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I finished my fact-checking job! I found out that I really like fact-checking even though it kind of eats all my mental space. It reminds me of when I was working at the Seaport Museum and I got lost in logbooks to prepare them for archive precis, but this time I'm making sure the history given to kids is right. Also people pay me to go poke history and go, you know, that seems way too simple. What's really going on? I love it and they pay me. I don't know if I'll get another book since I'll be traveling to DC the rest of the week and then off to LA for a job interview the next week but this is a freelance job I could do.

Since I'm uploading and emailing it all away and tomorrow driving to DC for the job fair, I'm going to open myself up to prompts. I miss writing and road trips are the best for giving me time to think and hopefully words to come out. DC folks, I'll have my laptop and if you need my telephone number, DM or PM or whatever me, because want to see you guys. I recall a fantastic Mexican place that I went with college friends somewhere around Dupont Circle that I want to find again and its Winter Soldier time. Movie watching probably won't happen as that always requires major planning but coffee, dinner, whatever works for me. I'll be free after 4:30 on Friday and all day Saturday.

Now for a great prompt meme from [personal profile] walksbyherself. Below the cut are One Hundred Prompts. Pick one or two or however many, give me characters and get a drabble or more. Open to AUs, RPs, everything. I want to write again.

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And I really need to do a road trip or something up New England way as this fact-checking reminded me that I last was a tourist in Boston when I was in high school. It was a marching band trip and a lot of fun but a few decades away.
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I'm currently sitting in Brooklyn after a day of travel to New York City and lots of reading in various cafes around Union Square. I'm up here because my life is rather strange, the University of Victoria invited me as an alumna to a lecture and reception at the UN tomorrow night. That means I get to see [personal profile] skygiants and [profile] arushindoll for a few days before heading back down to Delaware for my father's 75th birthday party. Then on Monday, I get to start volunteering at my local library and there's a job opening for a youth librarian at the library near where my brother lives in New Jersey. I feel like good things are coming my way and that its time to get to work creating the sort of life I want. That means focusing more on looking for jobs and cover letters and putting myself out there to be seen by the people I want to see me. Also just being in New York City always revitalizes me because it gives me a great sense of how diverse and wonderful the world is and how I can connect to it. I spent most of my afternoon sitting in a gorgeous cafe called Argo Tea reading the newest October Daye novel and feeling tired but content.

I love that Uncle Rob has hit upon where I am beautifully.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): If you were about to run in a long-distance
race, you wouldn't eat a dozen doughnuts. Right? If you were planning to
leave your native land and spend a year living in Ethiopia, you wouldn't
immerse yourself in learning how to speak Chinese in the month before
you departed. Right? In that spirit, I hope you'll be smart about the
preparations you make in the coming weeks. This will be a time to prime
yourself for the adventures in self-expression that will bloom in late
September and the month of October. What is it you want to create at
that time? What would you like to show the world about yourself?

In that same spirit, I recently complete two fics for exchanges that I can't share yet but I'm proud of both of them. They were in fandoms I know but focusing on characters that I don't normally write about and I hope their recipients end up liking them.

Fic Friday last week was wonderful and I wrote a good deal.
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I just realized that I forgot to post my Twitter fics and I always like to post them before the weekend is gone. This was an interesting Fic Friday, some nice ideas and I have so many things bubbling in my brain. My Narnia fic exchange is finally in motion and I have ideas about Pacific Rim and Teen Wolf fics that I need to pin down. I just feel like I'm finally moving forward. In the next few days, I'm going to be a little slower in terms of tagging as I'm off to visit friends in other parts of Michigan.

For @notsuestorm

Charles, one perfect moment

Erik was smiling, a true open smile and Charles was afraid his knees would go weak for the beauty of seeing him so fulfilled.

For @quiverby

far away

Moist watched the road stretch out in front of the car and Joshua poked him, "Where are you?" "Wondering about the end of the road."

wishes granted

Joshua ruffled his hair and whispered in his ear, "I know you might never tell me but if you do, I won't tell." "Mm, its Moist."


Helena hid her laugh behind a fan as Moist commanded the room, when he wanted to, he could dazzle anyone he wished to with a smile

last minute plans

"There's been a change of plans." "Darling, what sort of change?" "Just follow my lead and we'll be fine." "That's not an answer."


Charles has always loved letters, Raven wasn't a great writer of them but she enjoyed sending him gossip digests of their friends.

promotion And I missed this one on the day of so filling now.

Charles looked at Ororo's somber face and said, "I think its time you went from student to teacher." She laughed as she said, "Yes."
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I'm about to get on the road to start my drive to my in person interview in Massachusetts. Current work has cleared me for my days off Monday through Thursday, I'm packed with new pairs of pants and lots of options for interviews. I'm going to make some tea and be gone.

In terms of what that means online, I'll still be RPing, just not during the day and probably not at all on Tuesday which is when I'll arrive at the school. News will be shared on Twitter as I have it or here.
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My break is off to a nice start. On my drive down, I had a wonderful stop with [personal profile] muji where we had lunch and ice cream and a great time talking. The timing for getting off the road was perfect and hope its not too long before we can talk again. Then the rest of the drive went well and I ended up watching Thor with my parents. They ended up liking it, my mother more than my father, which make sense. He doesn't like movies with fast cuts, but my mom wants to see all the other films in that verse.

Yesterday was very full as there was a progressive Easter dinner, appetizers at a house a block over then the main meal at my parents' house and dessert. It was delicious food, good company and I kept getting all sorts of interesting advice on how to deal with my work stuff. A real range from speak your truth and get out of there to you just have to put up with this kind of stuff at times. Its given me a lot to think about.

After I finish this post, I'm going to walk into town for some lunch and tonight, there might be an EP of someone. I'm just enjoying feeling relaxed and that I don't have to do anything.

Since I was on the road on Friday, I spent the night in my hotel writing a lot of Friday Fic.
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Just seen on [personal profile] misslucyjane's journal and one of my favorite students introduced me as the awesome librarian to his mother. Life is good.

What are you reading now? I'm reading My Life in France by Julia Child, which I keep raving about because I love it. Her nephew helped her to write it and her life story is amazing as well as her journey of figuring out who she is and what she sees as important. I love the joy she took in her life, her bravery in moving to different countries and making each new place home. Its also one of those books that's a great reminder that it takes time to find your way in life.

What did you just finish reading? Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly, it was on sale as an ebook and I read it in one big gulp on Sunday night, which was bad for my sleep schedule but a great book. The heart of the story is about a man who once killed a dragon and a kingdom who calls for him, but how nothing is as you expect. It plays with tropes about magic, love, power and has characters that feel real. Also two characters that wear spectacles in a medieval setting, I loved it. She's one of those authors that I always love reading but sometimes get intimidated by just how much she's written. If you enjoy Discworld and Garth Nix for acknowledgement of tropes, some humor and honesty, read this book.

What will you read next? Yesterday I got a package from amazon full of my next reads. Two romances from Courtney Milan's Turner brother's series as I read the last one first and wanted to own more of her books in print and A Fantasy Medley 2. I bought the third book purely for the Tybalt story in it.

Oh and guys, the sun is out and there's blue sky. I think I might end up having a pretty drive east and when I finish work, there's a message from [personal profile] muji waiting on my phone. We're going to find a way to meet up and there will be chances to connect with millimuns in NYC and I get to see an opera.
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Tonight I'm going to have Demeter bartend at [community profile] milliways_bar in honor of Felix Gaeta and the fact that I don't have to wake up terribly early tomorrow. I'm taking my car in for maintenance at 9:30 and then conferences don't even start until 2 pm, then at noon on Thursday.

I actually will have time to sleep and eat and read since I started My Life in France by Julia Child yesterday and love it. I want to be more like her, she was brave and daring with such a joy in how she lived her life.

I've decided to really embrace my latest horoscope from Uncle Rob:

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): The coming week will be an excellent time to
wash dishes, clean bathrooms, scrub floors, vacuum carpets, wash
windows, do laundry, and clean the refrigerator. The more drudge work
you do, the better you'll feel. APRIL FOOL! I lied. The truth is, you now
have astrological license to minimize your participation in boring tasks like
the ones I named. It's high time for you to seek out the most interesting
work and play possible.

I adore that phrase play possible and plan on trying to connect with people and write just be me for the break. My body's been feeling worn out and unhealthy of late, so there are going to be walks, because Spring is here, no matter the temperature.

Also since [personal profile] dodger_sister was curious about it and I'm proud of what I have, here's a snippet of my [community profile] queer_fest story.

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Life is feeling nice. I've got a plan for heading back to work. I'm going to do my best, they've given me goals, I'll reach them and keep on doing what I think the library needs as well.

Then at the end of March, I get a slightly longer break in which I hope to try and see people and get to visit NYC. My visit with [personal profile] dodger_sister was wonderful, lots of lazing about. I'm now someone that her cats know, which makes me incredibly happy. Then I came home to a package of goodies from [personal profile] ladyoflorien and my place, it feels nice to have another night to rest and prepare myself before going back to work.

I introduced her to Becoming Jane which prompted me to finally finish a fix-it fic for it as well as some EPs. I got to thread Tom and Jane with [personal profile] dynastessa again and it was painful and lovely. Now I just need someone to beta it for me. Anyone up for betaing a post-canon Becoming Jane fic, its only about 1700 words?

I've also been catching up on Boardwalk Empire and I love it. My free HBO thing ran out but while I had it, I happened to watch a good chunk on the third season. I'll be honest, the first reason I stayed watching was Charlie Cox being Irish and dangerous, then the story pulled me in. I'm in the midst of seeing the second season and need to get the music and possibly buy the DVDs. I could play Margaret Thompson as her journey is painful but she keeps finding a way.

This meme is floating around and I love the idea of it. Last seen at [personal profile] ashen_key:

Tell me about stories you think I should write. I mean, if you could sit me down for a day or whatever and say, "Ok, I want you to write this story for me," what would that story be?

I'm not actually promising to *write* any of these, mind you, but it's fun anyway. And who knows if I'll be inspired!

Yesterday was a good FicFriday with a theme of horses for the millirodeo.
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I have this week off and its being just what I need so far. Saturday I slept in and then drove to another part of Michigan with the bonus of going through a small blizzard. That was terrifying but I made it safely to visit A and her family and all their cats. I've had time to read Breadcrumbs all the way through which I enjoyed. The Snow Queen is one of my favorite of Andersen's fairy tales because of how complicated it is and how the book captured it and set it in a real world that felt real and tough. Today I started Ship Breaker, a fascinating dystopian novel set on the Gulf Coast that won a number of awards when it came out and recently a sequel came out. I plan on spending lots of this week reading books through and writing Goodreads' reviews as well as poking at my many WiPs. I might post some tastes of them later.

Last night, we all went out to see Hansel and Gretel, which was just what I needed. Its a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously yet has a world that makes sense, families that feel right in their dysfunctions and characters that worked. I think my favorite part of it was the dorky fanboy character, who I could RP so easily. I have a type.

I've also been having dreams where I'm late for work or not dressed or lost, which are annoying but I'm used to them. They're part of what I deal with and rest is helping me a lot. I'm now at the point of being angry and starting to figure out a number of plans, I will get past this and be stronger.

I haven't posted any horoscopes in a while as Uncle Rob hasn't feel on the mark for me for a bit, but I'm going to take hope for this week's one. As I do feel like I'm standing on an edge of my life, its not one I expected but its here.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In the coming weeks, I'm expecting your life to
verge on being epic and majestic. There's a better than even chance that
you will do something heroic. You might finally activate a sleeping
potential or tune in to your future power spot or learn what you've never
been able to grasp before. And if you capitalize gracefully on the
kaleidoscopic kismet that's flowing your way, I bet you will make a
discovery that will fuel you for the rest of your long life. In mythical
terms, you will create a new Grail or tame a troublesome dragon -- or
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I'm using this icon because of Tumnus and snow not yuletide as it captures how I've felt this weekend, tucked at home as it snows outside. The snow will let up and then come back and sometimes be rain all this week, which has made it hard to find the energy to do much. The sun briefly came out on Friday, but other than that, its been cloudy. As I've also been fighting off feeling sick, I've slept a lot this weekend and realized I really needed it. I didn't work on Friday as I decided a day of rest would help me more than trying to push through the day. Going by just how much I've been sleeping, I think this was the right idea. I'm still a little tired today, but not as out of it as I felt last week.

Though on Friday, I did go out to a book club meeting from meetup.com that was wonderful. I think I've started to find my people in this area, even though I hadn't read the book, the conversation was wonderful. We talked about gaming, fantasy and all sorts of fascinating stuff. One of the people in group even knows one of my favorite teachers from Michigan. There was also an adorable and big black dog who decided he liked me and let me give him all sorts of scritches. I'm planning on using meetup to try and find a dance group as the combination of being social and active works well for me.

Since I stayed in yesterday due to the snow falling, I watched up to episode 10 of Capital Scandal and wow, all the feelings for that show. I love all of it, the depth of the characters, the beautiful setting and music and the humor that slips its way in.

Today I went out into the world and used the time to finish reading City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte, which is a book I wanted to like more than I did. Its a book that could easily be called a genre bender or crosser as it had fantasy, mystery and romance, sadly the balance wasn't always right in it. The two point of view characters were both a little too brilliant and the feel of the story would veer rather suddenly from alchemy and history to sex against statues. Its the kind of book that I would enjoy reading on a long plane or train ride where I could just sink into it and read it in one gulp, but reading it in stops and starts made me not enjoy it as much. As I would come out of it and be aware of how it didn't all fit together.

Life is going along steadily at work, I still feel like I'm out of some loops but I've got a chance to discuss my status report, which I hope will be helpful. Also I had an amazing connection with a new teacher that made me feel like I know what I'm doing. I know that I haven't spoken out as much as I need to and I'm going to work on that. They hired me because they think I can do this job and I am doing it and will keep improving. Also I have a chance to propose some classes for next year, which will get me more involved and be exciting. I finally have a Michigan license and this month paid off the last of my smaller loan from the University of Michigan, which is a great feeling. I have a break coming up in the third week of February, which I plan on going to Jackson and having some nice days of watching stuff. I also have a break in the first week of April and I'll be joining them for an opera in NYC on the fourth. If its possible, I would love to try and connect with anyone in New York for coffee or lunch or something. There's more flexibility in terms of going rather than leaving so Wednesday or Thursday. I miss you guys a lot and want to try and reconnect.

On Friday, FicFriday was interesting. I like this new way of giving prompts and then people have the option of deciding which character or world to write them for.
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I'm basically packed to head back to Michigan. I mean there's still clothing and lots of random stuff to make sure I don't forget but packed. Which explains why I spent tonight watching DVDs with my parents and writing fic on a ficathon that Ashie mentioned.

Tomorrow I will be driving from Delaware to the middle of Pa and driving is great for my creativity, if my brain is nice to me, I will have possibly a gift fic finished by the night. Please tell me if you want fic on my previous entry because cards aren't happening but I love, love writing for all of you. It might take some time as there's work but fic will happen.


This was what Ashie pointed me to and I wrote At his fingertips: Star Trek (2009), Kirk, Uhura, Spock-G.

I'm about to go post it on Ao3 and then go to sleep as I'll have to pack in the morning. My writing brain is weird.
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I don't think my holiday cards are going to happen this year. I'm really sorry about this but the combination of new job, moving, the difficult transition has meant that my year has felt pushed about and I haven't had the time. Most of my vacation has been talking, resting, which I really needed and the cards aren't happening.

Since I do love gifting everyone and doing something for all of you wonderful people. I'm opening myself up to write more gift fics as I'm still working on the other ones. A new prompt, something we've discussed that I haven't written, whatever you would like, I'm here to write for you.

Tomorrow I start the drive back to Michigan with many supplies, goodies and I think a new coffee table from my father before starting work on Monday. I think I'm ready to reenter and face new challenges and keep doing more.
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I do really love my family but two days of sleeping on odd surfaces isn't fun while my shark week hits hard. Saturday was amazing as the day was spent with my brother and his family, they gave me a basket full of cooking oils, sauces, salts and dried things for my pantry. I'm going to have such fun cooking with all of them. Sunday we went to my father's first cousin's house in North Jersey which is small, was full of people I didn't know and my body went ugh, no. I had a nap, didn't eat much and just had an odd day. The best part of the party was that my father was talking up my Yuletide story to someone from his cousin's writing group, it was strange and wonderful.

Today we traveled back to Delaware and tonight a small group of people are coming over to eat, which should be nice. Tomorrow and later this week, there will be movies and lots of not doing a lot. I'm thinking about seeing Les Mis, taking my parents to see The Hobbit and maybe Wreck-it Ralph. Oh and [personal profile] muji, I'm emailing you as if there's space in your schedule I want to see you.

I finished Code Name Verity on the drive to my brother's place and I'm still in flailing mode about it. That's just a painful, beautiful book. My next two books are going to be Pratchett's and hopefully lighter, Dodger in an ebook and Snuff in paperback.

Oh and if anyone can guess my yuletide, I'll write you a story. I'm still working on various gift fics, but the offer's there. Some hints, it's been recced by someone on my circle, its over 3k and in a fandom I've never written for before.

Also signal boost: Aren't You Glad You Left Livejournal" Anniversary Fic Exchange/Festival/Creatathon! I hope to fill some of these in the coming week since there are some great prompts.

Before I descend into party prep and just not doing a lot, I thought I'd do the end of the year meme.

Looking back on 2012 )

It feels great to go into this new year knowing that I have a job and an apartment and am finding where I fit in a new place.
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This weekend, I'm off to visit family in New Jersey but then I'll be back for the New Year. This means that my current threads will get a little slower but probably not too much.

I don't have to return to Michigan until the weekend of the 5th and would love to connect with anyone who's in the Maryland area. I have my car and am happy to drive places.

Today was nice as I got a chance to wander around a lovely bookstore in Rehoboth and pick up some books that I've been wanting; The Brides of Rollrock Island, Snuff and City of Dark Magic. Then I was able to sit in a favorite cafe and just read Code Name Verity for a while, that book is amazing.

Signal boosting the wonderful ficathon that [personal profile] walksbyherself has started up "Aren't You Glad You Left Livejournal" Anniversary Fic Exchange/Festival/Creatathon. Go leave prompts, answer prompts, let's keep writing stuff.
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At the moment there is a loaf of honey orange bread baking in my oven from a recipe in the New York Times' cookbook, almost all of my family presents are wrapped and I'm finally starting to accept that I have finished my first half year as a school librarian.

Today was a strange day, its one of those days that feels like it has many days in it, which is always a little odd. It began while it was still dark and lightly snowing, then the morning went by quickly in fifteen minute bursts with the students buzzing about with excitement for their secret Santas and various other stuff. The library felt wonderful and alive, then there was a holiday assembly.

What I love about this school is the assemblies are rather unplanned, anyone who wanted to perform just let the performing acts director know and then they could. There were kids playing music, doing comedy, singing and doing a forensic's skit, forensics is a type of judged performance. What was great was that middle school and high schoolers performed and everyone was clapped and cheered on. This school supports everyone, which is why I love it.

Then the school emptied because the afternoon was based around things done in homerooms. Some went out to lunch, some went to the movies, due to the weather, a lot of them watched movies and played video games and there was lots of food. I didn't interact with most of these but instead enjoyed a quiet library until at one point my supervisor went oh you haven't eaten, attach yourself to a homeroom. That didn't make sense to me just like inviting myself to the luncheon that ended up happening in the main office, I don't feel comfortable inviting myself. Its something that's been trained into me that you don't do but homerooms are how a lot of the social life of the school is built. Though whenever I've gone into a homeroom I've been very welcomed, so some of its in my head and being new. I will find my way in and some of that is going to involve talking to teachers and students to see if I can be a part of what they're doing as well as finding ways for the library to have a role in these sorts of not as structured days.

After school, my video gamers came back and were loud and rowdy and I kind of loved it. It makes me happy that even though they could just go home, they would rather be hanging out with friends in the library. Then I ventured into the blowing snow to buy dinner, which will provide food at the hotel tomorrow and fall over. Tonight there was a happy hour, a house warming and a sports event going on but I didn't have the energy for them.

Since I've been home and able to bake, talk to my parents and do some wrapping, I feel more rested. Its just been a long day and I think I reached the end of my socialness at school. This new job brings out interesting parts of me; the quiet observer who is learning the school, the extrovert who says see me and what I can do and the introvert who worries about pushing too hard. As this break progresses, I think I'm going to be able to realize more and more what I've done and can do, but for now I'm enjoying resting.

Tomorrow I set out for the east coast and will be there until the weekend of January 5th. Since my brother who lives in New Jersey is having Christmas with his wife's family, our family get together won't be until the weekend of New Year's. I'm thinking that possibly after that party, I might go catch Jersey transit and head to NYC, though only if people there have the space for me. Its been ages since I was in the City and I miss all the millimuns there. I also would love to connect with people in the Maryland area, which I wanted to do before new job whisked me away. Leave a comment or send me an email and we can plan. I've made it halfway through the year!

In terms of Yuletide, I finished mine last week and it turns out that I'm getting a Pinch Hit, which is nice. I was kind of worried when I didn't see a gift but not too much. It feels great to be hitting the road not having it hanging over me. I'm hoping that the drive will spur my brain on holiday prompts, which I'm still taking more here and hope to have them done by the New Year.

I have actually done some TwitterFics last week and this week, which I will post.
Two FicFridays )

My bread just beeped so I'm going to go check on it and then do some packing. The bread's a little dark but smells delicious, my oven is a good one. Far better than at my last apartment so I need to remember that.

Happy solstice!
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This morning I picked up the huge pile of papers that I need to fill in and sign and tonight there's a party for new faculty. I'll do a little filling in tonight and then bring them with me tomorrow and work with the HR lady that I keep missing, it was her day off today and finish them. Today is being a day of decompressing and adjusting. Tomorrow morning orientation starts and next week there's no class but lots of meetings and orientations.

I have a room with a door I can shut, space in a nice place that's close to the school with a friendly dog and nice woman who's a former teacher and one of her daughters is a librarian. Its also a huge place, I'll have to take some pictures of it, the room I'm in clearly for one of her daughters but it feels kind of staged and not lived in. I had to shift a little TV to get a bedside table and there's no bedside lamp, which gives me the impression of a room not well lived in. I also think that she and her husband haven't lived in this place very long, its all a bit too clean. I'll take some pictures as its hard to explain but will be a good in between spot. The trick will be figuring out how to be social without too being too much as her husband works in another state during the week and her two daughters live elsewhere. She also has lots and lots of stories of the school, which are good but also kind of daunting. It also turns out that the new Lower School librarian is someone I went to SI with, she graduated in April, I in August and my favorite professor from SI is also close by. This makes me feel a lot better, because it means there won't be quite as many new meetings to do, and I have people that I can ask for help.

I'm in an area that reminds me so much of the suburbs around where I grew up though more like the ones on the Main Line, the slightly nicer ones. Swarthmore always tended towards the odder side of things, but just on my drive to the school, I've passed nice apartment places, there are great little downtowns. So I think I'm going to have to end up driving to school, but I'll be able to walk to one of these downtowns. That makes me so happy, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do as much walking because this part of the country was truly designed with cars in mind. Ann Arbor isn't too far away and it turns out that the directions I got to go back and forth from the school were unhelpful and there are easier ways.

My drive back here was rather exciting in some not always good ways. I hit a lot of traffic going through Maryland and parts of Delaware. The first part of the drive is on small highways, mainly single lane one way or the other through Delaware and Maryland. For some reason, there were just a lot of people who didn't want to go the speed limit. Thus I created a new driving curse, may you be pulled over for speeding as there are speed traps in some of the little towns along the way.

Then I got into such a driving groove that I almost forgot to eat lunch but was good and did get something. When I was on 70, not far from the Pennsylvania border, I drove into a storm, I could see it as the sky grew dark. It was a pretty awful one as this was in a really hilly area so there was fog, misty rain and cars. I was listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, which was incredibly appropriate. I forget which bit I was in but as the storm lightened, the music went from dark and dramatic to lighter. Oh and there was road work everywhere, it felt like every single major highway had road work of some form or another on it.

Yesterday was long, not bad just long as it was mainly turnpike driving that just went on and on. When I hit Toledo, I went a different way as I was heading more to the East and discovered I like 280 and 75N, though I ended up in a thunderstorm and roadwork. The absolute worst bit of the drive was that 75 took me directly into Detroit during rush hour, 75 is one of those huge highways that goes in and around the city. I did end up getting where I needed to but it seemed a stupid way to get there as I could have just as easily gone around Detroit another way instead of straight through. By the time I reached the place, I'm staying, I was ready to fall over, my car is going to be properly unpacked tonight. I think this will be a good short term solution and that I'll have lots of good options for long term stuff.

Another bit of good news is that I'm finally happy with where my [community profile] ineedmyfics' story is going. I got an idea for it as soon as I saw the prompt but haven't liked anything I've written. Well, last night as I was driving around I got a new angle and have a first paragraph that I like. It still needs a lot more, but I know that I can take lines from my earlier stuff and this will end up something good.

For now, I'm finding that Caribou Coffee does pretty tasty tea. I think my favorite part of what's coming up is getting to know the area and all the people connected to the school. It just gives me such a good vibe, this is going to work. I also need to figure out a good tag for the school.


Aug. 19th, 2012 11:02 am
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My life is currently feeling full and good but weird. I'm so happy to have gotten this job but also regretting how quickly it happened. I was looking forward to having some time in Lewes to just be especially as this week and the next my parents are off to New England as my mom has her piano camp. Instead tomorrow I'll start driving back to Michigan for the new faculty orientation, which starts on Wednesday night. All the interactions I've had with the school have been wonderful and I know they'll help me find an interim place and then a long term place as I figure out how to be a librarian.

The annoying part is that my body's not been feeling that well due to awful allergies, the stress of waiting to hear about the job and all the moving. My plan for this weekend was to just be off and relax as my stuff is pretty much still packed, I need to do some laundry and repack clothes but that's it. Instead I've had two not fun nights due to coughing and sneezing, which has left me kind of worn out. Though I think I'll get sort of a break with the driving as its something I enjoy and I know the route quite well and the hotel I stay in at the halfway point is nice.

My plan for today is to take my laptop and drive up to the Starbucks on the highway and see if I can make some progress on a few fics and RP things. Last night there were EPs, I was interested in tagging, but my head was too foggy to manage. Those I said I'd tag last night, I'm going to try today. Also there's going to be at least one picture post of all the packing from the last voyage before I set out again.

In wonderful news, the day I found out about the job, I also got my fic for [community profile] narniaexchange and I love it. Its over here and called The Temperate Faun. The story is back story for Tumnus and its beautifully done.

Now this past Friday, I did actually write some fics through my allergies.
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Next Step

Aug. 16th, 2012 02:57 pm
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The school in Michigan offered me the job this morning. I'll be getting the contract and various packets in the next few days and have to figure out how to get back there for new faculty orientation and moving.

I'm going to be a middle and upper school librarian and back to Michigan. I kind of feel like I'm going to bubble over with surprise and amazement at this point. It makes me giggle to realize that I haven't unpacked that much almost due to a superstitious fear about this job, that what if feeling. Most of my clothes are still in bags, most of my stuff is still in boxes or in storage, it won't be that hard to pack it all up again.

I don't mind moving and moving again, I knew coming to Lewes would be a transition stop, I'm just going back.

Also there's a lot of great stuff in Michigan and so many things that I haven't done yet and this school is going to be a good place for me to grow. The logistics of doing the move with finding a place and shifting stuff and addresses will be complicated but doable.

Made it

Aug. 2nd, 2012 06:18 pm
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I'm back in Delaware. I still have various address changes, bills and other things to do to tie off all the loose ends in Michigan. Also I have to figure out where to put all my stuff in the house, but for the moment, I have stopped.

My body has chosen today to not like me and its left me quite tired. The road trip was lovely, yesterday we took our time and took a side trip to Fort Necessity, which led us to spending the night in Cumberland, Maryland. We stayed at a newly renovated hotel that was right next to this beautiful park that's built around the end of the Chesapeake and Ohio canal with a bike trail on the old towpath. We had delicious seafood, proper East Coast seafood and I got to watch the Olympics and tag before sleeping.

Today we drove through Maryland and Delaware and it was long and my allergies are making me feel wobbly and a little off, but the drive is done. Also yesterday during the drive, I was called by the school that interviewed me last week just to check that I was still good to be considered by them. I'm in the midst of processing and shifting gears, so much has happened and its going to take time to make it all fit and figure out the shape of this bit of my life.

One thing that I realized is that compared to the last time I was living here, I'm in a far better place. After Wellington, I was a mess and feeling a failure. Now I feel like instead of coming here to dig in and recover, I'm actually in a safe haven as I look forward. There will be some tags tonight, but I don't expect to be in chat, probably later in the week. I also plan on doing writing once I've settled in more as I do have ideas.
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I'm currently in a motel in Ohio after having a day that feels like multiple days. This morning at 8 am the movers arrived and in about two hours shifted all the boxes and furniture away. What I want with me is in my and my parents car. By about 10:30, the movers were gone and it was time to return cable and rent stuff. Last lunch was at Zingerman's, where we picked up delicious deli stuff for dinner.

Between lunch and dinner were about two hundred miles including me missing the turnpike exit and having to backtrack. That was annoying but oddly not stressful as we left with time to spare and don't have a time we need to be back. Settling for the night was a bit annoying as we were all tired but I have my own room, though no Olympics and Dreamwidth won't load on my laptop. Once this post is up I'm for bed with a Christie book of short stories. I will tag when I can but don't count on much until I hit Delaware night after next. Twitter will have updates as my phone keeps me connected. Thank you for all the good thoughts and this move is full and good and feels like the right next step.


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