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Apr. 13th, 2011 08:19 pm
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I just realized its been almost a week since I posted which is long for me. The end of the semester is nearing and things are getting done. Today I was part of a presentation about a database and accompanying applications that I helped worked on. I've discovered that I can do HTML coding without a problem but PHP makes me feel like an idiot. Luckily the other two people in my group were able to figure it out and I just helped whenever I could. My other big group project write up is also going along really well and will be done by Tuesday then we have our presentation on the 26th. The other thing I have is my paper for InfoCulture and I'm going to write about the DDOS attacks and how they bleed the offline/online worlds on livejournal. I have to do a little write up of it and talk for Monday but I'm really not worried.

My summer is coming into focus, I'll have one class on Monday afternoons and I don't know my work schedule at this point. It looks like I won't actually be doing anything at America Reads this summer as my part of their library will be done for now. My parents are making plans to come visit me in June and I'm going to buy a shiny new Mac for my birthday in June. At the end of August my brother is getting married in Sonoma and I get to go to that too.

In between those things, I'll be looking for a job and hopefully making road trips to see people or having visitors. I will actually have time that is my own again in about two weeks and I'm ready for it. I'm planning to go see Sucker Punch soon, maybe this weekend or next week depending on how timing with [ profile] the_croupier works out.

Today Spring actually feels like its arrived, the weather has been beautiful in the 50s and sunny, there's still a bit of a breeze but nothing horrible. I was even able to wear this pretty rosy cardigan I have that's just right for this weather. Also I feel so much more awake thanks to the sun and almost being done and knowing I will graduate at the end of this summer.
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Today started early but somehow my database group has created something that works. I helped to do a lot of work on an HTML form and actually felt useful. I don't feel terribly awake, but I've made progress. Now I'm waiting on finding out if I get into the cognate class this summer as I discovered its tricky to get into. I'm hoping the fact that I've been emailing and gone, I need this to graduate will help.

The weather can't seem to decide what season it is. The sun is out and things are trying to bloom but its cold, I wish it would just do one or the other.

I'm at the point of the semester where there's something to do every day so I'm going to distract myself with memes. Also I might put up a Mixed Muses' post before work if I can figure out who's going to be in there.

From [ profile] skidmo

Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about -- it can be anything from my favorite shirt to my books or my home. Leave your request as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them in a post. That way, you get to know a little bit about my life.

And from [ profile] walksbyherself, this one is posted on the prior entry but this one is becoming distraction memes.

Prompt me. I'll write you a fic no more than three lines long.
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I've been following the news in Egypt and the worrying news of the new rape bill and find myself heartened and depressed all at once. The world is constantly changing and it clearly scares a lot of people, but change isn't easy but needs to happen. Stagnation never ends well. I just hope politicians can learn that lesson without too much more pain for the rest of us. For myself, I'm going to keep doing my part of learning and listening and changing what I can and looking for ways to do more.

In that frame of mind, I've been trying to move forward with my work. I went to class today and found out I wasn't the only one who had trouble with the homework. I think I'll just work on doing better on the next one and bundle down for the cold. The snow isn't too bad here, its powdery and there's a lot of it but Ann Arbor is good about taking care of the sidewalks and streets. That does mean there are some exciting snowdrifts to walk through but its all doable.

I don't have to work tonight because of making a trade so I'm happy to be home and warming myself up. Its cold enough that I don't realize just how cold it is until I'm in the warm.

I keep seeing that WiP meme go up and I don't have any to share. Though I do have some ideas of long things I want to write but I need poking on them. I have this long idea for how Sameth became Wallmaker that runs from when he's about twelve until after the end of canon.

Other than that, I tend to write short things and might set up another prompt meme since I've been enjoying the Jakob Dylan album Seeing Things and I've been wanting to write.

Pick a lyric and tell me a character or two characters and I'll write you something.

1-Maybe too humble to wanna speak.
2-The evening of our great escape is starting to unfold.
3-Dressed in thunder a cloud came around.
4-Those are my eyes, keep 'em raised.
5-First you learn and then you'll teach.
6-Closer than ever and covered in birds.
7-Weather beaten through all four seasons.
8-Tell me young man, whose dog are you?
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Things are as done as they're going to be and I've decided to stop twisting myself in knots over this work. I did everything I could think of for the programming homework and then sent an apologetic email with my code. I feel like an idiot but its the first assignment and I'll do better on the next one and I just needed to stop.

In the end, I didn't quite finish all my reading and trying to print all of it out for my seminar made me yell at my printer which wasn't healthy. So I'll set up my big computer in class to reference the reading even though I don't like doing that.

Thus this entry is going to be full of pictures, my art shots as requested by the poll. Thank you all for putting up with me trying to get through this busy weekend here and on Twitter, I just hate feeling like I'm missing something.

This was taken through a window at my parents place, it was cold and snowy outside but the sky amazed me.

I find solace in beauty. )

Now I'm going to make some tea and toast, maybe add some bourbon to the tea and try and not feel too stressed.
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I feel like I'm running in place with my programming homework since I have the basic part of it set up and it seems to work, but then I try to do other things and it doesn't work. Also I tried to go and put it up on a personal webpage which we're meant to use so the professor can see it. That wasn't helpful. Also the book and all the things I'm looking at to try and make sense of what I need to do don't help. Its like the perfect example of what we're talking about in my other class, not taking into account prior knowledge or lack of prior knowledge since staring at the code doesn't tell me how to do it.

At least one assignment finished easily and I'm pretty proud of it, I made a screencast about the styem we're using at America Reads. That assignment went so much faster than I expected, which is nice. If you're interested in terms of what it looks like, you can watch it here and it was made using a program called Jing. Now I'm going to read my seminar stuff and keep poking at the PHP. Worst case scenario, I turn in my code and explain, this is what I tried to do but none of it seemed to work. Oh and my Comcast cable bill went up and I didn't have a chance to go grocery shopping.

In terms of the poll, it looks like the preference is for me to post Art shots first with landscape, cute animals next. Now for social science reading and trying to not let the code make me too annoyed. I hate feeling like I somehow don't know how to read a book or site to figure out what I need.
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I'm still feeling incredibly scattered today but I'm being productive. I had a wonderful conversation with my parents, which helped me get settled.

I did one half of my programming homework, a multiple choice quiz and ended up doing okay on it and I've started the coding. I think if I keep going back and forth between what I need to get done, things will be accomplished.

Also I've done my reading for another class, backed up my computer and finally uploaded all the pictures I've taken since Thanksgiving.

So here's a little poll to help me figure out what order to post the pictures in.

[Poll #1674453]
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This past week has been strange, I've felt on the edge of being sick and so rather fuzzy around the edges. So all the work that I planned on getting done ahead of time for the things I have due on Monday didn't really happen. I'm feeling better, still not at full strength but better.

Also I have gotten some things done, the cards have finally been sent and I hope they make everyone smile. Sadly I didn't have addresses for everyone I would have liked to send them too but maybe another year. I adore getting mail so just like sending it when I can.

Today has started off oddly, I had this long complex dream about sharing an apartment with a friend and a guy that I wanted to be more but the dream was full of awkward moments. It made me realize that I seriously miss having someone to cuddle and cook with and just be with in my life. As I was getting dressed, I kept thinking about the guy who was my flatmate in Wellington that didn't happen due to me being scared. Someone's out there, I just need to keep being myself and always moving forward. Then I woke up and had a nice brunch with [ profile] the_croupier, who I always enjoying hanging out with. After we got our food, I swung by one of the local grocery stores to buy a few things.

Depending on how my work goes this afternoon, I might go to Trader Joe's and actually stock up, that hinges on the programming work. I know I can do the work for this class but a part of me worries that well maybe 502 was a fluke, which isn't helpful. That's why I've been putting it off, my own worries get in the way.

So if I can get that done then I can do the screencast which I'm more certain of and then I still have all my reading for my Monday classes. Life is good just full at the moment.


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