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So I kind of created a Cassian Andor account and gave him an EP over on PFSB, he got into my head. I expect after reading the novelization, I'll end doing more writing and I might need to do a Clone Wars rewatch and finally dig into Rebels.

Full day

Sep. 21st, 2014 08:06 pm
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An hour ago, I got back from helping my father and a good friend with an art opening at a place where they have studio and gallery space. The friend is a printmaker and my dad can show his wood sculpture in this new gallery that used to be a car garage. While I was there, I did some job hustling as in the morning I helped another friend with computer stuff. Any bit of money is useful and I know more about computers than many people in this area.

Also I've created a journal for Quentin, [personal profile] heatherandsteel and he has EPs up at Mixed Muses and Panfandomsandbox. At the moment I'm bringing him in from before The Winter Long and there shouldn't be any spoiler issues. His profile and everything are pretty empty as I want to test him out first. Open for ages.
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Since I'm having all the Charles' feels today, there's a not too far post-XMFC Charles in PFSB and Mixed Muses.

I'll be around all night and those EPs are open for ages as I process thoughts and feelings from the movie.
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Today I started writing a story from a queer fest prompt because it got into my head about Charles and being bi. If you're looking for story ideas or a new place to write, go look at what's going on. They're open for new prompts until March 15th and stories aren't due until May and June. I've never written for them before but I went to look and the ideas started happening.

And another part of feeling like my creativity is active, I finally got Tiwa her icons back and she and a AU!Hogwarts' Will are in the sandboxes. I'd love some threads guys as I've missed playing these two.

Life is feeling good and a little odd. My monthly Sci-Fi Fantasy book club makes me incredibly happy even though I've yet to read the books for it. This week I did manage to buy the book but not read it. The people in the book club are creative, fascinating and remind me of being in crackchat, where the conversation bounces in strange ways. It ended up making me want to write more Charles as the book was Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End, so we discussed what was going on for people in the '50s and '60s. I ended up recommending Lilek's and stayed until about 10:30, I would have stayed later but I was tired and wanted some wine. I feel like I'm slowly creating a social life for myself here.

Work ended on Friday with a major bump as the school servers went down and suddenly there was no internet. One of the best compliments I've ever gotten for the job I do is how many kids stayed after school even with no internet. One kid used his phone as a tether for others, but overall, they were happy to just be in the library.

FicFriday ended up being partially here and also on Twitter again. Being on my journal works better for me as I'm working, but not everyone has the same issues. My dreamwidth fills are here.
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Feb. 20th, 2013 11:38 pm
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I have really needed a vacation though my worries keep creeping in. Last night I dreamed that I was sort of like Lou from The Young Riders but also mixed up in a performance for something. There was lots of rushing about and trying to get things done, but I have been sleeping a lot.

Today I got out of the house to spend some time at a cafe and do some shopping, I love my friend but cabin fever can creep up on me quickly. In some nice news, through my work email, there are these really nice emails from other people there that remind me that I am valued and seen. Its just not by those in charge, but I am.

Now I don't usually post snippets but my writing at this point seems to be in bursts. Things get started and go so far then stop and start on me. Its just how I am now with life, I don't feel like I've figured out how to live this life I currently have.

This is a complete part of something that I hope will be bigger, but I want to share it with those who inspired it. Now over in [community profile] panfandomsandbox, [personal profile] adiva_calandia plays this rule 63 Nolanverse Batman, Bryce Wayne who is amazing. She and Charles have this complicated, prickly and frankly weird relationship that I love and need to have at least one fic where they sleep with each other. So I decided to start a fic with that in mind, but it took a sharp right turn as soon as I started.

I will write them together just once, they are not meant for romance but I can see them both hurting and needing. This is a long way of saying that I wrote something with the two of them and a guest appearance by [personal profile] walksbyherself's Kite that I really want to share. I think this will end up having more, it feels like a story of snapshots while other fic will come along.

The current title is from The Wallflowers new album and feels far too apt for them.
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Friday Fic

May. 11th, 2012 09:09 pm
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I really adore this new writing thing that [personal profile] ladyoflorien has created of prompting and writing on Twitter. I'm going to copy and paste what I've written so far today here though I'm still open for new ones.

For @madlyimpossible Charles/Erik

His future had changed, now it meant the sharp mind of Erik, who challenged and pushed asking, "Why can't we have more?"

For @thisisyourfault

Sameth+Kait, bandages

She sighed over his burns and cuts; the product of his work and proof of what he gave. She understood why but he did bleed.

Moist, wicked

Wicked was such a harsh word, it called up Grand Viziers and torture. He was simply a little amoral and selfish not wicked.

Charles, delving too deep.

He'd meant to help a hurting mind and soul, bring some calm and balance but now he'd lost his way out. He was himself still

For @zellyb Charles/Jess

Her spirit always lifted him up, bubbling and laughing on days when he felt close to the ground. A fellow teacher who accepted him.


Days had blurred together after she said, "I can't." In time, small shifts made him dare to think of offering and saying, "We can."


Models and stone, their building blocks were basically the same but hers filled the sky as his connected and rebuilt the Old Kingdom.

Demeter and Albus

He was fairly certain he couldn't blush anymore but she kept talking and giving him things. Maybe they should have just tried stuff.

For @wanderlustlover

Charles & Jean- part & apart

They knew each other as only other psychics could, mind to mind. Yet their lives were their own, he worried over her heart.

Sameth-the most important choice

Life, always and ever Life was what Sameth was meant for. He saved himself from Death and would build and create for home.

For @afullmargin William and Michael

He'd made a promise, now he rode and breathed dust for a kid who seemed too damn close to him. Being a cowboy, being a friend.

For @chanter1944 Will and Sariel dancing

Neither of them really knew the music but they twirled and laughed for a time forgetting all the friends who had gone far away.

In other life news, I've booked and planned my trip to another job interview for next week. I'm still feeling a little jet lagged from my other one and my weird sort of break, but life is busy in a lovely way.

Good Days

Mar. 1st, 2012 07:21 pm
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My break is going along wonderfully well. I just apped [personal profile] balancingminds over on [community profile] milliways_bar and the thought of getting to play him there just makes me happy. This weekend, I'm going to put up an EP with him and possibly some others over in the sandboxes as they've been getting rather ignored in favor of Allpocalypse and aftermath.

Now I have this rather bad habit of not emptying my digital camera often enough so the current 100 plus images on it are from as far back as Christmas. Since I have a few shots I rather like, this is going to be a rather photo heavy post just mainly under the cut.

When that photograph something meme was going around, [personal profile] dodger_sister said How about a photograph of books (bet it will look very artistic) and
maybe the next time it snows, a picture of that (your snow pictures
always look so pretty).
So for her, I have snow from a few different times and a picture of some of my bookshelves. I want to do more shots of them and maybe submit a good one to prettybooks.tumblr.com.

Consider this post a place as well to ask me to photograph stuff in my life for you as I adore taking pictures but am bad at sharing them.

My walking iris which bloomed yesterday. I adore this plant and for me, it's one of the true harbringers of Spring.

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This EP and it's Mixed Muses' mirror were the best ideas ever. Quatre and Charles are talking about dreams, I will somehow finish the dream!fic. I also should have been in bed a few hours ago and will be bleary tomorrow but I'll deal.

I'm posting a quick meme as it's one I love and I'm still thinking about an AU that I need to write.

Give me an AU prompt in the comments and I will plot out for you the fic it evokes in my mind.

And both memes over on this post are still open. For reference those are the tell me about a story I haven't written and drop an image plus characters as a prompt.

Now I'm going to sleep as I love when my creativity gets flowing and I'm such a night owl.
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Since I last posted about Milliways, I'm feeling much more reassured that the mods had actually been thinking about a move for a while. I sort of wish they'd mentioned that before the latest blow up as that was partly why I felt things all rushing to a point at once. Though I have to admit I'm feeling a little more comfortable with the idea of shifting as I can see the plot helping me in dealing with some various plot stuff I'm stuck on and seeing people appearing with ideas reminds me of why I love this game as I do. I still kind of wish that there had been a little more time on everything but it will take time before the game properly moves, at one point it almost felt like it would happen as soon as possible and that made me terribly nervous. Now though as I can see that the mods are going to make sure the transition is done in a fun and Milliways' manner, I feel relaxed.

Last week was a chaotic week for me as well since I returned from break straight into a heavy work week and I'm trying to get myself ready for a much more aggressive round of job hunting. I know there's the right job out there for me and I'm going to go and find it. A friend who already has a job actually helped me apply for one at her library and I have more connections to talk to. The main thing is I need to write more on my librarian blog, apply for more jobs and don't let anyone forget me.

Yesterday I had the fun of my apartment slightly falling apart on me and currently my kitchen light looks like this, a large rectangular light hanging on by only one side. I got up on a stepladder to see if I could deattach it the rest of the way and didn't feel like I could. It's just too heavy and too awkward. The person I spoke to yesterday told me something unhelpful as they suggested maintenance might be out today but they don't work on the weekends. So it hangs like that until Monday, it hasn't shifted again and I can avoid being under it, but it's worrying.

Now to do the run down of pups for Milliways and around, I only have ten so I'm listing them all, in and out of Bar. I was able to get all the same usernames for all of mine and they're all imported and I've been looking over layouts. Currently I'll be playing all of them but it's been a while since I did a write up so this is a good chance.

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