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I made it safely to the East Coast yesterday and it was a long day of travel as I first flew to Baltimore and then a train to Wilmington. It was cheaper than flying to Philadelphia but combined with fighting off some kind of sickness, I wasn't good for much. It sadly started off even more tiring because my cab driver to the airport kept harping on the national debt and seemed like he wanted an argument or an agreement and it made me mad. Thankfully the other person in the shuttle was from DC and spoke up to say some intelligent things but it wasn't a good start to the day.

Today so far I went shopping with my mother for Thanksgiving prep, got my Yuletide assignment which I like and it gives me an excuse to reread a favorite book of mine.

Now I'm sitting at my computer and my joints are feeling a little wobbly and my throat keeps going from not too bad to croaking and since both my parents are getting over a pretty bad cold, I'm hoping to not get sick.

In my email I found that I didn't get another library job but I sent an email to say thank you for letting me know. Now if I can just make my student loan stuff work and put together at least one job application I'll feel useful. I'll be online tonight as I have a late shift but then I'll be truly on vacation and I need it.
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