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2017-02-20 08:53 pm

Camping on the fifth floor

three slightlybowed windows with lighting entering

This is the living room of my new place where I'm currently camping out. My stuff which I was hoping would arrive tomorrow is instead appearing at the end of the week. As often happens with movers, there's a delivery window and at first it seemed like I would be at the front end, am now at the back. Weirdly I think that the internet will arrive before the stuff.

But that's okay as today I felt like I was a porter going on a major mountain trek as I brought supplies up like an aero-bed, my electric kettle, bathroom stuff and a few kitchen things. There's still more in my car but I feel prepared. I've also started to explore the neighborhoods around me and I think I've landed in a really good place.

My cold's still around and that plus my asthma has left me worn out but good. Now to start the long process of changing my address with everyone that I can think of.

Its so strange to be doing something this hopeful with the mess of everything around but I know if I'd delayed too long on moving, I'd get stuck. Now I'm here and can keep moving forward and learn how to be most effective here.
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2017-02-09 05:02 pm

Unexpected Snow Day

My day today went from getting going on a good schedule to annoyed at the hotel and then curled up in a snow day. I'm not too far from Boston and have done some arranging for my job thing tomorrow, not everything was moved but I sent messages.

This hotel is one I won't be coming back because even though its a chain I like and near the highway, the way they acted this morning was awful. So I wasn't the only one trying to leave this morning and I said I was checking out. Then I went to my car, got my stuff inside, cleared it off, everything started and I was able to back out and then got stuck. That all took me half an hour, I know they were busy but I feel like if you have a hotel with snow expected, check in a lot with people. Weirdly, there were two guys in a pick up truck just sitting there. I still don't know if they were watching me or what.

So I went in, cold, wet and annoyed because the side door locked and I'd turned in my key. I get in and try to get the front desk attention, they finally try and help me because I'd pulled my car out enough to block the snow plow. After a lot of yelling and some more interactions where they really didn't seem to trust that I knew my car, we got it back into its parking spot. Another woman who's car was out near mine watched it and was wonderful for sympathizing with me and saying, no, I heard what they were saying, you were right. I really needed that. I know what it sounds like when wheels are spinning, but it did get back into its parking space.

At that point, the snow was still coming down and the news kept saying roads were closing due to accidents. I decided to stay the night so had to go back out to get my bag and then upstairs for tea. Thankfully a local restaurant did deliver, I had a disappointing dinner from them last night and a good pizza today. That will be dinner too. Tomorrow I'll head out early and probably drive straight to the interview hotel then go collapse where I'm staying. And at this job conference, a lot of places want to talk to me, if I miss some, I'll know I've tried and they will too.

In good news, as the cable in the hotel wasn't working, I finally watched Finding Dory, which is a complicated movie. It has some good and not so much messages about disability but overall lovely. I've also finally started reading Goldenhand and I'm liking it a lot better than Clariel. It has the faster movement to it that I liked in the other books. The Old Kingdom is a world that I'm happy to revisit. And In the Heart of the Sea is on TV too, so far its beautifully made.

Life is a lot but from my experience of heading up to Boston last time for apartment searching, I know that New England states do know how to deal with snow. Tomorrow's drive won't be fun, but I think it will be manageable.

There's also all the mess of politics that I'm working on finding how to best create change and not be overwhelmed. Its hard but all of this is making me more certain than ever that I'm in the right profession where librarians and teachers work to protect and educate.
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2017-01-10 10:39 pm

Surprising and hopeful day

I started today very early in the morning to meet with a realtor that was recommended by a friend of my father's in the area. She's a realtor and works with him. My mother and I saw three places and the second one was amazing and only put on the market yesterday. We went back to the real estate office and spent a good part of the afternoon filling out the application and then had lunch, wandered through a lovely bookstore and back to the hotel. Then when to dinner with the woman and her husband, who my dad did medical training with which was lovely.

They ended by giving us all sorts of hopeful thoughts on getting the apartment, we sit down in the car and there's a text from the broker of the apartment saying I'm approved, tomorrow I'll be signing a lease. I didn't expect this at all, this trip was meant to be looking and maybe applying but nothing like this. Now I'm going to be moving in next month if all goes to plan.

And as we walked back into the hotel to hear the last part of Obama's farewell speech that had me crying. What a president.

Oh and it turns out that thanks to a bus coming from our area, my Mom and I will be at the Women's March.
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2016-11-09 04:00 pm

Worn down

I stayed up with my mother watching the returns until almost 2 am. I looked at Twitter before going to sleep and saw that no recounts would be happening. This morning, I also found out that one of our oldest family friends died this morning.

Others have used better words than I have, so I'm focusing on how I'm a librarian and an educator. I'm going to do everything I can to give every child I interact with knowledge and understanding to question their world and mirrors and windows. I wish that I lived closer to everyone of you for shared tea and hugs in these scary days.
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2016-01-12 11:51 pm

Snowflake Challenge-Day 12

Today I did one of my goals for yesterday and posted on my librarian blog; What I don't have to explain: Yuletide and Chessiecon. This post has been in my thoughts for a long time but it happened to coincide well with the youth media awards and I feel like I put across my thoughts in a way I like.

The State of the Union was powerful, I felt like he's done a lot and now I'm watching Hamilton videos on youtube and on Thursday I'll see Fiddler on the Roof. Words have such power and speaking them to audiences changes the chemistry in ways that I love.

What makes you fannish? And by that we mean, what is it about a tv show/movie/book/band/podcast/etc that takes you from, "Yeah, I like that," to "I need MOAR!!!" Is it a character? A plotline? The pretty? Subtext that’s just screaming to be acknowledged?

In your own space, tell us what it is that gets you to cross that line into fandom.

For me, this is all about character, if I believe that there are people who feel true and a world that does the same then I'm hooked. Just this year, I fell into Sense8, first season of Friday Night Lights, and was reminded how much I adore musical theater fandoms like Les Mis and Guys and Dolls with Hamilton, always Hamilton. There are others but these ones come to mind first. Honestly, I haven't watched the second season of Friday Night Lights because I don't know if I'm ready for what's going to happen to the characters. Its the double edged sword part of how I love fandoms, I care so much that I sometimes hold back for fear of what happens to them.

Though the times when the creators just land it like Seanan McGuire with the newest October Daye books where it breaks my heart but I love it, I want all the fic and meta. Star Wars too, I started falling back in love with Star Wars thanks to first the X-Wing novels and then the Clone Wars series which I'm now rewatching and its the depth of it all. If there's a larger world and characters I can wonder about then I'll go into fic.

This has been a good year in fandom for me, I keep remembering a new fandom that clicked for me like Check Plase! or Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries then Yuletide goes, look, you're not alone. This is one of my more rambling answers but for me, it all comes down, do I care, do I want to know more?
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2013-08-28 03:22 pm

A reminder

As it rains outside, I'm sitting and listening to the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington on NPR and remembering why I chose to be an educator and a librarian. This past year while I worked in the suburbs around Detroit, I learned a lot by seeing how the internet has opened ways for young people to explore more of the world and question it. Yet I also saw how adults wouldn't listen because there were some truths that they weren't ready to deal with. I hope that the speeches today are heard and do make a change because listening to each other and understanding that we all need each other matters. Its heartening to hear the lists of everyone who counts in the speeches because it shows that in fifty years, more people are recognized. There's a lot to do and if I can help by providing access to books that better reflect the make up of America and access to online resources and a safe space for young people then I'll do it.

I've been rattling around in my parents' house in Delaware, which I really needed. Being by the coast makes me happy and settled in a way that's helps me feel better. Part of that is lots of pictures because this area is beautiful and my parents have created a wonderful haven for themselves here. Most of the pictures have been posted on my Twitter and Tumblr, but if you don't follow me there, on Instagram I'm here and you can look over them. Sadly Instagram doesn't make it easy to post images into blog posts or else I'd do that more often. I've been going for walks and taking care of various errands plus finishing up a few fics. Also due to being a writer, I listen to this history and find myself wanting to write about Charles listening to these speeches with his first few students and realizing that change can come about. I really wish that Pacific Rim was playing somewhere nearby because I could do with a rewatch of it.

One nice benefit of my parents' place is that they have a big TV, no cable but an Apple TV so I've been catching up on various shows. I've now watched most of the older seasons of Warehouse 13, the first season of New Girl, which I loved, some of Parks and Recreation which didn't really catch me, The Vicar of Dibley and various other movies and shows that catch my attention. Sadly I haven't figured out how to mirror my computer on the TV, I think its because my laptop is older than Airplay, but I'll sort it out at some point. And I hope soon to start working at my local library, which will be wonderful. Its a great library and a place that I enjoy being in.

FicFriday returned last week with lots of wonderful prompts.
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2012-11-07 11:16 am

Four more years

I stayed up until Romney conceded, because that felt like the point when what the news casters were saying would feel real. Most of the election I followed online before finally tuning into MSNBC and Rachel Maddow was one of the best parts of the election cycle. I loved her honesty, joy and moments of going, really, we don't know what Romney's doing. I voted by absentee ballot last month and Delaware and Michigan both went to Obama as well as Pennsylvania. Though I keep being reminded that even though my school is liberal, not all the kid's families are. Hearing students talk about the election and with some of them, it's clear they're aware of a lot of issues, but then some middle schoolers seem to be just saying what they've heard. I teach in the suburb next door to where Romney grew up, where there are a lot of rich suburbanites who support him as well as those who don't. It's complicated and my bad cough from earlier in the summer appears to have come back, it hasn't kept me up but my throat hurts.

This week hasn't been great for my productivity, it's that weird combo of sorting out paperwork and collecting research for a few topics that I've taken on for the school. Some days are busy more for what's going on in the library than the theories and ideas going on in my head. One thing I like about this job is how every day is different and as I start helping more in classes and even teaching some, my days will fill up even more. I'm feeling more comfortable and confident. Being a librarian means a lot of different things from watching out for the computers to discussing the election to talking books to ordering periodicals to answering reference questions as well as keeping the space clean.

At the department heads meeting on Monday, I had this wonderful moment of knowing that the school community is there for me in a way I had hoped but hadn't fully seen. We were talking about supporting new staff and mentoring and a number of people had noticed how since I'm my own department, it's trickier to support me. It felt great to know that they see me and I was able to say that I do feel like I'm playing catch up, but things are working as well. It was great. Also the school's student run newspaper came out and there were interviews with all the new staff, they put a recipe for New Zealand afghans next to my interview. It was wonderful to see the quality of the paper and make sure there are many copies in the library.

The movers called me and let me know that on Friday my stuff will arrive. They'll call me again tomorrow as they do twenty-four hour notice. Then I can finally shift my address and be properly moved as well as having my winter clothing. Winter has arrived in Michigan and I only have fall clothing with me. October seemed and the start of November feel like I've been juggling a lot and some things fall through, which I hate. Mail that I've been meaning to send for most of the month will actually leave my bag. I almost forgot my niece's birthday but managed to email her a late gift card. I will get my feet on the ground and settled. November does feel like its going to work better than October, I hope that's true for everyone on my flist.
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2012-10-23 11:13 pm

Busy and hopeful

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): I don't have a big problem with your tendency
to contradict yourself. I'm rarely among the consistency freaks who would
prefer you to stick with just one of your many selves instead of
hopscotching among all nine. In fact, I find your multi-level multiplicity
interesting and often alluring. I take it as a sign that you are in alignment
with the fundamentally paradoxical nature of life. Having said all that,
however, I want to alert you to an opportunity that the universe is
currently offering you, which is to feel unified, steady, and stable. Does
that sound even vaguely enticing? Why not try it out for a few weeks?
Halloween costume suggestion: an assemblage or collage of several of
your different personas.

Yes, please, Uncle Rob, next week, I get my apartment and I'm in the process of getting a desk for work.

Today also I felt like I just fit within the library in a lot of little ways. Students asked for my help with computers, how to do things as did staff and faculty, it was a nice feeling. I had my picture taken for the yearbook in a posed casual shot as well with the school's Hephaestion who fixes everything. The students who asked were oh you're support staff, which made me blink at first because I usually associate that with admins but then they well you support us in the library. It was a surprising compliment and I talked fanfic with a group of students who said that I was the best librarian. Also I got to add a box of new books to the collection as the person before me set up a subscription with a service that sends books. It's a little odd to get books and not know what they are but pretty much they've been ones I know good stuff about. This horoscope also works because as a librarian I have a lot of roles and today I happened to fill in a lot of them. I helped with reference questions, computer problems, kids being kids, planning for overall school planning and roleplaying advice.

My professional development day yesterday was wonderful as I spent my time crafting what do I want to be teaching. Yes, I don't have any courses to teach yet but I was able to talk about them and make sure the library was part of the curriculum discussion. And lots of fun conversations with other people like the new government teacher who wants to go to New Zealand. It was something I needed, yesterday and today, a solid reminder that in a fairly short time, I have become a part of this community.

I'm still searching for the decoration stuff I want as I find myself being kind of oddly picky, but I'll figure it out and then lots of pictures. My to do list hasn't really shrunk as I'm pretty tired at the end of the day, but today I got my absentee ballot and will be sending it off tomorrow. Life is full and complicated but it won't be long before I'm putting together my apartment. This weekend was just a little low point for me, thank you to everyone who read and talked with me about it.
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2012-10-04 08:00 pm

Found my place

I've just had a wonderful and full day. I have an apartment, which I might get to move into before the start of November. It depends on how quickly the other person moves out and that the company can arrange it, but its wonderful. The apartment complex looks more like a leafy suburb and I'll be paying not much more than I was in Ann Arbor for far more room and other things. This place is not too far from the various areas I want to be next to and in this wonderful village/mini suburb called Beverly Hills. The drive to and from school won't be that far at all and it just feels right. This weekend I'm going to poke around at hotels with actual suites to see if I can find a place to stay in the interim with some sort of kitchen set up. I'm also going to relax and not to do too much, because I have a place.

In other good news, today I helped teach 8th graders about researching for doing experiments and it was terrifying and wonderful. I wore completely the wrong shoes as my boots while adorable are not good for being on my feet for two and a half hours. There were some bumps with technology and the teacher said I think next time, we'll try something else. She wants a next time, I didn't mess up too much. It was more that its much easier to show someone how to do online research than tell them.

To celebrate having a place I bought myself some Bailey's that's chilling in my hotel fridge and some Whitman's chocolates. Whitman's, which are from Dayton, Ohio are the chocolates that one of my father's relatives always gives us, so they're favorites of mine. Just like See's is what I always make sure to buy when I visit Northern California.

The debate last night was painful to watch, but I plan on voting for Obama again. I think it will end up being an absentee ballot from Delaware as I know I'm registered there and I don't want any risk of my vote being lost.

This huge weight is off my shoulders and I know that I'll have lots to do before I move, but it feels possible. I've done a lot of these things before not too far away, so I just start up my electric account again, talk to Comcast, get gas and renter's insurance and I'll be good.
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2012-01-18 01:41 pm

The Blackout and SOPA

I just did a write up about SOPA and PIPA along with a number of links over at my librarian blog, Nurturing Stories called The Power of a Link.

I'm reposting it here as it's so important that we stop these bills and let Congress know that they don't have all the tools to dictate how the internet is governed. Piracy does need better measures but these laws are hammers that can smash the good the internet does.

I know most of my flist knows about these issues already but I just wanted to add another voice to the chorus.
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2011-12-31 07:20 pm

Year in Review

I always find it interesting to do this year in review meme so I'm going to post it as my sister in law and nieces play hearts. Life is feeling pretty good at this point. My banking stuff is finally sorted after another phone call where someone reversed the overdraft charges and sped up my credit for stolen money. It's progress which I'm grateful for.

Also I've created mirror journals for all of my RP ones though the only differences is that Tiwa and Jane's journals don't have their underscores. I started some of the imports but then realized that honestly those can wait as with some of them that will be a project. Today was wonderful, our family went for a walk out by Cape Henlopen and I split off at one point and had a nice quiet second half of the walk and took some gorgeous pictures along with having an idea for a fic. The afternoon has been lazy and since the weather in Delaware is amazingly good, my father set up the chiminea we have outside so the girls could have s'mores.

We spent some nice time being chilly, drinking wine and eating sugar, I also took some good pictures. I love having my family close and discovering my brother and I have very similar music tastes as he gave me a playlist full of Ryan Adams. Currently there's lamb cooking in the oven and lots of delicious wine. I hope everyone's New Year is wonderful. I feel blessed to have spent this year with all of you and hopefully next year I can meet more of you.

Looking back on 2011 )
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2011-11-30 08:59 pm

Thanksgiving Review

My kitchen is stocked, I've slept and feel like I'm regaining my normal schedule after a busy but good break. Since so much happened that I want to talk about it, this is going to be a long and rambling entry.

First off, a reminder, my holiday card post is here.

As there's so much that did happen, I'm going to try and go through chronologically in the hope I don't miss anything.

Days Full of Blessings and Work )

I think that's everything, but I might be missing smaller things along the way. I decided that I'm going to drive down over the Christmas break because I finally have a flexible enough schedule that I can do it. That means I'll hopefully be in Delaware on December 20th. My parents are going to be off in NYC from the 21st to the 22nd, so I have some time then to connect with people. As I'll have my car and also the lovely house, there are options.
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2011-11-22 04:20 pm

Resting and Working to keep well

I made it safely to the East Coast yesterday and it was a long day of travel as I first flew to Baltimore and then a train to Wilmington. It was cheaper than flying to Philadelphia but combined with fighting off some kind of sickness, I wasn't good for much. It sadly started off even more tiring because my cab driver to the airport kept harping on the national debt and seemed like he wanted an argument or an agreement and it made me mad. Thankfully the other person in the shuttle was from DC and spoke up to say some intelligent things but it wasn't a good start to the day.

Today so far I went shopping with my mother for Thanksgiving prep, got my Yuletide assignment which I like and it gives me an excuse to reread a favorite book of mine.

Now I'm sitting at my computer and my joints are feeling a little wobbly and my throat keeps going from not too bad to croaking and since both my parents are getting over a pretty bad cold, I'm hoping to not get sick.

In my email I found that I didn't get another library job but I sent an email to say thank you for letting me know. Now if I can just make my student loan stuff work and put together at least one job application I'll feel useful. I'll be online tonight as I have a late shift but then I'll be truly on vacation and I need it.
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2011-02-23 08:20 pm

Trying to Just Be

I'm not always good about tracking various ficlets I write in prompt things so I'm trying to post links in my journal. Also I love all the prompts I got from this one and I'm going to try and fill more of them tonight. Here is my thread from the last DE prompt fest.

In news that's not writing, I survived my midterm. I don't think I did horribly but when I took it there were some things that I really should have studied more. Sadly when it came right down to it, I'm incredibly low on energy at the moment due to all my graduation stress and that's making my other work suffer, which I hate but its the truth. At the moment the class that's suffering the most is my database one because I had homework due this weekend and a midterm and both were pushed back as I just couldn't muster the focus I needed. My seminar also suffered but I feel less guilty about that one. I think because in the moment, the database grades felt more solid.

My break is fast approaching, I work the next two days and I think on Sunday night but otherwise my time is my own. Yes, I'll have things to get done for various classes but I'll manage them. I need to remember once I get my paycheck to give some money to the New Zealand Red Cross, Christchurch has been hit so hard and I'm currently reading Ngaio Marsh's autobiography Black Beech and Honeydew and she's from that area so its on my mind. The world is so complicated, I follow the news from all over the world and wish I knew more to do but find my thoughts clustering around my own stresses. I will do what I can do and days when I can do more, I will.

Along the lines of being creative makes me feel better, please leave me prompts or ideas of what helps you to recover after being horribly stressed.
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2011-02-11 02:20 pm

Carpe Diem!

This day has started off amazing. I got to work which as always was quiet and so I spent most of it watching my Twitter feed and how it exploded around 11:20 when Egypt became free. I'm so amazed at how quickly things happened there and reading the tweets of people there and around the world saying, we're with you and then celebrating. It gives me a huge amount of hope for well everything. It also makes the fact that I'm going to a meeting to make sure I can graduate a little less worrisome since that's one small thing compared to the great change that just occurred.

I was hoping to be online before that meeting at 3:30 but for some reason, the lab computer I'm using it set for a huge resolution and whenever I try to fix it, it gets messed up. Instead I think I'm going to enjoy reading Bloodroot, a fantastic book, thank you [livejournal.com profile] sardonicynic and relax.

I might search out another computer but other than this meeting the rest of the day and evening are mine and I'm just happy to be warm and in a good place.
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2011-02-02 06:01 pm

Moving Forward, Never Back

I've been following the news in Egypt and the worrying news of the new rape bill and find myself heartened and depressed all at once. The world is constantly changing and it clearly scares a lot of people, but change isn't easy but needs to happen. Stagnation never ends well. I just hope politicians can learn that lesson without too much more pain for the rest of us. For myself, I'm going to keep doing my part of learning and listening and changing what I can and looking for ways to do more.

In that frame of mind, I've been trying to move forward with my work. I went to class today and found out I wasn't the only one who had trouble with the homework. I think I'll just work on doing better on the next one and bundle down for the cold. The snow isn't too bad here, its powdery and there's a lot of it but Ann Arbor is good about taking care of the sidewalks and streets. That does mean there are some exciting snowdrifts to walk through but its all doable.

I don't have to work tonight because of making a trade so I'm happy to be home and warming myself up. Its cold enough that I don't realize just how cold it is until I'm in the warm.

I keep seeing that WiP meme go up and I don't have any to share. Though I do have some ideas of long things I want to write but I need poking on them. I have this long idea for how Sameth became Wallmaker that runs from when he's about twelve until after the end of canon.

Other than that, I tend to write short things and might set up another prompt meme since I've been enjoying the Jakob Dylan album Seeing Things and I've been wanting to write.

Pick a lyric and tell me a character or two characters and I'll write you something.

1-Maybe too humble to wanna speak.
2-The evening of our great escape is starting to unfold.
3-Dressed in thunder a cloud came around.
4-Those are my eyes, keep 'em raised.
5-First you learn and then you'll teach.
6-Closer than ever and covered in birds.
7-Weather beaten through all four seasons.
8-Tell me young man, whose dog are you?
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2009-06-20 12:30 pm

Sorting and Other Things

I have learned that I kept jewelry in some very odd places in my room since I keep finding it in boxes. A good amount of it is going away but I've found some pieces that I really missed which makes me quite happy.

I think in Michigan I'm going to invest in a jewelry tree of some sort or something like that since I have so many necklaces and its so hard to keep them from getting tangled and forgotten. I sent off my lease agreement for the place in Ann Arbor so if all works out, I'll have someplace there.

Oh and I just spent a lot of money on itunes acquiring Andrew Bird's Noble Beast and a huge 35 track collection of music of Astaire and Rogers. So if anyone has any Andrew Bird cds around, I love him already and want more.

One of my mother's good college friends is visiting and she's a wonderful woman, we just all talked last night about relationships and life and oh life is good. Its a grey day here, it was raining horribly a little while ago and its tapered off a bit and I'm feeling hopeful.

Also politicswise, I saw a wonderful headline about Iran that things are spreading in whispers which just rang so true to me, change doesn't need to shout, its hard that it has to whisper, but change will find a way.
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2009-02-16 12:03 pm

(no subject)

Life is looking good, one of my mother's friends from college is coming over for lunch, I somehow got up at 10:30 am after going to sleep sometime after 4 am because [livejournal.com profile] wordsthatfail and [livejournal.com profile] dynastessa are just that awesome.

Then woke up to find out that my new laptop has shipped and might even be here tomorrow which makes me so amazingly happy, I thought I might have to wait until the end of the week for it.

Also here is a fun meme from [livejournal.com profile] alas_a_llama:

Association Meme

Comment to this post and I will give you five subjects/things I associate with you. Then post this to your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

New Zealand, America, Greek Classics, Libraries and Robin Hood Stories. )
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2009-02-09 08:12 pm
Entry tags:

(no subject)

Watching this first prime time press conference of President Obama's, I have even more respect for this man. There's just so much to do and he's trying to make sure everyone understands what needs to be done even though there are huge arguments on how it should be done.

I feel like my president respects my intelligence and feels that its worthwhile to talk to everyone and answer questions even when he might not like to. Though sadly he's really oddly lit and looks weirdly shiny on HDTV.
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2008-12-31 06:27 pm

Year in Review Meme

I've been kind of putting off doing this one since like a lot of people this past year seemed to have more downs than ups for me, but I'm really hoping the new one is better. Tonight my plans are simple, make myself French Toast and do some lovely threading.

A long year )