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I think I have an odd sort of pattern of moving and then acquiring new headvoices because Cassian Andor has made himself comfortable. The only issue is that since I have ten pups, I need to retire or delete one and at first I was going to do Ivan, but realized I don't actually play Jane as much. I feel like since there isn't a Tom, she would make the most sense to shift away as I have a lot of ideas for Cassian. Though its nice to have her to interact with some of the other era pups but William fills much of the same roll and he's consistently louder.

My other choices are Tumnus and Ivan, Ivan has been tricky but I love my castmates and want to leave myself open with him. Tumnus, I adore even though plotwise, I don't have a lot happening but I love having him. I want to do a lot of playing him before canon as I find the idea of Rebel spy full of possibilities and he's such a complex character.

Also my sister is now eating solid food and looking on the way to healing.
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I made it safely after a long train ride halfway across the US and I'm now comfortable in my hotel room. Earlier I had a walk around the convention center neighborhood which as nice after sitting for so long. There was one horrible moment when my first train was running late and I thought that I'd miss my second but didn't. I'm looking forward to the conference which I know will keep me busy and I'm going to try and not bring too many books back with me, I can only carry so many.

Now for an interesting meme from [personal profile] in_the_blue: You know that meme that goes around sometimes where you post your five favorite kinks and then five favorite couples, and it's like a wish into the universe to see if anybody will write it for you? Let's make it a little more interactive.

Comment here if you want to play, and I will give you 3-6 couples that I associate with you, and you make an entry in your journal talking about those couples and fics that you wish the universe would write for you.

She gave me:

Tumnus & Lucy: This is a tricky one for me as I don't think there's anything I crave hugely about these two. There's so much great fic and sometimes weird fic out there about them. I'm always happy to see more of them learning and sharing together about their different worlds and especially history. I would love to see more of Tumnus' backstory and how Lucy reacts to it because he clearly feels complicated about what he did during the Witch's reign. Also I'd wonder more about how Lucy's experiences before Narnia play a part in their friendship.

Charles & Erik: These two are another with a lot of fic out there about them, but the kind that makes me happy is when they're confronting how honestly messed up their lives can be. They're both good at their various solutions and fantastic chemistry, but its the tough stuff in between of their relationship that I want more of. This would fill a hole for me from the movies because they skipped over a lot of years and pushed too quickly, missing out a lot of chances to see Charles and Erik working together. I wanted to know if they tried to communicate after Cuba or not, all the messy parts. How did the others react to them since one reason I love the X-Men is that no matter the iteration, they're a family and that kind of relationship effects everyone.

Charles & Raven: I think my tumblr tag for these two best captures the kind of fic I want; best messed up siblings. I want to read about them going to school, being in New York, how do they fit in with other kids, when did Raven tell Charles to never read her mind? I've actually started a few fics along these lines but haven't finished them yet but I adore their relationship. In First Class, its clear that they have a history, worries, in-jokes and I want to see how they got there.

It turns out my answers were longer than I expected but I like this meme. Maybe after the conference when I'm hanging out next week, I might even get some fic writing done.
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Title: The Next Christmas
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: G
Summary: For [personal profile] dodger_sister who asked me to write something Christmasy set in Narnia. Sorry for the delay, writing has been slow for me.

When Christmas time comes to Narnia, Tumnus does his best to have it all work.

He sighed and stared at the rows of cookies as Helena, the badger who ran the kitchens glared at him, "These are the best I've made, stop looking like that. They're not going to toss you out because of Christmas. You're as bad as my youngest who's always goin' on and on about how something will go wrong."

"But what if they're not the right sorts. I asked her and she only remembered shapes and some flavors, it must be the best Christmas," Tumnus tutted as he looked over the cookies and to the pies cooling on another shelf and tugged at one of his horns.

"And it will, Tumnus, it will. Youv'e asked, you've read, there's nothing that you couldn't have done that you didn't do so now you will get out of my kitchen. I've been patient, I have, because I know you and your worries but its done. Out with you," Then she lifted her apron and spoon and chased him out as if he was a tiny faun trying to steal a treat.

It was all well and good for her to say don't worry, she wasn't the one who Lucy looked to with that hopeful glance of what would a Narnian Christmas be like. The orchard was quiet and his wool scarf was in his study, but he could manage some cold now. Winter would pass and Christmas was a time of fires and hope now, not fear and hidden celebrations.

When the snow began to fall, Lucy found him twisting the tassels of his scarf and she took his hand, "Mr. Tumnus, what's wrong?"

He watched the snow settle on the old trees in Cair Paravel's orchard and said, "Nothing, truly, I just want you to do have the best Christmas."

"I shall. The smells are the best," She squeezed his hand and leaned her head against his shoulder before taking it off quickly, "Mr. Tumnus, you're getting cold. We're going inside and having hot chocolate and you can tell me what's being made in the kitchen."

They went inside together and though the goose was a trifle burnt, not due to any of Mrs. Badger's doing, the turner, a fox kit got distracted, it was a glorious meal. There were more cookies than anyone knew how to eat, the plum pudding and figgy pudding burned brightly and a young leopard found the coin.

The new kings and queens grew quiet deeper in the night as the yule log burned and Lucy twisted Tumnus's new red scarf around her fingers and said, "Thank you."

He heard the sadness in her voice and hugged her, humming a tune of his father's. In time she spoke again to say, "Its all rather wonderful, but I do hope Professor Kirke and Mother are having good Christmases."

"Of course they are in the land of Spare Oom," At his way of speaking of her home, she hiccuped a sob into a laugh and hugged him tightly.
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Last night I returned to Michigan to find a snow drift in front of my patio, all the snow from two drives in my complex has been pushed in front of it. This was not what I was hoping for as I had some cumbersome things to bring in and I was hoping to just put them on the porch and get them through my patio door, I ended up doing that but had to go around and do more hauling than I wanted. Though it reminded me how much I like where I've ended up living since someone said hello and told me that the other resident who lived here had complained as well. I've had lots of these small interactions since I moved in and its great, because it makes me feel like I've found a place where people care and watch out for each other. I left a message about it with the complex's office and one good thing came out of it, they finally fixed my loose oven door handle, but I have no idea if anything will change with the snow. My parent's surmise is probably right that they hire someone who just does what's easiest, I live on the corner so plow the snow there.

Today was also a good day as I returned to school and felt comfortable and as if I was coming back to a place that worked. I was able to figure out an issue with the computers, a teacher talked to me about her students doing research for exam week in the library and lots of wonderful little conversations. There are frustrations and issues to sort out, but it all makes me hopeful.

I'm going to try and do my best to take care of myself as well, which means waking up in enough time to make and bring my own tea. Last night I bought some granola bars when I did my brief grocery shop and I'll take some of them with me to eat during the day. I plan on doing leftovers and even frozen meals later on, but small steps that involve eating better are my focus. I'm trying to keep with a general eating, cooking mantra of eat better food, so more cooking, dishes that I can make on the weekend or on my earlier days to have at other times. My big basket of food goodies and equipment from my brother and sister-in-law will help with that, lots of sauces, salts and various tastes to test out. I'm going to do a big stock up at Trader Joe's this week and enjoy making food.

Weirdly or maybe not, I just felt more like I was truly being a professional today with my new jacket and gloves that kept me warm as I went to work. I plan on putting stuff up on my walls and just doing what I need to so that my apartment keeps feeling like mine.

This FicFriday was a nice one and I'm steadily working my way through my gift fics. Here I'm posting the Friday fics so I don't lose track of them.

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Title: Snow in your footsteps
Characters: Tumnus, Mrs. Beaver, Lucy Pevensie, mentions of Tumnus' father, the White Witch and other creatures in the woods of Narnia
Fandom The Chronicles of Narnia
Rating PG for mentions of character death and the threat of death
Disclaimer No one belongs to me, I'm simply borrowing them to write.
Summary: Five Times Tumnus hoped for snow to hide in and one time he welcomed it. A gift fic for [personal profile] dodger_sister who requested a story: regarding Tumnus and snow. I tried to make this a five times fic and I hope it worked and that you like it.

When the snow fell after Tumnus said he would watch the Lamppost for the Queen, he felt as if every step he left would mark him. )
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Today has been a quiet and lovely day for me and its not over yet. This morning I woke up to find an incredibly effusive comment from the person I wrote my Yuletide story for telling me how they loved it. Then I went and read my story which made me so happy. Its the Magid universe with Nick, Roddy, fairy tales, Romanov being grumpy and Maxwell Hyde taking charge, it has what I love of the world and makes me beam.

A Fairy Tale Romance (With Two Kisses). (5084 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Magids Series - Diana Wynne Jones
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Nick Mallory, Roddy Hyde, Romanov (Magids Series)

The problem with Sixteenth Birthdays, as Nick Mallory finds out, is that they are often the heralds for Great Adventure.

Unfortunately, the adventure wasn't for him, but to find him.

I haven't had time yet to dig into other fics as we had friends over for brunch and didn't open presents until a little later. My presents made me happy; two beautiful sweaters, iridescent earrings, bourbon, New Zealand wine, a bowl my father made, a piece of family china, an antique book of Voltaire from my grandfather's collection and some mad money to spend however I wish.

At the moment the house is quiet as my parents and sister are out taking a walk while I catch up on the world. One of the ways we do the holidays is lots of cooking so at a certain point there are enough leftovers to last days. The night I arrived we had duck, last night my father butterflied a turkey which was good and tonight leg of lamb.

I'm going to put up a holiday EP from Tumnus at some point this week, since my father's reading the Narnia books and Christmas and Narnia just fit. My sister heads off tomorrow and on Friday, there will be family celebration with my brother and his family, which means I have a few days to plunge into Yuletide fics, write gift fics and just be.

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! I hope that you're surrounded by those you love!
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At the moment there is a loaf of honey orange bread baking in my oven from a recipe in the New York Times' cookbook, almost all of my family presents are wrapped and I'm finally starting to accept that I have finished my first half year as a school librarian.

Today was a strange day, its one of those days that feels like it has many days in it, which is always a little odd. It began while it was still dark and lightly snowing, then the morning went by quickly in fifteen minute bursts with the students buzzing about with excitement for their secret Santas and various other stuff. The library felt wonderful and alive, then there was a holiday assembly.

What I love about this school is the assemblies are rather unplanned, anyone who wanted to perform just let the performing acts director know and then they could. There were kids playing music, doing comedy, singing and doing a forensic's skit, forensics is a type of judged performance. What was great was that middle school and high schoolers performed and everyone was clapped and cheered on. This school supports everyone, which is why I love it.

Then the school emptied because the afternoon was based around things done in homerooms. Some went out to lunch, some went to the movies, due to the weather, a lot of them watched movies and played video games and there was lots of food. I didn't interact with most of these but instead enjoyed a quiet library until at one point my supervisor went oh you haven't eaten, attach yourself to a homeroom. That didn't make sense to me just like inviting myself to the luncheon that ended up happening in the main office, I don't feel comfortable inviting myself. Its something that's been trained into me that you don't do but homerooms are how a lot of the social life of the school is built. Though whenever I've gone into a homeroom I've been very welcomed, so some of its in my head and being new. I will find my way in and some of that is going to involve talking to teachers and students to see if I can be a part of what they're doing as well as finding ways for the library to have a role in these sorts of not as structured days.

After school, my video gamers came back and were loud and rowdy and I kind of loved it. It makes me happy that even though they could just go home, they would rather be hanging out with friends in the library. Then I ventured into the blowing snow to buy dinner, which will provide food at the hotel tomorrow and fall over. Tonight there was a happy hour, a house warming and a sports event going on but I didn't have the energy for them.

Since I've been home and able to bake, talk to my parents and do some wrapping, I feel more rested. Its just been a long day and I think I reached the end of my socialness at school. This new job brings out interesting parts of me; the quiet observer who is learning the school, the extrovert who says see me and what I can do and the introvert who worries about pushing too hard. As this break progresses, I think I'm going to be able to realize more and more what I've done and can do, but for now I'm enjoying resting.

Tomorrow I set out for the east coast and will be there until the weekend of January 5th. Since my brother who lives in New Jersey is having Christmas with his wife's family, our family get together won't be until the weekend of New Year's. I'm thinking that possibly after that party, I might go catch Jersey transit and head to NYC, though only if people there have the space for me. Its been ages since I was in the City and I miss all the millimuns there. I also would love to connect with people in the Maryland area, which I wanted to do before new job whisked me away. Leave a comment or send me an email and we can plan. I've made it halfway through the year!

In terms of Yuletide, I finished mine last week and it turns out that I'm getting a Pinch Hit, which is nice. I was kind of worried when I didn't see a gift but not too much. It feels great to be hitting the road not having it hanging over me. I'm hoping that the drive will spur my brain on holiday prompts, which I'm still taking more here and hope to have them done by the New Year.

I have actually done some TwitterFics last week and this week, which I will post.
Two FicFridays )

My bread just beeped so I'm going to go check on it and then do some packing. The bread's a little dark but smells delicious, my oven is a good one. Far better than at my last apartment so I need to remember that.

Happy solstice!
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I've been running ever so slightly late for work this week and the last as all the stress of what I have to get done has been catching up with me. Today I took that as a sign and didn't go into work, which was what I needed. I've slept in and been able to knock a couple of things off my to do list. I now have more contacts, have ordered a really lovely pair of glasses though glasses are my back ups but still, these are cute and an investment.

Hello to everyone from the friending meme, I figure I should tell you something about myself now I'm not in as bad a place as I was yesterday.

-In September I started a job as a middle/high school librarian in a small independent school in the Michigan suburbs after spending a year looking for a job and living in Ann Arbor. I got my MSI degree at UoM and stayed there in the hopes of finding something. I write a lot about this job as the school hasn't had a full time librarian for a couple of years so I'm helping to define the position while I work. This is exciting and stressful and takes up a good bit of space here. If you'd like more context on my work, I have a librarian blog and my work tag is cowboy school.

-The other thing that takes up a good part of my time is [community profile] milliways_bar, a panfandom roleplaying game that I've been at since February 2006 or 2007, I'd have to check my dates. Milliways is one of my happiest places on the web and I'll often write about it on here as well as Milliways' specific fic. Over there I roleplay Will Scarlett from Robin Hood legends, Charles Xavier from X-Men: First Class, Sameth from the Abhorsen Chronicles, William Evans from 3:10 to Yuma, Moist von Lipwig from Discworld, Demeter from Greek Mythology, Jane Austen from Becoming Jane, Tumnus from Narnia, mainly book with some movie influences and The Pirate King from The Pirates of Penzance, 1983 Kevin Kline flavor.

-In terms of writing, I love finding ficathons to write for but often will be working on various pieces. The current fandom I'm writing the most for is X-Men: First Class because Charles Xavier creates far too many plot bunnies for me. I also roleplay him in Milliways and his point of view fits me. I've been lately getting into fic exchanges as I love them. This is my fourth year doing Yuletide, my second doing ineedmyfics and my first year doing the Narniaficexchange and I plan on doing more as writing for someone else makes me happy. Whenever I see a prompt meme that I like, it ends up on my journal and I try to fill all of them though sometimes they get lost.

-I grew up outside Philadelphia and consider myself an East Coaster though I've spent the last three years in Ann Arbor and have started a new job in Michigan. I love to travel and have lived abroad in New Zealand.

I think that's all for now. Two quick holiday reminders. If you would like a card and your address has changed or I've never sent you one before comment here and if you would like a gift fic comment here. I can't promise that either of them will get done by Christmas but they will happen.
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Today was my last day of school for the week and tomorrow I'm driving to Jackson to spend Thanksgiving with [personal profile] dodger_sister and her family. It feels so nice to know that I will be coming and going from my very own apartment. I'm still recovering from being sick but I feel much more solid at work and at home. Today was full of great moments from talking to a student about books to watching some other guys coding and talking with a teacher. Also another teacher opened up enough to complain to me about another meeting, it felt like a definite opening up.

Though I'm still rather forgetful and have a to-do list to take care of for address changes as well as other issues, but they will get done. Some of its fun stuff like finding a headboard and a nice big bookcase. I feel like I'm actually fitting in at this new job, which is a great feeling.

One thing that I almost forgot is that last week, there was a lot of writing for Fic Friday and I never posted what I had written.

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It looks like Sandy might cause some trouble with getting my stuff out of Delaware and that might mean some more nights in the hotel.

I'm feeling kind of silly because I keep missing Slenderplot stuff, DW, you need to give me notifs when I track a thread. I do love how the plot is going and I need to remember to write a William OOM covering him getting a door and heading home since he's not involved in the endgame at all.

At the moment, I'm feeling tired but excited. Even if I don't move into my apartment this week, I will sign the lease and get the key and soon it will be mine. Then I can get out of this weird limbo.

In other good news, I'm just about finished with a big librarian blog post about this new job and it feels wonderful to write up all that I've done. I need to keep reminding myself that its only the end of the second month and that I'm still sorting out getting my own place to live. I've made a lot of progress.

Yesterday I didn't head into school and messed up telling who I needed to, there are still many things I need to organize for work, but I have some great allies there. That makes me hopeful, I have connected.

Another fun part of yesterday was that FicFriday was busy and I wrote a lot.

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My body is being unhelpful this week, I didn't go to work on Thursday because I woke up feeling wobbly. Yesterday went okay but today I'm back to feeling out of it as my head hurts and I can't seem to find where my energy's gone off to. I apologize if I'm too quiet or snap a little bit, I haven't been feeling my best, but I'm trying to take care of myself.

I'm also worrying about lots of things even though I think I'm doing okay at work, there's just a lot to do. I have an idea for a librarian blog post of what I've done and what's in the works for this first month, but need to check with my supervisors if I should write it. As I'd like to use that blog to record some of the changes and things I notice at the school and my journey as I figure out how to do this. Writing is what helps me get through things and this is such a big job that I need to take time to stop and look at what I've done.

In good news, the roleplaying club is coming together and another student asked me to the supervisor for a video game club. I love that the kids get that I want to support them in their gaming and make it more a part of what happens at school. I just hope that I can get the teachers to see how gaming connects to the bigger conversation about living online and everything like that. It's just a lot and next week are parent-teacher conferences and I have no idea what I'll be doing during them, which is also stressful.

At Milliways, I'm loving the Slenderplot and so glad that people are willing to let Charles slip into their dreams as its a part of the way he works I find interesting. Will's not being as loud, but I'm hoping to get him more involved in the endgame as I love his connected with Jack of the Green. William's involved in a quiet way, which I like since the different levels to approach the plot are nice. Thank you [personal profile] misslucyjane for putting this together.

Yesterday was Friday, which means there was FicFriday and I wrote a nice variety.
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This morning I checked out the Holiday Inn and settled in a place with actual suites. I have a kitchen and will be going shopping later today to get herbal tea, hot chocolate and stuff for lunch and dinner, though this place does provide dinner four nights a week. Its not too far from school, not as close as the other one but its nicer. Fall has truly arrived in Michigan, the days are grey, chilly and sometimes there's rain, but I feel as if its all possible. I think October is going to go a lot better than September as I've found my feet.

I have some ideas of what I might ask for when Yuletide sign ups happen, I always ask for at least one Diana Wynne Jones' canon, probably will ask for Tommy and Tuppence and definitely The Seven Realms. In terms of what I offer, that's going to be a little trickier as there are always ones that are stretches and some that are easy.

In wonderful writing news, I seem to have got my writing groove back and thanks to the awesome Graveyard Smash ficathon have now written two things.

What's Mine, a Natasha fic with an appearance from Mystique.

Only the moon howls, a Ruby from Once Upon a Time fic.

It feels wonderful to have the words coming, they've been slow lately. The tropes' meme got me going a little but I've been so busy and stressed that I haven't been writing as much as I normally do. There's at least a few of those prompts that want to be larger.

Yesterday was quite busy with TwitterFicFriday as well.
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I left my host's place before noon today and checked into the Holiday Inn by a little after 2. They gave me a great rate for staying longer term and there's a furnished apartment, extended stay place across the street that I'm going to talk to and see how they work out. The hope is that I'll have my own place by the end of October, but I'm going to have numerous back up plans in case that doesn't happen.

I'm going to find a thank you card and some sort of basket of goodies to thank my host for keeping me for so long. The leaving went pretty well but I want to make sure to give her a nice gift once I've had time to really stretch a bit more. Its amazing to look at the hotel room, which isn't huge but I have my own TV, there's a fridge and outlets so I can use my kettle, they'll make me breakfast and I'm within walking distance of the school and downtown Birmingham. Talking on the phone with my mom, she said that I sound more like me and I think that's true; sharing a space for so long has been much more stressful than I realized. Now that I'm not doing it, I feel like this huge weight is off of me. My mom also pointed out that finding a new place to live should be fun and since I've been feeling pressed in terms of time, it hasn't been fun, its felt horribly rushed. Now I've got more time to take my time and find the right place for me.

At the moment I'm in a Starbucks that I walked to and I'm thinking about getting myself a new ring. I should explain about the jewelery I always wear and why that's one. I think the first ring I had that I wore all the time was my high school ring, then one from a boyfriend, then I picked up this beautiful ring when I spent a month in France, then my college ring from Randolph-Macon Woman's College, I stopped wearing it when they became co-ed though it still lives next to my bed. After that I somehow ended up having rings to coincide with all my big life shifts, sometimes bracelets as well but my current one from Ann Arbor is still together and has next to it a bracelet from my older brother and his wife that was a Christmas present. They love buying me jewelery, but it doesn't always perfectly fit my style, this bracelet does. The jewelery that changes every day are my earrings and necklace and I have many options for those, but watch, bracelets and ring stay the same. Just since my amber ring was getting bent and broken, I haven't been wearing it and its time for a new one. I can feel the callous it created as I have big knuckled and small fingers.

Tonight I'm considering going to see possibly Looper if I can find it at one of the two theaters in town here, but if I can't I will enjoy watching my very own TV. I'm going to miss Zadie snuggles when I come home, but not having to pass through someone else's space will be fantastic.

Tomorrow is the All School Picnic, which sounds like a bit of a carnival with lots of groups like clubs, teams and classes selling stuff for fundraisers. It should be a lot of fun and rather chaotic but I don't have to stay for all of it just as much as I want and then Monday, I will be so much closer to school. This was the right step for me.

Now to post all the fic I wrote yesterday as there were a lot of them and I'd rather not lose track of them.
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A grey day

Sep. 22nd, 2012 03:18 pm
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I slept wonderfully late today, it was just what I needed. Last week was weird, because I didn't have school on Monday, Tuesday was long as were the rest of the days. Yesterday though was pretty amazing.

I'm helping to run a roleplaying club at school, the first meeting was after school. It went well, we got a decent turnout and there will be more as we publicize it more. The senior who did a lot of the organization is going to need a bit of handling as he's someone who has so many ideas and knows stuff, that he wants to share, but he has a way of talking over people. While the other kids are so far pretty quiet but I think I can bring them out. Since most of them have never played before, I'm going to run a one shot game next week to give them a feel for D&D, my plan is to really make it about the feel of the game not as much the rules. Then after the start of October, there will be the expo for clubs and that should get more people. I hope to have either multiple games or board games, I want this to be really open. The student who did some organizing hasn't quite grasped yet how easily RP stuff can feel like just this group of people type of thing.

I also had one of those rather strange revelations of I have a lot more experience than I realized. Various games kept being mentioned and I went oh, played that, know that, which impressed and surprised the students. Also the girl who sat down, which made me so happy got all smiley when I mentioned that I wrote fanfic and used Ao3. I love the fact that I can bring this part of myself into my job even if not everyone understands it, but I can be a mentor. After school, I dropped off the rental application for the place I really want and if it all works, I hope to move in at the start of October. That would be great as all my sweaters are in storage and the weather's turned cold.

This past Friday was also the return of FicFriday, which I always love. And I'm still collecting ideas on the tropes' meme I need to actually write down more of the ideas I have for the amnesiac fic before I lose them.

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I finished my second week and have a long weekend. This morning I looked at places to live and I could see myself living in three of the places I saw. As I was looking, I kept thinking about how my mother told me she knew the house I grew up in was the right one. What she did was she was able to see all of her stuff in it. I had that feeling in a few of these places and it makes me so hopeful. Though I also realized that I'm probably going to need to buy more furniture as even the small spaces have more space than what I had in Ann Arbor. Today and this weekend is all for stretching and planning as my hostess is off for the long weekend, so I have the house all to myself. Currently I'm in Birmingham and looking around for a new ring as I think its the end of the road for my amber flower ring. After I'm done in Starbucks, I'll probably head back and try to figure out what to do for dinner.

This week went better than last week, it had some bumps in it but over all I feel like this is where I fit. I'm getting used to the school schedule and the kids. Yesterday some boys had some trouble but I was able to help them get space. Then another teacher who knows the situation was able to take over. That's what prompted the tweet about kids living life so intensely, they went from having fun together to crying. It hurt to see but they're in good hands and I do feel like I fit.

I also got paid for the first time yesterday, two paychecks and I feel like I've gained another measure of adulthood. Its rather more money than I've had and I earned it. I mean I've supported myself and lived on my own, but this is an actual salary. It means in the future, I can plan trips and doing more.

Yesterday there was also the return of TwitterFicFriday, which I've missed. I ended up writing a number of stories and put up a big multipup EP over in the sandboxes as this weekend is about relaxing and creating. I'm hoping to head to the school on Monday and sort out some of the huge amount of stuff in the back room.

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This week has been strange and wonderful and long. Classes started on Tuesday, there was an assembly and I introduced myself to the school. Then I spent the rest of the week sitting in the library with my laptop set up and being visible and plotting. I have so many notes in Evernote about the library everything from my observations, to dos, wants, coursebook lists and I know that the people who hired me trust me to make good choices. That was the thing that kept echoing throughout the week as teachers checked in and asked me questions and administrators told me what was possible. I also talked to students, who seem to like me. A group of guys asked me if I did tabletop and I'm going to help them restart a gaming club. Books were taken out, I helped a lot with the copier and told many kids to not eat in the library, but they kept coming in. This is the overview version as I'm rather worn out today. Later I might do a more in-depth post since its a really fascinating school and feels like a great fit.

Other big thing that I want to mention is that in July and August, I wrote for two different fic exchanges and now I can share them with you. They'll end up on Ao3 in the near future, possibly tonight but that depends on how much energy I have.

The first one was for [community profile] narniaexchange and I wrote a fic called Fragile Layers set during The Horse and his Boy and received a beautiful story about Tumnus called The Temperate Faun. This was the fic that inspired me to put a pre-canon Tumnus in the sandboxes as it just fit so well with how I think of him. Now posted on Ao3 here.

Then today the stories were posted for [community profile] ineedmyfics and this is the second year I've participated. I love this little exchange. I wrote a Firefly story for [personal profile] silveraspen called No straight lines about River and received a wonderful Ron and Hermione fic called Marry Me. There are a lot of great fics posted. That fic can now be found on Ao3 right here.

I plan on sleeping in tomorrow, going and getting brunch somewhere and then possibly sitting and just reading The Once and Future King for a while. Oh and Charles is still an owl in Milliways and this EP and threads has been making me beam all day.

Also the school recommended realtor is going to put together lists of places for me that I can go look at. He's the partner of the performing arts director. Now I could find a place on my own, but there are so many little neighborhoods in this area and if someone else will look for me, I'll take it. This is part of the school showing me, we want to help you.
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I realized last night why the tiredness I'm going through feels familiar, I honestly feel jet lagged. Its weird but makes sense after all the packing and then all the driving, my body isn't sure what its supposed to be doing. This also means I haven't been doing all the loose end errands I need to just yet, but I will. The other fun thing is my father has changed to Gmail and I'm now the closest computer person at some points. Its wonderful to see him figuring stuff out.

Also I can't watch the Olympics and it sucks. My parents recently gave up their cable and apparently in this area, without cable you can't even get normal TV stations. That means all my Olympic news comes from Twitter, Tumblr and whatever I can find, its weird, but nice. There are no annoying announcers but I really miss just watching the various sports happen. Just having the Olympics on is one of my favorite things. I might need to get myself to a sports bar or something at some point to see it. Is it possible to watch the BBC stuff in the US? Does anyone know how I could do that?

Oh and last night, I had a strange dream. I was working in a huge big box store that seemed to have a little bit of everything. My job before closing was to go around and do things with books and then I discovered a Renn Faire/LARP session in the far back. Then the dream combined confusing roleplaying with retail work, it was one of the stranger dreams I've had in a while.

Yesterday was Friday, I almost forgot that as its been a weird and long week. So I ended up writing some FicFriday stories. And tomorrow or the next day, the [community profile] narniaexchange stories will finally be posted! I won't be able to share which one's mine until later but people other than my betas can read it.

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Last night I didn't actually sleep. I meant to, I planned on it but it never happened. The darkness in my apartment was just too deep that I didn't even try. Instead I wore down the battery on my phone and laptop watching The Hollow Crown, which is amazing and reading Courtney Milan novellas and listened to the NPR music app, I love that app.Though my two cheap purchases yesterday were amazing, the little flashlight from 826 Michigan, which has yet to need new batteries. Then I also bought one of those handheld fans which have water in them, useful thing.

I've spent the majority of my day cafe hopping in search of AC and free wifi and feeling almost pummeled by the weight of the heat today. I also just realized that I somehow missed dinner and after work have to get my car from the parking garage, pick up a person for Kids Reads Comics and drop them where they're staying then head home.

According to DTE, my power should be restored between 9:30 and 11:30 tonight which would be wonderful. I think my frozen food should be okay as its all precooked stuff.

I've yet to get an estimate from Two men and a truck, so I'm guessing they lost power and haven't had a chance to email me. This worries me as I really want to get the moving company settled. Depending on how things go, I'll either email them or phone them tonight just to go, I want to hire you, please don't forget me. Since I've been up almost all day today, I've written a lot of FridayFic as they're a wonderful distraction from everything.

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I have a plan for the end of the summer, it needs some tweaks and details figured out but I know where I'm headed. As at this point I don't think a job is going to swoop in before my lease runs out, I'll move back to Delaware. Most of my stuff will end up in storage as I live with my parents again, volunteer as much as possible at the Lewes library and keep looking for work. I have a mentor at that library and I'm going to visit friends and connect and reach out as much as possible.

July will be full of packing, getting rid of stuff and plotting but I can do this. Now I don't think I'll have another night of not being able to sleep due to the terror of what happens next. I hope this won't be a long term measure, but it's what I need to do next. I've done what I came to do in Michigan and now I go and grow elsewhere.

Tomorrow I'm going to be working for four hours as the Ann Arbor Book Festival swirls around the Diag.

This Friday Fic was nice and not quite as busy as others but here's what I've written this week.

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This week and today especially feel so long. I'm getting myself back into my job search and feeling scared by it. I know I can do the jobs I've been interviewing for, but I need to be better about putting myself out there. In the hopes of being a little louder I wrote a new librarian blog post Inspiration and Mirrors: the stories I'm connecting to. It's mainly about [profile] seananmcguire and Charles Xavier as they're my touchstones of late.

Today on my way to work and on the way back, I was feeling quite aware of my personal space and every ache. I wish I hadn't been because the Ann Arbor Summer Festival starts tonight and I passed two free concerts but I didn't feel up to being around people. Work was full with two long reference phone calls where I ended up feeling lost and not sure how much I helped. I'm picking up more hours at work, because money's good and so is filling my time.

Tomorrow I'm going to give myself a day of self-care as I seriously need it with how job doubt and various pains are sneaking up on me. My plan is to try and wake up a little early for me, go to the Kerrytown Farmer's Market, spend some of my gift card at Zingerman's, maybe even buy some gin or rum at the liquor store and hopefully arrange or have a massage. I know if I arrange it, it'll probably be nicer but another part of me just wants to walk in somewhere and be taken care of. Any advice?

I'm growing to really love #FicFriday as writing is one of my favorite things and I adore the challenge of writing in a tweet. As always if I've missed a prompt or a fill, let me know. I always put them up the day of since I know if I wait too long, I'll lose them all.

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