Dec. 31st, 2008

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Well, I just saw The Illusionist for the first time since I found it for sale this past week. Now a fair warning, going into this I was thinking a lot about The Prestige, same era, same sort of main character and all and I loved The Prestige. I saw it first on one of my plane rides between here and New Zealand and was curious so got it from Netflix, the story and characters really pulled me in.

I didn't have the same immediate reaction with this one. It was beautiful and I loved Uhl, but I just didn't have as much invested in the characters.

I think when I rewatch it, that it will work better if I think of it as a fairy tale instead of a sort of thriller/mystery.

So I'm curious what others have thought of these two movies since I think they're both beautiful and powerful just different and so far The Prestige works better for me.
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Today there's a really crazy wind going and I was just going to drive to the library and grocery store to get stuff for the French Toast I'm making when I find the road closed. Turns out that Irish Eyes, one of the pubs on the canal is on fire, it was last on fire two years ago.

Overall, its really kind of sad since I went there with Di when she came to visit and its just a nice place. Hopefully the wind won't make it too much worse and I was able to get what I needed at the little market though its not quite as nice bread as I wanted.

The sad part is that now I have to wait a few days before I can get the Bill and Babe book because I think the library's going to be closed.

ETA: My Mom who was out picking up her car after it was serviced just picked up the Bill and Babe book for me.
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I've been kind of putting off doing this one since like a lot of people this past year seemed to have more downs than ups for me, but I'm really hoping the new one is better. Tonight my plans are simple, make myself French Toast and do some lovely threading.

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