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2017-09-28 01:37 am

Ups and Downs

I had one of the best ups this weekend when I was able to play in a Star Wars' LARP. I've missed LARPing so much, its one of my favorite types of RP as there's improv, playing dress up and this time I got to say kriff. The setting was really interesting, a variation on the end of Republic and the scenario was very much the mods going we hate the prequels and are doing our own take. I need to make sure to get on this groups mailing lists as it made me so happy and was very well run.

In other happy news, I've been posting a lot of fics as I've had more time then I expected due to slow job stuff. So that's up and down all at once, I love finishing and posting things which are all Rogue One connected other than having my Narnia Exchange fic revealed.

In Transit is a missing moments' fic inspired by two Milliways' DE prompts from [personal profile] sardonicynic

Echoes is my archive and what ripples did Cassian leave behind fic.

Warmth in the Black is a bit of Jyn and Cassian fluff with a little backstory, its hard to write pure fluff for them, that I wrote for [personal profile] dodger_sister.

An unexpected door was the fic I wrote for the Narnia exchange which is about a Narnian bird ending up in England.

The big downs are that I didn't get the job I interviewed for at the start of the month but I have a new fact-checking job. Also that things are looking a lot tougher for my sister but she has a lot of good doctors helping her.
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2017-04-02 02:05 pm

Milliways' plans

I think I have an odd sort of pattern of moving and then acquiring new headvoices because Cassian Andor has made himself comfortable. The only issue is that since I have ten pups, I need to retire or delete one and at first I was going to do Ivan, but realized I don't actually play Jane as much. I feel like since there isn't a Tom, she would make the most sense to shift away as I have a lot of ideas for Cassian. Though its nice to have her to interact with some of the other era pups but William fills much of the same roll and he's consistently louder.

My other choices are Tumnus and Ivan, Ivan has been tricky but I love my castmates and want to leave myself open with him. Tumnus, I adore even though plotwise, I don't have a lot happening but I love having him. I want to do a lot of playing him before canon as I find the idea of Rebel spy full of possibilities and he's such a complex character.

Also my sister is now eating solid food and looking on the way to healing.
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2017-03-29 04:11 pm

Distractions Please

I just posted this on my Tumblr and I'm putting it here too. Though for here, instead of asks, suggestions for posts or anything you're curious would be great along with prompts.

I need help keeping my mind busy as my sister’s in the midst of a major surgery. Please send asks or prompts from any memes floating around or any ideas you have. At the moment, the easiest canon for me to write is Rogue One but try me with any others that I’ve mentioned. Thank you.

ETA: My sister is out of surgery and resting, it all seems to have gone well.
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2017-01-10 10:39 pm

Surprising and hopeful day

I started today very early in the morning to meet with a realtor that was recommended by a friend of my father's in the area. She's a realtor and works with him. My mother and I saw three places and the second one was amazing and only put on the market yesterday. We went back to the real estate office and spent a good part of the afternoon filling out the application and then had lunch, wandered through a lovely bookstore and back to the hotel. Then when to dinner with the woman and her husband, who my dad did medical training with which was lovely.

They ended by giving us all sorts of hopeful thoughts on getting the apartment, we sit down in the car and there's a text from the broker of the apartment saying I'm approved, tomorrow I'll be signing a lease. I didn't expect this at all, this trip was meant to be looking and maybe applying but nothing like this. Now I'm going to be moving in next month if all goes to plan.

And as we walked back into the hotel to hear the last part of Obama's farewell speech that had me crying. What a president.

Oh and it turns out that thanks to a bus coming from our area, my Mom and I will be at the Women's March.
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2017-01-01 11:14 pm

Snowflake Challenge and Yuletide Reveal

Today I baked delicious pecan sandies or shortbread with ground up roasted pecans in it, they turned out beautifully. Tomorrow I'm going to make some more whole wheat bread for my family before getting ready for a trip north. Plans are starting to come along for a move which is stressful but in the end will be good for me.

I love doing the Snowflake Challenge as it pushes me to be creative and remind myself of what I've accomplished.

Day 1

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.

To start with, I'm going to post my Yuletide from this year where I wrote about the Luidaeg from the October Daye books interacting with my Great Aunt in the bookstore she owned.

Two Conversations (1157 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: October Daye Series - Seanan McGuire
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: October "Toby" Daye/Tybalt
Characters: October "Toby" Daye, The Luidaeg (October Daye), Original Female Character(s), Tybalt (October Daye)
Additional Tags: Conversations, Misses Clause Challenge, Established Relationship

Two conversations, one where the Luidaeg has the chance to be the nosy mother figure for Toby and another where a mortal woman sees more than the Luidaeg expected.

I loved your prompt and it ended up being focused more on the Luidaeg as she finds some time to herself after enjoying being the older woman figure in Toby's life. I hope you enjoy it as it was a real treat to write from the Luidaeg's point of view and this fic can be read as any point after Toby and Tybalt are officially a couple.

Thank you to Jennie and Don for betaing.

The second one, I wrote for the Narnia exchange and its about Queen Helen and King Frank and their lives in London and as they figure out Narnia.

This wild new paradise (1292 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: King Frank (Narnia)/Queen Helen (Narnia)
Characters: King Frank, Queen Helen (Narnia), Bacchus, Ceres (Greek and Roman Mythology)
Additional Tags: Worldbuilding, Mythical Beings & Creatures, Established Relationship, Domestic

The inspiration for this fic was your wonderful letter with a request for wanting to know more about Frank and Helen, how they set up Narnia and how they interact with all the strange parts of Narnia.

For me the form that took was thinking about their domestic life, beginning in London with what Helen wished she had and then in Narnia near the end of their first year as Narnia is becoming itself around them. As I happen to love Ceres myself, she makes an appearance to help Narnia flourish.

The title comes from In Kerry, by J. M. Synge.

Thank you to Jennie for betaing.

For a last fic, this year for the first time, I wrote a Newsies fic which is mixture of missing moment and what if. I'm so happy about how it turned out.

Glimpses (409 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Newsies (1992)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: David Jacobs/Jack Kelly
Characters: David Jacobs, Jack Kelly
Additional Tags: Surprise Kissing, Prompt Fic, Missing Scene

Written for Porn Battle Prompt Stack and the prompt: Newsies, Jack/David, union, night, city.

Before Once and For All, David and Jack have an honest and surprising conversation in an alley.

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2016-12-26 10:12 pm

Boxing day

Christmas with the rest of the family ended up being lovely other than a weird bump in terms of my dad forgetting something. Today was great because everyone was on the same page of let's be lazy. I walked into the cute little town near my brother's placed, had lunch with my mom and we went shopping. We've been doing these things but this time there was no and we have to do all this other stuff too. My sister's doing well which is great and I'm looking forward to being there with her for her treatment tomorrow.

My Yuletide has been quiet and also wonderful. My recipient really liked their story and mine is amazing and a fic that I've wanted since I first read Conrad's Fate.

Wish You Were Here (4574 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Chronicles of Chrestomanci - Diana Wynne Jones
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Christopher Chant/Millie/Conrad Tesdinic
Characters: Christopher Chant, Millie | Millie Chant, Conrad Tesdinic

He’d never quite forgotten—this was the Series Christopher wanted to run away with Millie to. The place they all would have tried to run away to, probably, if they hadn’t gotten caught by Uncle Alfred in the shop. And every now and then when things were a little awful in Twelve—when things in the castle were too strange and he missed Anthea and Stallchester and Mum and even Stallery—he would close his eyes in bed at night and think about the three of them going off on adventures from island to island on a little boat of their own. Just the blue sea and the blue sky and him and Millie able to manage Christopher together well enough that they didn’t go crazy in between the times when they were in between islands, and Christopher to make them laugh and laugh with his cleverness, and everything warm and clear and happy.

Also in Vorkosigan, I read a fic that I could have requested with Ivan, Tej and Alys.

Tied up with Strings (1531 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ivan Vorpatril/Tej Arqua Vorpatril, Alys Vorpatril & Ivan Vorpatril
Characters: Alys Vorpatril, Tej Arqua Vorpatril, Ivan Vorpatril

Conversation while shopping, just before the end of Captain Vorpatril's Alliance.
Yuletide Fluff for jedishampoo

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2016-12-24 12:09 pm

Complicated holiday season

I normally love the holiday season but with worrying about my sister and everything that's part of that. It truly took until a few days ago to go, okay, we're all here as a family and there are reasons to celebrate.

I found it helped too when I decided that it was alright if cards and presents went off after Christmas, the thought matters and then there isn't this horrible stress of oh god, will it get there in time attached. With that in mind, if you would like a holiday card, the ones I have aren't particular to any holiday, then message me your address. If I have your address, then I'll try and send out a card to you.

Since my family lives in two places, we do two celebrations which I love. A smaller one that's me and my parents before tomorrow going up for the bigger one with everyone else. Part of today is going to involve baking, which has been one of the true bright spots of this year for me. Also I have a library part time job after the holidays which will help me build up money for my move. Boston area, folks, I'm going to be up there in January and February as I plan my move next year.

Have a happy holiday everyone and I hope that you're around those you love. I'm glad to know you.

ETA: I forgot to crosspost this somehow as I think LJ was acting up.
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2016-12-11 04:37 pm

December Meme-a day late

I'm home after two full days including a memorial and potluck for an old family friend and spending time with a wonderful couple who are also old family friends. Its good to be home and having a quiet night in as a possible part time job chance might becoming reality later this week.

For now, I'm doing my first December memes though a day late and I'm open for ideas over here, also I'm planning on sending out holiday cards. If you'd like one and have recently moved, please message me with your new one.

[personal profile] just_ann_now asked A good place to eat in the town where you currently live (in
case I actually do make it over to the beach again, sometime!)

Now I adore eating out whether alone or with family so I'm going to answer this in two parts, the cheaper and comfy places that I love having lunch on my own or the places worth a treat.

China Garden-one of the local Chinese restaurants is an absolute favorite of mine and a lot of the community. Its run by a charming family, the food is always delicious and a good deal.

Notting Hill-the local coffee place where they roast their own beans, make delicious sandwiches and its right on Second Street, so you can eat and watch everyone go by.

Touch of Italy-these are a local set of restaurants that include an Italian deli, pastry shop and restaurant. The food is always generous and delicious, also some of the servers are cute.

Palette-a wonderful smaller restaurant that serves very local food and is owned by the best local caterers, everything is always interesting and fresh.

I could go on as this is a good area for eating out and constantly shifting.
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2016-04-28 08:58 pm
Entry tags:

Good news

My sister made it through her surgery and it went well enough that she doesn't have to have a second one. This is a great first step and we're all feeling hopeful and relieved.

Thank you for all the good thoughts.
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2016-01-02 03:54 pm

Fandom Snowflake Challenge Day 1 and 2

Day 01

In your own space, talk about why you are doing the Fandom Snowflake Challenge? What drew you to it as a participant? What do you hope to accomplish by doing these challenges? Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I did this challenge last year and for me it was a great way to look forward and backwards in terms of my fandom interactions. It helped me to share more and connect with new people, which I hope to do again.

Day 2

In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your wish-list if you feel comfortable doing so. Maybe someone will grant a wish. Check out other people's posts. Maybe you will grant a wish. If any wishes are granted, we'd love it if you link them to this post.

This is a tricky challenge but I love doing some dreaming about what I'd love.

1-Icons and icon space for myself and my various RP characters. At the moment I'm in a place where I'm not spending the money on the icon space even though it does make me happy to have options and choices. In terms of icons, there are a lot of types I like but ones that are simple and beautiful make me happy.

2-I'm going to echo one that [personal profile] sharpiefan asked for, more people reading my work and knowing they're connecting with it. I write to share and when I know that my words make an impression on someone, it makes me happy. My writing can be found the fic tag of this journal and on archive of our own here.

I can't really think of a third one other than more interactions within the world of writing. I miss those amazing ficathons and comment prompt fests that would happen where I would find myself inspired and writing in fandoms I never expected.

At the moment, a good family friend is visiting and we just got back from doing some tourism stuff in our area which was fun. Life is good, I"m reading good books and still have more Yuletide to read.
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2015-12-30 08:55 pm

(no subject)

I've seen Star Wars and wow, that was amazing. I want to own the soundtrack, watch it again and talk about it since there's so much in it. Oh and I want to go find more of the books and comics to read them.

Today I also did a little fun shopping with my holiday money and finally got to look around a Torrid shop and I approve. The clothes are cute and fun and I found an awesome Star Wars shirt with Rey front and center. Also its wonderful to be a place where when something doesn't work, its because I don't like the style not it makes me feel like I don't fit.

Tomorrow I'm going to help out at the Noon Year's Eve at the local library which I've done before and loved. Then small family party before friend of my father's is coming to visit. I'll be finding time to tag as I've brought Charles in from after XMFC canon and he's fascinating. I do love him.
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2015-12-26 03:24 pm

Home after all the Christmas

I'm finally home after two days of celebrations at my brother's house and a small one the night before with my parents. It was all a lot as his in-laws were there and I got into some conversations with them that weren't fun, but my nieces were great and though my back hurts, I'm very happy. Oh though one strange thing happened, on Christmas Eve, the power went out but just on their street, which apparently has worse lighting than other streets. They're on the corner and get the bad power outages. First it went out for only five minutes then for three hours if not more, their stove is gas and my brother was doing some grilling outside, which meant dinner was able to start without power. It changed the feel of the night in a way that was lovely but odd. I'm always surprised just how dark their house can get.

So far I've read my Yuletide fic three times at least and plan on more as it hits a spot for me and my recipient loved what I wrote them. I've only dipped a little into the archive as I didn't have my laptop with me or much time over the last few days, but I've seen a few I plan on reccing. The Check Please fics are full of deliciousness and there are more Toby Daye and Incryptid fics, so many that I want to read.

A Noble Heart (1417 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: October Daye Series - Seanan McGuire
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dean Lorden/Quentin Sollys
Characters: Quentin Sollys, Dean Lorden

Quentin has a confession to make. Dean has no shortage of questions. Set sometime between Chimes at Midnight and A Red-Rose Chain.

Its inside Quentin's head and is all that I love about him and try to capture. Fair warning, contains major spoilers if you haven't read Chimes at Midnight.

Also my parents gave me a present that still has me amazed when I think about it, a chance to go to a Broadway show. This year and the last I feel like theater and musicals have come back into my life and I love it. A big part of it is I think this fantastic public radio show called A Night on the Town, which is musical theater history and fantastic clips. Listening to it, the musical fandom on Tumblr and other places has made me want to make sure I keep connecting with theater.

I'm planning to go soon as hotels can be cheaper in January. Does anyone have any recommendations of what's good and possible to get into or any ideas from NYC folks? The last time I saw a show, I was really looking into that show, but now I have choice and its wonderful.
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2015-11-14 05:06 pm
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(no subject)

My brother and his family are safe in France but I don't know yet about the various friends that we also have over there.

Everyone there is in my thoughts as the Rehoboth film festival finished up and today I saw a film that reminded me of how hopeful humanity can be. Its called Landfillharmonic and about a children's orchestra in Paraguay.
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2015-08-27 03:20 pm

Meme about me

From [personal profile] k_a_webb a meme that gives me an excuse to update. She gave me 27.

If you comment here with the words "I wanna play" I will assign you a number from 15-30 of facts about yourself to post about yourself in your journal.

1-I'm allergic to pretty much the entire bee and wasp family-the vespids.
2-I lived in New Zealand for three years.
3-I speak French and can read and write Latin and Ancient Greek.
4-I always have a book in my purse-current one Half-Resurrection Blues by Daniel Jose Older.
5-Country music is my comfort music.
6-The best way for me to finishing writing a fic is if I'm writing it as a gift for someone or as part of a fic exchange.
7-I didn't get my driver's license until I moved back from New Zealand in 2008.
8-My dream job would be as a youth librarian at a small public library or a middle school librarian.
9-I hate the texture of raw coconut.
10-My two favorite kinds of tea are English Breakfast and Earl Grey.
11-At the moment I live in a seaside town with a lot of retirees.
12-For every new book I'm reading, I'm always rereading an old favorite at the same time.
13-I love working as a fact-checker, its intense and interesting and has helped me feel far more confident in my research abilities.
14-Every day I wear my watch, two bracelets and always put on earrings and a necklace.
15-I discovered my first grey hair was I was in my sophomore year of high school and have a grey/silver streak hidden in my hair.
16-I'm part of a blended family, the youngest and the glue with two older brothers and an older sister.
17-I studied abroad in Athens in 2002 and whenever I read about Greece's troubles, I remember how beautiful the country is and how kind the people were.
18-I've been wearing glasses since fourth grade and contacts since my senior year of college.
19-I miss having a cat.
20-If I won the lottery, I would pay off friends' debts then travel to see everyone especially my new nephew.
21-I was raised as a Quaker and consider myself one.
22-I don't like the taste of coffee.
23-My favorite color is dark blue.
24-I know how to do stage makeup.
25-I get my best ideas when walking or driving.
26-My great-grandfather was a Congressman, a member of the House of Representatives.
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2015-04-01 02:54 pm

What I'm Reading

I'm going to try and do this every week as I love the idea of it, all links go to Goodreads.

What I just finished reading.

The Just City by Jo Walton, this is a fantastic book about what if Athena decided to try and create Plato's Republic. Since time is no consideration for her, she pulls in people from all over time to found and run it. Apollo decides to experience the city as a young boy and I loved this book. The thoughtful discussion of how would this philosophy work in reality, the various characters' points of view and how the gods are presented. I'm going to be recommending and thinking about this book for a while. It made the classicist part of me happy along with the educator, Jo Walton is so creative.

Death at La Fenice by Donna Leon, I don't know why the Goodreads is coming up in French for the description. This is the first book of a mystery series set in Venice and I've been wanting to read it for ages. The ebook was on sale so I snagged it and enjoyed it a lot. The style of writing and mystery reminded me of Lindsay Davis or Georges Simeon. The main character and his family are great and Venice and Italy are just as much characters.

What I'm currently reading

The Seneca Falls Inheritance by Miriam Grace Monfredo which is the first book in a mystery series about a woman named Glynis Tryon who is a librarian in Seneca Falls. She's a woman making her way in the 1840s and I love all the social notes and the characters. I picked this up at the library paperback book sale yesterday and I'm liking it. Historical mysteries are a genre I enjoy but can be tricky to get right, this one has an unusual setting and is well written.

Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman and I'm so happy I was able to get my hold on it so quickly. I adored Seraphina and I love how everything is moving forward and Hartman's style.

Passage by Connie Willis, this is technically a reread because last week I read Being Mortal, a difficult and well written book about end of life options. I read it because my parents picked up and reading about the atmosphere around death had me thinking about Passage and I'm enjoying my reread. I love Connie Willis' style of writing.

What I'm reading next.

*eyes my to read pile* I'm not completely sure, possibly The Wrath and the Dawn, a retelling of the Shahrzad story and an ARC I picked up at ALA Midwinter. Or I might read Jackaby, a YA book that I won from The Book Smugglers. I've also had my eye on The Accidental Highwayman as I've seen good reviews and it looks fun. Then I have all the various romances I have and my bag of ARCs from Midwinter and whatever I might spot at the library.
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2015-02-15 06:11 pm

Quiet Sunday

I don't want to get sick as there are a lot of chores I have to do for various job stuff, cover letters to write and a test to take for a part-time job.

The weather here is windy and cold but not snowing and I just helped my parents to clean the big freezer. They're getting ready for another trip and now it will be set for my use.

In a good accomplishment, I finished up a little fic that I've had in mind for a while with The Flash and I think I'm going to end up with a few fics for the Golden Oldies Porn Battle. I have a whole bunch of prompts that I didn't use in other years and I feel like I'm starting to get my writing groove back.

Always a cop (670 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Flash (TV 2014)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Barry Allen, Iris West, Joe West
Additional Tags: Families of Choice, Police, Adopted Sibling Relationship

After Joe told Iris she couldn't apply for the police academy, Barry tried to help and mainly succeeded. A glimpse into an earlier time in the West household.

She bit her lip before going up to her room, she wouldn’t slam the door or cry, not where he could see her, she was an adult. There was a creak as Barry’s door opened a few inches while he peered out, “Iris?”

“Why are you even here? You have a dorm room.”

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2015-02-13 06:33 pm

Looking forward

Happy Galentine's Day! Its a joy to know all of you and I hope that this weekend, everyone gets a chance to do something indulgent and fun. I'm planning on seeing Jupiter Ascending tomorrow and maybe writing some fic.

Job stuff is happening to keep me busy since I returned from the Midwest. I'm feeling hopeful that doors are opening as there's another part time opportunity along with substitute calls and school jobs appearing. Its nice to be someplace without lots and lots of snow though its still cold.

I'm going to do a variation on the letter meme from [personal profile] just_ann_now, she gave me T. Comment if you want to play.

Something I hate: Taxes, Turbotax does help a lot but tax forms always seem to be written in another language.

Something I love: Tea, but in particular Earl Grey for fannish reasons and because its soothing along with providing caffeine. I have a huge collection of teas and tea stuff, but end up coming back to Earl grey.

Somewhere I've been: Tauranga, New Zealand, I had lunch there with a family friend after she looked at a trade in car. I was staying with her in Rotorua. Its a beautiful city on the water and somewhere I have a picture of her on the beach.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Tenth Arrondissement in Paris to visit my new nephew.

Someone I know: TLvop who's awesome.

A film I like: The Cutting Edge

New additions.

A book I love: Tam Lin by Pamela Dean

An Author: Tamora Pierce
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2015-01-16 11:47 pm

Snowflake Challenge-Day 15

I've waited on this [community profile] snowflake_challenge because I've had a couple of pretty awful days. I found out that I didn't get a job, didn't get to the next round on another, lots of sick going around my house and my allergies made my new contacts not act properly. It left me grumpy and I don't like doing something like [community profile] snowflake_challenge when I'm feeling in such a low place and I love the idea of the last challenge. Today has been better, I have more allergy meds, family is feeling healthier, I have Hexwood to reread and the weather's not as dire. Also last night, I made this amazing roast chicken from my Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, which so far has been one of my favorite Christmas presents.

Day 15

In your own space, create your own challenge. What’s something you want to see more people doing in fandom? Is there something fun you’ve tried that you think other people would enjoy if they gave it a go? Dare your friends to try it out, and have fun with it.

My challenge is to post a song or a poem that speaks to you. A friend of mine has been posting poetry and in April everyone posts poetry and I love it, but sometimes its songs that do it. Post these words that speak that to you and see who else they speak to. I'll start with one of my favorite artists, Jakob Dylan.

Got my window open wide
I got my window open wide
Got a good woman by my side
Got a good woman by my side

Now this kind of day has no night
Yeah, this kind of day has no night
And I ain't got much on my mind
I ain't got much on my mind

'Cause I know
Something good this way comes

Now watching the streets filling up
Watching the streets filling up
In the shade of the summer sun
In the shade of the summer sun

Got sweet apple pie on the stove
Got sweet apple pie on the stove
The birds they're all flyin' low
The birds they're all flyin' low

'Cause they know
Something good this way comes
Yeah, something good this way comes

The trouble doll, is not moving mountains
But digging the ground that you're on
If it's true that good fortune gives no change
We got just what it takes

Collar up on my coat
Yeah, collar up on my coat
Trucks are pullin' in for the show
Trucks are pullin' in for the show

Grasshopper jump in the road
Grasshopper jump in the road
Kids, they're all running home
The kids they're all running home

'Cause they know
Something good this way comes
Yeah, something good this way comes

The trouble doll, is not moving mountains
But digging the ground that you're on
If it's true that good fortune gives no change
We got just what it takes

I got my window open wide
I got my window open wide
I got a good woman by my side
I got a good woman by my side

'Cause I know
Something good this way comes
Yeah, something good this way comes
Yeah, something good this way comes

Jakob Dylan - Something Good This Way Comes Lyrics

I hope the video works, its being odd for me. If it doesn't, I recommend exploring his videos, I love his words and his voice. A lot of my fics have titles from his songs.
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2014-12-21 04:19 pm

Belated December Meme

I'm back home after a holiday celebration at my brother's house where I was given so much tea. I look forward to trying all of it. Its wonderful to see how my nieces are growing up and the food was wonderful. Tonight there's a retirement party for a neighbor down here then its time to wrap up all my presents for my parents and sister for Christmas as well as sending out at least one more gift.

The question from the December meme came from [personal profile] marginaliana: Dec 19: what one thing would you most like to do in your life that you think is impossible to achieve for whatever reason (financial, laws of physics, etc.)?

Sorry for the lateness on this, I completely forgot about it until I was traveling and didn't have my laptop or time this weekend.

This is a tricky question so I'm going to answer with the first thing that comes to mind which is sky-diving. I have a fear of heights that can be pretty bad but I do actually enjoy flying, its more the falling that worries me. And while I think the idea of sky-diving is fantastic, I can't picture myself ever actually doing it.
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2014-12-14 04:22 pm

December Talking Meme

I still have days open on this meme, leave me topics or fic prompts over here.

Before I start on the meme, I wanted to mention how amazing my yesterday was. I'd heard from my mentor that there was an opening at another local library, so my mom and I decided to drive out to get a look at it. The library was a little odd, because of a strange interaction but also a good one with the people at the desk. From that awkwardness, we decided to head to another nearby library and found out that they have an opening which I applied to today. It would be doing what I want to, not full time but enough hours that I could make it work with other options. I'm feeling rather hopeful.

For today, [personal profile] dodger_sister asked me favorite Christmas memory.

There are two memories that are tied for me on this and both happened when I was younger. The first one was when I got Kirsten, the American Girl doll for Christmas. I was younger than ten and I loved American Girl, I was slowly collecting all of the books for the original three. Every month, I think I would get the catalog and it was a dream catalog for me, I didn't expect to ever own one of the dolls since I knew how expensive they were. I remember in the kitchen and throughout those years, my parents explaining how much they cost and I came to accept I wouldn't get one. It wasn't always easy but I manaaged. I had friends who had them, but my focus at that point was on the books which felt possible. Kirsten was my favorite because we have the same birthday.

Then on Christmas Day, after we had opened most of the presents, my parents brought out another box for me. It was Kirsten, they hadn't put her under the tree, because the size of the box was too recognizable. That was one of the best Christmases and I still have her and many great memories connected to her.

The second one is from when I think I was a little younger, I don't remember how old but also elementary school. My brother's room was next to mine and he put a sign up telling me to stay out, he normally didn't do that, so I was confused. Then I found out the reason on Christmas Day when this tiny kitten, all white except for a black V on her head and the ends of her paws was brought down for me. She was named Mary and the first pet who was truly mine. Sadly she didn't live very long, but I loved her a lot.