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I've been following the news in Egypt and the worrying news of the new rape bill and find myself heartened and depressed all at once. The world is constantly changing and it clearly scares a lot of people, but change isn't easy but needs to happen. Stagnation never ends well. I just hope politicians can learn that lesson without too much more pain for the rest of us. For myself, I'm going to keep doing my part of learning and listening and changing what I can and looking for ways to do more.

In that frame of mind, I've been trying to move forward with my work. I went to class today and found out I wasn't the only one who had trouble with the homework. I think I'll just work on doing better on the next one and bundle down for the cold. The snow isn't too bad here, its powdery and there's a lot of it but Ann Arbor is good about taking care of the sidewalks and streets. That does mean there are some exciting snowdrifts to walk through but its all doable.

I don't have to work tonight because of making a trade so I'm happy to be home and warming myself up. Its cold enough that I don't realize just how cold it is until I'm in the warm.

I keep seeing that WiP meme go up and I don't have any to share. Though I do have some ideas of long things I want to write but I need poking on them. I have this long idea for how Sameth became Wallmaker that runs from when he's about twelve until after the end of canon.

Other than that, I tend to write short things and might set up another prompt meme since I've been enjoying the Jakob Dylan album Seeing Things and I've been wanting to write.

Pick a lyric and tell me a character or two characters and I'll write you something.

1-Maybe too humble to wanna speak.
2-The evening of our great escape is starting to unfold.
3-Dressed in thunder a cloud came around.
4-Those are my eyes, keep 'em raised.
5-First you learn and then you'll teach.
6-Closer than ever and covered in birds.
7-Weather beaten through all four seasons.
8-Tell me young man, whose dog are you?
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