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I've just had a wonderful and full day. I have an apartment, which I might get to move into before the start of November. It depends on how quickly the other person moves out and that the company can arrange it, but its wonderful. The apartment complex looks more like a leafy suburb and I'll be paying not much more than I was in Ann Arbor for far more room and other things. This place is not too far from the various areas I want to be next to and in this wonderful village/mini suburb called Beverly Hills. The drive to and from school won't be that far at all and it just feels right. This weekend I'm going to poke around at hotels with actual suites to see if I can find a place to stay in the interim with some sort of kitchen set up. I'm also going to relax and not to do too much, because I have a place.

In other good news, today I helped teach 8th graders about researching for doing experiments and it was terrifying and wonderful. I wore completely the wrong shoes as my boots while adorable are not good for being on my feet for two and a half hours. There were some bumps with technology and the teacher said I think next time, we'll try something else. She wants a next time, I didn't mess up too much. It was more that its much easier to show someone how to do online research than tell them.

To celebrate having a place I bought myself some Bailey's that's chilling in my hotel fridge and some Whitman's chocolates. Whitman's, which are from Dayton, Ohio are the chocolates that one of my father's relatives always gives us, so they're favorites of mine. Just like See's is what I always make sure to buy when I visit Northern California.

The debate last night was painful to watch, but I plan on voting for Obama again. I think it will end up being an absentee ballot from Delaware as I know I'm registered there and I don't want any risk of my vote being lost.

This huge weight is off my shoulders and I know that I'll have lots to do before I move, but it feels possible. I've done a lot of these things before not too far away, so I just start up my electric account again, talk to Comcast, get gas and renter's insurance and I'll be good.
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