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I've seen Star Wars and wow, that was amazing. I want to own the soundtrack, watch it again and talk about it since there's so much in it. Oh and I want to go find more of the books and comics to read them.

Today I also did a little fun shopping with my holiday money and finally got to look around a Torrid shop and I approve. The clothes are cute and fun and I found an awesome Star Wars shirt with Rey front and center. Also its wonderful to be a place where when something doesn't work, its because I don't like the style not it makes me feel like I don't fit.

Tomorrow I'm going to help out at the Noon Year's Eve at the local library which I've done before and loved. Then small family party before friend of my father's is coming to visit. I'll be finding time to tag as I've brought Charles in from after XMFC canon and he's fascinating. I do love him.
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Today I went shopping in the outlets with my mother which is one of my favorite things to do when visiting. Now I've been needing a few things lately like a new watch and coat but haven't had the best of luck finding them. On this trip and especially at Orvis, I completely lucked out and everything is just a touch more professional than other things I've found and there were some fun things as well. At the moment I only have a picture of the watch over here. I'll link images that I can find online. There are cute balletflat type slippers to wear around the house in gray mix, my old Lands End slippers are still going but these are prettier and can be worn around other people more. The jacket is slightly quilted in a heathery grey and feels elegant, then I found these adorable gloves in the red plaid that fit my rather small hands perfectly and all of this stuff was hugely on sale. I do love the outlets. We also went to a kitchen store and I picked up a whisk and little spatula in pretty red colors and some nice sweaters at Eddie Bauer. It was a great trip especially as I went hey, I don't need my parents to buy me clothes anymore, I can afford them though it is still nice when they get me things.

Uncle Rob of Free Will Astrology came out with his beginning of the year horoscopes today and what he gave me perfectly captures what I want to accomplish. I want to be braver and trust that I can do what I'm trying to do. Also that not everything will be greeted by people going oh yes, that works, sometimes only a few people will acknowledge it but that's not a reason to stop. I need to remember this for my job and as I keep putting more of my writing and myself out into the world.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): "People wish to learn to swim and at the same
time to keep one foot on the ground," said French novelist Marcel Proust.
An attitude like that is always a barrier to growth, of course, but in 2013
it would be especially ill-advised for you Geminis. In order to win full
possession of the many blessings that will be offering themselves to you,
you will have to give up your solid footing and dive into the depths over
and over again. That may sometimes be a bit nerve-racking. But it should
also generate the most fun you've had in years.
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I always forget how busy Thanksgiving is even when I have a longer break. There are just so many things to do and there never seems to be time to just sit.

I'm hoping to have that at the moment as my mom and I managed to navigate the outlets for some great shopping. I have a beautiful pair of new boots, two sweaters, bras and underwear and the second and third books in the Iron Druid series. Also I had a productive meeting this morning and now can pause.

Tomorrow I'll be on the move again as I have a meeting in Philadelphia on Monday morning that I need to figure out how to get there and then I'll be heading back to Michigan on Tuesday.

I want to use this post to let people know about holiday cards. What I do for cards is use a picture I've taken and make it into a card. I love the idea of writing something as a gift as well.

The comments on this post are screened so if you'd like a card leave your address and a prompt if you'd like me to write you a piece of fic.

Even if you think I already have your address, please leave it again. This makes it easier for me to see who to send to.
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As I finish up this first Monday without classes, I find myself feeling happier and a little tired. My sleep schedule is still not quite right but that can be fixed.

I recently read a book that has inspired me and combined with some wonderful conversations at work, life is feeling terribly hopeful at the moment.

The book is called A Sense of the World: How a Blind Man Became History's Greatest Traveler and its the story of how it came to be written is wonderful. The author Jason Roberts was researching another book and taking a break, he picked up a beautiful book about travelers and found something about the Blind Traveler, James Holman. He went looking for books about Holman and couldn't find any so he wrote one. This beginning made me grin as its all that I adore about browsing in a library or bookstore, you find something unexpected. I picked up this book on sale at Borders as I'm trying to read more nonfiction and it sounded fascinating.

I loved this book, as the author has a gift for calling up place and Holman's own writing is beautiful as is his story. There are discussions of the Royal Navy in the Napoleonic era, travel, the Naval Knights of Windsor, medicine, the dangerous world of publishing and travel in the 1820s and what happens when archives are given to the wrong people. Holman created an epigram that became his motto and I'm going to quote it here as its how I'd like to approach the world. On the author's website, the e-text of one of Holman's books is there and I'm going to see about finding them. An amazing thing about Holman was because he wasn't rich, he didn't do grand travels, most of his travels were done on foot or horseback or mule or sledge. I hope more people read this book as I want to talk about it with everyone.

Some difficulties meet, full many,
I find them not, nor seek for any.

Cut for body stuff, hopeful but skippable )

In strange job things, last month before I went full into grant writing, I was getting set to print off and send my job application for the Kentucky job. For some reason my printer didn't like my resume, so even though I'd emailed all my stuff, I hadn't mailed it. I had to focus on work and was finally able to try printing it again, the resume went through on the first run. That is now sent and I can prepare for the next round of job applications. I put a note in apologizing for the delay and understanding if they don't consider me, but I wanted to make sure they got all my stuff.

At the moment I'm rereading Pamela Dean's Tam Lin and this book is such a touchstone for me. Life is good and I have lots of things to write and hopefully soon a few of them to share.
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I just sorted through a car's worth of clothing and other random things that have been in my brother's garage for about two years and some even longer. A lot of the clothing hurt a bit to look at and realize wow I was that skinny but other things I tried on and went oh you still fit.

I found a tweed hat that I bought in Dublin which I thought I'd lost years ago which is only a little bent. Also I found my favorite summer dress that I have loved for oh so many years and it still makes me feel beautiful.

So there were lots of discoveries and a number of things that are going to be passed on so they can make someone else feel beautiful. There are a few things that I'm saving because they make me happy.

Though all that sorting means my ankle's hurting a bit more but the car is cleared out, getting everything out is done, later there will be moving the stuff that's saved upstairs but not at the moment.

This is the start of a transformation as I move forward to a place which is going to help me find ways to actually do the kind of job I love and also be also in an environment where I can get myself sorted out. I think I've been stuck for so long that it took a bit to start getting out of the mire but I'm shaking it off my feet and heading head long into the future.


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