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I stayed up until Romney conceded, because that felt like the point when what the news casters were saying would feel real. Most of the election I followed online before finally tuning into MSNBC and Rachel Maddow was one of the best parts of the election cycle. I loved her honesty, joy and moments of going, really, we don't know what Romney's doing. I voted by absentee ballot last month and Delaware and Michigan both went to Obama as well as Pennsylvania. Though I keep being reminded that even though my school is liberal, not all the kid's families are. Hearing students talk about the election and with some of them, it's clear they're aware of a lot of issues, but then some middle schoolers seem to be just saying what they've heard. I teach in the suburb next door to where Romney grew up, where there are a lot of rich suburbanites who support him as well as those who don't. It's complicated and my bad cough from earlier in the summer appears to have come back, it hasn't kept me up but my throat hurts.

This week hasn't been great for my productivity, it's that weird combo of sorting out paperwork and collecting research for a few topics that I've taken on for the school. Some days are busy more for what's going on in the library than the theories and ideas going on in my head. One thing I like about this job is how every day is different and as I start helping more in classes and even teaching some, my days will fill up even more. I'm feeling more comfortable and confident. Being a librarian means a lot of different things from watching out for the computers to discussing the election to talking books to ordering periodicals to answering reference questions as well as keeping the space clean.

At the department heads meeting on Monday, I had this wonderful moment of knowing that the school community is there for me in a way I had hoped but hadn't fully seen. We were talking about supporting new staff and mentoring and a number of people had noticed how since I'm my own department, it's trickier to support me. It felt great to know that they see me and I was able to say that I do feel like I'm playing catch up, but things are working as well. It was great. Also the school's student run newspaper came out and there were interviews with all the new staff, they put a recipe for New Zealand afghans next to my interview. It was wonderful to see the quality of the paper and make sure there are many copies in the library.

The movers called me and let me know that on Friday my stuff will arrive. They'll call me again tomorrow as they do twenty-four hour notice. Then I can finally shift my address and be properly moved as well as having my winter clothing. Winter has arrived in Michigan and I only have fall clothing with me. October seemed and the start of November feel like I've been juggling a lot and some things fall through, which I hate. Mail that I've been meaning to send for most of the month will actually leave my bag. I almost forgot my niece's birthday but managed to email her a late gift card. I will get my feet on the ground and settled. November does feel like its going to work better than October, I hope that's true for everyone on my flist.
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