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At the middle of this week, I'm feeling pretty good. I have an interview for the beginning of July and I'm finding some other job openings. Also there was a gorgeous thunderstorm last night which I was able to get pictures of, the clouds were unreal.

What I've finished reading:
For Your Arms Only by Caroline Linden which is my favorite type of historical romance. The characters feel real, there's a discussion of the Napoleonic War and no one's perfect. This book cemented for me that a well written wounded hero realizing that they do bring good into the world and the partner who helps them heal and grow is one of my romance catnips.

The Murder at Hazelmoor by Agatha Christie, which was one I hadn't read before and a mixed bag. It had a wonderful young woman sleuth who was solving the mystery to save her fiancee and she worked with an interesting journalist. The mystery was complicated but the characters were intriguing, the end kind of annoyed me as the romance story went a weird way. I hate the trope of the strong woman staying with a weak man because she'll keep him out of trouble.

What I'm currently reading:
Huck Finn's America: Mark Twain and the Era That Shaped His Masterpiece by Andrew Levy. I picked this book up at the library since I'm always interested in Huck Finn and was in a nonfiction mood. So far I'm liking how the author is pulling in a lot of aspect of the time that Twain grew up in and wrote in about how that changed his writing.

What I'm going to read next:
I think The Baron Next Door by Erin Knightley as I picked it up as a hold. Other than that I don't know, picking the next book is always tricky and depends on my mood.


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