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I'm not always good about tracking various ficlets I write in prompt things so I'm trying to post links in my journal. Also I love all the prompts I got from this one and I'm going to try and fill more of them tonight. Here is my thread from the last DE prompt fest.

In news that's not writing, I survived my midterm. I don't think I did horribly but when I took it there were some things that I really should have studied more. Sadly when it came right down to it, I'm incredibly low on energy at the moment due to all my graduation stress and that's making my other work suffer, which I hate but its the truth. At the moment the class that's suffering the most is my database one because I had homework due this weekend and a midterm and both were pushed back as I just couldn't muster the focus I needed. My seminar also suffered but I feel less guilty about that one. I think because in the moment, the database grades felt more solid.

My break is fast approaching, I work the next two days and I think on Sunday night but otherwise my time is my own. Yes, I'll have things to get done for various classes but I'll manage them. I need to remember once I get my paycheck to give some money to the New Zealand Red Cross, Christchurch has been hit so hard and I'm currently reading Ngaio Marsh's autobiography Black Beech and Honeydew and she's from that area so its on my mind. The world is so complicated, I follow the news from all over the world and wish I knew more to do but find my thoughts clustering around my own stresses. I will do what I can do and days when I can do more, I will.

Along the lines of being creative makes me feel better, please leave me prompts or ideas of what helps you to recover after being horribly stressed.
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