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Jan. 1st, 2014 04:54 pm
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I don't think I'm going to do the year end meme this year as the majority of my year was spent reacting to what happened in the early part of last year. Instead I'm going to focus on what's ahead and on creating some new roads for myself.

Yesterday I was part of one of the best New Year's Eve celebrations that I've ever been a part of. I helped the children's librarian set up something called Noon Year's Eve, a party for the kids with crafts, food and a balloon drop. We opened the doors at 11 am and I left at around 1 pm and it was fantastic. This is the first time that the library has done this kind of party though they happen at other museums so we didn't know how many people would we get. At the max, we had about fifty kids plus attached family members, it was wonderful and chaotic. People swirled in and out, and entire families stopped by. I did a lot of corralling of kids and families, smiled so much that my mouth hurt and was reminded of how I love being a children's librarian. One of the people there even asked me if I'd organized it all, which was a huge compliment. Then I came home and didn't do a lot until some family friends arrived at 7:30 for some drinks and my parents and I had a quiet night in.

Today I slept in late and I've been slowly spending the various gift cards I got and I'm pushing through The Book Thief. I don't like it at all, it feels very contrived and like the author was going hm, what sort of book will get me the most accolades without requiring much work to write? I'm reading it because the children's librarian had a copy and lent it to me, also at some point its going to be a book for my parent's book club. Normally I would have given up on it, but it was lent to me and I want to write a really scathing review and I'll feel more comfortable doing that if I finish it. I feel like some of you on my flist have read it, but can't recall who. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

In terms of plans for the next few days, I'm going to be writing up the app for [personal profile] vorpatril, finally sending off some holiday stuff and getting back into the world of job finding.

For Yuletide, I had a great year and received two wonderful stories and wrote one in a new fandom for me. NightsMistress wrote me by blood and breath, the post canon Sameth story that I always wanted with the complicated and painful dynamics of the family and Sameth's view on the world. Astolat wrote me Twice Removed, a brilliant Nero Wolfe story that feels like Rex Stout could have written it.

My own shield (1818 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Eight Days of Luke - Diana Wynne Jones
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Luke/Sigyn (Eight Days of Luke)
Characters: Astrid Price, David Allard, Luke (Eight Days of Luke), Þórr | Thor, Sif (Norse Religion & Lore), Sigyn (Norse Religion & Lore)
Additional Tags: Families of Choice, Past Relationship(s), Divorce, past imprisonment, Adulthood, References to Norse Religion & Lore

The request for this fic was for Astrid after canon with some Loki tossed in and I went with that. I got to wondering about how would she find her way and if perhaps some of those other Norse gods might come and help. This fic ended up being Astrid, Sif and Sigyn have conversations about being your own woman while David, Thor and Loki are off doing other things. I hope you enjoy it as I found it a pleasure to write.

Small warning for references to an unhappy marriage and a home life of neglect.

It truly was armor somehow, captured in the knitting to reflect her true self like how if you looked just right, Thor’s hammer was always on his belt. Astrid had read of her, a warrior who had to prove her worth but respected by all the gods and warriors. And now she was standing in this small kitchen, with the stove that spat fire if it wasn’t lit correctly, having tea.

GloriaMundi wanted a fic about Astrid, who I enjoyed when reading Eight Days of Luke, so I had a beginning right away. Then I got stuck until I started thinking about Norse goddesses and that helped the story to come together for me. Ashie was my wonderful beta. I love being part of Yuletide and I've read a lot of fantastic stories.
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I'm back home after two busy and odd days at my brothers for Christmas with that part of my family. I love my nieces but his wife's parents can sometimes be a bit of a pain and yesterday was one of those days where will all wandered around being lazy but I would have rather been lazy at home. Other than that, it was a lovely holiday, good food, wonderful family, lots of gifts that made me smile and that I will be enjoying over the coming few weeks.

Now I'm going to do some RP, read Yuletide fics and other books and just have a nice quiet time.

Also I got two stories for Yuletide, both of which are spot on and make me so happy. I'm looking forward to playing in the archive now that I'm home.

by blood and breath (2412 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Old Kingdom - Garth Nix
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Prince Sameth, Sabriel (Old Kingdom), Touchstone, Ellimere
Additional Tags: Post-Canon

After Orannis’ defeat, it was clear that it was past time to reclaim the lost portion of the Old Kingdom.

This is everything I ever wanted in a post canon fic, its Sam growing up and Sabriel seeing him for himself and great descriptions of how the Charter works and feels.

Twice Removed (3730 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Nero Wolfe - Rex Stout
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Archie Goodwin/Lily Rowan
Characters: Archie Goodwin, Nero Wolfe, Lily Rowan, Saul Panzer, Inspector Cramer

"I fully recognize it's beneath you," I told him, having given him a sketch of Lily's problem. "The necklace is only worth a measly twenty or thirty grand, and it's not as though you've ever considered yourself in Miss Rowan's debt — "

"Grrh," Wolfe said, so I took it that my point had been made and moved on.

I loved this fic so much, it has Archie's voice down, the mystery is fun and its brilliant.
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Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days and holidays of the year, due to how my family is spread out, Christmas Eve has ended up being for my parents and me. We make a delicious dinner, get dressed up and over the course of the evening open our presents. We used to just open one on Christmas Eve and save the rest for Christmas Day but since the day has become more for my brother's family in New Jersey, we do ours on the Eve. Then around midnight, there's Yuletide to read, this year there are two stories waiting for me. I've never had that happen before and I'm so curious to see which fandoms they're in as I requested a lot this year as well as offering the max. I'm happy with how my story turned out, its one in a fandom I've never written before and that I only really discovered this year.

The weather decided to behave like winter which I appreciate, its cold and crisp today which feels perfect. Also I had a great night's sleep after enjoying going to a party of some of my parents' friends who specially invited me. I talked about libraries, school libraries and had a great time, it was a nice reminder that people down here are thinking of me. Then today we walked into town and it was hilarious, we saw a guy dressed as Santa riding a beautiful old fashioned red motorcyle with a sidecare. I wish I could have grabbed a picture but he went by too fast.

Christmas day and Boxing day I'll be up in New Jersey with my brother and his family so won't be tagging as I usually leave my laptop behind. I'll be going some tagging today and probably tomorrow morning but everything else will be slowed.

Be well, my friends, I feel blessed to know all of you.

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas has a wonderful time and for everyone who is doing their best to ignore it, I hope you are happy. I feel blessed
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My words have gotten loose finally, I've missed them. In November, I got stuck in my own head and my own worries and everything slowed and didn't work. In the last week, they've started flowing again and oh I've missed them a lot. My Yuletide is over 1000 words, it has no real structure to speak of but there are words there. I'm in the process of applying to be a substitute teacher, my resume is looking better and I'm making plans to go to ALA Midwinter. Also the few holiday cards and presents I'm sending out will be going out soon. I'm sorry I won't able to be send something to everyone but my wallet isn't up for it, but do know I want everyone to have a wonderful new year.

Now for the December Meme, this is my last prompt through I do have two fics I plan to write. Please ask me more and ask me into January or an unspecified date. I love what I'm getting asked and want more reasons to write.

[personal profile] aberration asked: Favorite movies! At least three, but as many as you want.

Movies are like books for me, there are so many I love but a lot of it shifts depending on what I've watched recently. These are the three that come to mind first and are my current favorite movies and not favorite movies of all time, that's trickier.

Russian Ark: This movie feels like a companion to Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell to me, because its on the edges of time and yet looking at things of certain times. There are stories within it that we never truly know; the narrator and the European, yet we don't need to know their stories to appreciate the movie. Also Russia, I want to go there someday, not at the moment but this year I also read Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking which is about time and Russia. So going back to this movie made sense to me and its one of those movies that I always see something more in it.

Dead Poet's Society: In my mind because I recently went to the private school in Delaware where it was filmed. I was there for an amazing networking thing so only had a moment to snap three photos with my phone of the courtyard and view onto the river from the movie. But augh, this movie, that I rented from our local video place who's name I don't remember and fell in love. I remember sitting in front of the TV that used to be higher up and crying at, then it was one of the first videos I bought for myself along with Newsies. Its why I adore Walt Whitman and why being a teacher counts to me so much, because I've seen how powerful it is to say to a child, I see you and know you can do more.

Pacific Rim: When I saw this movie in the theaters, I needed it a lot. My past year had been awful but seeing people coming together and caring and fighting, it made me happy. I still have two works in progress that are fusions of Pacific Rim and other canons because it just woke up my imagination. I love how hopeful it is and global, not easy things to manage in a movie. I love it.

Now to end the same way I did with the book posts, ask me tomorrow and the answers might change.
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This was an odd Monday, the power was off in the library so I had nothing to do and went and read in Starbucks for a while. Also yesterday was spent cooking and then enjoying hosting with my parents a movie group they're a part of, we talked about films from the Rehoboth Film Festival and others. Apparently The Book Thief was quite popular, which makes me curious. From what I've read of reviews online, it seems one of those books that people either love or they hate. Also I've been introducing mainly my mother but also my father to more Doctor Who with a focus on Ten as he's my favorite. I hadn't realized before just how much Russell T. Davies used authors as linchpins of stories; Dickens, Shakespeare, Christie.

Oh and I finally got more words for my Yuletide, it still doesn't really have much form to it but there are over 600 words. This might be one where I throw the words out on the page and then beg my betas help in making sense of it.

Now for the December Meme, which is still very open. You don't need to leave ideas on that entry, leave them on any and they will be written. I might end up extending it into January as I'm loving the questions I'm getting.

Back to the point for today [personal profile] swankyfunk asked me: Out of all the places you've visited, where would you most like to live and why?

Now I'm going to do top five for this one, because narrowing it down to just one is really hard.

1-Wellington, New Zealand: I liked who I was in Wellington. I found a gaming group, I was able to wander. There were cafes to read in, museums to wander into, water, hills and even used bookstores that didn't eat all my money. Also the best public library that I've been to, okay one of my top ten favorite libraries. I could have lived in that library with no problem. The only true con to Wellington is that its so far away from the US and my family and friends here. When I came back from New Zealand, I wanted to try and meet and connect with all these amazing people I'd met through Milliways, but it stalled. First the recession, then grad school in Michigan and now I'm here in Delaware and the oomph to go see people hasn't happened as I'd like. DC, Maryland and Virginia people, I want to connect with you. Yet there are also people on that side of the world as well, its tough.

2-Dublin, Ireland: I spent a week in Dublin in 2002 when I had finished my semester abroad in Athens and I loved it. Again a city I could walk that had water but also art and history and all those things that I loved. I would love the chance to live there and know it better.

3-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Growing up for me, Philly was the city that was just a train ride away. I spent high school going to South Street, the year after I graduated college had an internship at a museum on Penn's Landing, its my favorite city. I love the history of it, Ben Franklin walked those streets and the river going through and its close to DC and New York but a little cheaper. There are great restaurants and wonderful neighborhoods, the Mummers, Reading Terminal Market. I always expected that I would end up near it because it was where I grew up and I'd still like to.

4-San Francisco/Central California: My mother grew up in Carmel-by-the-Sea so I spent a few weeks ever summer going to Carmel to spend time with my grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousin. Also a visit to San Francisco where my great aunt lived and I loved it. One reason I adore New Zealand is that it reminds me of that part of California. I've only visited it but I'd love to try living there.

5-Seattle: My other aunt and uncle live in Seattle and its another city that I adore visiting. It feels like New Zealand and its the Pacific Northwest and god, I would love to work at that library.

As you can see, I'm pretty evenly split between East and West Coast with New Zealand kind of splitting the difference. I have learned about myself that I'm happiest in a city with some sort of waterfront whether its river or ocean, water makes it all better. I do love New York City but to me it always felt like a city to dip into versus one to live in. This is probably because I've never lived there and its been a place I go for a few days at a time, but its never pulled me the same ways that these others have. At this point, I would just love a job near a city where I knew one or two people because I do need that social grounding.

One thing that wrecked me last year was not really knowing anyone, Rick was too far away in Ann Arbor and people were nice at work but that's not quite enough. I did like Ann Arbor as well but it felt too far away from everything though it was a great city. If I could have moved Ann Arbor farther east, I would have been happy and found a job there.

A Meme

Dec. 1st, 2013 09:45 pm
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Today has been a nice quiet day as I spent a lot of it reading the newest Elemental Master's book and then went to a neighborhood Thanksgiving party that was relaxing and nice. The coming week will be busy as I'm off to visit a private school that a family friend's husband, who was a friend before he died was chaplain at and who is introducing me to the librarian. Its where they filmed Dead Poet's Society, there will be some inner fangirl squee in the midst of the informational interview. Life is good and I feel like I'm starting to get myself out of the low place I've been the past couple of weeks, now if I can just get my yuletide to behave for me. There are words but they're not in a definite shape, which I'd like them to be.

Link to a fun fic-a-thon.


Now this meme has been going around and I do love the idea of it.

Pick a date below and give me a topic — it can be anything, from fandom-related to book-related to life-related to history-related to whatever you want. Including requesting me to write you a fic instead of talking about something.

They will probably be brief, or not, depending on the subject. Also, if you pick something that for whatever reason I don't want to talk about, I'll let you know so you pick something else!

December 01 -
December 02 - [personal profile] rosabelle: Favorite YA books?
December 03 - [personal profile] bjornwilde: name three of your favorite scenes. These can be from books, movies, TV shows, RPG, Fic, whatever.
December 04 -
December 05 -
December 06 - [personal profile] lady_bols: Favourite TV shows, at least three, and why you like them.
December 07 -
December 08 -
December 09 -
December 10 -
December 11 -
December 12 - [personal profile] quarter_to_five: show/episode/book/movie/something that you just hated.
December 13 - [personal profile] in_the_blue: You're stranded on a desert island and can only bring thirteen pieces of media (assume you have something to watch/play them on, because I'm nice and it's a luxury desert island). What books/movies/CDs/whatever do you bring?
December 14 -
December 15 -
December 16 - [personal profile] swankyfunk: Out of all the places you've visited, where would you most like to live and why?
December 17 -
December 18 -
December 19 -
December 20 - [personal profile] aberration: Favorite movies! At least three, but as many as you want.
December 21 -
December 22 -
December 23 -
December 24 -
December 25 -
December 26 -
December 27 -
December 28 -
December 29 -
December 30 -
December 31 -

Request away! I AM AT YOUR DISPOSAL.

Rainy week

Oct. 13th, 2013 02:11 pm
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This week the weather has turned, its been rainy, cloudy and windy every day. Its nice to have it feeling like Fall again but I think the grey has been dampening my mood slightly, which I don't like. Though I have been getting things done as I'm working on another job application and I need to do far more of them. They just never get easier, but other stuff is happening. My car is back and registered in Delaware and slowly, slowly all my ties to the bureaucratic stuff in Michigan is going away.

I signed up for Yuletide with many requests and offers because I kept noticing options that I hadn't seen before. I may regret this but I love the challenge of writing something I haven't written before, it makes me happy.

If you follow me on Goodreads, sorry about all the reviews this week, I'd fallen farther behind than I meant to but it did prompt a librarian post. Too Many Books to Review, I have another post I plan to write as well about how I keep getting into conversations with my parents friends about how can you read fantasy?

Let's see, the other good news is that the Age Spell plot has started in Milliways and I'm having a huge amount of fun with ten year old Charles.
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

To begin with, thank you so much for writing for me. If you want a sense of what I enjoy, my other letters can be found under the Yuletide tag. I adore stories that build out a world, get a closer look at relationships from the source material and that showcase what makes the characters who they are. I tend to write character studies so whenever someone writes me a piece that's based around a complicated plot, I'm always in awe of them. My work can be found here if that can be of any help. This is the first year I've made this many requests and any of them would make me happy. The Tommy and Tuppence and Old Kingdom are repeats so if my letter from last year might help, please check it out.

I prefer when stories reflect the feel of the original source in terms of violence or sex, I quite enjoy a good romantic or sex scene but what makes them work best for me is when they come from the characters' interactions and adds to the relationship. Below find optional details and explanations of why I've chosen to request these canons and characters which I hope will help you write for me.

Changeling: the Dreaming, Tommy and Tuppence, Inspector Alleyn Mysteries, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Old Kingdom, Nero Wolfe )

Thank you once more for writing for me.
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I just put in my nominations which are pretty much what they were last year without a lot of changes. I know that I will offer all of these and ask for some of them.

My nominations.

The Old Kingdom-Garth Nix
-Prince Sameth

Tommy and Tuppence-Agatha Christie

Seven Realms Series-Cinda Williams Chima
-Han Alister
-Raisa ana'Marianna

Magids' Series-Diana Wynne Jones
-Maxwell Hyde
-Roddy Hyde
-Nick Mallory

I woke up this morning feeling sore and as if I'd been doing a lot when I really hadn't. I almost didn't go to the library for my volunteering but did and I'm glad I did. Its always nice to feel connected to the local library and deposited the check I got from Comcast.

Once I got home and did some various things like trying to pay a bill but it didn't seem to work and paying another, I realized what was off. This bill is late because I didn't note the date it was due and know I missed some job application dates which has left me feeling like I'm failing at being an adult. I know I'm not, this is just a weird sort of transition I'm going through but there are jobs out there that I want to apply for and will and I'm putting myself out there. The weather is beautiful and I'm going to do something to feel better today, not sure what yet.
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This afternoon I saw Les Miserables in a pretty much full theater, the day was grey, so I think a lot of people thought movie day. The movie was beautiful, made me cry and I loved it. Seeing it reminded me that the holidays seem to be the season of movies that take me back to my childhood. I fell in love with The Hobbit when I was in middle school and the movie brought it all back. I don't honestly remember when I fell for Les Mis, it was definitely around middle school but the movie also made me go, oh hello, I know and love these songs. Editing as I've remembered details. With a French class, I went to see Les Mis in Philadelphia and loved it. Then at Longacre, the summer program of my favorite summers, I was persuaded to join some friends in singing Do You Hear the People Sing. After that I was fully in love with Les Mis and its songs that stir and are wonderful. Also my middle and high school band directors loved making us play Andrew Lloyd Webber, which meant that I got rather familiar with Les Mis and Phantom.

In terms of Yuletide, I only wrote one story this year but it was my longest one yet and my recipient was wonderful. All their requests were generous and I was originally matched the Old Kingdom but wanted to try writing Warehouse 13. This is one of the plottiest fics I've ever written and one of the quickest Yuletides as well.

The City's Call (3200 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jack Secord/Rebecca St. Clair
Characters: Jack Secord, Rebecca St. Clair

Jack and Rebecca are called into a case at Somersby Academy, a boys' boarding school just north of New York City, where they have to figure out what Artifact is making the boys act like addicts.

“I don’t want to miss anything, any connection, that’s what we’re doing. Reaching out and finding things and yeah, sometimes that means we go looking down in the City, but it’s the City. We’re allowed.”

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I do really love my family but two days of sleeping on odd surfaces isn't fun while my shark week hits hard. Saturday was amazing as the day was spent with my brother and his family, they gave me a basket full of cooking oils, sauces, salts and dried things for my pantry. I'm going to have such fun cooking with all of them. Sunday we went to my father's first cousin's house in North Jersey which is small, was full of people I didn't know and my body went ugh, no. I had a nap, didn't eat much and just had an odd day. The best part of the party was that my father was talking up my Yuletide story to someone from his cousin's writing group, it was strange and wonderful.

Today we traveled back to Delaware and tonight a small group of people are coming over to eat, which should be nice. Tomorrow and later this week, there will be movies and lots of not doing a lot. I'm thinking about seeing Les Mis, taking my parents to see The Hobbit and maybe Wreck-it Ralph. Oh and [personal profile] muji, I'm emailing you as if there's space in your schedule I want to see you.

I finished Code Name Verity on the drive to my brother's place and I'm still in flailing mode about it. That's just a painful, beautiful book. My next two books are going to be Pratchett's and hopefully lighter, Dodger in an ebook and Snuff in paperback.

Oh and if anyone can guess my yuletide, I'll write you a story. I'm still working on various gift fics, but the offer's there. Some hints, it's been recced by someone on my circle, its over 3k and in a fandom I've never written for before.

Also signal boost: Aren't You Glad You Left Livejournal" Anniversary Fic Exchange/Festival/Creatathon! I hope to fill some of these in the coming week since there are some great prompts.

Before I descend into party prep and just not doing a lot, I thought I'd do the end of the year meme.

Looking back on 2012 )

It feels great to go into this new year knowing that I have a job and an apartment and am finding where I fit in a new place.
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I'm very bad at doing recs because I'm terribly unorganized. I've tried reading through things in an organized way but it doesn't work, now I go through the random works and find what I like. To begin with, I second everything that Becca's recommended. Now I will try and go back through what I loved since there's some wonderful pieces.

A smattering of recs )

I don't know if I'll be good at posting more recs as I go, I tend to get lost in the stories and then lose track of them.
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Today has been a quiet and lovely day for me and its not over yet. This morning I woke up to find an incredibly effusive comment from the person I wrote my Yuletide story for telling me how they loved it. Then I went and read my story which made me so happy. Its the Magid universe with Nick, Roddy, fairy tales, Romanov being grumpy and Maxwell Hyde taking charge, it has what I love of the world and makes me beam.

A Fairy Tale Romance (With Two Kisses). (5084 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Magids Series - Diana Wynne Jones
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Nick Mallory, Roddy Hyde, Romanov (Magids Series)

The problem with Sixteenth Birthdays, as Nick Mallory finds out, is that they are often the heralds for Great Adventure.

Unfortunately, the adventure wasn't for him, but to find him.

I haven't had time yet to dig into other fics as we had friends over for brunch and didn't open presents until a little later. My presents made me happy; two beautiful sweaters, iridescent earrings, bourbon, New Zealand wine, a bowl my father made, a piece of family china, an antique book of Voltaire from my grandfather's collection and some mad money to spend however I wish.

At the moment the house is quiet as my parents and sister are out taking a walk while I catch up on the world. One of the ways we do the holidays is lots of cooking so at a certain point there are enough leftovers to last days. The night I arrived we had duck, last night my father butterflied a turkey which was good and tonight leg of lamb.

I'm going to put up a holiday EP from Tumnus at some point this week, since my father's reading the Narnia books and Christmas and Narnia just fit. My sister heads off tomorrow and on Friday, there will be family celebration with my brother and his family, which means I have a few days to plunge into Yuletide fics, write gift fics and just be.

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! I hope that you're surrounded by those you love!
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At the moment there is a loaf of honey orange bread baking in my oven from a recipe in the New York Times' cookbook, almost all of my family presents are wrapped and I'm finally starting to accept that I have finished my first half year as a school librarian.

Today was a strange day, its one of those days that feels like it has many days in it, which is always a little odd. It began while it was still dark and lightly snowing, then the morning went by quickly in fifteen minute bursts with the students buzzing about with excitement for their secret Santas and various other stuff. The library felt wonderful and alive, then there was a holiday assembly.

What I love about this school is the assemblies are rather unplanned, anyone who wanted to perform just let the performing acts director know and then they could. There were kids playing music, doing comedy, singing and doing a forensic's skit, forensics is a type of judged performance. What was great was that middle school and high schoolers performed and everyone was clapped and cheered on. This school supports everyone, which is why I love it.

Then the school emptied because the afternoon was based around things done in homerooms. Some went out to lunch, some went to the movies, due to the weather, a lot of them watched movies and played video games and there was lots of food. I didn't interact with most of these but instead enjoyed a quiet library until at one point my supervisor went oh you haven't eaten, attach yourself to a homeroom. That didn't make sense to me just like inviting myself to the luncheon that ended up happening in the main office, I don't feel comfortable inviting myself. Its something that's been trained into me that you don't do but homerooms are how a lot of the social life of the school is built. Though whenever I've gone into a homeroom I've been very welcomed, so some of its in my head and being new. I will find my way in and some of that is going to involve talking to teachers and students to see if I can be a part of what they're doing as well as finding ways for the library to have a role in these sorts of not as structured days.

After school, my video gamers came back and were loud and rowdy and I kind of loved it. It makes me happy that even though they could just go home, they would rather be hanging out with friends in the library. Then I ventured into the blowing snow to buy dinner, which will provide food at the hotel tomorrow and fall over. Tonight there was a happy hour, a house warming and a sports event going on but I didn't have the energy for them.

Since I've been home and able to bake, talk to my parents and do some wrapping, I feel more rested. Its just been a long day and I think I reached the end of my socialness at school. This new job brings out interesting parts of me; the quiet observer who is learning the school, the extrovert who says see me and what I can do and the introvert who worries about pushing too hard. As this break progresses, I think I'm going to be able to realize more and more what I've done and can do, but for now I'm enjoying resting.

Tomorrow I set out for the east coast and will be there until the weekend of January 5th. Since my brother who lives in New Jersey is having Christmas with his wife's family, our family get together won't be until the weekend of New Year's. I'm thinking that possibly after that party, I might go catch Jersey transit and head to NYC, though only if people there have the space for me. Its been ages since I was in the City and I miss all the millimuns there. I also would love to connect with people in the Maryland area, which I wanted to do before new job whisked me away. Leave a comment or send me an email and we can plan. I've made it halfway through the year!

In terms of Yuletide, I finished mine last week and it turns out that I'm getting a Pinch Hit, which is nice. I was kind of worried when I didn't see a gift but not too much. It feels great to be hitting the road not having it hanging over me. I'm hoping that the drive will spur my brain on holiday prompts, which I'm still taking more here and hope to have them done by the New Year.

I have actually done some TwitterFics last week and this week, which I will post.
Two FicFridays )

My bread just beeped so I'm going to go check on it and then do some packing. The bread's a little dark but smells delicious, my oven is a good one. Far better than at my last apartment so I need to remember that.

Happy solstice!
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This weekend has been wonderfully quiet for me. I just came back from Ann Arbor, where I was able to finish my last holiday shopping for my family, have a great meal with Rick and get The Hobbit soundtrack, the deluxe version with all the bells and whistles. I'm starting to realize that in one week, I will have finished the first half of my first year as a middle/high school librarian and that for all the things I still have to do, this job is working. Its complicated but all the tricky parts can be worked with and will get better with time. I need to hold onto that when the kids are getting rowdy or I'm not sure anyone's hearing me, I'm making this work.

The big stuff left for the holidays is getting paper and printing out my holiday cards and sending them. That also means finding where I packed the connector cord for my computer to my printer, its not too deep in, but I don't know where it is. If I can get them printed out before I leave then I can send them from my parents place. They won't be sent until after Christmas but that's why they're holiday cards. I'm also hoping to get writing on holiday fics, the ideas are swirling around in my head but I haven't been able to pin them down yet. I'm still open to prompts here as I love writing for everyone. Last week was focusing on my Yuletide, which is written, betaed and posted. I've never been this early before its odd and nice.

As its been floating around, I thought I'd also do the Yuletide meme. This is my fourth year doing Yuletide, I started during my first year of graduate school. I love being a part of it and its inspired me to do other exchanges, as well as learning a lot about how I write.

2009: They are Mine. Sandman with Bast, Daniel and references to Dream. My first year I wasn't sure how best to do offers and did too many Anys, so ended up with a request for I think Aphrodite/Pandora slash that made me boggle. I had recently read a wonderful anthology of short stories based around Sandman called The Sandman: Book of Dreams and my person had a request for a story about Bast. I think I wrote this story a day or two days before the deadline.

2010: By the Fire. Old Kingdom set during Lirael and a missing moment conversation between Yrael and Kibeth. This year I was better about only offering what I thought I could write. This is one of my favorite fics that I've written for Yuletide, because I feel like I captured the characters. Though this was another one that I wrote closer to the deadline, I was getting better about writing long stories but they're not easy for me. One reason I signed up to Yuletide was to get over a mental block I had about word lengths due to not finishing my masters in Wellington.

2011: On the way back. Hexwood centered on Vierran and Mordion. For this story, I ended up doing more writing ahead of time but it was a challenging one as its a tricky canon. In the end I think I posted it the day before the due date if not on it as I was driving home.

Its interesting to look at my offers as I've started using Yuletide as a challenge for myself in offering to write for fandoms that I like but don't normally write. Thanks to Yuletide, I've lost a good bit of my fear for writing in new fandoms and word lengths. I still have moments of eep, what am I doing but its better. This year mine is actually turned in early, its my longest one yet and in a new fandom.


Nov. 28th, 2012 07:20 pm
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Today was a mainly good day, but since I made it home, its been not as good. I've been waiting for a package and came home early in the hopes of catching it. Nope, I found the note from UPS on the door and now I have to drive out and get it.

Then I finally changed my address with the bank but it hasn't seemed to have changed online and I would like to update the online places I pay, yet don't want to until I know the change went through. I tried to switch it on one place and it went, nope not right, if need be, I'll drive out to the bank and say, look, is this changed? Also I'm looking at some of my bills and having a little flail, I can afford these bills, but the holidays are coming and I've barely started my shopping. I will figure this out, today was just an awful moment of ah, I hate money sometimes. None of this is huge, but with my back slightly hurting, its got me a mood of don't wanna at the world.

My work day was pretty good, I had a great talk with the facilities head, who is becoming one of my main allies and someone I talk to a lot. He's been at the school for fifteen years and was able to fill in more history for me. I love learning from different people their takes on the school. It was interesting to hear him talk about how the school can be slow to change and compared it to a Mom and Pop shop. I can kind of see that, people like things how they like them and I'm seeing that with some of the gaming. There are some kids who are just like ban games and the loudest ones usually don't spend that much time in the library. The ones who do will speak up and go, look its really about five guys who are loud and distracting, we can find a compromise.

It makes me hopeful to hear other kids speaking up and saying, we don't have to go all or nothing, that's stupid. I think a compromise will be found though its going to take a lot of talking. Since how its been for most of the students for the past few years is going to change as I think some gaming when its not disruptive is okay. I want the kids to feel comfortable to hang out in the library whether that's sitting on tables and talking, playing games, napping or studying. Thankfully most of them do seem to get that, but I don't know, it worries me to hear some kids going ban them without seeming to think it through. This discussion is happening and I'm a part of it and helping them think so I think that's good. It's just complicated and tiring as well. One of the big issues and something that I think is just part of the school environment is that Middle Schoolers and High School students approach the world in very different ways, sometimes they really help each other, but other times they bump up against those differences and its hard. There's not that much space in the library or the school and there is a real community, but there are moments when I think, yeah, separating middle and high school is a good idea.

In good job news, my desk arrived though now I need the time to be able to rearrange the library and set up, which is difficult. The library is rarely fully empty and during the day that's when I grab food and after school is when kids hang out. My parents are coming to visit this weekend, so I don't know when its going to happen. A head's up that I'll be quiet over the weekend due to them arriving.

A part of my job that I love is that kids are taking books out, sometimes they don't know how to take books out and that still has some kinks but they are. I have conversations about books, find books and have those great moments of yes, this is a library. I think some of kids get surprised to realize, oh yes, Kate can help me find the books I want. Though I do have hard moments of knowing the book I want and its not there because the collection's still so small. Another thing I need time for is to label, catalog and add a lot of donated books to the collection. It will happen, but some days, its hard to see it happening. Today I was looking at the back room and feeling like I've barely made a dent as there's so much stuff there, but I then I remind myself, I had little time before school started. I arrived two weeks before school began, had orientation, welcome back stuff for all the teachers and the long weekend before the first day, I just wanted to stop. I have ideas of what I want to do and do slowly chip it away. The other librarian had so many mugs around for storing pens and other stuff, I've been emptying them out and donating them to the kitchen shared mugs. I just need to keep doing things like that and it will change. Kids are coming to me and being sent to me and asking for help as are teachers, that's more important than the physical stuff.

My Yuletide has kind of stalled on me as I've just not been in the right writing place for it. I have the ideas but its a plotty one and that's not my normal style of story, so its hard. It's also a new fandom for me, but someone in the fandom says that its working and over the break, [personal profile] dodger_sister read what I had and liked it. It worked for her even though she's not in the fandom, which is always a good sign. I'll get back in the right headspace at some point and get it done. I've yet to finish my Yuletide until within a day or two of the deadline. At this point, its over the minimum length and I know the shape of it.

Another reminder that I'm sending out cards, please leave your address here if its changed or I've never sent you one before. Thank you, I have a lot of addresses from last year, but there are new people following and I'd love to send you guys cards. Though they might not go out until late in the holidays, they will go out.
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Since Wednesday, I've been in hanging out with [personal profile] dodger_sister and her family, who have welcomed me in. Her and her sister's cats have been cute and kind to me and filled up my Twitter feed with pictures, I've had delicious food and been able to sleep in.

This was the break I hadn't realized I needed. I mean I knew I needed it but my body has gone, oh true sleep, yay and I've had long and late mornings. The room I'm staying in is very dark as well, which means I've been sleeping even later than I normally would. Its just would I needed. We haven't done too much, which is also nice. On Thursday, there was a Thanksgiving meal at about 2 pm at their mother's house and then a game of scrabble after. Then we watched episodes of Buffy starting with Pangs as that's one of their traditions.

Friday was set aside for going to see Red Dawn because A loved the original and had to see the remake. It was one of the stupidest movies I've seen in a long time and the shaky cam made me nauseous enough that I had to put my head down at some points. The good parts in it were the opening credits, which spliced together real news to build up the threat of North Korea and Chris Hemsworth being a jaded Marine. Everything else was pretty awful, there were some badass lady fighters but the brother relationship that was meant to be at the heart really didn't work as they didn't look like brothers. The actor they chose looked more like Peter Petrelli's younger brother and Josh Hutcherson who was in it would have made far more sense as Hemsworth's brother. Then we came back, had leftover turkey for dinner and played a movie trivia game. One thing I really enjoy about A and her family is this love of playing games, its a great way to spend time. After our game, I introduced them all to Stardust, which I had brought with me and it was just the right movie, fun, silly and pretty.

Today A and her family are having another family meal, which it doesn't make sense for me to go to. Instead I went to a lovely Chinese restaurant for lunch, wandered through Toys'r'us which is selling a lot more electronics than I remembered. I spent a long time staring at all the fun action figures, but in the end only picked up an adorable Boo in costume plush for a present. I really need to get on my holiday shopping, but I do have ideas.

Also a reminder that I'm sending out cards again this year, if your address has changed, please let me know here. I'm hoping this afternoon to try and get more done on my Yuletide, which I'm happy with my progress but its nowhere near done yet.
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Today was a good day, because I talked to another teacher about helping out one of her classes, she suddenly was in my library with her entire class. So it gave me a chance to talk to her, which was chaotic but good. Then after school, the library was completely full and noisy and wonderful. There was the video game club, the role play club, the guys playing Minecraft, two pairs of girls doing homework and other people passing through. It was at times quite noisy but it worked. I loved it, the kids want to be in the library. Also I found books that had been taken out of the shelves and read and just left there. They're reading and being in the library. I will make this work.

Also yesterday I got the keys to my apartment and its lovely. My stuff has left Delaware and I hope it arrives sometime this weekend. I'm ready to stop paying for the hotel and I figure if its not in by Sunday, then camping time in my apartment.

Life is good. I didn't leave school until 5:30 and loved all the time I was there.

Oh and I got my Yuletide assignment and I love it and I'm going to write in a new fandom for me. This is the first time I think that I could easily fill two of the four requests and so I can say, yes, I will challenge myself in a new fandom.
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The weather this weekend has been windy and at times quite rainy and apparently knocked out the power at my school. Last night I had a hard time getting to sleep, I was just awake, which meant I stayed up to finish reading my latest Christie mystery and kept the bedside lamp on to insure I didn't oversleep. I didn't, I even got to school earlier than I did last week, but almost no one was there and the middle school head told me there was no school. They were meant to have called me to let me know but I didn't see any message and now I have the day off. I went and actually had breakfast at my hotel and am now sitting in the Starbuck's in Birmingham, which is becoming sort of my local cafe. Due to sleeping oddly, I'm a bit sore and I'm considering going to a movie later today as its that sort of day.

Yesterday was unexpectedly exciting as I got hugely lost, while the storm was raging. There are two Barnes and Nobles not too far from where I am and I decided to explore the one I hadn't been to before. It turns out that one is sort of close to where I'm staying and has a much bigger selection, so I plan on going there more often. On the way back, I decided to stop at a grocery store as I've been feeling sick and getting some good herbal tea seemed a good idea as well as a chance to grab a quick dinner.

At this point I was on one of the big main roads and I knew that if I turned around, I should be able to get right back on the street I needed. That didn't happen because when I finished grocery shopping, it was pouring sheets of rain and windy enough that it was going sideways. There were points when driving that I felt my car shift from the force of the wind. I thought I knew where I was well enough to find my way back, but sadly this wasn't true. Instead I ended up going the wrong way, but it wasn't easy to figure out due to rain and most of the streets look the same.

I pulled over and got directions back to where I needed to be but somehow either didn't take as many u-turns or too many u-turns and ended up on the right street going the wrong way. I didn't catch just how far off I was until I hit the end of the road. I need to explain something about Detroit streets to show just how far gone I was. The big streets around Detroit go by something mile, the Detroit city limit is 8 mile, the place my hotel is on is called Maple and 15 mile. So I turned onto 15 mile and took it to a point that it dead ended into another street, I think I was actually close to the shore of Lake Michigan. Basically I ended up in the next county over as I work and am staying in Oakland county. I'm posting up the map, because I'm still kind of boggling at how I was on the right track but so much the wrong way.

View Larger Map

The weather was amazing to drive through as I kept going in and out of the storm, which meant sometimes the rain was in sheets, then drips but the wind was always there and the light was fantastic. I ended up getting two beautiful pictures of it and getting home to find out that I actually bought a tasty frozen dinner and had a nice hard cider. It was the sort of adventure that was good to have on a weekend when I didn't have anywhere to be, but it left me feeling a bit worn out today. Batty reminded me that I can make my phone directions tell me when I'm going wrong, which would probably help. Though when I had a GPS that spoke to me at the job interview in Rhode Island, it annoyed me more than it helped me. It's just a matter of figuring out what works for me.

I have my Yuletide sign up pretty much set, I know my requests; two that I keep doing in hope that I'll finally get them and two new ones. I'm still debating on my last offer and need to put in the details of my Yuletide letter. My offers haven't changed that much either as I've learned what I can write and there are some I'd love the chance to write.

I'm also posting in this post a list of what I have accomplished since starting at my new school and what's in the works. In time, this list will hopefully grow into a professional blog post, but for now as I'm feeling tired and worried about what parent-teacher conferences are going to be like, I need to have this down.

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Dear Wonderful Yuletide Writer,

First off, thank you for writing for me. I'm fairly easy to please as my greatest loves are missing moments, character interactions and seeing quiet characters have more time to breathe. I enjoy romance when it fits in the story and love especially those small moments that show you how a couple lives their life together. If humor fits, I'd love to see it. One of my favorite authors is Diana Wynne Jones for her gift of knowing how to capture the silliness and joy of life. In terms of darker themes, be conscious of the tone of the original canon and I'll be happy. I tend to write what I enjoy reading and you can find my works here.

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Thank you again for writing for me.


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