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Aug. 28th, 2013 03:22 pm
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As it rains outside, I'm sitting and listening to the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington on NPR and remembering why I chose to be an educator and a librarian. This past year while I worked in the suburbs around Detroit, I learned a lot by seeing how the internet has opened ways for young people to explore more of the world and question it. Yet I also saw how adults wouldn't listen because there were some truths that they weren't ready to deal with. I hope that the speeches today are heard and do make a change because listening to each other and understanding that we all need each other matters. Its heartening to hear the lists of everyone who counts in the speeches because it shows that in fifty years, more people are recognized. There's a lot to do and if I can help by providing access to books that better reflect the make up of America and access to online resources and a safe space for young people then I'll do it.

I've been rattling around in my parents' house in Delaware, which I really needed. Being by the coast makes me happy and settled in a way that's helps me feel better. Part of that is lots of pictures because this area is beautiful and my parents have created a wonderful haven for themselves here. Most of the pictures have been posted on my Twitter and Tumblr, but if you don't follow me there, on Instagram I'm here and you can look over them. Sadly Instagram doesn't make it easy to post images into blog posts or else I'd do that more often. I've been going for walks and taking care of various errands plus finishing up a few fics. Also due to being a writer, I listen to this history and find myself wanting to write about Charles listening to these speeches with his first few students and realizing that change can come about. I really wish that Pacific Rim was playing somewhere nearby because I could do with a rewatch of it.

One nice benefit of my parents' place is that they have a big TV, no cable but an Apple TV so I've been catching up on various shows. I've now watched most of the older seasons of Warehouse 13, the first season of New Girl, which I loved, some of Parks and Recreation which didn't really catch me, The Vicar of Dibley and various other movies and shows that catch my attention. Sadly I haven't figured out how to mirror my computer on the TV, I think its because my laptop is older than Airplay, but I'll sort it out at some point. And I hope soon to start working at my local library, which will be wonderful. Its a great library and a place that I enjoy being in.

FicFriday returned last week with lots of wonderful prompts.
Moist, do not approach the dog park

"Trust me, I know about dogs." "Al, I don't think you know about these dogs, they've got glowing eyes." "Yes, I know, but wait."

Charles, the naming of things

Sometimes the students asked him why he didn't have a striking code name. Professor X seemed too simple to them but it was him.
Pt II He was always simpler than people thought he was, though what they saw changed. His choice was to be a teacher first.

For @herdivineshadow

Will as a Jaeger Pilot

The mechanics grumbled about how Will and John always came back with a battered Jaeger, but not too loud as they came back.

Charles There's a longer fic of Charles and Erik as pilots in the works.

When their minds met, it was like the eye of a storm, Erik's swirling rage and Charles' serenity, there they fit together.

For @thisisyourfault


Every death caused by the Brotherhood seemed to push him further into his chair, it was hard to see a way through such dark.


Moira came back in time and walked around the school, he noticed how she was farther away, an observer considering mutants.

Field Trip

"Jean, trust me, you're ready for this. We're all going to the museum." She gripped his sleeve before getting on the bus.


Maria stared at him as he kissed her after she had pinned him during a spar, "Will?" "Aye?" "What was that?" "Yer reward."

Free Spirit

When the king returned, he gave Robin his lands, Will was truly safe but he still chose to wander Sherwood, he was hers.

Dem - Growth in Winter

She loves window gardens and greenhouses, the ways that people find to recreate summer during the darkest days of the year.


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