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Thank you so much for writing for me. Yuletide is one of my favorite times of year. My favorite sorts of stories are missing moments, character studies and that feel as if they fit within the world of the canon. I love all of these fandoms because of the depth of the worlds and the characters, I enjoy action and plot if it fits. If you choose to include sex and violence, I ask that if they're there; no rape/dubcon or torture. All of the ones I've asked for are from worlds with difficult aspects to them and I enjoy how the characters interact with and are changed by what's around them.

Vorkosigan Saga-Ivan Vorpatril, Alys Vorpatril: The friendship between Ivan, Miles, Gregor and how it shifts throughout their lives is fascinating. I love how this series holds multiple genres from almost Regency romance to space opera and at it moves back and forth. Ivan to me is someone who reads like a romance novel character and I'd love to read about some of his romances or when people tried to pull him into politics. What has his mother taught him and what has he learned from her. I would love something character driven but if a Heyer style plot or complex politics is what draws you, write what works.

October Daye series-Quentin: I adore how the world of October Daye keeps growing and how Quentin is someone at the heart of the main issues between how things were done and might be done. One of my favorite aspects of his character is how he's a part of this younger generation of Fae who don't fit expected molds; Chelsea, Dean, Raj, Arden, but he connects with the older through the Luidaeg and his own background. Moments of his growing up, being a kid, what might have happened to get him and Dean connected.

Check Please-Larissa "Lardo" Duan, Shitty Knight, Eric Bittle, Jack Zimmerman: I grew up around a small liberal arts collect in Pennsylvania and I love how this comic captures the strange and wonderful combinations of people. These four are the ones I chose in terms of how their relationships are growing while having history. Please include anyone else in the Haus if it feels right, but basically I want to spend some time hanging out with these great characters.

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci-Conrad Tesdinic, Christopher Chant, Millie Chant: This is a world that is fun in terms of magic, parallel universes and my favorite time of it is Christopher slowly learning and growing into Chrestomanci with Millie and Conrad's help. I would love more of all three of them being themselves but that tends to involve a good deal of managing Christopher. Please include anyone else from the series in any way that makes sense.

Sense8-Kala Dandekar, Wolfgang Bogdanow: I feel in love with this series because of how it captured the power of interacting with people and seeing a wider world. Kala and Wolfgang are two of my favorites but please include anyone else. For me, their relationship shows how the senseates question and alter each other in amazing ways. I would love to see more of that, please.

Thank you so much for writing for me.
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