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I started today very early in the morning to meet with a realtor that was recommended by a friend of my father's in the area. She's a realtor and works with him. My mother and I saw three places and the second one was amazing and only put on the market yesterday. We went back to the real estate office and spent a good part of the afternoon filling out the application and then had lunch, wandered through a lovely bookstore and back to the hotel. Then when to dinner with the woman and her husband, who my dad did medical training with which was lovely.

They ended by giving us all sorts of hopeful thoughts on getting the apartment, we sit down in the car and there's a text from the broker of the apartment saying I'm approved, tomorrow I'll be signing a lease. I didn't expect this at all, this trip was meant to be looking and maybe applying but nothing like this. Now I'm going to be moving in next month if all goes to plan.

And as we walked back into the hotel to hear the last part of Obama's farewell speech that had me crying. What a president.

Oh and it turns out that thanks to a bus coming from our area, my Mom and I will be at the Women's March.
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On Saturday night, my internet went down and I called Verizon, they said wait 24 hours, no luck so yesterday my mother and I called them, no luck.

Today they sent us a new modem which I'm going to set up later and hopefully I will be online this evening. At the moment I'm on a public library computer for about an hour. My priorities are checking my email, getting meebo so I can connect with people and then after lunch and grabbing some books trying to make the internet work.

I'm sorry for the abruptness that I got cut off but Verizon is rather stupid and it happens sometimes. In the meantime, my laptop has been organized and I made some nice icons which I will hopefully get to upload soon as well as getting back to all my slows.

I think the fact that I had some really nice stuff all lined up just makes me more angry at Verizon and I've been thinking that I need to find other ways to talk to some of you guys since being without internet is really damn lonely.

Also after hearing Obama's speech, I'm feeling proud to be an American and keep smiling when I think on it.
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If you're not watching this speech, go turn it on.

This man should be our next president, because its about damn time.

If you get emails from moveon.org look at them, because my brother's behind some of them and they're doing good stuff.

Let's get this country going in a better direction.


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