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When I think of snow, its usually connected with cold and wet. I grew up outside Philly where snow is beautiful but rarely soft. Soft snow makes me think of New Zealand and when it snowed in Dunedin. The snow was wetter and lighter, it kind of snuck up throughout the day in a way that felt differently than the snow I was used to at home. It still ended up cold but felt safe.

The meme is up here and after I finish writing my Yuletide, it will be wonderful to write other things.
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Today, [personal profile] marginaliana asked for What's your favorite or most important symbol and why is it meaningful for you?

For this answer, I really wish I had all my icons as I actually have an icon of the symbol that means a lot to me.

In Maori art, koru connects the past and the present. When I was in New Zealand, this symbol made sense to me in terms of beginnings and endings and how you can't always tell when you're starting and when you're ending and that every ending is a beginning. I had a chance to walk through a New Zealand rainforest and seen tree ferns with korus bigger than me and its stuck with me. I wish New Zealand wasn't so far away because I would love to live there again.

As I'm getting ready for another beginning and working on grasping every start I can find, this curling symbol of life waiting and ready resonates. Its hard to find just one other image to capture the glorious koru but I finally chose one.

From my trip, I have a greenstone koru necklace that I love wearing. Whenever I wear it, I feel stronger as I remember that I went to New Zealand with a visa, one connection through my mother and the company that helped me get the visa. From there I spent a year supporting myself and then went back for grad school, as I get ready for another move, I remind myself of that. My toxic job left some scars but I made my way in New Zealand and that is within me.

December meme is over here
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From [personal profile] k_a_webb a meme that gives me an excuse to update. She gave me 27.

If you comment here with the words "I wanna play" I will assign you a number from 15-30 of facts about yourself to post about yourself in your journal.

1-I'm allergic to pretty much the entire bee and wasp family-the vespids.
2-I lived in New Zealand for three years.
3-I speak French and can read and write Latin and Ancient Greek.
4-I always have a book in my purse-current one Half-Resurrection Blues by Daniel Jose Older.
5-Country music is my comfort music.
6-The best way for me to finishing writing a fic is if I'm writing it as a gift for someone or as part of a fic exchange.
7-I didn't get my driver's license until I moved back from New Zealand in 2008.
8-My dream job would be as a youth librarian at a small public library or a middle school librarian.
9-I hate the texture of raw coconut.
10-My two favorite kinds of tea are English Breakfast and Earl Grey.
11-At the moment I live in a seaside town with a lot of retirees.
12-For every new book I'm reading, I'm always rereading an old favorite at the same time.
13-I love working as a fact-checker, its intense and interesting and has helped me feel far more confident in my research abilities.
14-Every day I wear my watch, two bracelets and always put on earrings and a necklace.
15-I discovered my first grey hair was I was in my sophomore year of high school and have a grey/silver streak hidden in my hair.
16-I'm part of a blended family, the youngest and the glue with two older brothers and an older sister.
17-I studied abroad in Athens in 2002 and whenever I read about Greece's troubles, I remember how beautiful the country is and how kind the people were.
18-I've been wearing glasses since fourth grade and contacts since my senior year of college.
19-I miss having a cat.
20-If I won the lottery, I would pay off friends' debts then travel to see everyone especially my new nephew.
21-I was raised as a Quaker and consider myself one.
22-I don't like the taste of coffee.
23-My favorite color is dark blue.
24-I know how to do stage makeup.
25-I get my best ideas when walking or driving.
26-My great-grandfather was a Congressman, a member of the House of Representatives.
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Life has been full with fact-checking and interviews because the job search is always present. Today I had a tough interview that I got through and feel like I presented myself as I wanted to in. I'm also reading a lot of good books and have finished a mix of great and okay books. Also last week, I saw Hal Holbrook's Mark Twain Tonight and the choices he made of using Twain's words to speak about racism was amazing and I want to write in more depth about it. It struck me with the power of theater.

What I finished reading

Uprooted by Naomi Novik, this book hit me in a lot of places I knew. The worry of not fitting, stories, not being who you're supposed to be and how to be yourself when everyone wants you to be someone else. This is one of the best books that has a fairy tale at its heart but is its own thing that I've read in a long time.

I Kissed An Earl by Julie Anne Long, part of her Pennyroyal Green series. I enjoyed reading this book that plays with the tropes of a bored debutante and a captain with a hard past but it didn't hit me as hard as I expected. An enjoyable romance, well written, great characters and a wonderful understanding of certain tropes but not my favorite of her books.

What I'm currently reading

the Book of Phoenix by Nnedi Okorafor which is fantastic. The writing is beautiful and the setting is fascinating. I've been meaning to read her and I'm hooked.

The Attenbury Emeralds by Jill Paton Walsh, this is her third Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane mystery. When they first came out, I read her books and was impressed with how she wrote Peter and Harriet. This one is definitely hooking me.

Welcome to Paradise by Rosalind James. This is an ebook I picked up because the author's from New Zealand and I was curious. Its caught me which I never expected. The setting is a reality tv show that's a cross between Survivor and those shows where people have to live like its another era. I also find the use of a reality tv show clever as she can play with tropes and intense situations and it works in a way that it doesn't always in contemporary romance.The writing and characters feel real so I think I'll be reading more of Rosalind James.

What I'm reading next
Probably Brothers in Arms by Lois McMaster Bujold which is technically a reread as I have some ideas about writing fic and RP for Ivan Vorpatril. Before I do that I have to remind myself of the various versions of him and this will turn into an entire canon reread.
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Happy Galentine's Day! Its a joy to know all of you and I hope that this weekend, everyone gets a chance to do something indulgent and fun. I'm planning on seeing Jupiter Ascending tomorrow and maybe writing some fic.

Job stuff is happening to keep me busy since I returned from the Midwest. I'm feeling hopeful that doors are opening as there's another part time opportunity along with substitute calls and school jobs appearing. Its nice to be someplace without lots and lots of snow though its still cold.

I'm going to do a variation on the letter meme from [personal profile] just_ann_now, she gave me T. Comment if you want to play.

Something I hate: Taxes, Turbotax does help a lot but tax forms always seem to be written in another language.

Something I love: Tea, but in particular Earl Grey for fannish reasons and because its soothing along with providing caffeine. I have a huge collection of teas and tea stuff, but end up coming back to Earl grey.

Somewhere I've been: Tauranga, New Zealand, I had lunch there with a family friend after she looked at a trade in car. I was staying with her in Rotorua. Its a beautiful city on the water and somewhere I have a picture of her on the beach.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Tenth Arrondissement in Paris to visit my new nephew.

Someone I know: TLvop who's awesome.

A film I like: The Cutting Edge

New additions.

A book I love: Tam Lin by Pamela Dean

An Author: Tamora Pierce
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This was an odd Monday, the power was off in the library so I had nothing to do and went and read in Starbucks for a while. Also yesterday was spent cooking and then enjoying hosting with my parents a movie group they're a part of, we talked about films from the Rehoboth Film Festival and others. Apparently The Book Thief was quite popular, which makes me curious. From what I've read of reviews online, it seems one of those books that people either love or they hate. Also I've been introducing mainly my mother but also my father to more Doctor Who with a focus on Ten as he's my favorite. I hadn't realized before just how much Russell T. Davies used authors as linchpins of stories; Dickens, Shakespeare, Christie.

Oh and I finally got more words for my Yuletide, it still doesn't really have much form to it but there are over 600 words. This might be one where I throw the words out on the page and then beg my betas help in making sense of it.

Now for the December Meme, which is still very open. You don't need to leave ideas on that entry, leave them on any and they will be written. I might end up extending it into January as I'm loving the questions I'm getting.

Back to the point for today [personal profile] swankyfunk asked me: Out of all the places you've visited, where would you most like to live and why?

Now I'm going to do top five for this one, because narrowing it down to just one is really hard.

1-Wellington, New Zealand: I liked who I was in Wellington. I found a gaming group, I was able to wander. There were cafes to read in, museums to wander into, water, hills and even used bookstores that didn't eat all my money. Also the best public library that I've been to, okay one of my top ten favorite libraries. I could have lived in that library with no problem. The only true con to Wellington is that its so far away from the US and my family and friends here. When I came back from New Zealand, I wanted to try and meet and connect with all these amazing people I'd met through Milliways, but it stalled. First the recession, then grad school in Michigan and now I'm here in Delaware and the oomph to go see people hasn't happened as I'd like. DC, Maryland and Virginia people, I want to connect with you. Yet there are also people on that side of the world as well, its tough.

2-Dublin, Ireland: I spent a week in Dublin in 2002 when I had finished my semester abroad in Athens and I loved it. Again a city I could walk that had water but also art and history and all those things that I loved. I would love the chance to live there and know it better.

3-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Growing up for me, Philly was the city that was just a train ride away. I spent high school going to South Street, the year after I graduated college had an internship at a museum on Penn's Landing, its my favorite city. I love the history of it, Ben Franklin walked those streets and the river going through and its close to DC and New York but a little cheaper. There are great restaurants and wonderful neighborhoods, the Mummers, Reading Terminal Market. I always expected that I would end up near it because it was where I grew up and I'd still like to.

4-San Francisco/Central California: My mother grew up in Carmel-by-the-Sea so I spent a few weeks ever summer going to Carmel to spend time with my grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousin. Also a visit to San Francisco where my great aunt lived and I loved it. One reason I adore New Zealand is that it reminds me of that part of California. I've only visited it but I'd love to try living there.

5-Seattle: My other aunt and uncle live in Seattle and its another city that I adore visiting. It feels like New Zealand and its the Pacific Northwest and god, I would love to work at that library.

As you can see, I'm pretty evenly split between East and West Coast with New Zealand kind of splitting the difference. I have learned about myself that I'm happiest in a city with some sort of waterfront whether its river or ocean, water makes it all better. I do love New York City but to me it always felt like a city to dip into versus one to live in. This is probably because I've never lived there and its been a place I go for a few days at a time, but its never pulled me the same ways that these others have. At this point, I would just love a job near a city where I knew one or two people because I do need that social grounding.

One thing that wrecked me last year was not really knowing anyone, Rick was too far away in Ann Arbor and people were nice at work but that's not quite enough. I did like Ann Arbor as well but it felt too far away from everything though it was a great city. If I could have moved Ann Arbor farther east, I would have been happy and found a job there.
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Since my last post, there's a lot to catch up on. I spent most of Friday walking around New York City, getting lost around Little Italy, losing wonderful amounts of time at The Strand's cheap book racks and then getting to go to the New Zealand mission to the UN. Also there was lunch with [personal profile] skygiants and more hanging out with [profile] arushindoll. I love being close enough that I can actually go and visit New York City again, because whenever I go, I end up feeling revitalized by how alive and active the city is. My feet weren't happy with me because I ended up truly footsore but I have good sandals so few blisters.

The alum reception for Victoria University was charming, it was very New Zealand; not too formal, great food and wine and an interesting lecture on climate change. It reminded me how lucky I am to have connections to New Zealand and that someday, I will get myself back there. I also have found a good way to get to NY and other points north from Lewes as with my car, I can drive to stations that have direct routes instead of navigating multiple transit systems. I plan on having more trips to New York and DC and Philly in the near future, some hopefully for interviews but mainly to see people.

Then Saturday I traveled back to have a nice dinner with my parents, older brother and nieces as we all prepared for my father's birthday on Sunday. The party went really well. I made a huge batch of my chickpea salad recipe and had lots of great conversations of people going what are you up to and how are you doing? There was only one talk that made me wince about libraries since there's someone who works with Johns Hopkins and they're removing all books from their library. The wince wasn't the person I was having the conversation with just knowing that such a large organization has made that choice to go fully online as medical journals as so expensive, that they're worth more than books. Its a tough turn of events and it worries me that such an institution has gone so completely to the only instead of looking for a place in between.

Monday was restful, I started the day by going to the local library to help with shelving books and talking to the youth director who's a mentor of mine. This Sunday is the first meeting of their LEGO robotics team so I'm going to go help her. Robotics is something I want to know about and it will be great to get experience with it.

Tuesday was my sister's birthday and we went to a pretty nature center and watched the birds. I took a lot of pictures then we had a quiet evening. This morning my mother had cataract surgery which seems to have gone well and I'm trying to get myself a looking for jobs routine.
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I'm currently sitting in Brooklyn after a day of travel to New York City and lots of reading in various cafes around Union Square. I'm up here because my life is rather strange, the University of Victoria invited me as an alumna to a lecture and reception at the UN tomorrow night. That means I get to see [personal profile] skygiants and [profile] arushindoll for a few days before heading back down to Delaware for my father's 75th birthday party. Then on Monday, I get to start volunteering at my local library and there's a job opening for a youth librarian at the library near where my brother lives in New Jersey. I feel like good things are coming my way and that its time to get to work creating the sort of life I want. That means focusing more on looking for jobs and cover letters and putting myself out there to be seen by the people I want to see me. Also just being in New York City always revitalizes me because it gives me a great sense of how diverse and wonderful the world is and how I can connect to it. I spent most of my afternoon sitting in a gorgeous cafe called Argo Tea reading the newest October Daye novel and feeling tired but content.

I love that Uncle Rob has hit upon where I am beautifully.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): If you were about to run in a long-distance
race, you wouldn't eat a dozen doughnuts. Right? If you were planning to
leave your native land and spend a year living in Ethiopia, you wouldn't
immerse yourself in learning how to speak Chinese in the month before
you departed. Right? In that spirit, I hope you'll be smart about the
preparations you make in the coming weeks. This will be a time to prime
yourself for the adventures in self-expression that will bloom in late
September and the month of October. What is it you want to create at
that time? What would you like to show the world about yourself?

In that same spirit, I recently complete two fics for exchanges that I can't share yet but I'm proud of both of them. They were in fandoms I know but focusing on characters that I don't normally write about and I hope their recipients end up liking them.

Fic Friday last week was wonderful and I wrote a good deal.
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I don't have a lot to say about yesterday that others haven't said better. The main thing I take from this is we need to take better care of each other in many ways. Everyone on my flist and circle, consider yourself hugged.

Last night was my work holiday party, which was chaotic and by the time I got to it, I was just glad for the free food. Fridays two clubs meet in the library and I hadn't realized the entire school was closing early for the party, I thought it was but never heard something solid enough to tell the kids. So the kids had to be pushed out but after a long day, it was nice to be surrounded by kids playing D&D and Minecraft and just being young and creative. Other than that, there was one small bump in terms of figuring out where my desk is going to go as things can be moved but not that much. It will be sorted, which is the bit that counts. And I finally had a chance to talk with the IT guys about the library website, so I can do more work on it.

The party itself was quite nice and I found out my Secret Santa was someone that I do consider a friend which is wonderful. She also gave me a mug and a Barnes and Noble gift card, proof that she really knows me. Also I had lots of great small moments and conversations and it was wonderful to realize that I am a part of the school community. My giftee wasn't at the party but I left her final present so I hope she got it.

Today was the Lord of the Rings' marathon at school, but I decided to go see The Hobbit instead. My main non-spoilery thoughts are how I can see that if someone didn't know that the story had a different feel they would be confused, but I loved it. Though I did keep wondering, I wonder what would have happened if this movie had come out first and then we see the others, a different approach to Middle Earth. The movie captured all of what I adore about the book, its humor and smaller scale, also the singing made me incredibly happy. Oh and the 3D was effective, that's some of the best use of it I've seen since Up and the scenery made me miss New Zealand. I have a coupon and gift card to Barnes and Noble and plan on acquiring the soundtrack as seeing the movie today was just what I needed.

Now I'm home with tea and I'm going to write, RP and enjoy a quiet weekend.

Fitting in

Dec. 4th, 2012 06:40 pm
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I had I think one of my best days of work today with lots of little and big moments. My school has special days and today was one of them, Diversity Day. The students organized all of the activities which were workshops talking about different ways of being outside of the group and how to create good dialogue and be respectful. For the teachers and staff, we did our own version of the same workshops which went great. Lunch was provided by the parents who made so much delicious food, I'm only now getting hungry after eating around 11:30. During the workshops, I was part of a lot of great conversations about fitting in, politics, religion, identity, the stuff I love.

During lunch, I got to talking about fandom with another teacher and a student who is in the library a lot said, I would take a class about fanfiction, the teacher also said we need to talk more. She teaches history but also does creative writing, so that was great. The day ended with an assembly of performances, I talked about two experiences I had in New Zealand; one of my being welcomed and the other of jokes by friends and asking them not to make them. It felt great, I ended it with my knees a little wobbly and smiling, before I left people kept telling me they enjoyed it.

Then after school, I talked a lot with some of the middle school students who are into programming including trying to stop one of them from trying to find out the admin password. There needs to be a better technology program or else these kids will be doing who knows what. I know they're interested because they keep joking and saying, we need a class to teach us ethics, I'd teach it. I just felt today as if I fit in with the community in so many ways, it was wonderful.

The weather is getting colder, which I'm grateful for as the past few days have been foggy and weirdly warm. I'd rather it be cold and clear than so foggy you can't tell the time.

I'm enjoying the character meme and am still open for more characters as I've only answered Charles and Demeter here and Will on LJ.

Ask me on this entry or here on the original entry.
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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): I don't have a big problem with your tendency
to contradict yourself. I'm rarely among the consistency freaks who would
prefer you to stick with just one of your many selves instead of
hopscotching among all nine. In fact, I find your multi-level multiplicity
interesting and often alluring. I take it as a sign that you are in alignment
with the fundamentally paradoxical nature of life. Having said all that,
however, I want to alert you to an opportunity that the universe is
currently offering you, which is to feel unified, steady, and stable. Does
that sound even vaguely enticing? Why not try it out for a few weeks?
Halloween costume suggestion: an assemblage or collage of several of
your different personas.

Yes, please, Uncle Rob, next week, I get my apartment and I'm in the process of getting a desk for work.

Today also I felt like I just fit within the library in a lot of little ways. Students asked for my help with computers, how to do things as did staff and faculty, it was a nice feeling. I had my picture taken for the yearbook in a posed casual shot as well with the school's Hephaestion who fixes everything. The students who asked were oh you're support staff, which made me blink at first because I usually associate that with admins but then they well you support us in the library. It was a surprising compliment and I talked fanfic with a group of students who said that I was the best librarian. Also I got to add a box of new books to the collection as the person before me set up a subscription with a service that sends books. It's a little odd to get books and not know what they are but pretty much they've been ones I know good stuff about. This horoscope also works because as a librarian I have a lot of roles and today I happened to fill in a lot of them. I helped with reference questions, computer problems, kids being kids, planning for overall school planning and roleplaying advice.

My professional development day yesterday was wonderful as I spent my time crafting what do I want to be teaching. Yes, I don't have any courses to teach yet but I was able to talk about them and make sure the library was part of the curriculum discussion. And lots of fun conversations with other people like the new government teacher who wants to go to New Zealand. It was something I needed, yesterday and today, a solid reminder that in a fairly short time, I have become a part of this community.

I'm still searching for the decoration stuff I want as I find myself being kind of oddly picky, but I'll figure it out and then lots of pictures. My to do list hasn't really shrunk as I'm pretty tired at the end of the day, but today I got my absentee ballot and will be sending it off tomorrow. Life is full and complicated but it won't be long before I'm putting together my apartment. This weekend was just a little low point for me, thank you to everyone who read and talked with me about it.
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Last night before a quite nice dinner party, I had some good conversations and one mess that's been being awful for many people is on the way to being cleared out. The dinner party was nice though sadly near the end of it, my cough decided to hit and hit hard. In the end, I headed to bed rather early but still woke up at about 4 am coughing, this is becoming a not fun cycle for me. I know I have asthma and whatever cold or flu I had earlier in the summer has just got it bad again. Some of it is probably asthma combining with allergies and I need to go get it checked out. I think I'm reaching a point where I can actually do that now that my stuff is where it needs to be.

One thing that made this morning not quite as fun was that in the midst of coughing, I had a copule of dreams about getting lost. Now when I remember dreams, I try to make them into one narrative though I know they're not. As I write it out and if you've read my other dream posts, I do try and separate them but dreams are strange and fascinating.

Now the first part of the dream was at a party in a rather fancy house, for some reason, I made the connection to the show Dallas. The house was large and rambling and I knew one of the young men in the family and there was lots of going about and trying to do things. At one point in the dream, I had to go through the kitchen which you could only enter and exit by climbing on ladders set into interior windows. As I tried to go through them, I kept apologizing to the people working in the kitchen who were trying to direct me how to do it but it scared me. I don't like heights and ladders and stepladders make me nervous. The dream changed before I actually got through the kitchen.

Next part of the dream I was in I think New Zealand, but I don't know the city. I think the young man from earlier was with me and I was getting ready to leave. I had a huge backpack, not a hiking one just a large school one and a bulging folder of papers that had all my travel stuff. We had been doing something and then I looked at my watch and realized that my flight was leaving very soon. My watch said 1:05, that was clear but I couldn't find the right paper with my flight information. The guy was being so nice and kept reminding me that I'd caught flights with not much leeway before, I did on my way back from Rhode Island. In the dream, that wasn't helping that much because I was in the panic of I know where I need to be, how can I get there. Then I started towards a light rail or something that would get me there, a Brazilian team was also nearby and trying to catch their plane as well. I woke up before getting to the airport but it left me feeling nervous and a little out of sorts.

When I was little, I had a real problem with sleeping in and being late. I got called into the office for it, that's why it tends to turn up in anxiety dreams of mine, because I have to work on it. I still do, if I have to be up really early, I set my alarm earlier than I need to get up to allow lots of time. Then I still wake up even earlier for fear of missing my alarm. Though I'm fairly sure I know what anxieties these dreams are tapping into, I was told this week that I'd find out about the most recent job.

Full Days

Aug. 11th, 2012 11:24 pm
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Life is being all sorts of full and surprising at me. On Thursday, I went to meet with my mentor at the public library but my car was terribly dead. My mother gave me a ride but it gave the day a bit of bump. The meeting ended up being hopeful and wonderful, but after a nice lunch at a wonderful new Italian place, my bank in Michigan called to check that me using my card in Delaware wasn't fraud. I also learned that they hadn't properly changed my address yet so that had to be done.

Then I got to baking for the Democratic event that evening which was lovely but a lot, one woman was shooting ideas of what I could do at me, it was lot. I'm all for confidence and thinking I can accomplish a lot, but I wasn't sure what she heard. It does make me hopeful for the Democratic party as this candidate is grassroots all the way.

Friday, I woke up, got pulled into a Captain Awkward series of amazing posts and the Olympics before going must call AAA. I did and it turns out that a little interior light that I thought was automatic wasn't, my battery was charged without a problem. As the AAA guy was leaving, I had a call from the school in Michigan who wanted to talk to me again. Today I had a long phone interview and I'm a finalist, which leaves me kind of breathless and then I watched Olympics' diving with my parents on my laptop. Oh Tom Daley, you're amazing, I know an American won, but they all did fantastic dives. Last night I also dreamed of being lost around Christchurch on my way to a job interview and going, I know Wellington not Christchurch, quite apt. I hate being lost and this was a dream where I couldn't turn where I needed to and so was feeling like I know where I need to get but can't get there.

Another wonderful thing is that I've introduced my parents to Jim Henson's Storyteller, which they love, they even though they were adults in the 60s and 70s an 80s, never knew of his darker stuff. I get to introduce my parents to Labyrinth and Henson, Henson was the kind of creative soul that makes me hope and believe that the world can change by stories and people. In other odd but happy news. I got back my security deposit from Ann Arbor, they took off some for holes and carpet but not enough to make me go that's unfair and money is good.

Oh and the weather has been exciting here, lots of clouds and storms that hit hard and then leave, yet the sky stays grey. It's made everything cooler and is a nice reminder that Delaware is by the ocean.

Now yesterday, I wrote a few FridayFics, not terribly many as honestly I was busy and so were many other people. Life just keeps on happening. This is what I wrote and my [Bad username or unknown identity: ineedmyfics"]'s story is finally more in progress. It's been moving slower than I like but it'll happen.

Words spill out )

Made it

Aug. 2nd, 2012 06:18 pm
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I'm back in Delaware. I still have various address changes, bills and other things to do to tie off all the loose ends in Michigan. Also I have to figure out where to put all my stuff in the house, but for the moment, I have stopped.

My body has chosen today to not like me and its left me quite tired. The road trip was lovely, yesterday we took our time and took a side trip to Fort Necessity, which led us to spending the night in Cumberland, Maryland. We stayed at a newly renovated hotel that was right next to this beautiful park that's built around the end of the Chesapeake and Ohio canal with a bike trail on the old towpath. We had delicious seafood, proper East Coast seafood and I got to watch the Olympics and tag before sleeping.

Today we drove through Maryland and Delaware and it was long and my allergies are making me feel wobbly and a little off, but the drive is done. Also yesterday during the drive, I was called by the school that interviewed me last week just to check that I was still good to be considered by them. I'm in the midst of processing and shifting gears, so much has happened and its going to take time to make it all fit and figure out the shape of this bit of my life.

One thing that I realized is that compared to the last time I was living here, I'm in a far better place. After Wellington, I was a mess and feeling a failure. Now I feel like instead of coming here to dig in and recover, I'm actually in a safe haven as I look forward. There will be some tags tonight, but I don't expect to be in chat, probably later in the week. I also plan on doing writing once I've settled in more as I do have ideas.
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I have a job interview next week and sent off another job application today for a library near where my aunt lives. I do love how when school's decide they want to talk to you, it happens quick. Yesterday I had an email saying are you still interested in this job, today they called to arrange the interview which happens on Tuesday. It's a school in a suburb of Detroit, so at least the drive won't be long and I've given myself time to hopefully not get lost. Detroit and the surrounding area is so confusing.

Life is strange and wonderful. I'm feeling much healthier, taking a break at [personal profile] dodger_sister's was completely the right choice. Not doing anything in a ACed house was prefect and I had a good long rest. Last night work was incredibly quiet and I hope tonight will be too as getting to work involves navigating Art Fair. I've seen some pretty things there including a lovely glass pendant in green that I might end up buying. The only drawback to Art Fair is that when its all quiet and closed down walking through it makes my late night walk a little stranger.

Now for one more round of the 5 topics meme. If you want me to give you topics just say five in the comments.

These are from [personal profile] aberration:

1. James McAvoy
I don't remember when I first discovered James McAvoy, I think it might have been when he was in Children of Dune, which I enjoyed. Then when I started at Milliways, I needed a face for Will Scarlett and I found him. Since then he's become an actor that I'm always watching to see what he does. I think what I love about him is that he's consistently good, makes interesting choices in his work and seems to have fun. At this point, I've yet to see everything he's done and probably never will but he's one of my strongest celebrity crushes. Whenever he's interviewed about any movie, he's always smiling and it's clear he chooses projects he enjoys. They're not always great and sometimes rather weird, but that's what's great about him. Sometimes I wish that more people knew of him, but not for long. I like that he can do what he finds interesting.

2. Greek Mythology
I've loved Greek Mythology since I was a little girl as I grew up with this beautifully illustrated book of the myths from the twenties that I loved. I've always been fascinated by the basic stories we tell and how they get changed through the centuries. Most of my undergrad work and grad work in Classics was based around literature and how are stories told. My favorite part of Greek Mythology is how even in their era, poets and playwrights went, this is how I'm going to tell this story and this is how someone else does. It means that there are many ways to think and approach and that's created a basis for us to be constantly examining the stories now.

3. Travel
Travel makes me happy. I love going out to see a new place, getting lost and then learning to find my way. One of the best ways to learn and realize what you don't know is putting yourself in a place where you don't fit. I've done that by living abroad and moving to new cities, its not an easy thing to do but its part of what makes me who I am. The kind of travel I'm hoping to do in the near future will be around the US, connecting with Milliways' people and more job searching.

4. New Zealand
New Zealand was the first place where I felt like an adult. During my first year there, I supported myself through temp work, found friends and connections and learned so much. The second and third years were trickier as I dealt with my master's degree that didn't work and broke up with a boyfriend, but its one of my favorite places in the world. Wellington has everything I love in a city, its by the water, its full of many different things and its walkable. I think the thing I love most about New Zealand is how the entire country feels small and people can take the time to care and do more there. When I worked for the ministry of health, I was impressed by how much they did for people and that comes through in all kinds of interactions. People just pay more attention and I hope to go back there someday.

5. Dessert
I have a sweet tooth, I always have and probably always will. Chocolate is my favorite item of dessert as it comes in so many forms and is just delicious. My father makes homemade chocolate sauce that I've had with so many lovely meals. I love to bake and cook so I enjoy trying new desserts from cakes to all sorts of other dishes. My dessert of choice this summer is ice cream and berries or yogurt and berries since it's just been far too hot.
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I would like this week to have a few things go right on the first try. The movers were late sending out the online confirmation but that's done. There's a email from the my student loans telling me to go look at a message from them but I don't want to. Last time I did the amount of interest made me want to cry, that will get put off a little longer.

My body keeps feeling off as in having asthma issues that I haven't had in a while. Allergies have rarely made me wheeze, its disturbing and disconcerting, I would like to not fall apart. My ear also seems to have healed, but it feels like it needs more. I also haven't been sleeping properly so I keep having points during the day where my temperature feels off and I just want to fall over and hide for a time. End of body rant and worries.

Meebo messenger's been shut off and I can't find a replacement that will let me get into chat, not even AIM Express which is messed up. I've got a five hour shift today and I'm already feelings a bit out of it, need chat and its wonderful community. So guys, I'm online but can't get into chat.

I'm going to do some meme answers, try to figure out who to do Happy Hour with tonight and maybe even write more on a fic that I should write. Perhaps tomorrow is a good day to go to the movies and hide from the world for a little bit.

Icon meme first.

1. Reply to this post with Dance with me, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

These five icons were chosen by [personal profile] bjornwilde

At one point I started watching Gossip Girl, I think I finished the first season but that was it. I found this icon and I love it as it shows the best of female friendship, two friends just being together.

[personal profile] anthologia made this icon and it feels quite apt for where I am at the moment, looking towards the future and not knowing what's ahead. Its peaceful and beautiful.

I loved Inception and this was by far my favorite scene in it because there was a clear sense of this isn't true reality. I wish honestly that there had been more of this but loved what there was. It was harder than I expected to find an icon of this moment.

This is a scene from the movie Atonement which I'm not a fan of. Its a gorgeous movie with wonderful actors, but I hate, hate the story. If I could have removed the actual plot, I might have liked it better. Its a heartbreaking movie about how a badly thought out and rather selfish choice that destroyed lives and to me that the person who did the wrecking never really got it. The atonement that's supposed to be the payoff felt weak to me. I have a fair amount of icons from this movie for Will as James MacAvoy spends a lot of time in it looking older than his age and hurting. I use this icon for war related things and general sadness.

My mother's originally from Carmel by the Sea so I spent my childhood spending one or two weeks there and visiting my grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousin. I also grew up not far from the Atlantic ocean in Pennsylvania and my parents now live on the Delaware shore. I'm happiest when water is within walking distance for me. I loved that about Wellington, not only was the water right there but the waterfront was someplace I wanted to be. There was the public library and Te Papa and places to sit and watch the world go by. Everything for me feels a little more possible by the water. This icon is my beach, water one.

Now another round of the five topics meme.

Comment to this post saying "FIVE!" and I will pick five things I would like you to talk about. They might make sense or be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself, hopefully for the rest of eternity!

(I don't really care if you say "FIVE" or let me know some other way. Just for the record.)

These five are from [personal profile] crazyfurries

Five more words )

Now all this writing has been feeling a little more even keeled and now to plot who will do Happy Hour in Milliways.
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Today just seems to keep being weird for me, though I am accomplishing stuff. The movers are settled, so now I can focus on starting to sort and clean my place and arranging to shut off various services. My body is being awful and I don't know why. My ankle's been hurting quite badly and when I went to get lunch, I had a point where I thought I might faint. I ended up not able to eat my sandwich and instead had some yogurt which helped. I've no idea what happened and plan on sleeping a lot when I get home tonight.

I ended up writing a fill over on [profile] marvelousladies, which is awesome, everyone should go play there. The story I wrote is Get Your Claws In, a Peggy, Natasha fic from the prompt: Any: Whatever you choose, however many roads you travel, I hope that you choose not to be a lady. I hope you will find some way to break the rules and make a little trouble out there. And I also hope that you will choose to make some of that trouble on behalf of women. Later I'll post it on Ao3, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Since I'm still feeling a bit worn out and work is quiet, I'm going to do a few more rounds of the 5 topics/question meme.

Comment to this post saying "FIVE!" and I will pick five things I would like you to talk about. They might make sense or be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself, hopefully for the rest of eternity!

(I don't really care if you say "FIVE" or let me know some other way. Just for the record.)

From [personal profile] in_the_blue
1. libraries

2. travel )

3. job hunting

4. your very favorite fictional character )

5. where you see yourself in ten years

Next round is from [personal profile] muji

1. Why librarian.
This one gets its own answer because its kind of tucked into the other one I did before. Libraries are where I keep coming back to throughout my life, they've always been the safe places for me. I know that I can enter any public library around the world and I will find a quiet space to sit, free internet and like minded people. I want to help create those places for kids, for them to know that they can come to me and I'll help them navigate books and life and creativity. Growing up it was librarians who gave me the courage to try reading books I wouldn't have normally tried and who were simply there for me.

2. Living in Michigan. )

3. Other countries. )

5 Topics

Jul. 11th, 2012 12:51 pm
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Today has started off oddly and so as I look for threadbrain, I'm going to do this lovely 5 topics meme. Last night I dreamed that a friend from high school was trying to kill me as in the dark of my room, it was a disturbing dream. Then I woke up to find out I'd missed the call from the movers, called back and left a message saying, please I want more information.

Also the bandage on my ear lobe is about to fall off and I think its all healed but its hard to tell. I need to go to the university health center and get it looked at. I have this bad habit of reaching up and playing with my ear lobe and I'm worrying that maybe I've made it heal badly. I need to stop fretting over it and get it looked at. Basically I'm feeling like there are a few too many thoughts going around in my head.

This meme I think will help sort them out. I'm going to tackle the library/job topics and then come back for the other ones.

Comment to this post saying "FIVE!" and I will pick five things I would like you to talk about. They might make sense or be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself, hopefully for the rest of eternity!

(I don't really care if you say "FIVE" or let me know some other way. Just for the record.)

[personal profile] in_the_blue gave me:

1. libraries )
2. travel
3. job hunting )
4. your very favorite fictional character
5. where you see yourself in ten years )
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This weekend has been long, tiring and surprisingly good. I went to Kids Read Comics yesterday and it was wonderful, events like that are why I want to be a librarian.

Though things have been good, they've also been one thing after another as I got the moving estimate and it was huge and didn't seem fully filled in, so I'm waiting on that. I hope to get the movers settled by tomorrow.

Also starting on Wednesday night, my trackpad was acting up, which was annoying. Today I took it to the Apple Store and they got me a new one and now its working again, which makes me happy. I have an idea for a librarian blog post to write and need to get to do more writing on my Narnia exchange but I signed up for [community profile] ineedmyfics and feel good.

That means its time for a meme, this is the first of two lovely memes that [personal profile] in_the_blue posted recently, the other one requires more thought.

1. Reply to this post with Dance with me, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

[personal profile] in_the_blue chose these icons:

This icon is called Taking Wing and [personal profile] synchronicity2 made it and I love the beauty and hopefulness of it.

These are the Weasleys and they're my favorite part of Harry Potter as I love the joy they have with life and each other. They also remind me of my own family since there are a lot of us and we can be silly and love each other so much.

This in my mind is Will from the Disney Robin Hood and I love his expression of oh god, what now? That is one of my favorite versions of Robin Hood, it just works for me and makes me happy.

Tiwa, [personal profile] piwakawaka is the name of my Changeling OC who turns into a bird called a fantail. This icon is of a beautiful statue made by a New Zealand artist of a fantail and I love the movement of it and how it has the feel of traditional carving but it its own thing. If I could, I would own so much fantail art as these little birds are quick and brave and remind me of New Zealand.

I loved the movie Up and the beauty of this moment spoke to me in that sense of far to go but the end is in sight. I made this icon as I couldn't find one that someone else had made.

Probably tomorrow I will start writing answers to the next meme which is five topics to write about. I hope everyone's week is going well. Life has been full of far too many ups and downs of late. Here's for more ups than downs.

Bad dreams

May. 22nd, 2012 12:50 pm
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This morning I woke up feeling unsettled after a dream of being back in New Zealand in a hospital but being chased down. Something had transformed a lot of people there, many I considered friends in the dream to take me down for some reason and it was terrifying. I had to hurt people which really bothered me and I woke up feeling sore and a little tired. I think part of this dream comes from the fact that the nervousness of waiting to hear about the jobs keeps bubbling up in me as I would love one of these jobs.

Thankfully or not, it depends on the shift, this week all the shifts I traded out come due and I worked yesterday afternoon and will work Thursday closing on top of my other shifts. At least this keeps me busy and yesterday's DE promptfest is also accomplishing that. One of the things I was doing this weekend was going back through prompts I've filled and posting them on Archive of our Own on the Milliways' collection. In the process I almost doubled the amount of fic I have posted, which makes me smile along with discovering older fic I'd forgotten about.

My prompts that I'm still working on are over here. I adore that the first one I filled could fit perfectly into the Erik and Charles meeting OOM, that makes me feel like my writing is going in the right direction.

My big project for today is to update my phone to a smartphone, my parents and I decided that its best to do it now instead of waiting until I get a job. My current phone isn't dying but its not been working as well as it might so I'm going to get an iPhone. I'm looking forward to it and would love recommendations for apps I need to get.

This week I'm also going to be brave and head back to the bank to see if I can do anything with them. I haven't talked to them in a while with life being so busy but I'm going to do one more try to get my money back.

I think today will improve, its just that dream left me ill at ease. I have books I want to write about as well, I'll try and manage that later.


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