Oct. 23rd, 2012

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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): I don't have a big problem with your tendency
to contradict yourself. I'm rarely among the consistency freaks who would
prefer you to stick with just one of your many selves instead of
hopscotching among all nine. In fact, I find your multi-level multiplicity
interesting and often alluring. I take it as a sign that you are in alignment
with the fundamentally paradoxical nature of life. Having said all that,
however, I want to alert you to an opportunity that the universe is
currently offering you, which is to feel unified, steady, and stable. Does
that sound even vaguely enticing? Why not try it out for a few weeks?
Halloween costume suggestion: an assemblage or collage of several of
your different personas.

Yes, please, Uncle Rob, next week, I get my apartment and I'm in the process of getting a desk for work.

Today also I felt like I just fit within the library in a lot of little ways. Students asked for my help with computers, how to do things as did staff and faculty, it was a nice feeling. I had my picture taken for the yearbook in a posed casual shot as well with the school's Hephaestion who fixes everything. The students who asked were oh you're support staff, which made me blink at first because I usually associate that with admins but then they well you support us in the library. It was a surprising compliment and I talked fanfic with a group of students who said that I was the best librarian. Also I got to add a box of new books to the collection as the person before me set up a subscription with a service that sends books. It's a little odd to get books and not know what they are but pretty much they've been ones I know good stuff about. This horoscope also works because as a librarian I have a lot of roles and today I happened to fill in a lot of them. I helped with reference questions, computer problems, kids being kids, planning for overall school planning and roleplaying advice.

My professional development day yesterday was wonderful as I spent my time crafting what do I want to be teaching. Yes, I don't have any courses to teach yet but I was able to talk about them and make sure the library was part of the curriculum discussion. And lots of fun conversations with other people like the new government teacher who wants to go to New Zealand. It was something I needed, yesterday and today, a solid reminder that in a fairly short time, I have become a part of this community.

I'm still searching for the decoration stuff I want as I find myself being kind of oddly picky, but I'll figure it out and then lots of pictures. My to do list hasn't really shrunk as I'm pretty tired at the end of the day, but today I got my absentee ballot and will be sending it off tomorrow. Life is full and complicated but it won't be long before I'm putting together my apartment. This weekend was just a little low point for me, thank you to everyone who read and talked with me about it.


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