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Today started out hopeful, I turned in a cover letter and the new job continues to be great and oddly good for my inspiration. I started a Cassian fic that the Hamilton soundtrack made me go oh, so many amazing lyrics. As I was driving home listening to Hamilton, suddenly I was over the curb with two flat tires. Someone was looking out for me as there was an auto place on the corner, I was on a side street behind the Watertown mall and I was fixed and going in about half an hour.

Now I’m home and realizing that I have bruises but feeling lucky. Also I have a lot of long periods during my current sub job and access to a computer. Please send prompts as the Star Wars’ release day is Thursday and I’d love to post some fic then. Rogue One is the fandom I’m writing for the most with a focus on Cassian and Jyn but I know Clone Wars, OT and some of the books so try me and keep my mind busy.
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Thank you for all the help and advice on the last entry, I love this job and I'm glad its challenging me. I will figure out how best to present myself and make it work.

So far this week has just been strange and I feel like I'm fighting off something. I ended up not going to the DMV after work because some students were using school laptops in the library that I had to put away and didn't leave until 5:30. Since the DMV closed at 7 and I was already feeling rather worn down from the other stuff, I decided to go tomorrow. Due to exams, after school has been much quieter, which will allow me to leave a little earlier. I hope the paperwork won't take too long and when I hit the weekend, I'll get a long weekend. This new year is just off to a tough start but I'm going to keep growing and learning.
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This week is taking its time getting done but I'm slowly making progress on various things. Yesterday I got an estimate for car insurance and I'll buy it tomorrow then worry about car registration after break. It sounds like the school is going to be pretty empty on Friday afternoon, I have no idea what I'm going to end up doing then.

I think I didn't sleep well enough last night as I spent most of the day feeling like I was going to fall asleep, which is never good. My body's just at that point of all that I've done during the past of feeling it and realizing okay, I've done it. I'm really looking forward to not having to be the grown up for a few weeks as its really tiring. Also I've realized that some of the things on my list for being I leave can wait. My holiday cards can be printed at my parents, presents can be wrapped there. I've done laundry and insurance will soon be sorted, those are the big ones that I have to do.

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Now in happier thoughts, I only have two more days of work and then three weeks of vacation and I'll be spending most of them with my family. I would really love to try and connect with other east coasters and am happy to do some traveling to see people. My parents are down in Southern Delaware and one of my brothers is in Southern New Jersey, and things are happily closer there than in the Midwest. Comment or email me or send me a tweet if you think there might be a spot for a visit as I'd love to spend some of my break with some millimuns.
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The weather this weekend has been windy and at times quite rainy and apparently knocked out the power at my school. Last night I had a hard time getting to sleep, I was just awake, which meant I stayed up to finish reading my latest Christie mystery and kept the bedside lamp on to insure I didn't oversleep. I didn't, I even got to school earlier than I did last week, but almost no one was there and the middle school head told me there was no school. They were meant to have called me to let me know but I didn't see any message and now I have the day off. I went and actually had breakfast at my hotel and am now sitting in the Starbuck's in Birmingham, which is becoming sort of my local cafe. Due to sleeping oddly, I'm a bit sore and I'm considering going to a movie later today as its that sort of day.

Yesterday was unexpectedly exciting as I got hugely lost, while the storm was raging. There are two Barnes and Nobles not too far from where I am and I decided to explore the one I hadn't been to before. It turns out that one is sort of close to where I'm staying and has a much bigger selection, so I plan on going there more often. On the way back, I decided to stop at a grocery store as I've been feeling sick and getting some good herbal tea seemed a good idea as well as a chance to grab a quick dinner.

At this point I was on one of the big main roads and I knew that if I turned around, I should be able to get right back on the street I needed. That didn't happen because when I finished grocery shopping, it was pouring sheets of rain and windy enough that it was going sideways. There were points when driving that I felt my car shift from the force of the wind. I thought I knew where I was well enough to find my way back, but sadly this wasn't true. Instead I ended up going the wrong way, but it wasn't easy to figure out due to rain and most of the streets look the same.

I pulled over and got directions back to where I needed to be but somehow either didn't take as many u-turns or too many u-turns and ended up on the right street going the wrong way. I didn't catch just how far off I was until I hit the end of the road. I need to explain something about Detroit streets to show just how far gone I was. The big streets around Detroit go by something mile, the Detroit city limit is 8 mile, the place my hotel is on is called Maple and 15 mile. So I turned onto 15 mile and took it to a point that it dead ended into another street, I think I was actually close to the shore of Lake Michigan. Basically I ended up in the next county over as I work and am staying in Oakland county. I'm posting up the map, because I'm still kind of boggling at how I was on the right track but so much the wrong way.

View Larger Map

The weather was amazing to drive through as I kept going in and out of the storm, which meant sometimes the rain was in sheets, then drips but the wind was always there and the light was fantastic. I ended up getting two beautiful pictures of it and getting home to find out that I actually bought a tasty frozen dinner and had a nice hard cider. It was the sort of adventure that was good to have on a weekend when I didn't have anywhere to be, but it left me feeling a bit worn out today. Batty reminded me that I can make my phone directions tell me when I'm going wrong, which would probably help. Though when I had a GPS that spoke to me at the job interview in Rhode Island, it annoyed me more than it helped me. It's just a matter of figuring out what works for me.

I have my Yuletide sign up pretty much set, I know my requests; two that I keep doing in hope that I'll finally get them and two new ones. I'm still debating on my last offer and need to put in the details of my Yuletide letter. My offers haven't changed that much either as I've learned what I can write and there are some I'd love the chance to write.

I'm also posting in this post a list of what I have accomplished since starting at my new school and what's in the works. In time, this list will hopefully grow into a professional blog post, but for now as I'm feeling tired and worried about what parent-teacher conferences are going to be like, I need to have this down.

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First Day

Sep. 4th, 2012 08:03 pm
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I'm feeling a little wobbly but good. Today was long and hopeful, I have all these lists of ideas and observations for the library. There's a lot of potential and I think the kids like me, I hope they do, the faculty seem to. One thing I need to figure out is when to eat lunch as I spend the lunch period telling them not to eat lunch in the library. And when I started out this morning was too early in the morning for me to eat though I had a really big mug of tea. That meant that I didn't actually eat until far too late in the day.

I was in the library from about 7:20am to 4:30 then in the school parking lot until 5:30 because one of my tires was flat. The AAA guy couldn't find a puncture in it and I have a little spare, so its okay for now. I need to find a good car place because I've had tire pressure issues before and possibly a Mazda dealership would make sense of it. That all meant that I didn't get to properly eat until I think 6 and back home until 6:30 or so. When I got back, there was lots of snuggling with Zadie, the beautiful dog at the place hosting me. She puts her paws on me and goes, no leaving yet, she improves my day so much.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): I'm guessing that you don't know the name of
the person who sent the first email. It was Ray Tomlinson, and he did it in
1971. You're probably also unaware that he originated the use of the @
symbol as a key part of email addresses. Now I'd like to address your own
inner Ray Tomlinson, Gemini: the part of you that has done valuable work
hardly anyone knows about; the part of you that has created good stuff
without getting much credit or appreciation. I celebrate that unsung hero,
and I hope you will make a special effort to do the same in the coming

I find this a really inspiring horoscope, Uncle Rob as I hope to be the kind of librarian that students and faculty can't imagine not being there. Or next year, they just open the door and look for me to say hi. I felt some of what I do and when it works today as I had a great conversation about unusual sports and books were checked out. What makes me sure this is the right job is that while my body is starting to go, didn't eat enough and awake for quite a while, I just feel positive.
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This morning I picked up the huge pile of papers that I need to fill in and sign and tonight there's a party for new faculty. I'll do a little filling in tonight and then bring them with me tomorrow and work with the HR lady that I keep missing, it was her day off today and finish them. Today is being a day of decompressing and adjusting. Tomorrow morning orientation starts and next week there's no class but lots of meetings and orientations.

I have a room with a door I can shut, space in a nice place that's close to the school with a friendly dog and nice woman who's a former teacher and one of her daughters is a librarian. Its also a huge place, I'll have to take some pictures of it, the room I'm in clearly for one of her daughters but it feels kind of staged and not lived in. I had to shift a little TV to get a bedside table and there's no bedside lamp, which gives me the impression of a room not well lived in. I also think that she and her husband haven't lived in this place very long, its all a bit too clean. I'll take some pictures as its hard to explain but will be a good in between spot. The trick will be figuring out how to be social without too being too much as her husband works in another state during the week and her two daughters live elsewhere. She also has lots and lots of stories of the school, which are good but also kind of daunting. It also turns out that the new Lower School librarian is someone I went to SI with, she graduated in April, I in August and my favorite professor from SI is also close by. This makes me feel a lot better, because it means there won't be quite as many new meetings to do, and I have people that I can ask for help.

I'm in an area that reminds me so much of the suburbs around where I grew up though more like the ones on the Main Line, the slightly nicer ones. Swarthmore always tended towards the odder side of things, but just on my drive to the school, I've passed nice apartment places, there are great little downtowns. So I think I'm going to have to end up driving to school, but I'll be able to walk to one of these downtowns. That makes me so happy, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do as much walking because this part of the country was truly designed with cars in mind. Ann Arbor isn't too far away and it turns out that the directions I got to go back and forth from the school were unhelpful and there are easier ways.

My drive back here was rather exciting in some not always good ways. I hit a lot of traffic going through Maryland and parts of Delaware. The first part of the drive is on small highways, mainly single lane one way or the other through Delaware and Maryland. For some reason, there were just a lot of people who didn't want to go the speed limit. Thus I created a new driving curse, may you be pulled over for speeding as there are speed traps in some of the little towns along the way.

Then I got into such a driving groove that I almost forgot to eat lunch but was good and did get something. When I was on 70, not far from the Pennsylvania border, I drove into a storm, I could see it as the sky grew dark. It was a pretty awful one as this was in a really hilly area so there was fog, misty rain and cars. I was listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, which was incredibly appropriate. I forget which bit I was in but as the storm lightened, the music went from dark and dramatic to lighter. Oh and there was road work everywhere, it felt like every single major highway had road work of some form or another on it.

Yesterday was long, not bad just long as it was mainly turnpike driving that just went on and on. When I hit Toledo, I went a different way as I was heading more to the East and discovered I like 280 and 75N, though I ended up in a thunderstorm and roadwork. The absolute worst bit of the drive was that 75 took me directly into Detroit during rush hour, 75 is one of those huge highways that goes in and around the city. I did end up getting where I needed to but it seemed a stupid way to get there as I could have just as easily gone around Detroit another way instead of straight through. By the time I reached the place, I'm staying, I was ready to fall over, my car is going to be properly unpacked tonight. I think this will be a good short term solution and that I'll have lots of good options for long term stuff.

Another bit of good news is that I'm finally happy with where my [community profile] ineedmyfics' story is going. I got an idea for it as soon as I saw the prompt but haven't liked anything I've written. Well, last night as I was driving around I got a new angle and have a first paragraph that I like. It still needs a lot more, but I know that I can take lines from my earlier stuff and this will end up something good.

For now, I'm finding that Caribou Coffee does pretty tasty tea. I think my favorite part of what's coming up is getting to know the area and all the people connected to the school. It just gives me such a good vibe, this is going to work. I also need to figure out a good tag for the school.
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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Let's turn our attention to the word "mortar." I
propose that we use it to point out three influences you could benefit
from calling on. Here are the definitions of "mortar": 1. a kind of cannon;
2. the plaster employed for binding bricks together; 3. a bowl where
healing herbs are ground into powder. Now please meditate, Gemini, on
anything you could do that might: 1. deflect your adversaries; 2. cement
new unions; 3. make a container -- in other words, create a specific time
and place -- where you will work on a cure for your suffering.

This feels apt for me at the moment as I'm trying to make sense of where I go from where I came and where I'm going. Mortar and building are strong ways of moving ahead, while keeping myself solid and sure. I don't know what the shape of that will be, but I'll figure it out.

The moving stuff yesterday worked out. I plan on doing a longer picture post of my boxes at the stages of their journey. One thing I did yesterday was upload many pictures from my camera, the earliest were from this spring. Those will be shared in posts as I have the energy for them. Also my car needs to get its oil changed, not a big deal but something to be done.

My list has changed in good ways as I discovered that I don't have to pay comcast any money, I know where my stuff is and I can start being more serious in my volunteer stuff at the local library. Yet other things are there, my [community profile] ineedmyfics story is going slowly and I need to find a time to just write it for a couple of hours.

Also while roleplaying is full of wonderful stuff, there are also various things that just aren't as fun. I've been doing so many things for moving that have left me tired that I think now stuff is more settled, I'll find my groove again, at the moment though I'm around just quiet. There are some great OOMs and threads and ideas happening, but I've also learned for myself that I need to play to have fun. That's the entire idea. So that's why I'm not in chat as much or doing as many EPs, I'm trying to do what fills my days happily. This is rather rambly but I want everyone to know that I'm reading and hope to do more in games, but if I seem quiet or tired or jumpy, its not you, just lots of life for me. Another edit as listening and talking has made this issue seem less of an issue. Milliways has good people in it and I'm lucky to have them all in my life. Thank you all for being so generous to me.

One other good thing I forgot is connected to RP and creativity. Yesterday after all the stuff shifting, and a nice lunch with my parents, I wandered into a wonderful newish used bookstore in Lewes. There I found for 10 dollars, a 1958 edition of The Once and Future King, this is one of my favorite books, I love his incredibly human take on Arthur and his story.

Also this edition looks quite a lot like the one used in X2 and is according to Marvel, one of Charles' favorite books. I've been wanting to reread it and my paperback copy is in a box somewhere. I love those odd moments when fandom and normal life intersect.

Full Days

Aug. 11th, 2012 11:24 pm
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Life is being all sorts of full and surprising at me. On Thursday, I went to meet with my mentor at the public library but my car was terribly dead. My mother gave me a ride but it gave the day a bit of bump. The meeting ended up being hopeful and wonderful, but after a nice lunch at a wonderful new Italian place, my bank in Michigan called to check that me using my card in Delaware wasn't fraud. I also learned that they hadn't properly changed my address yet so that had to be done.

Then I got to baking for the Democratic event that evening which was lovely but a lot, one woman was shooting ideas of what I could do at me, it was lot. I'm all for confidence and thinking I can accomplish a lot, but I wasn't sure what she heard. It does make me hopeful for the Democratic party as this candidate is grassroots all the way.

Friday, I woke up, got pulled into a Captain Awkward series of amazing posts and the Olympics before going must call AAA. I did and it turns out that a little interior light that I thought was automatic wasn't, my battery was charged without a problem. As the AAA guy was leaving, I had a call from the school in Michigan who wanted to talk to me again. Today I had a long phone interview and I'm a finalist, which leaves me kind of breathless and then I watched Olympics' diving with my parents on my laptop. Oh Tom Daley, you're amazing, I know an American won, but they all did fantastic dives. Last night I also dreamed of being lost around Christchurch on my way to a job interview and going, I know Wellington not Christchurch, quite apt. I hate being lost and this was a dream where I couldn't turn where I needed to and so was feeling like I know where I need to get but can't get there.

Another wonderful thing is that I've introduced my parents to Jim Henson's Storyteller, which they love, they even though they were adults in the 60s and 70s an 80s, never knew of his darker stuff. I get to introduce my parents to Labyrinth and Henson, Henson was the kind of creative soul that makes me hope and believe that the world can change by stories and people. In other odd but happy news. I got back my security deposit from Ann Arbor, they took off some for holes and carpet but not enough to make me go that's unfair and money is good.

Oh and the weather has been exciting here, lots of clouds and storms that hit hard and then leave, yet the sky stays grey. It's made everything cooler and is a nice reminder that Delaware is by the ocean.

Now yesterday, I wrote a few FridayFics, not terribly many as honestly I was busy and so were many other people. Life just keeps on happening. This is what I wrote and my [Bad username or unknown identity: ineedmyfics"]'s story is finally more in progress. It's been moving slower than I like but it'll happen.

Words spill out )
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I have a second interview on Friday and made it home in one piece. I hate the roads around Detroit so much, they always leave me feeling like I'm going to miss my turn or get side swiped by someone. The only roads that can compare to worry and terror are the ones around Baltimore for me, but I made it to the interview and back safely.

My lunch at a local deli was rather disappointing, so I'm planning on going out later to Whole Foods to pick up either some wine or beer and something delicious for dinner. I also had a bad moment of my lunch considering coming back up on me but it didn't. My parents will be arriving sometime tomorrow night to help me move and as they said celebrate all that I've accomplished in Michigan.

At the moment I feel rather like a harp that someone's run their hand across and all the strings are vibrating. Most of the vibration is good but some of its leftover from Detroit driving, which is a touch nervous.

I think since I have energy and am in the mood to write, let's end this with a prompt meme.

Give me character(s) from a fandom I know, setting or a lyric or anything else and I'll write you at least a hundred words.

ETA: And now the energy's gone from good to uncomfortable and I can feel myself being a little snappish. I think there's just been a little too much today and I need to give myself more time to process and a trip out will help.

Second ETA: I have driven where I know and want to go with loud music, bought delicious wine and food and feel better. It's just been a full day.
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Work is quiet and nicely air conditioned. Last night I slept wonderfully and wanted to sleep more but had work. The walk to campus was awful as its so hot that the air feels like its sitting on you. Last night I didn't make it home until about 12:30 but I did return to power, which was fantastic. Since yesterday was so long, I want to write it all down and on my way home I'm buying beer or ice cream. I'm in the mood for cold goodies.

6:30 am to 3:30 pm-cafe hopping in Ann Arbor. I went from Starbucks to Sweetwaters to Crazy Wisdom Tea Room

4 pm-get home and get ready to drive to work, which I did. Arrive in downtown and get more iced tea.

5 pm to 10 pm-on campus, at the end of my shift I had about four questions including someone who wanted me to find them a person's phone number. I kept explaining over the phone, the library is about to close and finally got through to them. Also one guy asking me if we could hold books and if not, could I go down and ask circ to hold them as I could sweet talk them. I don't think I ever fully answered him as I was sort of stuck going wait, what?

10 to 11:30 drive to park-n-ride, which was actually easy to find and then wait and wait for the Megabus.

11:30 pm to midnight-pick up artist for Kids Read Comics and try to get her to the place she's staying which is out in a close but surprisingly rural area. That drive involved navigating roadwork, going too far, one scare of wait, did I turn against a red light on a major intersection? I actually think I was fine on the intersection, it just seemed like I wasn't. It was one of those branching ones with like five roads coming in at once. Neither of us had slept a lot, she due to traveling, me due to power outage and I kept wanting to go, honestly I'm not this bad a driver normally. And I wasn't awful, I was just going through parts of Ann Arbor I wasn't terribly familiar with in the dark. Then out into the countryside around Ann Arbor, finally found the place then I thought I knew a quicker way home, I didn't, so had one turnaround before figuring out oh that road leads back to my place.

12:30-finally home, went online to check in with people and then fell over to sleep.

Since I've been working all afternoon, I won't get a chance to get to Kids Read Comics until tomorrow. I'm not sure what I'll be doing but I know that picking up the webcomic artist was a good thing to have done. Yes, it was a lot on the top of an incredibly long day but I did something helpful. Depending on how I'm doing, I might not actually volunteer for that long but it'll be fun to look in and see what's going on, it seems like a fun even.

I feel like my horoscope from Free Will Astrology this week about you have to grind through and do all the right steps feels true. This has been a week of getting through and getting things done, which I've done.
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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Do you remember what you were doing
between July 2000 and June 2001? Think back. Did anything happen
then that felt like a wild jumpstart, or a series of epiphanies, or a
benevolent form of shock therapy? Were you forcibly dislodged from a rut
by an adversary who eventually became an ally? Did you wake up from a
sleepy trance you didn't even know you had been in? I'm guessing that at
least some of those experiences will be returning in the coming months,
but on a higher octave this time.

Yes, quite a lot of things happened during those months as the summer of 2000 was the one right after my first year at Randolph-Macon Woman's College and what I think of as my summer of hell. I ended up breaking up horribly with my high school boyfriend who then cut me off from a lot of friends and I worked on finding my way. Later I ended up with a fantastic partner and I had a great school year and spent time figuring out how to get myself to Athens in 2002. The world was hugely in flux, but I came out of it with some new scars but stronger and happier.

I'm taking hope from this as I just found out from my job agency that the job in Rhode Island was filled. I had a sinking feeling it probably was considering that I hadn't heard from them, but I still wish that I'd heard more than here's a check to reimburse you. Now I go back to the cover letter grind and go and write another blog post since I'm worried my current one isn't the best first impression.

My birthday celebrations keep happening as last night, I got two gift cards from one of my brothers. One for Zingerman's and one for iTunes, then did a wonderful sync watch with [personal profile] wanderlustlover, [personal profile] ladyoflorien and [personal profile] dynastessa of Shakespeare in Love and that movie is really such happiness for me.

I'm slowly getting all my errands taken care of as the new mirror's been ordered for my car and the price doesn't look to be too bad. The last steri strips are nearing ready to fall off my ear lobe, so I need to go and have another doc look at it to tell me if I need to keep it bandaged or not. My back hurts and I need to figure out getting a massage which got sidetracked by other ideas.

This is just a little dip, but I know that there is the right job out there for me. The three I interviewed for showed me that its a matter of everything connecting and it will happen. When August comes around, all the signs that say time to go out of Michigan will be answered.
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I had something happen today that reminded me how my life is changing this summer. The hours in the library are a little weird of late because the plumbing is being fixed in one library so I go an email asking me to pick up some extra hours and telling me at the end of August, I wouldn't be a student worker anymore. This makes sense as it will be a year since I graduated and I hope that by August all the job hopes do come together as that's when my lease is up. So it feels like all signs are pointing onward to whatever's next.

Today I'm slowly getting errands done like contacting the car dealership about replacing my side mirror, laundry and I might send an email to my job connections to ask for advice. I need to go and look at the referrals they sent me as I got swept into the places that did contact me and need to keep putting myself out there.

This meme is still open as I'd love ideas as I want to do more writing this week.
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For the past few days I've had the refrain of "Another suitcase, another town" from Evita in my head, which is odd. Evita isn't a favorite of mine but when I was visiting my parents, my father bought the movie soundtrack because it was cheap at the booksale. He's always been interested in Eva Peron which was why he bought it, also it was a quarter. Then when we were driving north for my nieces' communion party he played it and we all decided we didn't like it. Some of the songs are good but Madonna added so much other stuff to them or possibly they already had that but too many saxophones. So that's the refrain in my head and I'd like it to not be there as it just hits all my feelings of gah, waiting and worrying, which has been making me feel not in a great place.

On Saturday some of this nervousness had a nice physical manifestation when there was surprise roadwork on a road I drive a lot and I badly damaged my right side mirror. This is now another thing that I have to get done. As my birthday gets closer, I feel like all I really want to do for it is just be taken care of for a little bit. If I can arrange the massage that will be part of it and there are plans in the works, I'm just feeling tired. Since feeling sore and unhappy seems to be going around my group of friends of late, I'd also like the world to be nicer for my friends for my birthday too.

In terms of various good things, all the books I've been reading lately have been wonderful. The library booksale in Delaware brought me so many lovely reads that I'm going to do a quick rundown of my utter favorites.

The Toll-Gate by Georgette Heyer: The main character of this book is just out of the army where he was known as Crazy Jack because nothing ever goes simply for him. The story starts as he's riding to visit a friend and then stops at a toll in the middle of the night because the gatekeeper's missing and ends up comforting and protecting his worried son. There's brilliant use of thieves' cant, a romance between two quite well-suited people, a highwayman that wants to be a farmer, a mystery including something hidden in a cave and an old man who will have things his way. If you've never read Heyer, this is a great way to start as it has all the best elements of her books; believable romance, wonderful feel for the Regency era, humor and beautiful language.

Courtesans and Fishcakes: The Consuming Passions of Ancient Athens by Peter Davidson: Books like this are why I'm a classicist as the introduction lays out brilliantly how historians try to figure out what ancient life was like and how some areas get looked at closer than others. Then the rest of the book is an intelligent and fun discussion of Athenians thoughts on food, sex and money. I highly recommend it for the knowledge in it and the playful sense of writing.

The Course of Honor by Lindsey Davis: I adore Davis' Falco series set in Vespasian's Rome, its one of my favorite historical mysteries and if there's a new one, I always read it. This book is Davis' take on Vespasian's career told through the eyes of Caenis, the slave and then freedwoman who he loved throughout his entire life. We follow everything through Caenis' eyes. She is a slave in the palace and then later for Antonia, so has a unique perspective on the Claudians. The romance between Vespasian and Caenis is subtly presented as their lives are complicated in terms of class, money and politics. Davis handles it all deftly as well as weaving through it a knowledge of yes, we all know how this ends but lets play in the details. Reading this made me want to go and reread and rewatch I, Claudius, which examines the same general area in time.

At the moment I'm in the midst of The Nonesuch by Georgette Heyer which feels like the most Austen of the books of hers I read. The Nonesuch, which is the name for Sir Waldo who is the pinnacle of a gentleman comes to Yorkshire when he inherits an estate and most of the book is about his interactions with the ladies and gentlemen of the area. Its a charming and a wonderful read but normally Heyer reads like Heyer to me, this one feels far more like Austen and makes me want to go and try and finish my Becoming Jane fix it story.

Writing about books has improved my mood and I'm going to get things done and then have a wonderful birthday weekend/week as my family goes that celebrations should keep going.
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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In December 1946, three Bedouin shepherds
were tending their flock near the Dead Sea. They found a cave with a
small entrance. Hoping it might contain treasure hidden there long ago,
they wanted to explore it. The smallest of the three managed to climb
through the narrow opening. He brought out a few dusty old scrolls in
ceramic jars. The shepherds were disappointed. But eventually the scrolls
were revealed to be one of the most important finds in archaeological
history: the first batch of what has come to be known as the Dead Sea
Scrolls. Keep this story in mind, Gemini. I suspect a metaphorically similar
tale may unfold for you soon. A valuable discovery may initially appear to
you in a form you're not that excited about.

Well, Uncle Rob, I think this is the second or third horoscope I've gotten along the lines of good change is coming, but you might not know the shape of it. I have to say that it really does feel true. My new job direction has brought results that feel right faster than anything else. Now its a matter of finding out where I might end up, which isn't fully up to me, but if the journey's like what I went through this past week and a half, I look forward to it.

I'm also amused that one of the benefits of this unexpected road trip was that I drove through driving rain on Sunday, which cleaned my poor car. The garage attached to my building has put a solid layer of dirt on my car and I've been meaning to clean it. In the end driving through really awful rain accomplished that. So I'm going to keep following every lead and knowing that way will open.

Also I get to go see my family at the end of this month and if planning works out meet some millimuns. Once my dates are set, I will send out an email as I want to meet people.
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I found the mall in Ann Arbor and I'm not a fan of it. There are some good stores and I almost bought a Gryffindor tie at Hot Topic and some Lands End jeans at Sears but didn't. I ended up buying a late lunch at Chipotle and a cinnabon and having a great desire to cry. I've never liked shopping for clothes but its got worse lately. I'm not happy with how my body is and keep having awful self doubt about everything that it sneaks in and makes me want to curl up and hide from the world. I know that this won't last long and that I can do amazing things as I have done them before, but today's hard.

Also I had the fun of getting lost going out of the mall, as happens so often in Ann Arbor, I turned the wrong way and had to search for someplace to turn around. Normally I'd enjoy this more but it was rush hour so it ended up being stressful.

Oh and my good friend who's looking for the same sort of job has two interviews. I wish her well but that just scares me more and then I feel terribly guilty for feeling less than her and all those things. I hate self-doubt.

Thus you get two memes from me, another round of answers to questions and a fic prompt.

The prompt's a variation on what's on [livejournal.com profile] sardonicynic's journal.
Give me a fandom, character, pairing from any fandom you know I follow as always ask and I'll try then give me a prompt, a word, a kink, a line of something and I'll write at least 100 words for you.

-Comment on this entry asking for questions
-Post your answers and this meme
-Rinse and repeat for fun and profit

This round the questions are from [livejournal.com profile] one_more_cherry
Tell me about who you play. )
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Today I got back the first paper I wrote for my grant writing class and I got a solid A on it. The professor seemed to like my style of writing and my conclusion. This makes me more hopeful about the paper that I turned in today, which was interesting to write.

My week has suddenly become quite busy due to offering to help at the Book Festival since I have meetings two days this week and a meeting with the campus career center. I know I should do more with job stuff but my resume needs to be put into shape first.

In terms of Monday to Monday, it sort of got left behind these last two weeks so I'm coming back to it. This weekend my parents come to visit and I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Monday to Monday
-Change oil in the car, needs to be good for driving with parents
-Cook something fresh this week (probably will happen tonight with chicken wings and sweet potatoes)
-Walk every day
-Clean apartment more, possibly invest in a proper fruit fly trap, I hate them
-Write something either one of Sam's OOMs or a fic
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I'm in Kentucky and slept late and have made some Irish soda bread that will be in the oven soon.

My travel last night was really long since I hit a lot of gusty rain on the way down and locked my keys in my car with it running when I stopped for dinner. AAA was wonderful and got me out so I didn't lose too much time and then I arrived and felt so grateful to be warm.

For those who celebrate turkey day, enjoy the day and I hope your travel goes well.

Also to everyone on my flist, I'm so thankful to know you all, be well and happy.

I'm grateful to be in a place that stretches me and to know where I'm going in my life.

I'm grateful for places to be creative, family and friends that support me.

I'm grateful for my health and my life.
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Today has been so restful. My friends and I didn't see Inception, we had a lovely lunch and then just talked all afternoon. I arrived at their place around noon or so and didn't leave until five.

I decided to splurge and stop in Whole Foods on the way home and then wandered for ages since shopping when slightly hungry is a bad idea, but I have lambic, empanadas, salad and nutella like stuff.

The trouble came when I left, I wasn't familiar with this shopping center and didn't realize I needed to turn. I ended up heading down a road and thought well if I just turn right at some point, I'll be fine, so I did. I ended up in Saline, a town south of Ann Arbor and after some problems trying to find a place to turn around out in the country, headed back to Saline. I turned around in a church parking lot and then got on the Ann Arbor-Saline road, which finally brought me to an area I knew. Yet for some reason, cops weren't letting folks go forward for one part so I had to turn again and I went for a while. I saw another road I knew and went, this crosses my road. Well, yes, it eventually did just in Scio, a suburb near my place but south again just on the other side of town.

Finally I made it home, luckily I had good music, my car had gas and the day was lovely, also this way, I only met up with the game traffic near the end and beginning. It was just all rather more excitement than I expected and I'm glad I was lazy and have already prepared food. Now I'm going to just rest since I'm feeling a bit shaky due to driving for almost an hour when I wasn't planning on it.
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This has been a long semester, year and week, which I've really been feeling. So what I'm going to do is try and go through just this week and see if I can get more things on the positive side than the negative. If this gets too long I'll cut it, but for now I'm going to just write.

-I still don't like my new haircut. I know its a beautifully done cut, but I don't feel pretty when I look in the mirror or like myself.
-One final, one big paper and one small paper are left.
-I didn't get the internship that I interviewed for on Wednesday but this could also be a plus since it means not having to drive an hour each way.
+I have an interview on Monday at the other library that I couldn't find.
+I remembered my niece's birthday and have a book of Shel Silverstein's poems to send to her once I find the right card.
+My parents will be coming to visit in the middle of May, I've missed them a lot.
+I'm halfway through my masters program and this feels like the right direction.
+Once things finish up, I have plans to join a D&D game and go see movies with one of my friends from UoM.
+I have the new October Daye book to read.
-My feet hurt and I need to invest in another pair of shoes.
-My car's windshield wiper needs to be fixed and it could do with a service check.
+I have a new pup that I adore playing.
+My flist is amazing and supportive. Thank you guys.
+I get to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] the_croupier tomorrow after work.
-/+ The concrit from the something to tell me meme was honest and helpful and is a good reminder to keep editing myself when I write.

I feel better for doing this, thank you to anyone who read it.
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I made it to my first interview slightly late but doable and so had an interview that went fairly well, its an utterly beautiful library. I then had an hour and a half to get from library one to library two, I was on the right road for library two but couldn't find it. So I left a message with the woman I was supposed to meet when I thought I could get there in time.

Turns out I started going around in circles to the point where I was an hour late and left another message since she'd left for the day. I really hope that I can reschedule because after stopping for food, I realized just how close I must have been to the library.

Ugh, Michigan roads are the reason I don't really like driving, they just take you around in circles and its hard to change sides. I missed so many turns today just because they crept up on me. So for now, I'm going to try and relax a little bit before doing the take home final that's due tomorrow so that after work I'm not rushing.


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