Jul. 14th, 2016

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Thank you for whoever ends up writing for me. This is a favorite exchange of mine because every time I receive and end up reading and thinking about Narnia in ways I never expected.

What I love most is stories that center around how characters grow and change combined with exploring deeper connections to the world and people around them.

My first request is for Aravis/Cor in the Golden Age but with optional interactions with anyone. The reason I find their relationship fascinating is how where they end up as adults is far from where they expected to be. I'm curious about culture clashes, friendships, how their interactions change as they grow older, mentors, family, whatever angle is intriguing to you.

Next I'm requesting King Frank/Queen Helen and I would love to read more about their lives before or in Narnia or some combination. We meet them as adults and clearly with a strong marriage but they've not had an easy or simple life. A story that shows any part of how they work would be wonderful.

This request is Lucy and Edmund but with optional anyone else including crossovers with settings in England or Narnia. I'm curious about how their sibling relationship spills into their lives in terms of education. The worlds of the schools they attended can be very peculiar and their own places as much as Narnia was but there would be different rules. The details are hugely optional but at the heart of it is write of younger sisters and brothers and changing ways of approaching each other and other voices that try to dictate.

In terms of dislikes, my main one is no incest. I'm comfortable with violence or sex if it fits the story but what makes me happy is character studies. Plotty stories are amazing if they work for your idea. Thank you for whatever you write for me. If you're unsure what I like, my Ao3 name is FiKate and you can read there the kinds of stories I write and enjoy reading.


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