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Life is going at the moment as I keep being productive with things I truly didn't expect. [livejournal.com profile] sharp_teeth keeps giving me ideas and I've never written horror before and when I do write horror, it tends towards kind of Poe and Hawthorne inspired type. Also I'm trying to follow [livejournal.com profile] newredshoes's example and not hide away my writing as I'm proud of it and seem to be doing more of it. The first was for a prompt from [livejournal.com profile] ashen_key and is 3:10 to Yuma moviever, the second one is a Supernatural one but no spoilers for anything.

In terms of job things, yesterday I got emails from two places saying the positions were filled. Oddly it didn't really hurt as with jobs I'm glad to hear something from anyone. I'm currently planning some talks with some of my parents' friends and possible mentors over the Thanksgiving break and I have another blog post I want to write up at some point.I've also fallen behind in my book reviews on Library Thing and here as I've been reading and rereading some wonderful things lately.

Work is getting busy as the middle of the semester hits and students are realizing they need sources. I do love helping people research, it just makes me happy.

I've also had the feeling of this Halloween/Samhain being a real turning point in a way I can't quite put my finger on yet. A lot of this is due to the incredible tarot reading that [livejournal.com profile] neenie did for me but just how I feel. I feel confident enough to put my writing out there for strangers at the same time as I'm putting myself out there for work.

Going On

Feb. 12th, 2011 01:22 am
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I still feel remarkably shattered from what happened today but I feel much more hopeful. I emailed the people in charge of the Pep stuff and they're going to see what's going on. I have time to register for classes in the second half of the second semester and if need be, I'll drop or audit my seminar class. Its the only one I don't need to graduate.

Thank you so much for all your good thoughts. I had a long talk with my parents that helped as they pointed out how not having a consistent advisor didn't help matters and that I have allies. They're right, SI is a good place, I just hit a bump.

Then my mom and I ended up talking about fanfiction and it made me happy as I was able to explain to her my reasons. It reminded me just how much I love writing and I think I'll be putting up another prompt meme and I wrote a Will OOM that makes me happy. He's the first character I ever really wrote or told about and I love him. Maybe someday I'll share my tales of him with more of the world.

Now I'm going to do round two of the icon meme with icons from [livejournal.com profile] wanderlustlover, if you'd like some of your own to talk about just comment and ask me.

Dean is my favorite part of Supernatural and one of my favorite television characters, because he feels so real with his hurts and his vices. I spotted this icon on a community somewhere and went yes. I love the softness in his face and the words, time rambles on and its worth remembering. What's horrible today won't be tomorrow.

At one point, LJ had this weird glitch where random icons would appear instead of the ones you meant to use. This popped up in a thread I was doing with [livejournal.com profile] the_croupier and I snagged it. I think it might actually be from Twilight but I love the sentiment, strange and overpowering love and the graphics are just right.

On one of the icon communities I follow someone posted a bunch of text icons and this was one of them. Its really important to me to say thank you and be grateful and I like the simplicity and look of this. They're two words that can brighten a day.

This was another one that I found one day and went, oh yes. I think I was during one of the many transitions I've had in the last few years and it just felt right. I like how its hopeful, but a reminder that sometimes the things you really want aren't easy.

I realized that I needed a tea icon and this one perfectly suits my idea of how to spend an afternoon with a cup of tea, a good book and something to munch on. It really is good for the heart.

Oh and I still have the tarot spread I did laid out on my living room floor. I just don't feel ready to move it yet.
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I've made it through another week of classes, now I just have work left. Things are going pretty good this week, things are coming up but I think I can handle them. The weather here is horribly cold but the sidewalks and streets are passable. I've noticed that the cold has made my resolutions to eat better not really hold but I have tasty things to cook when I have time so soon there will be sweet potato soup or eggplant curry. Tonight when I head home in about an hour and twenty minutes from this long shift, I'll have leftover pizza and that suits me just fine. Life is good.

I'm almost finished reading The Queen of Attolia and I love it and will pick up the next book in the series on Friday after work. That same day I'll be trying to figure out if I really will graduate, the online stuff made me nervous. I think I should be okay and SI is helpful and I think when I have my break at the end of February, I'll get into gear with job stuff. I know I should start now but I'm scared because there's just so much to do and I'm not sure where to start. For now, I'm focusing on having a good semester, not getting sick and doing a good job on all the things I'm doing.

The icon meme popped up on my flist again thanks to [livejournal.com profile] katernater, if you'd like me to pick five of your icons so you can write about them comment and tell me.

This is my cat face icon for when friends need online fuzz therapy. I used to have a tabby cat and this image makes me think of her and miss her.

Becoming Jane is one of my favorite movies because I adore Jane Austen and the movie captured all the reasons I love her. This is her with Tom Lefroy and I love the look they're sharing of yes, we fit together.

I'm learning to be a librarian and I realized that I needed a good reading/library icon. I found this one and went yes, that's me when I was little and someday I'll be that girl's librarian.

Band of Brothers is an amazing mini-series and someplace I found icons with Monty Python quotes and I grew up on Monty Python, so I knew I needed this icon. Sadly I don't actually use it very often but it makes me grin.

Due to classes and getting confused by the plot, I haven't actually watched Supernatural in a while, but its a show I like. One of my favorite parts about it is the brothers' relationship and this icon captures a great moment of things working. Maybe I should rewatch some of the earlier seasons.
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This week has been utterly weird. I don't have any classes or work until Sunday night, which seems like I should be wonderfully relaxed and getting things done.

Sadly this isn't quite true, I've ended up with a bizarre sleeping pattern all this week. I'll wake up around 6:30 or so in the morning and panic thinking I've slept through the day. I get up and start turning on lights and then look at my cell phone which has am and pm as opposed to my watch and go, oh its morning. Then I go back to sleep and tend to wake up around 1 am. This has meant that I don't feel really rested and I'm just sore in lots of places, so my normal round of walking is tiring. I think a lot of this is I've been so wound up with stress that its taking me a while to truly relax, but I'm also still worried about finding an internship and getting my place ready for my parents to visit.

So tomorrow I'm going to wake up and go do lots of useful errands, Sunday I pick up a bookcase and work, Tuesday I get to join a tabletop game and then my parents arrive around Wednesday or Thursday. Also I'm working my way through all the awesome prompts and I'm still open for new ones over here.

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee.

Icons from [livejournal.com profile] doihearawaltz, [livejournal.com profile] walksbyherself and [livejournal.com profile] spooky_lemur are under the cut. There is a bit of repetition so if two people asked for an icon, it only gets one explanation.

Look at the pretty pictures. )
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I ended up finishing up a redo of the book review and I have a plan for my presentation today, I'm just so tired but the end is in sight. Also I really enjoyed Supernatural last night, I think I can say without any spoilers that I love it when its really a show about family.

So I'm going to put up a little meme from [livejournal.com profile] newredshoes since I like the idea of it and its just a happy one, which I feel like I need with how long things are. Though this is a slightly harder meme than I expected and my answers were a bit longer than I thought they'd be.

Give me a color and I will name ten things in that color that I like.
I was given blue.

1-The sea, my mother's originally from Northern California so I spent my childhoods partly by the Pacific and now my parents have retired to the Delaware Shore. Whenever I travel, I search out ways to be near the water like Greece and New Zealand. I love all the various blues of the sea and how it changes and moves.
2-Paua shell or abalone which is this amazing shell that could almost be the sea with shifting shades of blues and purples and I wish I had more paua jewelery.
3-Blue of the University of Michigan, I'm almost finished one half of my program at SI and the wonderful sense of camaraderie and hard work here is wonderful. Next year, I'll actually get to a football game.
4-My eyes, I have blue eyes and they're one of my favorite features.
5-The sky, like the sea, I love all the shifting shades you can find in the sky and so a lot of my pictures tend to be musings on storm clouds or blue sky through branches.
6-A dark blue bracelet that I wear every day from this wonderful store in Lewes, the beads are a medium size and I love the weight of it. Its a little too early in the morning for me to remember what kind of stone they're made of.
7-My various Norton Anthologies of English Literature in their dark blue covers, I love reading deep into text and they represent one of my favorite undergrad courses, the survey of British Literature.
8-The lovely blue eyes of a number of my favorite actors; James MacAvoy, Jude Law and others, mm pretty men.
9-My car, this might be cheating slightly since its color is a grey but it has some blue tones in it and after driving around North of Detroit for a while, I'm grateful for how solid and sturdy it is.
10-Blueberries, tasty little bites of summer.
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The AAA guy just left and was very helpful but apparently I need a new battery. He was willing to sell me one since at this point from Mazda, I'd be paying for service and only half of the price. I'll probably call him to get a new battery but this just makes me sigh because life is crazy at times. I've been recently planning my first solo road trip on break down to Kentucky to see [livejournal.com profile] moofoot and [livejournal.com profile] wordsthatfail so this is the month for learning more about my car.

Also I think this is kind of an odd sign that I hadn't charged my ipod yet since I mainly listen to it in the car.

So since I have time before I have to head up for class at 5, its time for an awesome meme from [livejournal.com profile] dynastessa as I try to figure out how to get to sword stuff without my car.

Comment and I'll give you three of your fandoms, then copy and paste the questions onto your journal and fill it out.

[livejournal.com profile] dynastessa gave me:
1. Chronicles of Narnia
2. Harry Potter
3. Supernatural

Lots of interesting questions )
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I'm going to be learning stunt fighting on Thursdays and Sunday, its exercise, theater and utterly awesome. Life is just really good.

I need to take care of my 502 homework and there's a new Supernatural and Gina Torres is on Vampire Diaries which is odd and so I'm watching it.
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I woke up this morning and somehow got to work, I'm not even quite sure how I did. Luckily it was quiet and all the way there I kept wishing I was home, but it was one of those things that the time it would have taken to turn on my laptop, find the people to email and call, I would have been there. So I went to work which was quiet and then to my discussion section which was pretty interesting, we talked about distance collaboration and tagging.

Sadly though, I'm not feeling that much better and so the title of this entry, for some reason all the phlegm from coughing and being congested has ended up with my mouth just tasting like I've gargling salt water which I hate doing.

Ann Arbor is currently being invaded by OSU fans due to the big game and rivalry tomorrow so I think I will spend this weekend hiding away and trying to feel better. Old Kingdom folks, I have plans for plot, I even wrote some of them out, I just need to put them up here. I'll try and get that done this weekend.

In terms of Supernatural last night, I've been watching this whole season when I come home from class and the volume on the CW on my tv is always rather low and I feel like most episodes, I'm not really able to give my full attention to. So I think to really get a good sense of it, I'm going to end up watching it all on dvd.
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I just went and bought hopefully my only textbook for class and I know I need to go home and print up my class schedule and pin it to my wall. Then write my work schedule on top of it while also stopping at the post office to finally mail off my dad's birthday card and get stamps so wonders of wonders, I can mail stuff to people.

The only problem is my body doesn't really want to move, my ankle's been hurting more this week and so stairs and hills are not fun and I have to do a decent amount of both to get home. I think also that allergies are being a pain too along with girl parts so this is a reminder to myself, make an appointment at the health center to keep healthy.

In the meantime, I think when I get home after taking care of my calendar stuff, I'm going to have some fun with scanning and maybe hang some more things up on my walls and put some boxes into storage. I have too much stuff around my apartment and the catch on my trash can in my kitchen seems to be broken just to add to the fun.

Right, I can do this, I just need to actually get moving. Oh and I realized something kind of depressing, since I have class till 8:30 pm on Thursday nights, I'll probably be missing watching Supernatural which sucks. I know there are various other places to watch it but I love all the discussion that happens on my flist as it airs.

This ended up not as happy as I wanted, I am excited about classes starting, I guess I'm just feeling nervous and slightly odd, but it will pass and soon I'll be talking about classes and work.
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I'm watching disc five of Season 2 of Supernatural and these are some of the best episodes of scene. They just run the wonderful gamut from heartbreaking and funny, this is why I love this show.

And I think I'm really a confirmed Dean girl, Sam's such a wonderful dork but just gah Dean is just great. Last night I watched a couple from Season 1 and I love the one with the strega, they're just so good.
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Yesterday I finally watched the finale and I have to say that it was really good. I'm going to put some thoughts under a cut and will probably watch it again soon.

Judgment Day )

Otherwise, not too much to say, I'm still stuck in my own waiting room and hoping that I'll hear from Michigan soon. I'll probably be having a slightly early night tonight since early tomorrow, my car's oil is getting changed but otherwise I'm just around.
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I woke up today feeling rather off because I had a strange dream about going to buy a wedding dress and I found the perfect one for something like 500 dollars at that crazy store that has a tv show, Kleinfields. What made it weird was the person I was going to marry, was while a wonderful boyfriend and all someone who is not in a position to ever marry me at this point in time.

So I woke up feeling grumbly and then discovered its grey and raining. I went out to my favorite Chinese place to read since I'm almost finished Mortal Coils which is wonderful but oddly making me more antsy about wanting to hear about Michigan. Also I downloaded the finale of Supernatural but haven't felt up to watching it just yet.

Its that thing of I know where I want to be but I just need to be told yes I can go and then young people and stuff. Part of this also came about since last night I went to this dinner party/fundraiser for the Lewes Historical Society with my parents and the food was great, people were nice but I was the youngest by a couple of decades. I think it just made me feel rather lonely and the dream made it even more so. This past week has just been harder than I expected but I think tomorrow I'm going to drive out to Rehoboth and walk around there, maybe buy some books, then pick up some Nightside books at the library.

Also I wanted to ask again, if I were to be in NYC the weekend of May 28th etc, would anyone be willing to have be crash on your couch? I can bring dvds, chocolate and other good bribing things?
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It now feels like summer, I just came back from a walk in town and I feel sweaty and icky. Also one of the places on the canal is having a parrothead party and during my walk back a guy offered me a pass to it. That just made me grin slightly and its also nice to see Lewes bustling and full of summer crowds.

So a fun little meme from [livejournal.com profile] djcati:

Comment to this entry and I'll pick up to three of your fandoms. You must then update your journal and answer the following questions:
1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3. Favorite episodes/books/movies, etc?
4. Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
5. Do you think more people should get into this fandom?

She gave me Robin Hood, World of Darkness and Supernatural )


May. 15th, 2009 06:36 pm
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I haven't heard anything back from Michigan since I sent off the information that they should phone Randolph-Macon and its weighing on me. Also I didn't sleep really well last night so I've been feeling tired and not quite here all day. We're having some friends over for dinner which I hope will go better than the last time we had them over and the husband gave me a slight panic attack about Michigan.

Trek last night was a lot of fun and I really love the music and feel of the world they created and it made me smile to see how much my parents both enjoyed it especially since they watched the Original Series when it came out.

Since my parents are going off on another trip at the end of this month, I'm thinking this time I will head off somewhere too. Would anyone in NYC possibly have a bed or a couch free for the weekend of the 29th and 30th of May? I'm not sure exactly when I'd head up, it all depends on ferry schedules and such but I'd hope to make it a long weekend if I could since those are just more fun.

Thank you for all the good prompts and I'm still open for more, writing is a good way to fill my time instead of worrying and waiting.

Now I'm off to go be social but I'll be on later tonight and I have another Princess Tutu disc to watch and I still need to see the SPN finale so if its streaming somewhere or just downloadable, help me out.
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The prompts this time are from [livejournal.com profile] kcountess who found them on [livejournal.com profile] 31_days and this a new round of them. I need distraction as I wait to find out if Michigan has either found or is getting a new copy of my Randolph-Macon transcript.

All I want is for them to just say yes, we want you. I'm probably going to see Star Trek again tonight which should be fun though I realized it means I'll be missing the SPN finale, yay for the internets.

So yes, prompts, make lot of requests for any of my pups, fandoms etc, I love writing and challenging myself to write stuff. Pick some prompts and tell me what character(s) or pairings you want from my canons/games and I will try and fill them. At some point.

1. Mischief of one kind and another
2. an old friend you just met
3. One’s company.
4. This too shall pass.
5. there are cracks in the universe
6. Blades don’t need reloading.
7. Learn to live like an animal
8. just abnormal enough to survive
9. Dark they were, and golden-eyed.
10. Too proud to be a queen.
11. A walking study of demonology
12. The sun of life’s morning
13. feral child raised by puppets
14. Every day’s a treasure
15. So the shadows can dance
16. A playfully dangerous stranger
17. he had what he thought he lacked
18. fists and knees and teeth and elbows
19. Dream-burned, wandering children of shade
20. Living is easy with eyes closed
21. Home Is. Run. No. More.
22. too hungry to dance
23. Fighting fire with marshmallows
24. just an earthbound misfit, I
25. May dangers create of us heroes
26. Sift the human storm
27. it only hurts when I cry
28. Under the stars and smaller than men
29. Life is Inevitable and Death Goes On
30. In the custody of trolls
31. The 36th alternative
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This past week I've been having a lot of trouble getting to sleep, my thoughts have always kept me up slightly but recently its been even worse. Normally I'll be asleep by around 4 or maybe a bit later but lately its been more like 5 or even 6. I think I just figured out why, I'm a complete bundle of nerves and tightly wound since I'm just waiting on Michigan.

I've done everything I can think to do and I'm trying to find ways to fill my day but that's being harder than I expected. Later today I'm going to volunteer at the library which I'm really looking forward to, I just hate this feeling that it won't be enough. I've been feeling unhealthy and ill at ease since my parents went to California, falling into bad eating habits and just not always liking what I see of myself.

I know that I've done everything I can possibly do for Michigan and this is just nerves and I have a goal and soon things will slot into place and I'll get control back. I'll have classes and hopefully a job and a schedule and find a fun way to exercise and be around young people again and just get myself back.

Its the fear and wonder and worry that I haven't done enough that gets me. I really wish all of you lived closer because I think what I really need is what I used to do at Randy-Mac, hang out in someone's room and watch something good or silly and just forget about the world. I have the second disc of Princess Tutu and seasons 1 and 2 of Supernatural but I'd trade them all for someone to just be here or a voice that's not just my own. At this point I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep but I'm not going to get dressed just yet. I'll log into aim and be around for a bit if anyone else is awake.
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I have my third recommendation lined up!! Now I just have to write my academic statement and send in the online application along with an email to the admissions people to say this is on its way. I'm still waiting for my transcript from New Zealand but its all so close.

I decided to buy the first two seasons of Supernatural so they're on their way and now I'm going to go and grab lunch someplace or just go read before I start the next stage of writing. For this last day, I tag whoever wants to do it and has something happy to share.
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I just wrote my personal statement for Michigan and I'm going to upload it to their website and then walk into town and buy myself some earrings.

I still haven't decided which of the Supernatural dvds to buy first, start at the beginning or with season 2 so I can pick up where I was watching with Rick.

Life is just feeling good and hopeful and for the next round I'll tag [livejournal.com profile] daniidebrabant.

ETA: I just realized that I actually have more money than I thought left for this month even with buying myself some lovely earrings today, they're silver stylized feathers. So now I'm considering buying seasons 1 and 2 of SPN.
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*flails* God Supernatural, when you're good, you're good. Also all three seasons are on sale on amazon for twenty dollars each and I'm not sure which ones to get.

I think I can afford maybe one or maybe two. Should I go in order or just go straight to the good stuff, thoughts flist?

Though it means my I did the GRE earrings maybe a little cheaper, oh and [livejournal.com profile] austen I will write that fic at some point, its just hiding in my brain at the moment.
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1. Post about something that made you happy today.

2. Repeat for eight days.

3. Tag eight people to do the same.

Today I tag [livejournal.com profile] wordsthatfail because she needs happiness and this is a small way to send it.

I just went for a wonderful walk into town and almost lost my hat on the way back because its sunny and windy. The shop I wanted to buy some celebratory GRE earrings was actually closed as they're doing some rearranging but I found a card for [livejournal.com profile] dynastessa and started reading The Secret Country by Pamela Dean. I'm already really enjoying it since its a wonderful take on kids find another world during the summer since they argue and feel real. Oh and I had a dream where Sam Winchester was working at Starbucks and we had a wonderful talk but then when I went out I couldn't find my car.

In graduate school news, I just asked the children's librarian at the Lewes Library to write me a recommendation and yesterday I started brainstorming for my statements. I'm going to try and just write a little bit every day and I think they'll go quickly. Now if I could just get my body to be nicer to me, I'd be happier, having my period start the day I took the GREs was just not fair.


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