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I have learned that I kept jewelry in some very odd places in my room since I keep finding it in boxes. A good amount of it is going away but I've found some pieces that I really missed which makes me quite happy.

I think in Michigan I'm going to invest in a jewelry tree of some sort or something like that since I have so many necklaces and its so hard to keep them from getting tangled and forgotten. I sent off my lease agreement for the place in Ann Arbor so if all works out, I'll have someplace there.

Oh and I just spent a lot of money on itunes acquiring Andrew Bird's Noble Beast and a huge 35 track collection of music of Astaire and Rogers. So if anyone has any Andrew Bird cds around, I love him already and want more.

One of my mother's good college friends is visiting and she's a wonderful woman, we just all talked last night about relationships and life and oh life is good. Its a grey day here, it was raining horribly a little while ago and its tapered off a bit and I'm feeling hopeful.

Also politicswise, I saw a wonderful headline about Iran that things are spreading in whispers which just rang so true to me, change doesn't need to shout, its hard that it has to whisper, but change will find a way.

Date: 2009-06-20 05:02 pm (UTC)
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Ooh, a jewelery tree. That would be awesome. :D I hope the lease deal works out.


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