Dec. 1st, 2015


Dec. 1st, 2015 12:39 am
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I hadn't realized how much I needed this weekend until it was over. Its been far too long since I was in person surrounded by people who understood my love of some books and fandom. I needed this and the weekend was amazing. I have lots of detailed thoughts as the panels were far better than I expected and I want to look deeper into them. The reason I wasn't online was because the hotel wifi didn't like DW, but it liked LJ and Tumblr, that was odd.

High Points: Tamora Pierce-I want to grow up to be as sure of myself and giving so few fucks about what the rest of the world thinks as her. I went to her reading for an hour and answering questions, sat behind her as she listened to Seanan McGuire and Ursula Vernon talk, saw her bored at a badly run YA panel and got her signature and wow, amazing lady.

Seanan McGuire-Still awesome and funny and I love her joy in reptiles and her conversation with Ursula Vernon was a high point of the weekend. Hearing her sing with Lady Mondegreen blew me away. I've done chorus singing roles so when three people can make their voices do what they did, I bow down.

Meeting Batya, Alex and Lee, I was shy on Friday and Lee saw me and went, I know you, let's talk and I needed that. The long conversation on Sunday with Batya and Alex was a great moment of oh yes, you're my people.

Every random conversation I had at lunch, in the Art Show, in the Atrium, in a panel when I was brave and went let's see what happens. I'd forgotten how easy it can be to talk to people who speak the same language.

I'm even more determined to find a way to move to a city where there are people I know and I can get back to figuring out me on my own terms.

The dealers and the art, I need to share pictures of some of my finds including gifts but some treats for myself.

Music-Chessiecon is a con built on music and I didn't have the entire experience because I went upstairs before the Messiah on Saturday night. The music was everywhere and while I didn't participate I loved it. There were some weird moments. During the Lady Mondegreen concert, an older woman sitting next to me sang along. Not just during refrains but actually singing the I think soprano part. I didn't say anything as I don't know the etiquette and joining in at times was encouraged. It was weird to me and I hope didn't mess up whatever recording was happening because they were fantastic.

Truly it all came down to finding my people. Not having to explain fanfic or roleplay but instead have the question be what do you do, who do you read and write? I feel more like me and I need to get back to living in that kind of space.


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