my head that I want to do things with as I adore this feeling of hope and possibility.

The past few days have been strange and wonderful as well. I went to the book sale at the local library in Lewes and for ten dollars bought a fantastic bag of books along with finding a copy of Dogsbody while doing some clothes shopping. My nieces' first communion was odd, but it was nice to see that it clearly meant something to them and their mother and her parents. My parents and I pretty much went into observer mode for the mass because it didn't really mean that much to any of us. The party afterward was great too, this crowd of little kids that kept darting everywhere as adults clustered and laughed. That's my favorite sort of party full of good friends and family, too much food and wine, just an abundance of happiness.

Now for a quick meme as [personal profile] minkhollow is doing another round of the icon meme. If you want me to pick icons for you, just comment and ask.

Icons and reasons )
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I'm feeling a little better prepared for my next round of job searching and have some ideas. Also I signed up for a shift tomorrow morning but it's good for me as I need to sleep more and have a book to return. This way I can be on campus, get up early and then wander around museums and do fun stuff like that.

Currently I have various RP ideas for EPs and threads and OOMs but I'm moving slowly on them as I don't have to rush, which is lovely.

And now for another round of questions from [personal profile] crazyfurries. If you'd like questions, comment and let me know.

1. What is your favorite book series?
This is an incredibly hard question so I'm going to cheat and give you the three I reread the most and make them into categories. All of these series, I have a hard time rereading just one as the worlds pull me in so deeply.
Favorite mystery series is the Ngaio Marsh Inspector Alleyn mysteries
Favorite science fictionish-Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster Bujold
Favorite fantasy-Diana Wynne Jones tied between the Magid and Chrestomanci books

2. What got you into drinking tea?
I've never really liked coffee even though the rest of my family adores it, but my mother also drinks tea. So it's been something that I like but it didn't become my drink until I lived in New Zealand. There I could get a pot of tea with my lunch at a cafe for 3.50 and it would be tasty and I was hooked.

3. What teas do you currently have and why do you have or like them.
I have two cupboards worth of tea in my kitchen, so I'm going to simplify this to my current favorite teas.
Yorkshire Gold-an English black tea blend that is my daily tea, it wakes me up and is complex and delicious
Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Camomile-this is my going to bed tea and one I drink when I'm feeling tired and sick.
Earl Grey-this is the tea I order the most when I'm out. I didn't used to like it but I like how its light and sort of fruity.

4. Favorite Milliways moment to date and why.
Oh this is another really hard one. I'm going to cheat and say the Allpocalypse here but the entire Orannis plot with Sameth was probably the one I'm most proud of. We've been working through canon for a long time and it all came together in a fantastic way. That particular plot to me was a lot of why I love Milliways. If it hadn't been for Yrael, I wouldn't have read canon and apped Sameth and gotten to know Saph, Aspen and Amy even better. Then through playing Sameth, I was able to tease out forgotten strands of canon and finally, we capped it all during the Allpocalypse.

5. You have a big happy labrador charging at you, what do you do?
Brace myself and say the dog's name and down. Growing up one of my very best friends had dogs that liked to jump, so I got good at being firm at them.

6. If you could spend a week anywhere for vacation, where would YOU go and why. (yes I know it's a reflection but honest curiousity!!)
I think at this exact moment, my choice would be a week in New York City hanging out with Milliways' muns there and refreshing myself with art and walking. It's been too long since I've been to New York City and that city and the people living there make me feel alive.

7. Any animated movies that you adore?
Oh yes, I grew up in the '90s with Disney and have a huge amount of love for Aladdin, Mulan, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast. In terms of newer movies, Howl's Moving Castle as seeing it in New Zealand helped me to rediscover Diana Wynne Jones' works and Up spring to mind. Cars as well though I haven't rewatched it a lot. When it came out I was in New Zealand and it was such an American movie that it made me homesick, so it means a lot to me.
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My morning started off strange, I lost another right contact lens, which always leaves me off. I like wearing contacts but there are times I hate putting them on especially when I don't wake up when I wanted to. I'm still working on the Valentine's Day prompts and hope to post them this weekend as I have ideas and want them to be good.

Everything at Milliways is making me feel busy and happen. I love when plots come together and I get chances to have wonderful unexpected threads and to see what happens. There's a decent sized list of housekeeping of journals that I have to do in terms of OOMs and paid accounts but those will get done.

For now I'm going to do another round of this new variation on the question meme:

Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random.
Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

Seven questions from [personal profile] minkhollow
7 Answers )

Questions from [personal profile] ladysingsthe

1. What is your favorite thing to do when it's cold and wet out?
Get a big mug of tea, a good book and ignore the world.

2. When you're stressed, what relaxes you?
Venting, a good vent clears the air for me. Then I do something that has nothing to do with why I'm stressed but gets me moving. I find cooking can be one of my best stress relievers as it involves chopping, stirring, considering spices and by the time I'm done, I'm past what's bothering me. Other times going on a walk or a drive, just getting out of being in the space where I'm stressed does wonders for me. Whenever I'm stressed, I have this bad habit of overthinking and creating bad thought spirals so getting myself to do something physical short circuits them.

3. Do you believe in ghosts or anything paranormal?
I do, but I don't tend to talk about them a lot. My mother and I both read the tarot and see omens and answers in the not most obvious places. My father is a scientist so we don't really discuss those things too much with him, but I do believe that there's more out there than what's visible.

4. What's one thing you want to do or learn, but haven't yet?
It's hard to pick just one thing for this. I want to learn Tai Chi and a new type of dance for me.

5. What types of music do you gravitate towards?
Music that tells stories. I have a rather large collection of country music because I liked it when I was younger due to the stories. Now I also listen to folk, alternative and really anything with a story that clicks with me. Also music that I can move to, I adore Baroque music, soundtracks and musicals as there's a sense in them of this music wants you to be active.

6. If you could have three wishes, with let's assume no perverse incentives/loophole-seeking genies, what would the wishes be?
1-A job at a public library that's not too far from people I know where I get to spend my days getting kids excited about books.
2-A guy in my life who just wants to be with me.
3-Money to take an amazing US road trip or a trip around Europe.

7. Are you a dog person, cat person, or another kind of person entirely?
Cat person. I grew up with cats and whenever I get to visit someone with cats, I feel really happy. Though I'd consider myself a dog aunt as I love to see them when I don't have to take care of them full time.

More Words

Dec. 9th, 2011 05:15 pm
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I've been posting a lot this week and I'm just fine with that. It's nice to have a lot of interesting memes floating around and the fic I thought was done is getting added to. So that will be posted another time.

The ship meme is still open here.

Now I'm going to answer three rounds of this five words meme.
Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you, They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back to me). Other people (including me) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

From [livejournal.com profile] yakalskovichbaking, children, Discworld, car, photography )

Round two from [livejournal.com profile] in_the_blueCharles Xavier, New Zealand, University of Michigan, social media, and wearing face paint )

Round three from [livejournal.com profile] skidmoTea, New Zealand, libraries, writing, Moist )
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I made it through this week but it feels like every day has been a fight and pushing against something. On Monday, I'm flying to the East Coast and I'll be there until next Tuesday. I'll be online sporadically while I'm away since my family keeps me busy and I'm ready to curl up in a ball and be taken care of. I also realized that even though I saw my entire family at my brother's wedding, I haven't actually been back to the East Coast since the holidays last year and I miss it.

Currently I seem to be fighting off something as my throat hurts so much and I feel worn out. A good part of that probably comes from just how long this week was but I really don't want to lose my voice. That happened to me during last winter break and it sucked. Currently I have peppermint tea with honey and I want to try and find a tea I had with my lunch-chamomile and lavender. It was soothing and delicious and made me happy.

Good things are happening and I want to focus on them. I turned my horrible work experience on Monday night into a blog post on my librarian journal: Patron, friend or acquaintance-The complications of intimacy through instant messages. I feel very happy with it and writing always helps me deal with the world.

I've also signed up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide and I'm looking forward to it this year as I have more time and feel more confident in my writing. Doing [livejournal.com profile] ineedmyfics helped me see how I can write many fandoms when I set my mind to it. Also I'm incredibly tickled by how my Daily Entertainment interested two people who've never done Yuletide before into signing up for their first year.

I'm hoping over the break to get at least a draft if not finish my Charles X dreamfic before Yuletide gets too involved. The main structure is there, I just need to figure out how much more it needs.

My to do list isn't too horrible at the moment. I'd like to try and get up to date on LibraryThing but that won't take too long. When I finished work on Friday, I went into Dawn Treader and had a great time buying books to take with me. I found a Dorothy Sayers and Ngaio Marsh I don't own, The Talented Mr. Ripley, which I've been meaning to read and Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody as I enjoyed the last one of hers I read. Currently I'm reading a Ngaio Marsh set in New Zealand and missing it.

Probably tomorrow if not later this week my card post will go out. For those of you new to my flist, the past two or three years I make a holiday card out of a photograph of mine and send them off. I'll be putting up a post with screened comments for leaving your address if you want one.

I'm also still open to questions on this post. I'll probably answer them in a separate post as the comments of that one have gotten long.

Thank you all for the incredible support this week.
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This week has been all over the place for me with more down than ups, but I've mainly made it through. One thing that started me off on a not great foot was that on Monday I worked a much longer day than normal, five hours instead of three and it left me tired.

The good that balanced it was I'm going to be on the East Coast during Thanksgiving break actually the week around it leaving on Monday and coming back the next Tuesday. I'm going to be trying flying into Baltimore and taking Amtrak to Wilmington to connect with my parents. The hope is that during the break I might do some informational interviews and meet up with people who know library folks. Also I get to see my family and the ocean, I'm such a coastal girl.

So that's a good and I'm hearing positive things about the story I posted last weekend, which makes me happy. Charles Xavier from First Class is an incredibly easy voice for me to write and last night I started on another story about him, this one about dreams.

Tuesday had a nice low as my shark week hit right after I'd come back from a meeting, which meant I had to go out again. Wednesday and Thursday I didn't work but Wednesday I wanted to curl up and Thursday I felt better but still low on energy.

Today was thankfully quiet at the library, all of the printers worked and then I came out. There was a thing I thought about going to tonight, but I didn't want to walk in the cold again. Tomorrow I'm working an extra shift in the morning, but it should be quiet and I can do more writing.

Other fun and random thing that happened this week was I drove to the mall to get a new watchband and the watch kiosk is near Teavana. I've been curious about Teavana since I know a lot of people who adore tea love it. Well, they have delicious tea and incredible sales people since I bought more than I meant to. Part of this was due to me feeling sore and tired, but it made me a little grumpy as I can afford it but felt a little led. The good is that I have delicious Jasmine tea and a huge tea tin that will probably hold my PG tips when I finish the Jasmine because that's the only one I buy in a pound or so measures. Though I'm going to be wary if I go there again, because I'm willing to pay for tea, it's just paying for an unexpected experience isn't my favorite. For now I'll keep looking at their stuff online because someday I'd love to have a travel tumbler for tea.

I love Halloween and I want to try and do something as I work at the undergrad desk in the afternoon, but so far anything more than my fox makeup is feeling a bit much. In my closet I've got a shirt that's cut like a men's almost musketeer shirt and I might try doing something with that.

For Milliways I've got some ideas for my pups. I'm considering two conversation with dead people for William and Tumnus and I want to put William in Logan Lerman's awful wig and costume from the new Musketeers movie, but all his icon space is full. I know I'll end up doing it for him, I just need to make the icon and decide if this is a good excuse to buy more icon space.

This is a terribly rambling entry but it's been that kind of week and I'm currently sore and cold. Things will get better.
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I just wrote a post on my librarian blog over here on the Book Festival. It was a great learning experience and just the kind of thing I really hope to keep doing. By the end of the day, I was incredibly worn out but felt proud and good, if I can organize things like that in my career, I'll be happy.

I've finished syncing all my files to Dropbox and moved my big laptop off my desk so my new small one is now sitting on my desk. My chair is reaching the point where its just making my back hurt and I think I'm going to do some shopping possibly on Tuesday to find a new thing to hold my paperwork and a new desk chair.

I still need to reset my wireless so it works with my new computer, I've never done it before so I'm a little nervous about that. My next two weeks are going to be quite relaxing due to the mid semester break and the fourth of July, I'm hoping to get a lot of writing done. I need to start on a draft of my grant and I have many OOMs that I want to get done or started.

In simple and happy news, I love my igneuitea, its so easy. And I started The Corinthian today and promptly read about sixty pages, I'm so glad there's so much Heyer for me to read. I think I'm going to end up tossing Pen into Mixed Muses at some point as she's charming and wonderful though if I do, she can't meet my Jane Austen. I might have to write fic.

Now I'm going to do the next two rounds of the question meme.
Comment with "Come at me, bro," and:
→ I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
→ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
→ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

First from [livejournal.com profile] moofoot
Tell me true )

And in an odd way of coming round to the beginning, questions from [livejournal.com profile] austen.
Who are you )
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My birthday yesterday was really wonderful and as is normal with my family, its going to stretch for a while longer. I started the day by opening the package that my parents sent me which had some beautiful blue glass earrings and the Stacy Schiff Cleopatra book.

Today I just spent the first half or so of my Amazon gift card from one of my brothers on A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones, The Corinthian by Georgette Heyer, Welcome to Bordertown and an Ignenuitea pot with four green teas.

When my parents arrive at the end of next week, I'm going to get a new Mac laptop as a graduation/birthday gift which I'm looking forward to. Mac users, what kinds do you have and what do you recommend? I think this computer knows I'm going to move on from it as the screen's been acting up more.

Thank you to everyone for the good wishes, I feel quite blessed with such wonderful friends and for all the help figuring out how to spend my gift card. One of the great joys of yesterday was that I was able to talk to my oldest friend, we've known each other since we were about a year old on my walk home from work. I'll be doing another purchase at some point too, I love having my only worry being deciding what to get.

Yesterday I was reminded of just how nice people in Ann Arbor are because so many people smiled and wished me Happy Birthday when I told them. As a treat, I bought a sundae at the Ben and Jerry's store on State Street and it was good but filling. I don't eat ice cream very often and I'd forgotten how heavy it can be. Sadly I finished my first pot of homemade mint tea but I'm going to make another one. Homemade iced tea is one of the best parts of summer.

School stuff is also full of interesting things, tomorrow in the early morning I have meeting to help out with the Ann Arbor Book Festival after my parents leave. This is something I've wanted to help with since I started at SI but the timing never seemed to work out. If this comes together, I'll get paid and be able to help with children's activities.

I have a paper to write this weekend that I think will go much faster than the other one and then I get about two weeks off from class in which I work on my grant. The idea I have isn't in as good a form as I'd like so I'm going to push it into shape before I turn in a draft.
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My main goal when driving today was to pick up the birthday package that my parents sent me which had been left at the main post office. Usually the postal workers just rest parcels outside but apparently we have a new person so off to the office I went. Now I had never been to this post office before as there's one I can walk to so that meant I got lost in Ann Arbor. Not terribly lost just turned around as it was tricky to see where to turn and the post office wasn't well labeled. I finally found it and now have a package to open next Wednesday on my birthday.

After that I went looking for lunch and pulled into this shopping area parking lot and the Zingerman's Roadhouse where a farmer's market was going on. Today was actually the first day and this was a brand new market, which meant wonderful treats. My lunch was a chili hot dog from Zingerman's, I bought some fresh spearmint to make homemade mint tea with and some local chicken wings to eat soon.

I had an amazing ten minute chair massage that felt much longer and I think I might go back to these people for a proper massage around my birthday, the prices are good and they're within walking distance. The woman who massaged me asked great questions and listened to me, she really picked up on how tense I've been. My favorite part of farmer's markets is the conversations and I kept getting into them at this one. I will definitely be back.

Now I just uploaded so many pictures as I have this habit of not emptying my camera until its got around a hundred pictures in it. I don't know why, I think its a leftover from when I had a film camera and wanting to make it worthwhile when I put things online. What that means is that I have lots of pictures of flowers, animals, buildings and my new haircut to share. In this post, I'm going to just do a few of my favorites and then try and put the others into slightly organized posts.

My summer haircut, I like it but think it will look even better when it grows out a bit. The lighting's odd since I'm in my hallway but this is the best picture for seeing the full effect.

Spring and Winter and I take too many pictures. )

I think that's enough pictures for now. More will come later.
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Apparently I really wasn't all there this weekend as I mislabeled the last meme entry and missed yesterday's. Classes went well as the reading made more sense when discussed in class about communities of practice and ways of learning, while the one shot workshop I helped to run actually turned out okay.

Last night I had a long and complex dream about the world of BSG somewhere in I think the Caprica era. Most of it was Moist von Lipwig running from things and searching for doors to Milliways and then at another point, I got involved, it had me rather on the edge when I woke up. It was one of those dreams full of lots of places and it was never clear where the exit was or the safe place.

Currently its another rainy day and I don't really want to go to class later but I will and possibly use my Borders' coupon to buy something BSG as my brain seems to call for it.

Day One: Pride - Seven great things about yourself
Day Two: Envy - Seven things you lack and covet
Day Three: Wrath - Seven things that piss you off
Day Four: Sloth - Seven things you neglect to do
Day Five: Greed - Seven worldly material desires
Day Six: Gluttony - Seven guilty pleasures
Day Seven: Lust - Seven love secrets

I don't consider any of these terribly guilty as much as pleasures so be aware of that. The quote in the text is from Bujold's Komarr and said by an amazing character about life don't create false shortages.

No false shortages )

Going On

Feb. 12th, 2011 01:22 am
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I still feel remarkably shattered from what happened today but I feel much more hopeful. I emailed the people in charge of the Pep stuff and they're going to see what's going on. I have time to register for classes in the second half of the second semester and if need be, I'll drop or audit my seminar class. Its the only one I don't need to graduate.

Thank you so much for all your good thoughts. I had a long talk with my parents that helped as they pointed out how not having a consistent advisor didn't help matters and that I have allies. They're right, SI is a good place, I just hit a bump.

Then my mom and I ended up talking about fanfiction and it made me happy as I was able to explain to her my reasons. It reminded me just how much I love writing and I think I'll be putting up another prompt meme and I wrote a Will OOM that makes me happy. He's the first character I ever really wrote or told about and I love him. Maybe someday I'll share my tales of him with more of the world.

Now I'm going to do round two of the icon meme with icons from [livejournal.com profile] wanderlustlover, if you'd like some of your own to talk about just comment and ask me.

Dean is my favorite part of Supernatural and one of my favorite television characters, because he feels so real with his hurts and his vices. I spotted this icon on a community somewhere and went yes. I love the softness in his face and the words, time rambles on and its worth remembering. What's horrible today won't be tomorrow.

At one point, LJ had this weird glitch where random icons would appear instead of the ones you meant to use. This popped up in a thread I was doing with [livejournal.com profile] the_croupier and I snagged it. I think it might actually be from Twilight but I love the sentiment, strange and overpowering love and the graphics are just right.

On one of the icon communities I follow someone posted a bunch of text icons and this was one of them. Its really important to me to say thank you and be grateful and I like the simplicity and look of this. They're two words that can brighten a day.

This was another one that I found one day and went, oh yes. I think I was during one of the many transitions I've had in the last few years and it just felt right. I like how its hopeful, but a reminder that sometimes the things you really want aren't easy.

I realized that I needed a tea icon and this one perfectly suits my idea of how to spend an afternoon with a cup of tea, a good book and something to munch on. It really is good for the heart.

Oh and I still have the tarot spread I did laid out on my living room floor. I just don't feel ready to move it yet.
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So not this week but the week before last I had to write a paper on if digital libraries can be called online archives. This is a paper that's due in a final draft at the end of the semester so I turned in something pretty rough.

My idea was that honestly, once you start looking at actual things on the web, both of those definitions end up rather meaningless since they're connected to older institutions. My professor didn't like it, he said that instead of using logic, I should have looked at it in terms of definitions or pure theory. I see what he wants, it just makes my head hurt.

I really like this professor most of the time, because he's really good at keeping us rooted in this is the theory and this is the reality. The other assignment for this class is we're creating a wiki of digital libraries that I need to do a lot of work on. This assignment and feedback just leaves me going huh. I feel like its sort of acknowledged that things change when you put them online, calling things by older names helps, but can get in the way. Also a little part of me feels bothered because I chose to interpret the assignment almost too closely and got into trouble.

Today has just been long. I spent it cataloging with a few people showing up, I rushed my lunch so I'm only now having proper tea. Tomorrow I don't have class so I can sleep in before doing work, but I'm going to spend part of the day in a cafe reading Charles de Lint. I was good and did get gas on the way home, so there's that. My dinner will be some odd cobbling together of things, but I'll figure it out.

In the meantime, anyone know any good soup recipes? I have one I'm going to try that's peanut and pumpkin, but its the season for it and I want more ideas.
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The weather here is beautiful, its sunny, rather warm and the leaves are turning wonderful colors. On my way to and from work I keep taking lots of pictures.

Now I have a rather odd question for my flist. For my internship that turned into a part time job, I'm being paid through work study money. Should this be acting like my other paycheck and just turning up through direct deposit or something else? I'm asking, because I've yet to get a paycheck from them and I'd really like that cushion on money. I don't want to ask the woman I work for at America Reads about it until I know for use what to expect. The thing is she's still figuring out how to be a director and I don't want to add another thing to her list of things.

I have a paper to write for next week, a book review that I should start on and some other work that I really should do, but I like my lazy Saturday.

One more question, I'm looking for a travel mug since with all my early classes, it will save me a lot of money if I can bring my own tea to class and work. What do you guys have and what do you like?


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