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This was an odd Monday, the power was off in the library so I had nothing to do and went and read in Starbucks for a while. Also yesterday was spent cooking and then enjoying hosting with my parents a movie group they're a part of, we talked about films from the Rehoboth Film Festival and others. Apparently The Book Thief was quite popular, which makes me curious. From what I've read of reviews online, it seems one of those books that people either love or they hate. Also I've been introducing mainly my mother but also my father to more Doctor Who with a focus on Ten as he's my favorite. I hadn't realized before just how much Russell T. Davies used authors as linchpins of stories; Dickens, Shakespeare, Christie.

Oh and I finally got more words for my Yuletide, it still doesn't really have much form to it but there are over 600 words. This might be one where I throw the words out on the page and then beg my betas help in making sense of it.

Now for the December Meme, which is still very open. You don't need to leave ideas on that entry, leave them on any and they will be written. I might end up extending it into January as I'm loving the questions I'm getting.

Back to the point for today [personal profile] swankyfunk asked me: Out of all the places you've visited, where would you most like to live and why?

Now I'm going to do top five for this one, because narrowing it down to just one is really hard.

1-Wellington, New Zealand: I liked who I was in Wellington. I found a gaming group, I was able to wander. There were cafes to read in, museums to wander into, water, hills and even used bookstores that didn't eat all my money. Also the best public library that I've been to, okay one of my top ten favorite libraries. I could have lived in that library with no problem. The only true con to Wellington is that its so far away from the US and my family and friends here. When I came back from New Zealand, I wanted to try and meet and connect with all these amazing people I'd met through Milliways, but it stalled. First the recession, then grad school in Michigan and now I'm here in Delaware and the oomph to go see people hasn't happened as I'd like. DC, Maryland and Virginia people, I want to connect with you. Yet there are also people on that side of the world as well, its tough.

2-Dublin, Ireland: I spent a week in Dublin in 2002 when I had finished my semester abroad in Athens and I loved it. Again a city I could walk that had water but also art and history and all those things that I loved. I would love the chance to live there and know it better.

3-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Growing up for me, Philly was the city that was just a train ride away. I spent high school going to South Street, the year after I graduated college had an internship at a museum on Penn's Landing, its my favorite city. I love the history of it, Ben Franklin walked those streets and the river going through and its close to DC and New York but a little cheaper. There are great restaurants and wonderful neighborhoods, the Mummers, Reading Terminal Market. I always expected that I would end up near it because it was where I grew up and I'd still like to.

4-San Francisco/Central California: My mother grew up in Carmel-by-the-Sea so I spent a few weeks ever summer going to Carmel to spend time with my grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousin. Also a visit to San Francisco where my great aunt lived and I loved it. One reason I adore New Zealand is that it reminds me of that part of California. I've only visited it but I'd love to try living there.

5-Seattle: My other aunt and uncle live in Seattle and its another city that I adore visiting. It feels like New Zealand and its the Pacific Northwest and god, I would love to work at that library.

As you can see, I'm pretty evenly split between East and West Coast with New Zealand kind of splitting the difference. I have learned about myself that I'm happiest in a city with some sort of waterfront whether its river or ocean, water makes it all better. I do love New York City but to me it always felt like a city to dip into versus one to live in. This is probably because I've never lived there and its been a place I go for a few days at a time, but its never pulled me the same ways that these others have. At this point, I would just love a job near a city where I knew one or two people because I do need that social grounding.

One thing that wrecked me last year was not really knowing anyone, Rick was too far away in Ann Arbor and people were nice at work but that's not quite enough. I did like Ann Arbor as well but it felt too far away from everything though it was a great city. If I could have moved Ann Arbor farther east, I would have been happy and found a job there.

A reminder

Aug. 28th, 2013 03:22 pm
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As it rains outside, I'm sitting and listening to the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington on NPR and remembering why I chose to be an educator and a librarian. This past year while I worked in the suburbs around Detroit, I learned a lot by seeing how the internet has opened ways for young people to explore more of the world and question it. Yet I also saw how adults wouldn't listen because there were some truths that they weren't ready to deal with. I hope that the speeches today are heard and do make a change because listening to each other and understanding that we all need each other matters. Its heartening to hear the lists of everyone who counts in the speeches because it shows that in fifty years, more people are recognized. There's a lot to do and if I can help by providing access to books that better reflect the make up of America and access to online resources and a safe space for young people then I'll do it.

I've been rattling around in my parents' house in Delaware, which I really needed. Being by the coast makes me happy and settled in a way that's helps me feel better. Part of that is lots of pictures because this area is beautiful and my parents have created a wonderful haven for themselves here. Most of the pictures have been posted on my Twitter and Tumblr, but if you don't follow me there, on Instagram I'm here and you can look over them. Sadly Instagram doesn't make it easy to post images into blog posts or else I'd do that more often. I've been going for walks and taking care of various errands plus finishing up a few fics. Also due to being a writer, I listen to this history and find myself wanting to write about Charles listening to these speeches with his first few students and realizing that change can come about. I really wish that Pacific Rim was playing somewhere nearby because I could do with a rewatch of it.

One nice benefit of my parents' place is that they have a big TV, no cable but an Apple TV so I've been catching up on various shows. I've now watched most of the older seasons of Warehouse 13, the first season of New Girl, which I loved, some of Parks and Recreation which didn't really catch me, The Vicar of Dibley and various other movies and shows that catch my attention. Sadly I haven't figured out how to mirror my computer on the TV, I think its because my laptop is older than Airplay, but I'll sort it out at some point. And I hope soon to start working at my local library, which will be wonderful. Its a great library and a place that I enjoy being in.

FicFriday returned last week with lots of wonderful prompts.
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Jul. 13th, 2013 07:13 pm
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Last night when I went to my book club, I was reminded how in this strange year, I have made some unexpected and good connections. When I told the people at my club that I would be leaving, they were sad and hoped I could come before I left. Since the weather was beautiful, we sat in the backyard of one of the main couples, which was nice. This is a small book club and pretty much the same people have attended so there has been continuity. There was one of those metal fire pits so we ended up making s'mores at the end of the night. It a was a great reminder that while this year hasn't been perfect, its had good in it.

The run up to it was kind of fun as well since I got the time wrong, so I rushed about making delicious cherry cornbread muffins. I need to make them again since they're some of the best muffins I've had in a while with the cornbread texture but very moist. So I made them, thinking I was going to be late, got to the house and there was no one there. The meeting was at 8 but I think meet up still had it listed as 7 so I had my time's wrong. As I was waiting, I went to a favorite cafe where I found a lot of teenagers and their cars hanging out. Now this isn't a huge parking lot but according to the woman in the cafe, this is what kids do. Some of the cars looked like they belonged in The Fast and the Furious, while there were also some beautiful classic cars. Later I noticed that in other parking lots along Woodward, there were more cards. According to my friends at the book club, this is a definite thing in the area and there's a day in August when Woodward itself is shut down just so people can go cruising. Moments like this remind me how much of a car town this is. Next time I spot them, I need to take pictures as there were some gorgeous cars.

Tomorrow I'm going to go see a matinee of Pacific Rim and probably see it again with Rick. I'm in the mood for a good action movie and love del Toro. I need to get to work prepping for moving, get a date from the movers and then give that date to apartment company, who sound like they'll be able to release it pretty quickly. Then I hope to have some time in the east coast to travel, settle and look for a job. I never got that before moving out here, this year has been strange with few moments to go, oh, I feel safe and comfortable where I am.

My writing is going slowly, my Narnia story is started but I need to do even more with it to make it work, but I do have a little time.

FicFriday was pretty quiet this week, I filled a few on my journal and then three on Twitter. All Teen Wolf ones because I love the families on that show.

For @afullmargin

Oooh, always up for family shenanigans!

Allison's family saw the world through trust. Trust to survive, trust to tell, trust to lie to the right people. She made trust.

Stiles learned every police code once his father realized he wanted to know to understand. That way, no matter, he would know.

For @animalmysoul

Something Teen Wolf for #ficfriday?

Stiles knew he should sleep but his father was running late. If he got up then he could hear the scanner, then he would know.

Apparently I have a lot of feelings about Stiles and his dad, I just love their relationship and how Teen Wolf deals with families.
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I just had a conversation with my parents about how its easier to break this lease than the one in Ann Arbor since this area of Michigan has a lot of people pass through. To say aloud, I don't want to be in Michigan anymore, especially not this part of Michigan feels amazing. A huge weight is off me as I start thinking about moving east again, working at the library in Lewes as I search for a job in the part of the country I actually want to be in.

Chances to hang out with friends who live in Maryland and Virgina and on the east coast instead of feeling stuck in limbo out here in Michigan. I don't know how quickly any of this will happen. I'm going to run some errands and on my way back stop in at the rental office to see how tricky it is to end the lease early. I think as long as I give thirty days notice, I should be okay since the lease is far kinder than the one in Ann Arbor where housing was tougher to find. I also realized that yesterday was a month since the last day of school. Time feels so out of joint for me since it hasn't been that long, but my life is in a strange spot.

Oh and I found another job to apply for, a teen librarian position in Arizona. I'm happy to move again for a job, but next time I'm going to be more prepared. If a job wants me, I'd like their help in settling in. That doesn't have to be money just advice and some care.

The next step starts to feel closer and more hopeful. Since its Friday and FicFriday on Twitter has been quiet due to the holiday weekend, I'll take prompts here and on Twitter. Just @ me over there.

Leave me a prompt and I'll write you a one to two sentence fic, possibly more but I try to keep it short to work with the Twitter part.

ETA: It looks like this move will be simpler than my other one. Next part is to contact the movers and find out their dates, then get back to the rental company.
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I've been running ever so slightly late for work this week and the last as all the stress of what I have to get done has been catching up with me. Today I took that as a sign and didn't go into work, which was what I needed. I've slept in and been able to knock a couple of things off my to do list. I now have more contacts, have ordered a really lovely pair of glasses though glasses are my back ups but still, these are cute and an investment.

Hello to everyone from the friending meme, I figure I should tell you something about myself now I'm not in as bad a place as I was yesterday.

-In September I started a job as a middle/high school librarian in a small independent school in the Michigan suburbs after spending a year looking for a job and living in Ann Arbor. I got my MSI degree at UoM and stayed there in the hopes of finding something. I write a lot about this job as the school hasn't had a full time librarian for a couple of years so I'm helping to define the position while I work. This is exciting and stressful and takes up a good bit of space here. If you'd like more context on my work, I have a librarian blog and my work tag is cowboy school.

-The other thing that takes up a good part of my time is [community profile] milliways_bar, a panfandom roleplaying game that I've been at since February 2006 or 2007, I'd have to check my dates. Milliways is one of my happiest places on the web and I'll often write about it on here as well as Milliways' specific fic. Over there I roleplay Will Scarlett from Robin Hood legends, Charles Xavier from X-Men: First Class, Sameth from the Abhorsen Chronicles, William Evans from 3:10 to Yuma, Moist von Lipwig from Discworld, Demeter from Greek Mythology, Jane Austen from Becoming Jane, Tumnus from Narnia, mainly book with some movie influences and The Pirate King from The Pirates of Penzance, 1983 Kevin Kline flavor.

-In terms of writing, I love finding ficathons to write for but often will be working on various pieces. The current fandom I'm writing the most for is X-Men: First Class because Charles Xavier creates far too many plot bunnies for me. I also roleplay him in Milliways and his point of view fits me. I've been lately getting into fic exchanges as I love them. This is my fourth year doing Yuletide, my second doing ineedmyfics and my first year doing the Narniaficexchange and I plan on doing more as writing for someone else makes me happy. Whenever I see a prompt meme that I like, it ends up on my journal and I try to fill all of them though sometimes they get lost.

-I grew up outside Philadelphia and consider myself an East Coaster though I've spent the last three years in Ann Arbor and have started a new job in Michigan. I love to travel and have lived abroad in New Zealand.

I think that's all for now. Two quick holiday reminders. If you would like a card and your address has changed or I've never sent you one before comment here and if you would like a gift fic comment here. I can't promise that either of them will get done by Christmas but they will happen.
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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You're a bit like a professional jet pilot who is
operating the pirate ship ride at an amusement park. You have
resemblances to a top chef who's shopping for gourmet ingredients in a
seedy convenience store. In other words, Gemini, you may feel slightly
off-kilter or dispossessed, even though you have a lot going for you.
Here's the best possible thing you could do while you wait for the fates to
show you how to make a correction: Make it your intention to feel
centered, poised, and at peace exactly as you are right now.

This is far too on point for me, Uncle Rob, as I feel like I've been trying to find my feet since August. Now that I have my apartment, I'm doing a lot better but its not all perfect. Yesterday, I woke up and lost one of my contacts, which meant going through the day wearing glasses with an old prescription which gave me a headache. Also the gaming discussions seemed to be moving faster than I expected, overall it wasn't a great day. The cable guys didn't show up and won't show up until Thursday, today won't work as I have a meeting but slowly there's progress. Once I found out that the cable guys weren't coming, I went to Pearle Vision to get an eye exam and I'm now wearing a trial pair of new lenses.

It's wonderful to be able to see properly and I'm slowly feeling healthier as well as figuring out my morning routine. I need to get a better ice scraper as mine just doesn't do enough and Michigan is being cold. I was able to be part of a discussion about what's happening in the library and feel like now things are starting to work. I can see how the school community comes together and how I can fit in with it. Up and down weeks seem to be the norm for me with good days and bad days, but this is a place where I fit and work. My aim is to keep focusing on the parts that work, look at ways to fix what doesn't work and keep making my home how I want it to be.


Nov. 3rd, 2012 03:35 pm
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I just found out that my stuff hasn't actually left the East Coast yet, but instead will start heading to Michigan on Tuesday. That means moving in won't happen until possibly next weekend, so another week in the hotel but with time in between to put the stuff I have into my apartment. I have a key and a signed lease, that makes such a huge difference and will have a home. Compared to the destruction Sandy has wrought, I can wait another week.

In terms of getting things done, I finally posted a blog entry on my professional blog about my new job called Finding my feet: the first two months. A lot of what's there will be familiar to anyone following along here, it's just organized in a more librarian/professional way over there.
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I hope everyone on the East Coast is safe, dry and warm, you guys are on my mind a huge amount. My parents are safe and farther inland in Southern Delaware, they lost power last night, but I got an email from my mom. They seem to be doing well. Michigan is feeling too far away from everyone at the moment, Sandy is making her presence known here with cloudy skies, wind that I can feel on my car and rain. When I wake up in the morning, it's hard to believe that it is morning since the clouds make everything dark. Apparently a school that we compete with lost power, but everything's holding here. Compared to what's happening elsewhere, we're getting off lightly. Everyone on the East Coast, keep on keeping safe.

In terms of moving, yesterday I signed my lease and I really like this apartment complex, the lease is easy to understand and was explained to me. My lease on Ann Arbor was printed with this tiny font that was hard to read, this one was over many pages and felt like it was to help me. I keep realizing that this place is a step up from where I lived in Ann Arbor in terms of space, the company and other things without actually paying that much more. The person I've been working with for moving in isn't that much older than I am, and helpful and sympathetic, as is everyone at school. It just makes me hopeful that this will be a good place for me to live.

On Thursday, I'm going to pay my first month's rent and get my key, but I don't know when I'll actually move in. Due to Sandy, the movers weren't able to pick up my stuff in Delaware and I don't know when they'll be able to. My plan for now is to keep staying in my hotel and possibly camp out in my apartment if I can get access to an aerobed. I'm so close to finally having my own apartment here, but as with a lot of parts of this job, for every step forward, I get three to the side, one to the back and a turn around. It's all completely possible to deal with, I'm just tired and miss having my stuff. Also all my winter clothes are in storage and I only brought some fall stuff with me and that means at the moment, I don't actually have a proper jacket just sweaters. Depending on where I am moneywise this weekend, I'll go to one of the local outfitter stores and get one. There, that's my whine for this entry.

Yesterday I began doing some decorating in my library, I went shopping at Michael's and bought some stuff just not enough. There's now this ribbon that looks like bloodstained printed paper on my bulletin board, a big Hobbit poster, foam, shiny leaves, shiny ribbon, a vase with glittery fake leaves, wooden ornaments of a finger, spider and an eye as well as an operator symbol made out of ribbon on the bulletin board. I want to get some more stuff to keep up the general fall theme but the space is challenging. The bulletin board is half papers posted for school information, half my own papers, so there's only so much space and then I have all these shelves and this big glass wall between the main library and the quiet room. It's challenging figuring out how best to use decorations and which ones to get, and you don't get a lot of ribbon when you buy a roll. I thought it would go farther. A student just asked me if I bought the Hobbit poster for the library and I told him where to get it. That's a great sign that I'm making the right choices. When I finally get a desk that will help a lot as that will be a space I can really own. I'll take pictures of everything and will do more next month.

I'm currently waiting on the okay of the various heads at work before I can post up my librarian blog post, but that will feel great to have up. Then I can start on the technology one and more moving forward.

The Slendyplot in Milliways is nearing an end and I'm looking forward to getting to read all of the threads, especially the final confrontation.
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The weather this weekend has been windy and at times quite rainy and apparently knocked out the power at my school. Last night I had a hard time getting to sleep, I was just awake, which meant I stayed up to finish reading my latest Christie mystery and kept the bedside lamp on to insure I didn't oversleep. I didn't, I even got to school earlier than I did last week, but almost no one was there and the middle school head told me there was no school. They were meant to have called me to let me know but I didn't see any message and now I have the day off. I went and actually had breakfast at my hotel and am now sitting in the Starbuck's in Birmingham, which is becoming sort of my local cafe. Due to sleeping oddly, I'm a bit sore and I'm considering going to a movie later today as its that sort of day.

Yesterday was unexpectedly exciting as I got hugely lost, while the storm was raging. There are two Barnes and Nobles not too far from where I am and I decided to explore the one I hadn't been to before. It turns out that one is sort of close to where I'm staying and has a much bigger selection, so I plan on going there more often. On the way back, I decided to stop at a grocery store as I've been feeling sick and getting some good herbal tea seemed a good idea as well as a chance to grab a quick dinner.

At this point I was on one of the big main roads and I knew that if I turned around, I should be able to get right back on the street I needed. That didn't happen because when I finished grocery shopping, it was pouring sheets of rain and windy enough that it was going sideways. There were points when driving that I felt my car shift from the force of the wind. I thought I knew where I was well enough to find my way back, but sadly this wasn't true. Instead I ended up going the wrong way, but it wasn't easy to figure out due to rain and most of the streets look the same.

I pulled over and got directions back to where I needed to be but somehow either didn't take as many u-turns or too many u-turns and ended up on the right street going the wrong way. I didn't catch just how far off I was until I hit the end of the road. I need to explain something about Detroit streets to show just how far gone I was. The big streets around Detroit go by something mile, the Detroit city limit is 8 mile, the place my hotel is on is called Maple and 15 mile. So I turned onto 15 mile and took it to a point that it dead ended into another street, I think I was actually close to the shore of Lake Michigan. Basically I ended up in the next county over as I work and am staying in Oakland county. I'm posting up the map, because I'm still kind of boggling at how I was on the right track but so much the wrong way.

View Larger Map

The weather was amazing to drive through as I kept going in and out of the storm, which meant sometimes the rain was in sheets, then drips but the wind was always there and the light was fantastic. I ended up getting two beautiful pictures of it and getting home to find out that I actually bought a tasty frozen dinner and had a nice hard cider. It was the sort of adventure that was good to have on a weekend when I didn't have anywhere to be, but it left me feeling a bit worn out today. Batty reminded me that I can make my phone directions tell me when I'm going wrong, which would probably help. Though when I had a GPS that spoke to me at the job interview in Rhode Island, it annoyed me more than it helped me. It's just a matter of figuring out what works for me.

I have my Yuletide sign up pretty much set, I know my requests; two that I keep doing in hope that I'll finally get them and two new ones. I'm still debating on my last offer and need to put in the details of my Yuletide letter. My offers haven't changed that much either as I've learned what I can write and there are some I'd love the chance to write.

I'm also posting in this post a list of what I have accomplished since starting at my new school and what's in the works. In time, this list will hopefully grow into a professional blog post, but for now as I'm feeling tired and worried about what parent-teacher conferences are going to be like, I need to have this down.

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A day off

Oct. 7th, 2012 08:58 pm
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Today I went to the Detroit Zoo and had what felt like a true day off for the first time in a long time. I don't know why it made such a difference to go someplace versus spending my time in cafes, but it did. This was the second day of the Fall Festival at the zoo, which meant some more children's activities and a hayride passing by at times. What I enjoyed far more was wandering along the zoo paths, pointing out to parents and kids where animals were and just being for a little while.

I took a few pictures but I think some of my favorite moments were when I gave up on pictures. There's a huge butterfly garden and I kept trying to get a picture of blue morphos but they'd go around me and whenever they alit would hide their blue. I have pictures with these pieces of blue in them but no clear one and I don't care. Watching them fly made me incredibly happy. There's a habitat with just penguins and I kept trying to get a picture of a swimming penguin and I have its profile as it zooms by, but again I don't mind. Since the weather's been going grey and rainy, there were points when I got rained on, but again I didn't really mind. By about three thirty my feet hurt a lot, but it was a great day. I think there's something about going to a place that's set apart, a zoo, a museum, a botanical garden that provides a different sort of rest. I'm so glad that I did it.

I've also been doing more writing, I just posted a little fic that I wrote and I have many ideas. I just finished watching the latest episode of Once Upon a Time and they seem to be following through with a lot of what they set up. It makes me hopeful, because its a world with a lot of possibility. Tomorrow when I go to school, I'll be bringing with me a sandwich and a banana, a far more proper lunch than what I've been eating before. Life is feeling more hopeful. I know I have time before I move into my own space but it exists and where I am now feels more like mine.
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I've just had a wonderful and full day. I have an apartment, which I might get to move into before the start of November. It depends on how quickly the other person moves out and that the company can arrange it, but its wonderful. The apartment complex looks more like a leafy suburb and I'll be paying not much more than I was in Ann Arbor for far more room and other things. This place is not too far from the various areas I want to be next to and in this wonderful village/mini suburb called Beverly Hills. The drive to and from school won't be that far at all and it just feels right. This weekend I'm going to poke around at hotels with actual suites to see if I can find a place to stay in the interim with some sort of kitchen set up. I'm also going to relax and not to do too much, because I have a place.

In other good news, today I helped teach 8th graders about researching for doing experiments and it was terrifying and wonderful. I wore completely the wrong shoes as my boots while adorable are not good for being on my feet for two and a half hours. There were some bumps with technology and the teacher said I think next time, we'll try something else. She wants a next time, I didn't mess up too much. It was more that its much easier to show someone how to do online research than tell them.

To celebrate having a place I bought myself some Bailey's that's chilling in my hotel fridge and some Whitman's chocolates. Whitman's, which are from Dayton, Ohio are the chocolates that one of my father's relatives always gives us, so they're favorites of mine. Just like See's is what I always make sure to buy when I visit Northern California.

The debate last night was painful to watch, but I plan on voting for Obama again. I think it will end up being an absentee ballot from Delaware as I know I'm registered there and I don't want any risk of my vote being lost.

This huge weight is off my shoulders and I know that I'll have lots to do before I move, but it feels possible. I've done a lot of these things before not too far away, so I just start up my electric account again, talk to Comcast, get gas and renter's insurance and I'll be good.
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I left my host's place before noon today and checked into the Holiday Inn by a little after 2. They gave me a great rate for staying longer term and there's a furnished apartment, extended stay place across the street that I'm going to talk to and see how they work out. The hope is that I'll have my own place by the end of October, but I'm going to have numerous back up plans in case that doesn't happen.

I'm going to find a thank you card and some sort of basket of goodies to thank my host for keeping me for so long. The leaving went pretty well but I want to make sure to give her a nice gift once I've had time to really stretch a bit more. Its amazing to look at the hotel room, which isn't huge but I have my own TV, there's a fridge and outlets so I can use my kettle, they'll make me breakfast and I'm within walking distance of the school and downtown Birmingham. Talking on the phone with my mom, she said that I sound more like me and I think that's true; sharing a space for so long has been much more stressful than I realized. Now that I'm not doing it, I feel like this huge weight is off of me. My mom also pointed out that finding a new place to live should be fun and since I've been feeling pressed in terms of time, it hasn't been fun, its felt horribly rushed. Now I've got more time to take my time and find the right place for me.

At the moment I'm in a Starbucks that I walked to and I'm thinking about getting myself a new ring. I should explain about the jewelery I always wear and why that's one. I think the first ring I had that I wore all the time was my high school ring, then one from a boyfriend, then I picked up this beautiful ring when I spent a month in France, then my college ring from Randolph-Macon Woman's College, I stopped wearing it when they became co-ed though it still lives next to my bed. After that I somehow ended up having rings to coincide with all my big life shifts, sometimes bracelets as well but my current one from Ann Arbor is still together and has next to it a bracelet from my older brother and his wife that was a Christmas present. They love buying me jewelery, but it doesn't always perfectly fit my style, this bracelet does. The jewelery that changes every day are my earrings and necklace and I have many options for those, but watch, bracelets and ring stay the same. Just since my amber ring was getting bent and broken, I haven't been wearing it and its time for a new one. I can feel the callous it created as I have big knuckled and small fingers.

Tonight I'm considering going to see possibly Looper if I can find it at one of the two theaters in town here, but if I can't I will enjoy watching my very own TV. I'm going to miss Zadie snuggles when I come home, but not having to pass through someone else's space will be fantastic.

Tomorrow is the All School Picnic, which sounds like a bit of a carnival with lots of groups like clubs, teams and classes selling stuff for fundraisers. It should be a lot of fun and rather chaotic but I don't have to stay for all of it just as much as I want and then Monday, I will be so much closer to school. This was the right step for me.

Now to post all the fic I wrote yesterday as there were a lot of them and I'd rather not lose track of them.
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My host, who has been wonderful told me tonight that she'd like me to leave and I made a reservation with an extended stay hotel after breaking down crying. I'm having a bit of hindsight because honestly trying to find a place to live, while starting a new job is hard and takes time. Extended stay was probably what I should have done in the first place but she offered and it has been nice, weird but nice. I'm going to head out tomorrow, which will mean that I will have a proper space of my own, which will be amazing. I think I've been craving that. Also the hotel is actually within walking distance of the school, which will make a lot of things a lot easier. I still haven't heard from the realtor about the place I wanted and moving as I go look just feels right. Its just I had a bad moment of crying as she said I want you out by Wednesday. I understand her feeling, she didn't expect a guest for this long, but well, I've tried to leave a very small footprint. And at this point, its a week over a month. Tonight I'll do some packing, I haven't unpacked that much, so pretty easy and haul my stuff into my car tomorrow. Who knows, I might be out of here by lunchtime as I keep waking up early even when I want to sleep in.

I just feel kind of worn out even though things are going well, because there's always something and for all the good, there are points of feeling that I can't find my feet. Even to just be in a hotel that's more neutral and won't go away won't make me feel as pressed to find a place. As my mom reminded me, usually when a place hires you and relocates you, they give you more time to get settled. I was rushed over and haven't had that much time to catch my breath and its been getting to me. I know I haven't been sleeping or eating as well I really should be and I can feel it.

Though there is a lot of good, today just felt like all of it came together in a rush. I had another meeting of the RP club and was reminded how teenage boys all like being the hero, but I was able to manage their character ideas into ones where everyone has more of a chance. A teacher sent a student down for my help, which was good but warning would have been nicer. This is the same Spanish teacher who suddenly appeared with a class, I'm glad she trusts me but would prefer warning. And then next week I'm going to be teaching classes for a science teacher and I feel like my ideas are coming together. My plans to connect with the IT guys kind of fell through, which is annoying. I'd really like their help in terms of working out the state of computers and various tech at the school as its done rather piecemeal.

I wrote some FicFriday stories and am still taking them but I think I'll post them later when I'm not feeling quite so shaky.

First Day

Sep. 4th, 2012 08:03 pm
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I'm feeling a little wobbly but good. Today was long and hopeful, I have all these lists of ideas and observations for the library. There's a lot of potential and I think the kids like me, I hope they do, the faculty seem to. One thing I need to figure out is when to eat lunch as I spend the lunch period telling them not to eat lunch in the library. And when I started out this morning was too early in the morning for me to eat though I had a really big mug of tea. That meant that I didn't actually eat until far too late in the day.

I was in the library from about 7:20am to 4:30 then in the school parking lot until 5:30 because one of my tires was flat. The AAA guy couldn't find a puncture in it and I have a little spare, so its okay for now. I need to find a good car place because I've had tire pressure issues before and possibly a Mazda dealership would make sense of it. That all meant that I didn't get to properly eat until I think 6 and back home until 6:30 or so. When I got back, there was lots of snuggling with Zadie, the beautiful dog at the place hosting me. She puts her paws on me and goes, no leaving yet, she improves my day so much.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): I'm guessing that you don't know the name of
the person who sent the first email. It was Ray Tomlinson, and he did it in
1971. You're probably also unaware that he originated the use of the @
symbol as a key part of email addresses. Now I'd like to address your own
inner Ray Tomlinson, Gemini: the part of you that has done valuable work
hardly anyone knows about; the part of you that has created good stuff
without getting much credit or appreciation. I celebrate that unsung hero,
and I hope you will make a special effort to do the same in the coming

I find this a really inspiring horoscope, Uncle Rob as I hope to be the kind of librarian that students and faculty can't imagine not being there. Or next year, they just open the door and look for me to say hi. I felt some of what I do and when it works today as I had a great conversation about unusual sports and books were checked out. What makes me sure this is the right job is that while my body is starting to go, didn't eat enough and awake for quite a while, I just feel positive.
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This morning I got to sleep in and it was wonderful. Yesterday was the last day of new faculty orientation and it was an easier day than Thursday. We met in the Middle/Upper School library, which is my library. I love that I can say and think that.

Most of the orientation has been about how the school works because it has a quite specific philosophy and a lot of gifted students. Thursday we learned about the philosophy, how the school approaches their students and what we as faculty/staff need to do to fit in. It was fascinating but left me completely drained by the end. Yesterday, we talked to current and veteran teachers who spoke to us about what the philosophy means in action. It really comes down to create structure, allow for flexibility and be prepared for a constant and respectful dialogue with students and parents.

I also spent most of the afternoon, scribbling ideas about how to make the library actually feel like a library. Currently it feels more like a nice conference room/tech lab with some books in it. It needs zones, lower bookshelves, and a desk for me in the main room as well as things to show yes, library outside of it. During the day, I spoke to many people about my ideas and got lots of yes, I like that and yes, very true, so I'm feeling like I've got the right momentum. Its going to be quite uphill as the Middle/Upper School has never really had a library that works like a library, so I'll have to convince teachers that I can help them out and students that the library has more to offer than a space to hang out.

After orientation, I finished most of my paperwork, there's a little bit still left. I need to get fingerprinted and sort out my healthcare things but I'll get paid the second week in September, I didn't get all the paperwork done quick enough to get paid at the start of September.

One thing that makes me grin about this school is that the mascot is the Rough Riders, I've already got an idea of how to play with that librarywise. Luckily the collection's in good shape as they had a consultant come in and weed and bring it up to date. Ha and now I have the code name for this school: cowboy school.

There are some great neighborhoods in the area as well so it looks like I'll probably have to drive to school but should be able to walk to various downtowns. Next week is I think going to be a busy but lighter week. That's when the faculty and new students reconnect, so I'll be doing lots of hi, I'm the librarian, how can I help? I'll also be contacting the realtor then so I can start looking at places and start thinking about where I'll make my home. Life is full but pretty good.

This weekend, I'm taking deep breaths and enjoying walking around and writing. There's finally progress on my [profile] ineedmyfic's story and I've got some thoughts on how to write about all of this job stuff on my librarian blog.
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This morning I picked up the huge pile of papers that I need to fill in and sign and tonight there's a party for new faculty. I'll do a little filling in tonight and then bring them with me tomorrow and work with the HR lady that I keep missing, it was her day off today and finish them. Today is being a day of decompressing and adjusting. Tomorrow morning orientation starts and next week there's no class but lots of meetings and orientations.

I have a room with a door I can shut, space in a nice place that's close to the school with a friendly dog and nice woman who's a former teacher and one of her daughters is a librarian. Its also a huge place, I'll have to take some pictures of it, the room I'm in clearly for one of her daughters but it feels kind of staged and not lived in. I had to shift a little TV to get a bedside table and there's no bedside lamp, which gives me the impression of a room not well lived in. I also think that she and her husband haven't lived in this place very long, its all a bit too clean. I'll take some pictures as its hard to explain but will be a good in between spot. The trick will be figuring out how to be social without too being too much as her husband works in another state during the week and her two daughters live elsewhere. She also has lots and lots of stories of the school, which are good but also kind of daunting. It also turns out that the new Lower School librarian is someone I went to SI with, she graduated in April, I in August and my favorite professor from SI is also close by. This makes me feel a lot better, because it means there won't be quite as many new meetings to do, and I have people that I can ask for help.

I'm in an area that reminds me so much of the suburbs around where I grew up though more like the ones on the Main Line, the slightly nicer ones. Swarthmore always tended towards the odder side of things, but just on my drive to the school, I've passed nice apartment places, there are great little downtowns. So I think I'm going to have to end up driving to school, but I'll be able to walk to one of these downtowns. That makes me so happy, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do as much walking because this part of the country was truly designed with cars in mind. Ann Arbor isn't too far away and it turns out that the directions I got to go back and forth from the school were unhelpful and there are easier ways.

My drive back here was rather exciting in some not always good ways. I hit a lot of traffic going through Maryland and parts of Delaware. The first part of the drive is on small highways, mainly single lane one way or the other through Delaware and Maryland. For some reason, there were just a lot of people who didn't want to go the speed limit. Thus I created a new driving curse, may you be pulled over for speeding as there are speed traps in some of the little towns along the way.

Then I got into such a driving groove that I almost forgot to eat lunch but was good and did get something. When I was on 70, not far from the Pennsylvania border, I drove into a storm, I could see it as the sky grew dark. It was a pretty awful one as this was in a really hilly area so there was fog, misty rain and cars. I was listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, which was incredibly appropriate. I forget which bit I was in but as the storm lightened, the music went from dark and dramatic to lighter. Oh and there was road work everywhere, it felt like every single major highway had road work of some form or another on it.

Yesterday was long, not bad just long as it was mainly turnpike driving that just went on and on. When I hit Toledo, I went a different way as I was heading more to the East and discovered I like 280 and 75N, though I ended up in a thunderstorm and roadwork. The absolute worst bit of the drive was that 75 took me directly into Detroit during rush hour, 75 is one of those huge highways that goes in and around the city. I did end up getting where I needed to but it seemed a stupid way to get there as I could have just as easily gone around Detroit another way instead of straight through. By the time I reached the place, I'm staying, I was ready to fall over, my car is going to be properly unpacked tonight. I think this will be a good short term solution and that I'll have lots of good options for long term stuff.

Another bit of good news is that I'm finally happy with where my [community profile] ineedmyfics' story is going. I got an idea for it as soon as I saw the prompt but haven't liked anything I've written. Well, last night as I was driving around I got a new angle and have a first paragraph that I like. It still needs a lot more, but I know that I can take lines from my earlier stuff and this will end up something good.

For now, I'm finding that Caribou Coffee does pretty tasty tea. I think my favorite part of what's coming up is getting to know the area and all the people connected to the school. It just gives me such a good vibe, this is going to work. I also need to figure out a good tag for the school.
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I'm from a family that likes to do pictures of big transitions so I have a number of pictures of my trip from Michigan back to Delaware. When I was first going to post these, I thought this is where things would stay for a time, the majority of my stuff in storage and some with me. Instead a few boxes and clothing will be going back with me to Michigan as I find a new place to move into and then can get my other things out of storage and into a new home. Some of these have been seen before when they were posted on Twitter, but some are new as they're from my camera.

Today is also being a fun day for pictures as there's a hummingbird in my parents back garden that I've been trying to get a picture of. I managed to snap two today; both on major zoom and through the kitchen window. I keep trying to get closer but whenever I step out, it flies off. What I have makes me happy as does just knowing how often I've seen the hummingbird, which feels like a wonderful good omen.

All the images are going under a cut because there are a lot of them.
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Aug. 19th, 2012 11:02 am
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My life is currently feeling full and good but weird. I'm so happy to have gotten this job but also regretting how quickly it happened. I was looking forward to having some time in Lewes to just be especially as this week and the next my parents are off to New England as my mom has her piano camp. Instead tomorrow I'll start driving back to Michigan for the new faculty orientation, which starts on Wednesday night. All the interactions I've had with the school have been wonderful and I know they'll help me find an interim place and then a long term place as I figure out how to be a librarian.

The annoying part is that my body's not been feeling that well due to awful allergies, the stress of waiting to hear about the job and all the moving. My plan for this weekend was to just be off and relax as my stuff is pretty much still packed, I need to do some laundry and repack clothes but that's it. Instead I've had two not fun nights due to coughing and sneezing, which has left me kind of worn out. Though I think I'll get sort of a break with the driving as its something I enjoy and I know the route quite well and the hotel I stay in at the halfway point is nice.

My plan for today is to take my laptop and drive up to the Starbucks on the highway and see if I can make some progress on a few fics and RP things. Last night there were EPs, I was interested in tagging, but my head was too foggy to manage. Those I said I'd tag last night, I'm going to try today. Also there's going to be at least one picture post of all the packing from the last voyage before I set out again.

In wonderful news, the day I found out about the job, I also got my fic for [community profile] narniaexchange and I love it. Its over here and called The Temperate Faun. The story is back story for Tumnus and its beautifully done.

Now this past Friday, I did actually write some fics through my allergies.
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Full Days

Aug. 11th, 2012 11:24 pm
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Life is being all sorts of full and surprising at me. On Thursday, I went to meet with my mentor at the public library but my car was terribly dead. My mother gave me a ride but it gave the day a bit of bump. The meeting ended up being hopeful and wonderful, but after a nice lunch at a wonderful new Italian place, my bank in Michigan called to check that me using my card in Delaware wasn't fraud. I also learned that they hadn't properly changed my address yet so that had to be done.

Then I got to baking for the Democratic event that evening which was lovely but a lot, one woman was shooting ideas of what I could do at me, it was lot. I'm all for confidence and thinking I can accomplish a lot, but I wasn't sure what she heard. It does make me hopeful for the Democratic party as this candidate is grassroots all the way.

Friday, I woke up, got pulled into a Captain Awkward series of amazing posts and the Olympics before going must call AAA. I did and it turns out that a little interior light that I thought was automatic wasn't, my battery was charged without a problem. As the AAA guy was leaving, I had a call from the school in Michigan who wanted to talk to me again. Today I had a long phone interview and I'm a finalist, which leaves me kind of breathless and then I watched Olympics' diving with my parents on my laptop. Oh Tom Daley, you're amazing, I know an American won, but they all did fantastic dives. Last night I also dreamed of being lost around Christchurch on my way to a job interview and going, I know Wellington not Christchurch, quite apt. I hate being lost and this was a dream where I couldn't turn where I needed to and so was feeling like I know where I need to get but can't get there.

Another wonderful thing is that I've introduced my parents to Jim Henson's Storyteller, which they love, they even though they were adults in the 60s and 70s an 80s, never knew of his darker stuff. I get to introduce my parents to Labyrinth and Henson, Henson was the kind of creative soul that makes me hope and believe that the world can change by stories and people. In other odd but happy news. I got back my security deposit from Ann Arbor, they took off some for holes and carpet but not enough to make me go that's unfair and money is good.

Oh and the weather has been exciting here, lots of clouds and storms that hit hard and then leave, yet the sky stays grey. It's made everything cooler and is a nice reminder that Delaware is by the ocean.

Now yesterday, I wrote a few FridayFics, not terribly many as honestly I was busy and so were many other people. Life just keeps on happening. This is what I wrote and my [Bad username or unknown identity: ineedmyfics"]'s story is finally more in progress. It's been moving slower than I like but it'll happen.

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Last night, I had one of the worst nights sleeps I've had since I was sick. I woke up coughing around 4 am and wasn't able to get back to sleep for another hour. Then I had this incredibly complicated and awful series of dreams. Parts were cool, I was at Starfleet Academy and young Picard was there, but there was some kind of attack. Then I was in a mall and in this store full of lots of gifts that were small and in pieces. One was this ceramic box full of beautiful tiny angry bird figurines. Now normally this shop would be a place I'd like but somehow one of my exes was there, the awful Republican one from high school and we were somehow engaged. I didn't want to be engaged and I felt sure that he'd tricked me or something but couldn't see how to get out of it. There was someone I trusted around, my mother was there later but I think someone else was in the shop part of the dream. We had to buy something from this store due to our engagement and then suddenly I was going on a bus for the invasion part of the dream and finally was able to say no to the ex. He was passive-aggressive and awful at me and then I woke up. The plan was to leave this morning for some bureaucratic stuff before someone came by to clean the house, she's nice and very talkative.

Well, I overslept, grumbled but am now registered as a Democrat to vote in Sussex County, and we ended up being able to watch the Olympics at the place we had lunch. After that I stopped off in Lewes to sit in a cafe and read. My list of stuff to do seems to be growing in weird ways and I kind of want to go back to sleep.

Yesterday was awesome as my parents had paid to see this shipwreck and before it there was a fascinating lecture about all the basic living stuff they found on it. Its called the DeBraak, this is a blog about it, at the moment it doesn't have a museum yet so its in various places. The tour reminded me of just how much I adore maritime history and that I'm always so much happier when I'm living near the water.

My main things to do at this point are more tying off loose ends to do with bills, address changes and the like as well as figuring out my schedule for the Lewes Library. I still need to unpack more but today is a day when I feel tired. Also I have letters and cards I want to send out and bah, my list is too long.

Oh and I have figured out how to watch the Olympics though TunnelBear does really make you pay for all the streaming so I'm being thoughtful in what I watch.

Editing to add my horoscope from Uncle Rob.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): The coming week will be prime time to
celebrate your eccentricities and cultivate your idiosyncrasies. Do you like
ketchup on your bananas? Is heavy metal the music you can best relax
to? Do you have a tendency to break out in raucous laughter when people
brag about themselves? I really think you should make note of all the
qualities that make you odd or unique, and express those qualities with
extra intensity. That may grate on some people, true, but it should have a
potent healing effect on you.

I like this horoscope a lot as I'm currently feeling rather unmoored and not certain of where I fit. I'm quite betwixt and between, but I know how to be myself.


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