Feb. 9th, 2009

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Go look at [livejournal.com profile] pi_wakawaka's journal since I made it all pretty. Its still not exactly perfect but I'm really happy with it and I even combined that art that makes it all nice.

Oh and tomorrow I get training for being a volunteer at the Lewes library and the Children's librarian said that she'd be glad to have me do storytime sometimes. Also I learned that Delaware actually has various scholarships for MLS students who are residents.

And the last lovely bouncy thing is that my external hard drive arrived and is currently backing up all the insane amount of stuff that I have on my computer.

I think once its backed up, I might actually just move some things like my comics and videos onto the hard drive full time because I use them less than other things.

Also one last thing, I know that the Bar has a love meme and I know I haven't snagged everyone and that not everyone likes them but you're all amazing. The end of this month will be two years for me at Milliways and I know that without the Bar and friends I've made through it, I'd have missed out on some amazing people and ideas and just wonderful things. Thank you.
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Watching this first prime time press conference of President Obama's, I have even more respect for this man. There's just so much to do and he's trying to make sure everyone understands what needs to be done even though there are huge arguments on how it should be done.

I feel like my president respects my intelligence and feels that its worthwhile to talk to everyone and answer questions even when he might not like to. Though sadly he's really oddly lit and looks weirdly shiny on HDTV.


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