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Today, [personal profile] marginaliana asked for What's your favorite or most important symbol and why is it meaningful for you?

For this answer, I really wish I had all my icons as I actually have an icon of the symbol that means a lot to me.

In Maori art, koru connects the past and the present. When I was in New Zealand, this symbol made sense to me in terms of beginnings and endings and how you can't always tell when you're starting and when you're ending and that every ending is a beginning. I had a chance to walk through a New Zealand rainforest and seen tree ferns with korus bigger than me and its stuck with me. I wish New Zealand wasn't so far away because I would love to live there again.

As I'm getting ready for another beginning and working on grasping every start I can find, this curling symbol of life waiting and ready resonates. Its hard to find just one other image to capture the glorious koru but I finally chose one.

From my trip, I have a greenstone koru necklace that I love wearing. Whenever I wear it, I feel stronger as I remember that I went to New Zealand with a visa, one connection through my mother and the company that helped me get the visa. From there I spent a year supporting myself and then went back for grad school, as I get ready for another move, I remind myself of that. My toxic job left some scars but I made my way in New Zealand and that is within me.

December meme is over here
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