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Today I'm having a bit of a low feeling even though there are good things opening up for me. Just a bout of self doubt. The storm blew a lot of branches around here and some of the roads were flooded but my family and our friends were all safe. Since we didn't get much snow in Delaware, most of it has already melted.

I really want to do a picture post of the amazing Star Wars' costume exhibit but I can't figure out which is the best platform for it, DW or Tumblr. Either way, I'll crosspost it, but I'd love any suggestions from people who do more picture posts. I don't do them very often. Thank you.

In terms of my reading, there’s been a lot of great stuff that I want to recommend.

What I finished reading

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. At first I wasn't certain I wanted to read this book as I didn't know a lot about it but then I read an amazing review on The Book Smugglers. Illuminae is in the form of a dossier of emails, reports, IM messages and inside an AI's mind. The heart of the story is two teenagers losing their home and becoming refugees and getting caught up into a much larger story about corporations fighting, ships and disease. I don't want to give a lot of details of the plot, because the way it unfolds is cleverly done. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys science fiction, horror and YA, because the heart of it is how messy and true Kady and Ezra feel.

Dragonbreath: Attack of the Ninja Frogs by Ursula Vernon. I picked this up because it suddenly appeared on Overdrive and I've been curious about it and needed something lighter after giving up on the Rogues anthology, too many stories with women in peril. The illustrations were hilarious as was the way that normal life and fantasy melded together.

What I'm currently reading

Tradition!: The Highly Improbable, Ultimately Triumphant Broadway-to-Hollywood Story of Fiddler on the Roof, the World's Most Beloved Musical by Barbara Isenberg. I bought this book at the theater after seeing Fiddler on the Roof and I highly recommend it. The writer has a great sense of what are the interesting stories and either interviewed or had access to interviews of so many people that were involved. Reading it reminds me of when I took playwriting classes and behind the scenes of shows I've done but even more so. I just finished the first part of the book which dealt with the musical and I'm into the second on the film.

What I'm reading next

I have a couple of options but I don't know which one I'll pick. I've been in the mood for some romance and have lots of those. I also picked up at the library; Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection and Beastly Bones the second Jackaby book. Oh and I have a hold that's about to run out on Archivist Wasp. Though knowing me, I might end up going with something else entirely.
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Winter has finally arrived, there were snowflakes falling when I went to the library and its properly cold.

Day 4

In your own space, create a fanwork. Make a drabble, a ficlet, a podfic, or an icon, art or meta or a rec list. Arts and crafts. Draft a critical essay about a particular media. Put together a picspam or a fanmix. Write a review of a Broadway show, a movie, a concert, a poetry reading, a museum trip, a you-should-be-listening-to-this-band essay. Compose some limericks, haikus, free-form poetry, 5-word stories. Document a particular bit of real person canon. Take some pictures. Draw a stick-figure comic. Create something. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

This challenge had me looking through my WiPs folder and I found a ficlet that I realized can stand on its own and was actually ready to publish. I want to revisit this fandom and relationship more at some point but I feel like this is a good beginning.

My kind of jock (252 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Matt Saracen/Julie Taylor
Characters: Matt Saracen, Julie Taylor
Additional Tags: missing moment, Developing Relationship, Season/Series 01

A glimpse inside Matt's head at the beginning of his relationship with Julie. Entirely inspired by Zach Gilford's cute and surprised face.

Cold Day

Jan. 3rd, 2014 11:44 pm
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My mother and I were planning to go out to lunch today but the snow and ice defeated us and I have seen worse in Michigan but it still sucked. I hope all of you farther north as safe and warm because down in Southern Delaware, its cold and not a lot of snow but lots of ice.

To borrow a meme from Tumblr that I like and would love thoughts on as I'm trying to get back to my various RPs and Works in Progress now Yuletide is over;

Comment with a character + thing if you wanna know my headcanon for them in regards to that thing.

e.g.: molly hayes + sleeping

If you don't know if I have a canon for something, comment and ask.

I will get myself writing not just fic but cover letters again.
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Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days and holidays of the year, due to how my family is spread out, Christmas Eve has ended up being for my parents and me. We make a delicious dinner, get dressed up and over the course of the evening open our presents. We used to just open one on Christmas Eve and save the rest for Christmas Day but since the day has become more for my brother's family in New Jersey, we do ours on the Eve. Then around midnight, there's Yuletide to read, this year there are two stories waiting for me. I've never had that happen before and I'm so curious to see which fandoms they're in as I requested a lot this year as well as offering the max. I'm happy with how my story turned out, its one in a fandom I've never written before and that I only really discovered this year.

The weather decided to behave like winter which I appreciate, its cold and crisp today which feels perfect. Also I had a great night's sleep after enjoying going to a party of some of my parents' friends who specially invited me. I talked about libraries, school libraries and had a great time, it was a nice reminder that people down here are thinking of me. Then today we walked into town and it was hilarious, we saw a guy dressed as Santa riding a beautiful old fashioned red motorcyle with a sidecare. I wish I could have grabbed a picture but he went by too fast.

Christmas day and Boxing day I'll be up in New Jersey with my brother and his family so won't be tagging as I usually leave my laptop behind. I'll be going some tagging today and probably tomorrow morning but everything else will be slowed.

Be well, my friends, I feel blessed to know all of you.

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas has a wonderful time and for everyone who is doing their best to ignore it, I hope you are happy. I feel blessed
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Yesterday I woke up very early and went to get my eyes checked out at the eye place my parents use, a benefit of being in an area with a lot of retirees, good medicine. It turns out that my eyes are fine and that I was clearly having a reaction to those other contacts and have other ones. I even have two kinds to try and two solutions to try as well. Its so wonderful to be heard and understood and to have a doctor who gets it. In Michigan, I didn't have the time and the people who helped me were busy as well. So now I feel like I'm seeing again and having that nice feeling of not being constantly aware of my contacts.

The weather has been feeling like summer again here which is nice but weird. Today was fun, there was a craft fair and sidewalk sale downtown which was nice to walk around in. There was some beautiful stuff especially jewelry and these tin squares as mirrors, someday one of those will be in a home of mine. Now I'm enjoying being at home while my parents are off at an art opening. They have a busy social life which I dip into at times as I job search and basically keep working on getting back to feeling like myself. Tomorrow is going to be busy as there's a Coast Day at the local university and I'm helping with the LEGO guys.

In writing news, I can finally reveal what I wrote for the Narnia fic exchange.

Its posted on LJ.

Bow and Blade (1020 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Susan Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Original Non-Human Character(s)
Additional Tags: Narnia Fic Exchange 2013, Siblings, Royalty, Weapons, Golden Age (Narnia), Elves

Peter and Susan use their diverse skills to mentor a young elf who is a new ambassador. This gives them both a chance to show the importance of their differences. Set during the Golden Age when they’ve learned how best to rule together.

My prompt asked for a character study of Peter and Susan and mentioned contrasting their fighting styles. From there I had the idea of how they approach the world differently through the lens of archery and swordsmanship and it grew from there. I hope you like it. Thank you to dodger_sister for betaing.

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This morning I was again woken by a hopeful phone call from a school, this time on the east coast. I will find something. Also moving is proceeding forward as my bank account goes down due to bills but I'll figure it out. The heat finally broke here as a major thunderstorm swept through and then left the sky looking beautiful.

Clouds )
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So I just created a tumblr for myself, because its confusing trying to track all of you down all the time. My tumblr name is atthelamppost so if you see that name start following you, that's me.

Now I want recommendations for what to follow in terms of fandom, art, food and general good stuff. What should I know and what should I be careful of?

Its also a gorgeous day here, its sunny and I had a wonderful drive where I got a little lost and explored more of the area. I'm probably not going to be in this part of the country again so I plan on enjoying it.

A question

Apr. 25th, 2013 07:09 pm
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More things are getting done today. I feel quite accomplished as I created a gmail account that's tied to my actual name for sending to jobs. I'm working on what else I might want to send to it. One reason I don't want to disentangle all the threads of my personal and professional life is I don't think its possible and I want to teach about how this is becoming the norm. How online our hobbies and all of our connections work together and help us. From my current job, I know what a difference it makes to a kid to say, oh you're talking about Doctor Who or let me argue Marvel movies with you or I get Twitter. I want to harness that but its still a learning experience.

Along the same lines, I'm realizing it might be a good idea to finally get myself a tumblr so that I can follow everyone. This will be purely for the pretties and I'm trying to figure out a good name. I have no idea but want something I haven't had before.

I needed today as well to get my head in order, the sun even decided to come out after it rained and even briefly snowed.

Please leave suggestions a tumblr name.
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Today I had a snow day, which was wonderful. I was able to rest though I woke up in the middle of the night and twice during the day, so it wasn't the best rest. My back is hurting and I'm going to try and get a massage within the next few weekends. I also need to take care of my taxes soon, March seems to be going to be a busy month.

I've finally finished some writing and had some bursts of inspiration. Yesterday's Daily Entertainment was a prompt one and I wrote a lot of fics over here. Some of these might end up on Archive of our Own, I just have to figure out which ones are complete enough, which means some might get more.

The main reason that I'm writing this entry though is that I have finally finished a fix-it for Becoming Jane that I started in June 2011. Happy belated birthday [personal profile] dynastessa, here are Jane and Tom having a happy ending and one I think we could RP.

Too Deep to Wash Away (2006 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Becoming Jane (2007)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jane Austen/Tom Lefroy
Characters: Jane Austen, Tom Lefroy, Henry Austen, Cassandra Austen, Mrs. Hudson, Reverend Austen, Judge Langlois
Additional Tags: Fix-It, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Siblings, Family, Love, Happy Ending, Writing

In this story, I have done my best to give Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy a happy ending within the confines of their world. They both try to proceed with their lives but luck changes and their families try to help them be happy.

Henry married and Tom received a letter but no invitation which wasn’t a surprise. Within that letter, Henry wrote a line that struck Tom more than he thought words could do as he said; My sisters are as ever themselves though more quietly. I will not speak much of them but her words will appear, my friend.

This is also a gift to Jen who's words inspire me.

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I have this week off and its being just what I need so far. Saturday I slept in and then drove to another part of Michigan with the bonus of going through a small blizzard. That was terrifying but I made it safely to visit A and her family and all their cats. I've had time to read Breadcrumbs all the way through which I enjoyed. The Snow Queen is one of my favorite of Andersen's fairy tales because of how complicated it is and how the book captured it and set it in a real world that felt real and tough. Today I started Ship Breaker, a fascinating dystopian novel set on the Gulf Coast that won a number of awards when it came out and recently a sequel came out. I plan on spending lots of this week reading books through and writing Goodreads' reviews as well as poking at my many WiPs. I might post some tastes of them later.

Last night, we all went out to see Hansel and Gretel, which was just what I needed. Its a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously yet has a world that makes sense, families that feel right in their dysfunctions and characters that worked. I think my favorite part of it was the dorky fanboy character, who I could RP so easily. I have a type.

I've also been having dreams where I'm late for work or not dressed or lost, which are annoying but I'm used to them. They're part of what I deal with and rest is helping me a lot. I'm now at the point of being angry and starting to figure out a number of plans, I will get past this and be stronger.

I haven't posted any horoscopes in a while as Uncle Rob hasn't feel on the mark for me for a bit, but I'm going to take hope for this week's one. As I do feel like I'm standing on an edge of my life, its not one I expected but its here.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In the coming weeks, I'm expecting your life to
verge on being epic and majestic. There's a better than even chance that
you will do something heroic. You might finally activate a sleeping
potential or tune in to your future power spot or learn what you've never
been able to grasp before. And if you capitalize gracefully on the
kaleidoscopic kismet that's flowing your way, I bet you will make a
discovery that will fuel you for the rest of your long life. In mythical
terms, you will create a new Grail or tame a troublesome dragon -- or
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I'm using this icon because of Tumnus and snow not yuletide as it captures how I've felt this weekend, tucked at home as it snows outside. The snow will let up and then come back and sometimes be rain all this week, which has made it hard to find the energy to do much. The sun briefly came out on Friday, but other than that, its been cloudy. As I've also been fighting off feeling sick, I've slept a lot this weekend and realized I really needed it. I didn't work on Friday as I decided a day of rest would help me more than trying to push through the day. Going by just how much I've been sleeping, I think this was the right idea. I'm still a little tired today, but not as out of it as I felt last week.

Though on Friday, I did go out to a book club meeting from meetup.com that was wonderful. I think I've started to find my people in this area, even though I hadn't read the book, the conversation was wonderful. We talked about gaming, fantasy and all sorts of fascinating stuff. One of the people in group even knows one of my favorite teachers from Michigan. There was also an adorable and big black dog who decided he liked me and let me give him all sorts of scritches. I'm planning on using meetup to try and find a dance group as the combination of being social and active works well for me.

Since I stayed in yesterday due to the snow falling, I watched up to episode 10 of Capital Scandal and wow, all the feelings for that show. I love all of it, the depth of the characters, the beautiful setting and music and the humor that slips its way in.

Today I went out into the world and used the time to finish reading City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte, which is a book I wanted to like more than I did. Its a book that could easily be called a genre bender or crosser as it had fantasy, mystery and romance, sadly the balance wasn't always right in it. The two point of view characters were both a little too brilliant and the feel of the story would veer rather suddenly from alchemy and history to sex against statues. Its the kind of book that I would enjoy reading on a long plane or train ride where I could just sink into it and read it in one gulp, but reading it in stops and starts made me not enjoy it as much. As I would come out of it and be aware of how it didn't all fit together.

Life is going along steadily at work, I still feel like I'm out of some loops but I've got a chance to discuss my status report, which I hope will be helpful. Also I had an amazing connection with a new teacher that made me feel like I know what I'm doing. I know that I haven't spoken out as much as I need to and I'm going to work on that. They hired me because they think I can do this job and I am doing it and will keep improving. Also I have a chance to propose some classes for next year, which will get me more involved and be exciting. I finally have a Michigan license and this month paid off the last of my smaller loan from the University of Michigan, which is a great feeling. I have a break coming up in the third week of February, which I plan on going to Jackson and having some nice days of watching stuff. I also have a break in the first week of April and I'll be joining them for an opera in NYC on the fourth. If its possible, I would love to try and connect with anyone in New York for coffee or lunch or something. There's more flexibility in terms of going rather than leaving so Wednesday or Thursday. I miss you guys a lot and want to try and reconnect.

On Friday, FicFriday was interesting. I like this new way of giving prompts and then people have the option of deciding which character or world to write them for.
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My status report is almost done, its been winnowed and organized though it was really good to just write down some of the things that frustrated me. My body is feeling rather worn out as my period hit hard last night, but I'll manage. Before it hit too much, I was able to do some decorating around my apartment, some frames I have don't fit what I had wanted them to, but I'll make things work. I shared pictures on Twitter and will do a picture post on here later.

I'm a little worried about the winter storm that headed this way, I think its named Lulu, which isn't the most promising of names. This coming week and the next will be full and while I love the idea of being able to curl up in bed, it would just make things more confusing.

But as my school really loves breaks, I've got one in the middle of February, which is going to be one with a good bit of falling over then another in April. It sounds like April will see me on the East Coast and possibly going to an opera with my parents during the first week of April. That hasn't been set in stone yet, but if it happens, I might be around for some sort of brief meet up with people in New York. I miss everyone there.

Something else I have coming up is I signed up for a book club on meetup about fantasy, sci-fi literature. I don't have time to read the book as the meeting's this Friday, but its a way to get myself out there. I'm planning on also trying to find some sort of dance group and maybe see about grabbing coffee or something with the teacher who stopped by last Friday. I don't know if I have a crush on him or if he just makes me feel connected but I'm going to be brave and keep reaching out. Writing up this report has shown me how I've fallen into observer mode and don't rock the boat as the new person, but for this job to work and for me to be happy, I need to keep pushing myself out there. I can still slowly change the community while speaking up, people have listened to me and will keep listening.

One reason I love fandom and online writing communities is that as I've been writing more in different fandoms and for people I don't know, I find more confidence throughout my life. All the stories I wrote for the Porn Battle and the positive reaction they received have helped me as I wrote up this status report.

This was also a lovely week for Fic Friday with trying some different things, prompts not attached to a specific character. I liked this challenge and want to try it again. Its not perfect but presents another way of thinking about what's being written.

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Today was quiet but it had a few really bright spots. One of the main middle school teachers has really taken me under her wing and she at the end of today asked me to watch one of her classes on Monday. She's part of a search committee that keeps meeting when she's teaching, so I'm helping her out. It feels wonderful to know that I'm trusted that much.

This past week was overall pretty quiet because next week are exams so all the kids have been fairly focused on work. My two programmers have been full of energy as always but they do tell me what they're doing, which I'm grateful for. Sometimes they kind of push to see what I'll let them do and they know I'm going to keep an eye on it but I don't think they begrudge me. It feels like they're glad I'm taking an interest even though they would like it better if I let them do all they wanted to.

The weather has also gone from bitterly cold to wet and warmer, which I like. Tomorrow I think I'm going to wander around downtown Birmingham, spend some holiday money and maybe catch a movie. I'm also hoping to do more setting up of my apartment. At this point there aren't a lot of boxes left but there's nothing on the walls and that always makes me feel like my place is even more mine. I want to get a shelving unit for my kitchen as my cupboards are nice but don't hold all my stuff and I want more options for arranging. I promise that there will be pictures on here of the place soon.

Now in fic news, I just wrote a fill for the Aren't You Glad You Left Livejournal" Anniversary Fic Exchange/Festival/Creatathon. Technically for this fill, I was filling my own prompt but the idea was there and there's fic, that's the bit that counts. I'll post it up on Ao3 later tonight.

An understanding. X-Men movieverse, Batman Nolanverse, Charles Xavier, the Joker, John Blake, PG for language and mentions of violence.

It was also a nicely busy Twitter Fic Friday, so here are all those fills. Looking over apparently it was a matter of lots of requests from a few people, still I like all that I wrote.
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Last night I returned to Michigan to find a snow drift in front of my patio, all the snow from two drives in my complex has been pushed in front of it. This was not what I was hoping for as I had some cumbersome things to bring in and I was hoping to just put them on the porch and get them through my patio door, I ended up doing that but had to go around and do more hauling than I wanted. Though it reminded me how much I like where I've ended up living since someone said hello and told me that the other resident who lived here had complained as well. I've had lots of these small interactions since I moved in and its great, because it makes me feel like I've found a place where people care and watch out for each other. I left a message about it with the complex's office and one good thing came out of it, they finally fixed my loose oven door handle, but I have no idea if anything will change with the snow. My parent's surmise is probably right that they hire someone who just does what's easiest, I live on the corner so plow the snow there.

Today was also a good day as I returned to school and felt comfortable and as if I was coming back to a place that worked. I was able to figure out an issue with the computers, a teacher talked to me about her students doing research for exam week in the library and lots of wonderful little conversations. There are frustrations and issues to sort out, but it all makes me hopeful.

I'm going to try and do my best to take care of myself as well, which means waking up in enough time to make and bring my own tea. Last night I bought some granola bars when I did my brief grocery shop and I'll take some of them with me to eat during the day. I plan on doing leftovers and even frozen meals later on, but small steps that involve eating better are my focus. I'm trying to keep with a general eating, cooking mantra of eat better food, so more cooking, dishes that I can make on the weekend or on my earlier days to have at other times. My big basket of food goodies and equipment from my brother and sister-in-law will help with that, lots of sauces, salts and various tastes to test out. I'm going to do a big stock up at Trader Joe's this week and enjoy making food.

Weirdly or maybe not, I just felt more like I was truly being a professional today with my new jacket and gloves that kept me warm as I went to work. I plan on putting stuff up on my walls and just doing what I need to so that my apartment keeps feeling like mine.

This FicFriday was a nice one and I'm steadily working my way through my gift fics. Here I'm posting the Friday fics so I don't lose track of them.

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Fitting in

Dec. 4th, 2012 06:40 pm
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I had I think one of my best days of work today with lots of little and big moments. My school has special days and today was one of them, Diversity Day. The students organized all of the activities which were workshops talking about different ways of being outside of the group and how to create good dialogue and be respectful. For the teachers and staff, we did our own version of the same workshops which went great. Lunch was provided by the parents who made so much delicious food, I'm only now getting hungry after eating around 11:30. During the workshops, I was part of a lot of great conversations about fitting in, politics, religion, identity, the stuff I love.

During lunch, I got to talking about fandom with another teacher and a student who is in the library a lot said, I would take a class about fanfiction, the teacher also said we need to talk more. She teaches history but also does creative writing, so that was great. The day ended with an assembly of performances, I talked about two experiences I had in New Zealand; one of my being welcomed and the other of jokes by friends and asking them not to make them. It felt great, I ended it with my knees a little wobbly and smiling, before I left people kept telling me they enjoyed it.

Then after school, I talked a lot with some of the middle school students who are into programming including trying to stop one of them from trying to find out the admin password. There needs to be a better technology program or else these kids will be doing who knows what. I know they're interested because they keep joking and saying, we need a class to teach us ethics, I'd teach it. I just felt today as if I fit in with the community in so many ways, it was wonderful.

The weather is getting colder, which I'm grateful for as the past few days have been foggy and weirdly warm. I'd rather it be cold and clear than so foggy you can't tell the time.

I'm enjoying the character meme and am still open for more characters as I've only answered Charles and Demeter here and Will on LJ.

Ask me on this entry or here on the original entry.

Friday Fic

Dec. 3rd, 2012 03:37 pm
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I didn't write a lot of fic this week and since my parents left this morning, I haven't had a chance to post them. Well, I haven't remembered to post them, but now I can. Work is going quietly though fog has descended on where I live and I don't have my normal meeting. Its rather creepy looking outside and the school is much darker than normal. When I get home, there will be lots of tea and curling up.

For @minkhollow42

Moist, smoke and mirrors

Perception is always his greatest aid when it comes to tricking someone. He shows them how to see him and they always oblige.

Charles, crisis management

"Listen to me, you can do this. Breathe with me, Jean, focus on me and find your way to your center. I'm not going to leave."

Dem, finding good in winter

The good in Winter is how people gather together. Demeter can sit amongst generations of families who have chosen to be near.

For @DHLinton

au Hogwarts. Five years later.

They met in Hogsmeade to drink to living this long. Babs was the only one who knew what all of them had done and what they'd lost.
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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You're a bit like a professional jet pilot who is
operating the pirate ship ride at an amusement park. You have
resemblances to a top chef who's shopping for gourmet ingredients in a
seedy convenience store. In other words, Gemini, you may feel slightly
off-kilter or dispossessed, even though you have a lot going for you.
Here's the best possible thing you could do while you wait for the fates to
show you how to make a correction: Make it your intention to feel
centered, poised, and at peace exactly as you are right now.

This is far too on point for me, Uncle Rob, as I feel like I've been trying to find my feet since August. Now that I have my apartment, I'm doing a lot better but its not all perfect. Yesterday, I woke up and lost one of my contacts, which meant going through the day wearing glasses with an old prescription which gave me a headache. Also the gaming discussions seemed to be moving faster than I expected, overall it wasn't a great day. The cable guys didn't show up and won't show up until Thursday, today won't work as I have a meeting but slowly there's progress. Once I found out that the cable guys weren't coming, I went to Pearle Vision to get an eye exam and I'm now wearing a trial pair of new lenses.

It's wonderful to be able to see properly and I'm slowly feeling healthier as well as figuring out my morning routine. I need to get a better ice scraper as mine just doesn't do enough and Michigan is being cold. I was able to be part of a discussion about what's happening in the library and feel like now things are starting to work. I can see how the school community comes together and how I can fit in with it. Up and down weeks seem to be the norm for me with good days and bad days, but this is a place where I fit and work. My aim is to keep focusing on the parts that work, look at ways to fix what doesn't work and keep making my home how I want it to be.


Nov. 3rd, 2012 03:35 pm
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I just found out that my stuff hasn't actually left the East Coast yet, but instead will start heading to Michigan on Tuesday. That means moving in won't happen until possibly next weekend, so another week in the hotel but with time in between to put the stuff I have into my apartment. I have a key and a signed lease, that makes such a huge difference and will have a home. Compared to the destruction Sandy has wrought, I can wait another week.

In terms of getting things done, I finally posted a blog entry on my professional blog about my new job called Finding my feet: the first two months. A lot of what's there will be familiar to anyone following along here, it's just organized in a more librarian/professional way over there.
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I hope everyone on the East Coast is safe, dry and warm, you guys are on my mind a huge amount. My parents are safe and farther inland in Southern Delaware, they lost power last night, but I got an email from my mom. They seem to be doing well. Michigan is feeling too far away from everyone at the moment, Sandy is making her presence known here with cloudy skies, wind that I can feel on my car and rain. When I wake up in the morning, it's hard to believe that it is morning since the clouds make everything dark. Apparently a school that we compete with lost power, but everything's holding here. Compared to what's happening elsewhere, we're getting off lightly. Everyone on the East Coast, keep on keeping safe.

In terms of moving, yesterday I signed my lease and I really like this apartment complex, the lease is easy to understand and was explained to me. My lease on Ann Arbor was printed with this tiny font that was hard to read, this one was over many pages and felt like it was to help me. I keep realizing that this place is a step up from where I lived in Ann Arbor in terms of space, the company and other things without actually paying that much more. The person I've been working with for moving in isn't that much older than I am, and helpful and sympathetic, as is everyone at school. It just makes me hopeful that this will be a good place for me to live.

On Thursday, I'm going to pay my first month's rent and get my key, but I don't know when I'll actually move in. Due to Sandy, the movers weren't able to pick up my stuff in Delaware and I don't know when they'll be able to. My plan for now is to keep staying in my hotel and possibly camp out in my apartment if I can get access to an aerobed. I'm so close to finally having my own apartment here, but as with a lot of parts of this job, for every step forward, I get three to the side, one to the back and a turn around. It's all completely possible to deal with, I'm just tired and miss having my stuff. Also all my winter clothes are in storage and I only brought some fall stuff with me and that means at the moment, I don't actually have a proper jacket just sweaters. Depending on where I am moneywise this weekend, I'll go to one of the local outfitter stores and get one. There, that's my whine for this entry.

Yesterday I began doing some decorating in my library, I went shopping at Michael's and bought some stuff just not enough. There's now this ribbon that looks like bloodstained printed paper on my bulletin board, a big Hobbit poster, foam, shiny leaves, shiny ribbon, a vase with glittery fake leaves, wooden ornaments of a finger, spider and an eye as well as an operator symbol made out of ribbon on the bulletin board. I want to get some more stuff to keep up the general fall theme but the space is challenging. The bulletin board is half papers posted for school information, half my own papers, so there's only so much space and then I have all these shelves and this big glass wall between the main library and the quiet room. It's challenging figuring out how best to use decorations and which ones to get, and you don't get a lot of ribbon when you buy a roll. I thought it would go farther. A student just asked me if I bought the Hobbit poster for the library and I told him where to get it. That's a great sign that I'm making the right choices. When I finally get a desk that will help a lot as that will be a space I can really own. I'll take pictures of everything and will do more next month.

I'm currently waiting on the okay of the various heads at work before I can post up my librarian blog post, but that will feel great to have up. Then I can start on the technology one and more moving forward.

The Slendyplot in Milliways is nearing an end and I'm looking forward to getting to read all of the threads, especially the final confrontation.
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The weather this weekend has been windy and at times quite rainy and apparently knocked out the power at my school. Last night I had a hard time getting to sleep, I was just awake, which meant I stayed up to finish reading my latest Christie mystery and kept the bedside lamp on to insure I didn't oversleep. I didn't, I even got to school earlier than I did last week, but almost no one was there and the middle school head told me there was no school. They were meant to have called me to let me know but I didn't see any message and now I have the day off. I went and actually had breakfast at my hotel and am now sitting in the Starbuck's in Birmingham, which is becoming sort of my local cafe. Due to sleeping oddly, I'm a bit sore and I'm considering going to a movie later today as its that sort of day.

Yesterday was unexpectedly exciting as I got hugely lost, while the storm was raging. There are two Barnes and Nobles not too far from where I am and I decided to explore the one I hadn't been to before. It turns out that one is sort of close to where I'm staying and has a much bigger selection, so I plan on going there more often. On the way back, I decided to stop at a grocery store as I've been feeling sick and getting some good herbal tea seemed a good idea as well as a chance to grab a quick dinner.

At this point I was on one of the big main roads and I knew that if I turned around, I should be able to get right back on the street I needed. That didn't happen because when I finished grocery shopping, it was pouring sheets of rain and windy enough that it was going sideways. There were points when driving that I felt my car shift from the force of the wind. I thought I knew where I was well enough to find my way back, but sadly this wasn't true. Instead I ended up going the wrong way, but it wasn't easy to figure out due to rain and most of the streets look the same.

I pulled over and got directions back to where I needed to be but somehow either didn't take as many u-turns or too many u-turns and ended up on the right street going the wrong way. I didn't catch just how far off I was until I hit the end of the road. I need to explain something about Detroit streets to show just how far gone I was. The big streets around Detroit go by something mile, the Detroit city limit is 8 mile, the place my hotel is on is called Maple and 15 mile. So I turned onto 15 mile and took it to a point that it dead ended into another street, I think I was actually close to the shore of Lake Michigan. Basically I ended up in the next county over as I work and am staying in Oakland county. I'm posting up the map, because I'm still kind of boggling at how I was on the right track but so much the wrong way.

View Larger Map

The weather was amazing to drive through as I kept going in and out of the storm, which meant sometimes the rain was in sheets, then drips but the wind was always there and the light was fantastic. I ended up getting two beautiful pictures of it and getting home to find out that I actually bought a tasty frozen dinner and had a nice hard cider. It was the sort of adventure that was good to have on a weekend when I didn't have anywhere to be, but it left me feeling a bit worn out today. Batty reminded me that I can make my phone directions tell me when I'm going wrong, which would probably help. Though when I had a GPS that spoke to me at the job interview in Rhode Island, it annoyed me more than it helped me. It's just a matter of figuring out what works for me.

I have my Yuletide sign up pretty much set, I know my requests; two that I keep doing in hope that I'll finally get them and two new ones. I'm still debating on my last offer and need to put in the details of my Yuletide letter. My offers haven't changed that much either as I've learned what I can write and there are some I'd love the chance to write.

I'm also posting in this post a list of what I have accomplished since starting at my new school and what's in the works. In time, this list will hopefully grow into a professional blog post, but for now as I'm feeling tired and worried about what parent-teacher conferences are going to be like, I need to have this down.

What I've done )


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