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My brother and his family are safe in France but I don't know yet about the various friends that we also have over there.

Everyone there is in my thoughts as the Rehoboth film festival finished up and today I saw a film that reminded me of how hopeful humanity can be. Its called Landfillharmonic and about a children's orchestra in Paraguay.
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I don't have a lot of words about Norway or Amy Winehouse as any death is a loss and so many deaths at once is hard to comprehend. The thing I find scariest is how quickly the world turns these deaths to their own use instead of mourning and allowing time between death and anger. That's one of the dangers of how fast our connected world moves, a version can be written that says one thing no matter if its true as long as it satisfies someone. I hope that some justice can be found and those who lost someone will find time to heal.

Today I finally saw Harry Potter and I enjoyed it. The theater was almost full, which was a really nice surprise though it was a quiet audience. I was one of maybe five or ten people who clapped at various points.
More Thoughts, slightly nostalgic and probably spoilers )

After the movie, I walked into a drenching rain to get a not so great pizza at a restaurant called Carlyle's that was trying to be much snazzier than it is. It was all dressed up like a really nice steak house but the food I had was just okay.

Another ending I just realized I should mention is Borders, which I keep hearing more and more about since this is their home base. They were my first big bookstore that I could walk to and buy my own books. Its fascinating to get all these emails on my SI listserve of students and faculty talking about Borders and what it meant to them and what their closings means. At some point I will go shopping as I walk by them all the time, its going to be hard to see that big store empty.

Now I'm home, my stomach hurts and the heat has lifted slightly. Life is feeling quite full at the moment. In about two weeks, I have my last class at Michigan and then I dive fully into job searching. At the end of August, my brother gets married and hopefully in not too long, I will find a job and make my next step.
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Tomorrow I start up work again, but I'm still figuring out how to fill my time. So as inspired by [livejournal.com profile] walksbyherself, I'm going to do a prompt meme. Pick one or many of the lyrics below and tell me a character, a pairing, a setting or any combination of them and I'll write you something. If you're not sure about something, just ask and I'll probably try writing it.

1-And searched through my dreams to find you
2-When your world's of madness
3-Dance all night in this depression
4-Sing my way back home
5-Swervin' on the bad side of luck
6-With these two hands and the rage I'm in
7-Bled out till empty on that hard worn trai
8-There's just no time for the delusion
9-And the wind is cold, your wings are broke

All the lyrics are from Junky Star by Ryan Bingham that I bought thinking it was someone else and I've quite enjoyed it.

Another little meme as I'm going to be uploading pictures soon and one will be from the last time I had this meme.
Ask me to take a picture of something in my life and I will.

In terms of finding out last night about Osama bin Laden's death, I'm still not sure what I feel. Last night I was feeling relieved and sad all at once, a death should never be celebrated but maybe this death will ease some of the war out there. I'm not sure if it will but I'm going to hope for that.


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