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Today I baked delicious pecan sandies or shortbread with ground up roasted pecans in it, they turned out beautifully. Tomorrow I'm going to make some more whole wheat bread for my family before getting ready for a trip north. Plans are starting to come along for a move which is stressful but in the end will be good for me.

I love doing the Snowflake Challenge as it pushes me to be creative and remind myself of what I've accomplished.

Day 1

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.

To start with, I'm going to post my Yuletide from this year where I wrote about the Luidaeg from the October Daye books interacting with my Great Aunt in the bookstore she owned.

Two Conversations (1157 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: October Daye Series - Seanan McGuire
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: October "Toby" Daye/Tybalt
Characters: October "Toby" Daye, The Luidaeg (October Daye), Original Female Character(s), Tybalt (October Daye)
Additional Tags: Conversations, Misses Clause Challenge, Established Relationship

Two conversations, one where the Luidaeg has the chance to be the nosy mother figure for Toby and another where a mortal woman sees more than the Luidaeg expected.

I loved your prompt and it ended up being focused more on the Luidaeg as she finds some time to herself after enjoying being the older woman figure in Toby's life. I hope you enjoy it as it was a real treat to write from the Luidaeg's point of view and this fic can be read as any point after Toby and Tybalt are officially a couple.

Thank you to Jennie and Don for betaing.

The second one, I wrote for the Narnia exchange and its about Queen Helen and King Frank and their lives in London and as they figure out Narnia.

This wild new paradise (1292 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: King Frank (Narnia)/Queen Helen (Narnia)
Characters: King Frank, Queen Helen (Narnia), Bacchus, Ceres (Greek and Roman Mythology)
Additional Tags: Worldbuilding, Mythical Beings & Creatures, Established Relationship, Domestic

The inspiration for this fic was your wonderful letter with a request for wanting to know more about Frank and Helen, how they set up Narnia and how they interact with all the strange parts of Narnia.

For me the form that took was thinking about their domestic life, beginning in London with what Helen wished she had and then in Narnia near the end of their first year as Narnia is becoming itself around them. As I happen to love Ceres myself, she makes an appearance to help Narnia flourish.

The title comes from In Kerry, by J. M. Synge.

Thank you to Jennie for betaing.

For a last fic, this year for the first time, I wrote a Newsies fic which is mixture of missing moment and what if. I'm so happy about how it turned out.

Glimpses (409 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Newsies (1992)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: David Jacobs/Jack Kelly
Characters: David Jacobs, Jack Kelly
Additional Tags: Surprise Kissing, Prompt Fic, Missing Scene

Written for Porn Battle Prompt Stack and the prompt: Newsies, Jack/David, union, night, city.

Before Once and For All, David and Jack have an honest and surprising conversation in an alley.

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Today the Narnia Exchange was revealed and I wrote a King Frank and Queen Helen fic.

This wild new paradise (1292 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: King Frank (Narnia)/Queen Helen (Narnia)
Characters: King Frank, Queen Helen (Narnia), Bacchus, Ceres (Greek and Roman Mythology)
Additional Tags: Worldbuilding, Mythical Beings & Creatures, Established Relationship, Domestic

The inspiration for this fic was your wonderful letter with a request for wanting to know more about Frank and Helen, how they set up Narnia and how they interact with all the strange parts of Narnia.

For me the form that took was thinking about their domestic life, beginning in London with what Helen wished she had and then in Narnia near the end of their first year as Narnia is becoming itself around them. As I happen to love Ceres myself, she makes an appearance to help Narnia flourish.

The title comes from In Kerry, by J. M. Synge.

Thank you to Jennie for betaing.

Last night, I finished watching Cleverman on Netflix and wow, I can't recommend it enough. Its a near future dystopia set in Australia which involves major racial issues and pulls you straight into the world without a huge amount of explanation. Everything that's going on in the world now; racism, police brutality, surveillance, issues of land, sexism, all there. Major warnings as its not easy to watch but it pulls off what Mad Max does in terms of the sex crimes, nothing overt is shown but you know. In terms of other media, the closest to it for me is something between Heroes, the Craft sequence and The Book of Phoenix. The creator actually talked about why he created it here.

The other great piece of media I finished was Once Broken Faith, the newest October Daye. Normally I inhale these books but due to substituting on Friday and being busy with other things, I read this book slower, which worked. I feel like as this series continues on, the world grows wider and the plots aren't as much of a head long rush. Instead every choice ripples outward and matters. This one plus Full of Briars has me considering doing a reread in the midst of my huge to-read pile.

I've also started the newest Riordan, The Hidden Oracle, which is going to be a fun ride and so far has me thinking about The Just City. Apollo is one of those gods who

In terms of not great stuff, my substituting day was tough, a little boy cried in my arms because of a lottery thing the teacher was doing. I understand the choices these teachers make but the rewards are complicated. I might write more about that later, I don't know, its just stayed with me.
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Last night I stayed up far too late rereading a few of my favorite fanfics. I love being a part of the fanfic community and I'm constantly amazed by what people write and create and that other people appreciate my writing. I'm going to highlight a few of my favorite fics, ones that I keep coming back to.

Psmith Giantslayer, which is a fic that combines Narnia and P.G. Wodehouse's Mike and Psmith books. Thanks to this fic, I discovered the Psmith books which this author nails in terms of tone and I always adore Narnia stories that look at what happens after and how Narnia echoed later in the Pevensies' life.

Care and Feeding, an October Daye fic that I adore because it shows Quentin and Raj being dorks and friends together.

An Ace Up the Sleeve, a Wylan/Jesper fic that is hot and the writer captures the tangled mess of relationships that makes Six of Crows so good.

Going Dark, a Slings and Arrows fic that perfectly gets the mess of theater life and feels like a couple of episodes of the show.

Tomorrow (there'll be more of us) which is a Force Awakens fic about the impact that Finn has on stormtroopers. The amount of world building in this fic is mind blowing.

Fake it 'til you make it, one of my favorite Check Please fics starring Lardo, Shitty and the fake relationship trope done to a tee.

Like Butter on Toast, a Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries fic where Dot figures out and goes after what she wants.

College and Family, a thoughtful and beautiful Lilo and Stitch fic about Lilo and Nani as sisters.

Did Not Do the Research, a Princess Tutu fic that shows why fact checkers, a job I do, are so important.
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Thank you for whoever ends up writing for me. This is a favorite exchange of mine because every time I receive and end up reading and thinking about Narnia in ways I never expected.

What I love most is stories that center around how characters grow and change combined with exploring deeper connections to the world and people around them.

My first request is for Aravis/Cor in the Golden Age but with optional interactions with anyone. The reason I find their relationship fascinating is how where they end up as adults is far from where they expected to be. I'm curious about culture clashes, friendships, how their interactions change as they grow older, mentors, family, whatever angle is intriguing to you.

Next I'm requesting King Frank/Queen Helen and I would love to read more about their lives before or in Narnia or some combination. We meet them as adults and clearly with a strong marriage but they've not had an easy or simple life. A story that shows any part of how they work would be wonderful.

This request is Lucy and Edmund but with optional anyone else including crossovers with settings in England or Narnia. I'm curious about how their sibling relationship spills into their lives in terms of education. The worlds of the schools they attended can be very peculiar and their own places as much as Narnia was but there would be different rules. The details are hugely optional but at the heart of it is write of younger sisters and brothers and changing ways of approaching each other and other voices that try to dictate.

In terms of dislikes, my main one is no incest. I'm comfortable with violence or sex if it fits the story but what makes me happy is character studies. Plotty stories are amazing if they work for your idea. Thank you for whatever you write for me. If you're unsure what I like, my Ao3 name is FiKate and you can read there the kinds of stories I write and enjoy reading.
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Everyone was recently revealed for the Narnia Exchange which is one of my favorite exchanges. I'm working slowly on my [community profile] ineedmyfics where I have the ideas and a start but need to get more of everything.

The fic I wrote was one I loved writing as it gave me a chance to explore Archenland and I have another fic started that connects with what I wrote.

Deep Roots (1731 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: King Lune (Narnia)/Original Female Character
Characters: King Lune (Narnia), Original Female Character(s), Edmund Pevensie, Susan Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Lucy Pevensie
Additional Tags: Archenland, Age of Winter (Narnia), Worldbuilding, Backstory, Kings & Queens, Politics

The wonderful prompt that inspired this story was: I would like a story about Archenland during the Long Winter, or during the first years after Narnia's sudden reemergence from its magical bonds..

This is King Lune's story of what he knew and didn't know of Narnia and how as king, he and the people of Archenland lived with the closed pass. Any mistakes about the timeline are my own and Irene is my own as she needed a name. Thank you to nasimwrites for betaing.

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This is a late gift for [personal profile] dodger_sister and its a fic about Peter and Edmund, growing up and missing Narnia. Life is busy and good for me, I need to do a proper update.

Our Better Selves (421 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Peter Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie
Additional Tags: England (Country), School, Siblings, Prompt Fic, kings and queens of narnia

This is a belated birthday fic for dodger_sister who wanted a Narnia fic: You know what I've been wondering about - like what are the Pevensies' birthdays like their first year back, after they grew up in Narnia and then Lucy is celebrating her like what 9th birthday *again* or like when their mom makes a fuss over Peter becoming a man on his birthday when he's been a *king* in Narnia.

The last part of this prompt stuck with me, this idea of being told now you're a man and instead of a birthday, the setting is at school where Peter and Edmund have heard a speech about becoming men. Its also about how sometimes Peter misses Narnia at moments that he doesn't expect. I hope you like it.

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Thank you wonderful writer for whatever story you end up writing for me.

Most of what I love to read is about character and world, getting deeper into people and places that are only passed by briefly. So far every fic I've received through this exchange has been a joy. I have a few different requests but the main idea holds through all of them, more into how the characters think and how they grow and change.

My first request is for Aravis/Cor with optional Corin, Pevensies, the King, Bree or any assorted characters. I'd love to see more of how their relationship progressed as they grew up. How living in Archenland and traveling to Narnia changed them and in time brought them together. The romance doesn't have to be the main focus but I find their relationship compelling and want to see more of it.

My second request is more about King Frank and Queen Helen. Who were they before they came to Narnia? What do they remember and use as rulers and what fades away? Any take on either their life before Narnia or during or some combination would be wonderful.

My next request is for seeing more of the Pevensie siblings in terms of a variety of interactions, at school, in Narnia, in the midst of war, after. I find how they work as siblings fascinating and would like to see more of maybe what's behind some of their feelings for each other. The details on this are hugely optional but as some one who works in education, I'd be curious to see how their school lives shifted their relationships.

Last a request that comes from the fact that I'm a classicist and I love Tumnus but have always been curious about what Bacchus is doing in Narnia. There's a strange relationship between characters that seem of pagan origin like the Fauns, Centaurs, river gods, naiad, dryads and others alongside Aslan. I would love to approach that through Tumnus but with options of bringing in others. He talks of playing and dancing with Bacchus which I find fascinating as its impossible for me to conceive of Tumnus and anything involving sexual as I associate with many aspects of Bacchus. I know that's not all of him and I'm curious how all of these ideas fit together in the fields and forests of Narnia. Anything about life in the forest and how the natural magic intersects with Aslan. What does it mean to be a mythological creature versus a talking animal? As you can see, I have lots of ideas, take whatever works for you.

In terms of dislikes, my main one is no incest. I'm comfortable with violence or sex if it fits the story but what makes me happy is character studies. Plotty stories are amazing if they work for your idea. Thank you for whatever you write for me. If you're unsure what I like, my Ao3 name is FiKate and you can read there the kinds of stories I write and enjoy reading.
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I made it safely after a long train ride halfway across the US and I'm now comfortable in my hotel room. Earlier I had a walk around the convention center neighborhood which as nice after sitting for so long. There was one horrible moment when my first train was running late and I thought that I'd miss my second but didn't. I'm looking forward to the conference which I know will keep me busy and I'm going to try and not bring too many books back with me, I can only carry so many.

Now for an interesting meme from [personal profile] in_the_blue: You know that meme that goes around sometimes where you post your five favorite kinks and then five favorite couples, and it's like a wish into the universe to see if anybody will write it for you? Let's make it a little more interactive.

Comment here if you want to play, and I will give you 3-6 couples that I associate with you, and you make an entry in your journal talking about those couples and fics that you wish the universe would write for you.

She gave me:

Tumnus & Lucy: This is a tricky one for me as I don't think there's anything I crave hugely about these two. There's so much great fic and sometimes weird fic out there about them. I'm always happy to see more of them learning and sharing together about their different worlds and especially history. I would love to see more of Tumnus' backstory and how Lucy reacts to it because he clearly feels complicated about what he did during the Witch's reign. Also I'd wonder more about how Lucy's experiences before Narnia play a part in their friendship.

Charles & Erik: These two are another with a lot of fic out there about them, but the kind that makes me happy is when they're confronting how honestly messed up their lives can be. They're both good at their various solutions and fantastic chemistry, but its the tough stuff in between of their relationship that I want more of. This would fill a hole for me from the movies because they skipped over a lot of years and pushed too quickly, missing out a lot of chances to see Charles and Erik working together. I wanted to know if they tried to communicate after Cuba or not, all the messy parts. How did the others react to them since one reason I love the X-Men is that no matter the iteration, they're a family and that kind of relationship effects everyone.

Charles & Raven: I think my tumblr tag for these two best captures the kind of fic I want; best messed up siblings. I want to read about them going to school, being in New York, how do they fit in with other kids, when did Raven tell Charles to never read her mind? I've actually started a few fics along these lines but haven't finished them yet but I adore their relationship. In First Class, its clear that they have a history, worries, in-jokes and I want to see how they got there.

It turns out my answers were longer than I expected but I like this meme. Maybe after the conference when I'm hanging out next week, I might even get some fic writing done.
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The question for today's [community profile] snowflake_challenge fits in well with what I'm doing for dinner. For Christmas, I was given the Smitten Kitchen cookbook and the pizza dough recipe from it is currently rising in the oven to be my dinner.

Day 11

In your own space, post a rec for fannish and/or creative resources.

This is probably a perfect question for me since I'm a librarian and I love resources of all types and as I've been doing fact-checking as a part-time job, I've found even more.

A few that I've used and loved:

Walt Whitman archive, all of his poetry including scans of his manuscripts to see how the words changed.

Poetry Foundation, which has free poetry including poems being read aloud, poet's biographies and interviews.

Library of Congress, so many fantastic resources from images to documents.

Metrolyrics and other sites like it. I tend to find my fic titles from songs and sites like this are great for finding the right one.

Stanford's Dime Novel collection, this was part of the inspiration for my Yuletide this year, its also been a resource for RP.

I could happily list even more since I love finding the right resource to answer a question and then learning unexpected elements. This is why I adore reading nonfiction too, I'm always learning and the internet has great resources and a lot of my friends are researchers too. So we tend to be sharing questions and places that we've found answers.

Actually the last three major fics I wrote have a meta element that comes from my being a librarian and historian. I think a big part of the inspiration was that a large part of my fact-checking involved looking at who are the sources for which parts of history and who's missing.

The Outlaw Wade or A Young Lawyer's Journey, my Yuletide that looked at in world dime novels about Ben Wade from 3:10 to Yuma.

Finest Job, my [community profile] narniaexchange fic where I thought about what elements of King Frank and Queen Helen's rank would survive to the Pevensies.

Got the Details Right, my Marvel Cinematic Universe fic for [community profile] ineedmyfics where Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff watch in universe films about Captain America, which was inspired by another fic.
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Title: What do they teach in these schools?
Fandom: The Flash (2014)
Characters: Barry Allen, Joe West, Iris West
Rating: G
Summary: [personal profile] dodger_sister had asked for a story about Narnia and snow, but instead I wrote a fic about Barry and Narnia. She's one of the reasons that I took a chance on The Flash and watched the entire season in two days. I thought about that wonderful scene in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe where Professor Kirke talks with Peter and Susan about believing Lucy. I hope you like it even though its not exactly what you asked for. The title comes from that conversation.

Apologies for the earlier version, my HTML was being weird.

I’m not a liar. I saw something like Lucy did. )
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Title: The Next Christmas
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: G
Summary: For [personal profile] dodger_sister who asked me to write something Christmasy set in Narnia. Sorry for the delay, writing has been slow for me.

When Christmas time comes to Narnia, Tumnus does his best to have it all work.

He sighed and stared at the rows of cookies as Helena, the badger who ran the kitchens glared at him, "These are the best I've made, stop looking like that. They're not going to toss you out because of Christmas. You're as bad as my youngest who's always goin' on and on about how something will go wrong."

"But what if they're not the right sorts. I asked her and she only remembered shapes and some flavors, it must be the best Christmas," Tumnus tutted as he looked over the cookies and to the pies cooling on another shelf and tugged at one of his horns.

"And it will, Tumnus, it will. Youv'e asked, you've read, there's nothing that you couldn't have done that you didn't do so now you will get out of my kitchen. I've been patient, I have, because I know you and your worries but its done. Out with you," Then she lifted her apron and spoon and chased him out as if he was a tiny faun trying to steal a treat.

It was all well and good for her to say don't worry, she wasn't the one who Lucy looked to with that hopeful glance of what would a Narnian Christmas be like. The orchard was quiet and his wool scarf was in his study, but he could manage some cold now. Winter would pass and Christmas was a time of fires and hope now, not fear and hidden celebrations.

When the snow began to fall, Lucy found him twisting the tassels of his scarf and she took his hand, "Mr. Tumnus, what's wrong?"

He watched the snow settle on the old trees in Cair Paravel's orchard and said, "Nothing, truly, I just want you to do have the best Christmas."

"I shall. The smells are the best," She squeezed his hand and leaned her head against his shoulder before taking it off quickly, "Mr. Tumnus, you're getting cold. We're going inside and having hot chocolate and you can tell me what's being made in the kitchen."

They went inside together and though the goose was a trifle burnt, not due to any of Mrs. Badger's doing, the turner, a fox kit got distracted, it was a glorious meal. There were more cookies than anyone knew how to eat, the plum pudding and figgy pudding burned brightly and a young leopard found the coin.

The new kings and queens grew quiet deeper in the night as the yule log burned and Lucy twisted Tumnus's new red scarf around her fingers and said, "Thank you."

He heard the sadness in her voice and hugged her, humming a tune of his father's. In time she spoke again to say, "Its all rather wonderful, but I do hope Professor Kirke and Mother are having good Christmases."

"Of course they are in the land of Spare Oom," At his way of speaking of her home, she hiccuped a sob into a laugh and hugged him tightly.
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Yesterday I woke up very early and went to get my eyes checked out at the eye place my parents use, a benefit of being in an area with a lot of retirees, good medicine. It turns out that my eyes are fine and that I was clearly having a reaction to those other contacts and have other ones. I even have two kinds to try and two solutions to try as well. Its so wonderful to be heard and understood and to have a doctor who gets it. In Michigan, I didn't have the time and the people who helped me were busy as well. So now I feel like I'm seeing again and having that nice feeling of not being constantly aware of my contacts.

The weather has been feeling like summer again here which is nice but weird. Today was fun, there was a craft fair and sidewalk sale downtown which was nice to walk around in. There was some beautiful stuff especially jewelry and these tin squares as mirrors, someday one of those will be in a home of mine. Now I'm enjoying being at home while my parents are off at an art opening. They have a busy social life which I dip into at times as I job search and basically keep working on getting back to feeling like myself. Tomorrow is going to be busy as there's a Coast Day at the local university and I'm helping with the LEGO guys.

In writing news, I can finally reveal what I wrote for the Narnia fic exchange.

Its posted on LJ.

Bow and Blade (1020 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Susan Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Original Non-Human Character(s)
Additional Tags: Narnia Fic Exchange 2013, Siblings, Royalty, Weapons, Golden Age (Narnia), Elves

Peter and Susan use their diverse skills to mentor a young elf who is a new ambassador. This gives them both a chance to show the importance of their differences. Set during the Golden Age when they’ve learned how best to rule together.

My prompt asked for a character study of Peter and Susan and mentioned contrasting their fighting styles. From there I had the idea of how they approach the world differently through the lens of archery and swordsmanship and it grew from there. I hope you like it. Thank you to dodger_sister for betaing.

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Title: Snow in your footsteps
Characters: Tumnus, Mrs. Beaver, Lucy Pevensie, mentions of Tumnus' father, the White Witch and other creatures in the woods of Narnia
Fandom The Chronicles of Narnia
Rating PG for mentions of character death and the threat of death
Disclaimer No one belongs to me, I'm simply borrowing them to write.
Summary: Five Times Tumnus hoped for snow to hide in and one time he welcomed it. A gift fic for [personal profile] dodger_sister who requested a story: regarding Tumnus and snow. I tried to make this a five times fic and I hope it worked and that you like it.

When the snow fell after Tumnus said he would watch the Lamppost for the Queen, he felt as if every step he left would mark him. )
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Today has been a quiet and lovely day for me and its not over yet. This morning I woke up to find an incredibly effusive comment from the person I wrote my Yuletide story for telling me how they loved it. Then I went and read my story which made me so happy. Its the Magid universe with Nick, Roddy, fairy tales, Romanov being grumpy and Maxwell Hyde taking charge, it has what I love of the world and makes me beam.

A Fairy Tale Romance (With Two Kisses). (5084 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Magids Series - Diana Wynne Jones
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Nick Mallory, Roddy Hyde, Romanov (Magids Series)

The problem with Sixteenth Birthdays, as Nick Mallory finds out, is that they are often the heralds for Great Adventure.

Unfortunately, the adventure wasn't for him, but to find him.

I haven't had time yet to dig into other fics as we had friends over for brunch and didn't open presents until a little later. My presents made me happy; two beautiful sweaters, iridescent earrings, bourbon, New Zealand wine, a bowl my father made, a piece of family china, an antique book of Voltaire from my grandfather's collection and some mad money to spend however I wish.

At the moment the house is quiet as my parents and sister are out taking a walk while I catch up on the world. One of the ways we do the holidays is lots of cooking so at a certain point there are enough leftovers to last days. The night I arrived we had duck, last night my father butterflied a turkey which was good and tonight leg of lamb.

I'm going to put up a holiday EP from Tumnus at some point this week, since my father's reading the Narnia books and Christmas and Narnia just fit. My sister heads off tomorrow and on Friday, there will be family celebration with my brother and his family, which means I have a few days to plunge into Yuletide fics, write gift fics and just be.

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! I hope that you're surrounded by those you love!
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This week has been strange and wonderful and long. Classes started on Tuesday, there was an assembly and I introduced myself to the school. Then I spent the rest of the week sitting in the library with my laptop set up and being visible and plotting. I have so many notes in Evernote about the library everything from my observations, to dos, wants, coursebook lists and I know that the people who hired me trust me to make good choices. That was the thing that kept echoing throughout the week as teachers checked in and asked me questions and administrators told me what was possible. I also talked to students, who seem to like me. A group of guys asked me if I did tabletop and I'm going to help them restart a gaming club. Books were taken out, I helped a lot with the copier and told many kids to not eat in the library, but they kept coming in. This is the overview version as I'm rather worn out today. Later I might do a more in-depth post since its a really fascinating school and feels like a great fit.

Other big thing that I want to mention is that in July and August, I wrote for two different fic exchanges and now I can share them with you. They'll end up on Ao3 in the near future, possibly tonight but that depends on how much energy I have.

The first one was for [community profile] narniaexchange and I wrote a fic called Fragile Layers set during The Horse and his Boy and received a beautiful story about Tumnus called The Temperate Faun. This was the fic that inspired me to put a pre-canon Tumnus in the sandboxes as it just fit so well with how I think of him. Now posted on Ao3 here.

Then today the stories were posted for [community profile] ineedmyfics and this is the second year I've participated. I love this little exchange. I wrote a Firefly story for [personal profile] silveraspen called No straight lines about River and received a wonderful Ron and Hermione fic called Marry Me. There are a lot of great fics posted. That fic can now be found on Ao3 right here.

I plan on sleeping in tomorrow, going and getting brunch somewhere and then possibly sitting and just reading The Once and Future King for a while. Oh and Charles is still an owl in Milliways and this EP and threads has been making me beam all day.

Also the school recommended realtor is going to put together lists of places for me that I can go look at. He's the partner of the performing arts director. Now I could find a place on my own, but there are so many little neighborhoods in this area and if someone else will look for me, I'll take it. This is part of the school showing me, we want to help you.


Aug. 19th, 2012 11:02 am
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My life is currently feeling full and good but weird. I'm so happy to have gotten this job but also regretting how quickly it happened. I was looking forward to having some time in Lewes to just be especially as this week and the next my parents are off to New England as my mom has her piano camp. Instead tomorrow I'll start driving back to Michigan for the new faculty orientation, which starts on Wednesday night. All the interactions I've had with the school have been wonderful and I know they'll help me find an interim place and then a long term place as I figure out how to be a librarian.

The annoying part is that my body's not been feeling that well due to awful allergies, the stress of waiting to hear about the job and all the moving. My plan for this weekend was to just be off and relax as my stuff is pretty much still packed, I need to do some laundry and repack clothes but that's it. Instead I've had two not fun nights due to coughing and sneezing, which has left me kind of worn out. Though I think I'll get sort of a break with the driving as its something I enjoy and I know the route quite well and the hotel I stay in at the halfway point is nice.

My plan for today is to take my laptop and drive up to the Starbucks on the highway and see if I can make some progress on a few fics and RP things. Last night there were EPs, I was interested in tagging, but my head was too foggy to manage. Those I said I'd tag last night, I'm going to try today. Also there's going to be at least one picture post of all the packing from the last voyage before I set out again.

In wonderful news, the day I found out about the job, I also got my fic for [community profile] narniaexchange and I love it. Its over here and called The Temperate Faun. The story is back story for Tumnus and its beautifully done.

Now this past Friday, I did actually write some fics through my allergies.
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I realized last night why the tiredness I'm going through feels familiar, I honestly feel jet lagged. Its weird but makes sense after all the packing and then all the driving, my body isn't sure what its supposed to be doing. This also means I haven't been doing all the loose end errands I need to just yet, but I will. The other fun thing is my father has changed to Gmail and I'm now the closest computer person at some points. Its wonderful to see him figuring stuff out.

Also I can't watch the Olympics and it sucks. My parents recently gave up their cable and apparently in this area, without cable you can't even get normal TV stations. That means all my Olympic news comes from Twitter, Tumblr and whatever I can find, its weird, but nice. There are no annoying announcers but I really miss just watching the various sports happen. Just having the Olympics on is one of my favorite things. I might need to get myself to a sports bar or something at some point to see it. Is it possible to watch the BBC stuff in the US? Does anyone know how I could do that?

Oh and last night, I had a strange dream. I was working in a huge big box store that seemed to have a little bit of everything. My job before closing was to go around and do things with books and then I discovered a Renn Faire/LARP session in the far back. Then the dream combined confusing roleplaying with retail work, it was one of the stranger dreams I've had in a while.

Yesterday was Friday, I almost forgot that as its been a weird and long week. So I ended up writing some FicFriday stories. And tomorrow or the next day, the [community profile] narniaexchange stories will finally be posted! I won't be able to share which one's mine until later but people other than my betas can read it.

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Today has been odd and I keep reminding myself that yes, I did get things done. I had the first moving estimate from a big moving company which was honestly terrifying in how expensive it was. Hopefully the one for the slightly smaller national company will be less. Then lost a good part of my afternoon by creating a Goodreads' account, most of you probably got emails from me, but if not, please friend me. I like how easy it is to add books and I think LibraryThing will be for doing what I've read, crosspost reviews and Goodreads for my list of to read, which is daunting. There are so many books I want to read out there.

I also emailed my mentor in Delaware who's happy to have me back, put my work shifts up on the Tradeboard and sent another cover letter out. Then I ended up waiting for a storm that didn't happen and leaving my window partly open just made my apartment sticky, so back to the fan. Tomorrow afternoon I'm heading to [personal profile] dodger_sister's and I think I'm going to make the cornbread muffins in the morning. That way they're all nice and hot instead of sitting over night.

Now to make my writing brain come back as my story for the Narniaexchange is going far too slowly. I know what I want to be the heart of it but the words aren't coming. I also really want to write a good and meaty post about heroines because reading Sappho's Leap that didn't get that Sappho was amazing for herself and her poetry, and then seeing Snow White and the Huntsman and Brave, which did get it gives me ideas. I'm not sure if its a post that will end up here or on my librarian blog, it depends on how happy I am with it.

I highly recommend Snow White and the Huntsman, which for me was like, yes, this is how I imagine the world of Robin Hood, medieval with magic and harsh and just perfect. It actually got me playing Will more and he always makes me happy. I need to write up my HP!AU breaking of him as well since I have a few ideas with it. Brave was wonderful as well though I think I'd actually go see Snow White and the Huntsman for a second time before it. Though I'd see Brave again with my family, it depends on the audience and my mood, one made me all thinky, the other made me cry and go, yes, family.
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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): An apple starts growing on its tree in the
spring. By early summer, it may be full size and as red as it will ever be.
To the naked eye, it appears ready to eat. But it's not. If you pluck it and
bite into it, the taste probably won't appeal to you. If you pluck it and
hope it will be more delicious in a few weeks, you'll be disappointed. So
here's the moral of the story, Gemini: For an apple to achieve its
potential, it has to stay on the tree until nature has finished ripening it.
Keep that lesson in mind as you deal with the urge to harvest something
before it has reached its prime.

Last night on the phone with my father, I started crying as all my worries and fears of feeling like I'm failing by not having a job yet and starting to think about what do I do when lease and job shift hit me. I also slept badly last night for the same reason, but today I went to a massage place that I've been walking by for three years almost and went into it to treat myself. I had head, back, neck, face and feet taken care of and I feel nicely wobbly and loose.

Then I came home to read this horoscope, which reflects how I feel that it isn't time to worry yet or fret. I can do that but that's not what I need. I need to keep putting myself out there and showing the world, this is who I am. I'm a storyteller, a writer, a librarian and an educator, in the right setting, I can do amazing things. I will find that place and will move ever forward even if that means for a time, having stuff in storage and being a little in limbo again. I've done limbo, I've lived with little, I've lived on my own and I've set out on my own. I can do whatever comes next.

In things that I have accomplished, I signed up for the Narnia fic exchange as playing Tumnus has made me realize that I want to write something larger in that world. I've written a number of drabbles for him and smaller pieces for DE fic prompts but my last Milliways' EP was full of worldbuilding and made me think, yes, I want this. I also wrote a drabble about Charles for [profile] 100wordstories called Quiet about Charles.

He's been in my head a lot and fascinating as all the OOMs with [personal profile] andrealyn's Erik are flaily good. I can't wait to actually have both of them in Milliways and see what happens as Charles with all the love he gives wants Erik and Iris. The two of them might not agree with that as they're rather more possessive while Charles just isn't. Soon there will be sign ups for ineedmyfics and I will keep writing and putting myself out there until the right place finds me.
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This isn't going to be terribly detailed but I want to copy and paste the Twitter fics I've been doing since [personal profile] ladyoflorien started the idea. I'm doing Twitter names as again it helps me trace what I wrote. If I write more, I'll try and add them here or if not I'll do them on another post.

Charles/Ruby for @minkhollow42
Her mind felt like it was aching to be free as her body pressed against him. In his ear, she whispered, "Follow me." "Yes."

Red Pollard/Tiwa for @thisisyourfault
He thought he knew how to fly on the back of a horse with mane and tail flying. She laughed before taking him on her wings.

All these three were for @wanderlustlover
Jane & Edward -- hearts arts
She had been told that she wrote the truths of love and nodded. He never told her such things just listened to the unsaid.

Charles & Jean -- the echo of my heart
They were both too full and full of holes; all the secrets rested with them as the world took in price their loves and hope.

Tumnus & Marian -- sometimes all you have is tea
The tea set was still cracked from the wolves. He'd always kept it and now her fingers traced a crack as he played of loss.

Dem and Gus for Amber (@afullmargin)
He was laughing, he hadn't thought you laughed in bed with a woman. She just smiled and said, no, laugh and live with me, Gus.

My character choice-ill also for Amber
William didn't have time to be ill, too much to be done. Michael didn't cluck, just got him soup and quietly took care of him.

Dixie and William for Missy (@miz_missy)
She was always kind and didn't ask too many questions. Today though she looked close to crying, so he took care of her for once.


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