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I'm using this icon because of Tumnus and snow not yuletide as it captures how I've felt this weekend, tucked at home as it snows outside. The snow will let up and then come back and sometimes be rain all this week, which has made it hard to find the energy to do much. The sun briefly came out on Friday, but other than that, its been cloudy. As I've also been fighting off feeling sick, I've slept a lot this weekend and realized I really needed it. I didn't work on Friday as I decided a day of rest would help me more than trying to push through the day. Going by just how much I've been sleeping, I think this was the right idea. I'm still a little tired today, but not as out of it as I felt last week.

Though on Friday, I did go out to a book club meeting from meetup.com that was wonderful. I think I've started to find my people in this area, even though I hadn't read the book, the conversation was wonderful. We talked about gaming, fantasy and all sorts of fascinating stuff. One of the people in group even knows one of my favorite teachers from Michigan. There was also an adorable and big black dog who decided he liked me and let me give him all sorts of scritches. I'm planning on using meetup to try and find a dance group as the combination of being social and active works well for me.

Since I stayed in yesterday due to the snow falling, I watched up to episode 10 of Capital Scandal and wow, all the feelings for that show. I love all of it, the depth of the characters, the beautiful setting and music and the humor that slips its way in.

Today I went out into the world and used the time to finish reading City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte, which is a book I wanted to like more than I did. Its a book that could easily be called a genre bender or crosser as it had fantasy, mystery and romance, sadly the balance wasn't always right in it. The two point of view characters were both a little too brilliant and the feel of the story would veer rather suddenly from alchemy and history to sex against statues. Its the kind of book that I would enjoy reading on a long plane or train ride where I could just sink into it and read it in one gulp, but reading it in stops and starts made me not enjoy it as much. As I would come out of it and be aware of how it didn't all fit together.

Life is going along steadily at work, I still feel like I'm out of some loops but I've got a chance to discuss my status report, which I hope will be helpful. Also I had an amazing connection with a new teacher that made me feel like I know what I'm doing. I know that I haven't spoken out as much as I need to and I'm going to work on that. They hired me because they think I can do this job and I am doing it and will keep improving. Also I have a chance to propose some classes for next year, which will get me more involved and be exciting. I finally have a Michigan license and this month paid off the last of my smaller loan from the University of Michigan, which is a great feeling. I have a break coming up in the third week of February, which I plan on going to Jackson and having some nice days of watching stuff. I also have a break in the first week of April and I'll be joining them for an opera in NYC on the fourth. If its possible, I would love to try and connect with anyone in New York for coffee or lunch or something. There's more flexibility in terms of going rather than leaving so Wednesday or Thursday. I miss you guys a lot and want to try and reconnect.

On Friday, FicFriday was interesting. I like this new way of giving prompts and then people have the option of deciding which character or world to write them for.
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My status report is almost done, its been winnowed and organized though it was really good to just write down some of the things that frustrated me. My body is feeling rather worn out as my period hit hard last night, but I'll manage. Before it hit too much, I was able to do some decorating around my apartment, some frames I have don't fit what I had wanted them to, but I'll make things work. I shared pictures on Twitter and will do a picture post on here later.

I'm a little worried about the winter storm that headed this way, I think its named Lulu, which isn't the most promising of names. This coming week and the next will be full and while I love the idea of being able to curl up in bed, it would just make things more confusing.

But as my school really loves breaks, I've got one in the middle of February, which is going to be one with a good bit of falling over then another in April. It sounds like April will see me on the East Coast and possibly going to an opera with my parents during the first week of April. That hasn't been set in stone yet, but if it happens, I might be around for some sort of brief meet up with people in New York. I miss everyone there.

Something else I have coming up is I signed up for a book club on meetup about fantasy, sci-fi literature. I don't have time to read the book as the meeting's this Friday, but its a way to get myself out there. I'm planning on also trying to find some sort of dance group and maybe see about grabbing coffee or something with the teacher who stopped by last Friday. I don't know if I have a crush on him or if he just makes me feel connected but I'm going to be brave and keep reaching out. Writing up this report has shown me how I've fallen into observer mode and don't rock the boat as the new person, but for this job to work and for me to be happy, I need to keep pushing myself out there. I can still slowly change the community while speaking up, people have listened to me and will keep listening.

One reason I love fandom and online writing communities is that as I've been writing more in different fandoms and for people I don't know, I find more confidence throughout my life. All the stories I wrote for the Porn Battle and the positive reaction they received have helped me as I wrote up this status report.

This was also a lovely week for Fic Friday with trying some different things, prompts not attached to a specific character. I liked this challenge and want to try it again. Its not perfect but presents another way of thinking about what's being written.

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Worn down

Jan. 19th, 2013 04:23 pm
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Last night before I went to bed, I ended up catching The Descent on television, which was a bad idea. Its a very well done horror movie but hooks into a lot of my fears of being trapped under water and underground. That scene in the first Pirates movie where Will Turner is trapped in the ship, that bothered me a huge amount. So I bought a romance novel that was on sale as an ebook and read it since one thing I really like about romance novels is they're shorter than others. It was helpful, The Devil's Delilah by Loretta Chase, there were some things I had issues with but overall I really liked it. The hero was bookish and the heroine was not terribly proper, which was a nice change of the normal tropes and its from Chase's backlist so I might investigate more of her stuff.

Either way, I finally fell asleep at the point where night was starting to turn into morning and woke up in the early afternoon. What sucks is I woke up sore, I've felt like I've been skirting the edges of being sick all week and I'm still doing it. Due to my school being odd, I have off until Thursday and plan on resting. I would also like to actually put stuff up on my walls and take some pictures of my place to post them.

One thing I'm doing during this break is trying to put together a semester status report for the head of school and I want to include some pictures I have on my camera. If I can upload all the pictures on it then I can finally do a proper picture post of this is where I live for everyone as well as this is where I work. Just before I do that, I want to actually hang things on the wall.

I feel like there was something else I was going to write about but now I've forgotten it. After work, I did some nice FicFriday stories and here they are.

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Today was quiet but it had a few really bright spots. One of the main middle school teachers has really taken me under her wing and she at the end of today asked me to watch one of her classes on Monday. She's part of a search committee that keeps meeting when she's teaching, so I'm helping her out. It feels wonderful to know that I'm trusted that much.

This past week was overall pretty quiet because next week are exams so all the kids have been fairly focused on work. My two programmers have been full of energy as always but they do tell me what they're doing, which I'm grateful for. Sometimes they kind of push to see what I'll let them do and they know I'm going to keep an eye on it but I don't think they begrudge me. It feels like they're glad I'm taking an interest even though they would like it better if I let them do all they wanted to.

The weather has also gone from bitterly cold to wet and warmer, which I like. Tomorrow I think I'm going to wander around downtown Birmingham, spend some holiday money and maybe catch a movie. I'm also hoping to do more setting up of my apartment. At this point there aren't a lot of boxes left but there's nothing on the walls and that always makes me feel like my place is even more mine. I want to get a shelving unit for my kitchen as my cupboards are nice but don't hold all my stuff and I want more options for arranging. I promise that there will be pictures on here of the place soon.

Now in fic news, I just wrote a fill for the Aren't You Glad You Left Livejournal" Anniversary Fic Exchange/Festival/Creatathon. Technically for this fill, I was filling my own prompt but the idea was there and there's fic, that's the bit that counts. I'll post it up on Ao3 later tonight.

An understanding. X-Men movieverse, Batman Nolanverse, Charles Xavier, the Joker, John Blake, PG for language and mentions of violence.

It was also a nicely busy Twitter Fic Friday, so here are all those fills. Looking over apparently it was a matter of lots of requests from a few people, still I like all that I wrote.
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Last night I returned to Michigan to find a snow drift in front of my patio, all the snow from two drives in my complex has been pushed in front of it. This was not what I was hoping for as I had some cumbersome things to bring in and I was hoping to just put them on the porch and get them through my patio door, I ended up doing that but had to go around and do more hauling than I wanted. Though it reminded me how much I like where I've ended up living since someone said hello and told me that the other resident who lived here had complained as well. I've had lots of these small interactions since I moved in and its great, because it makes me feel like I've found a place where people care and watch out for each other. I left a message about it with the complex's office and one good thing came out of it, they finally fixed my loose oven door handle, but I have no idea if anything will change with the snow. My parent's surmise is probably right that they hire someone who just does what's easiest, I live on the corner so plow the snow there.

Today was also a good day as I returned to school and felt comfortable and as if I was coming back to a place that worked. I was able to figure out an issue with the computers, a teacher talked to me about her students doing research for exam week in the library and lots of wonderful little conversations. There are frustrations and issues to sort out, but it all makes me hopeful.

I'm going to try and do my best to take care of myself as well, which means waking up in enough time to make and bring my own tea. Last night I bought some granola bars when I did my brief grocery shop and I'll take some of them with me to eat during the day. I plan on doing leftovers and even frozen meals later on, but small steps that involve eating better are my focus. I'm trying to keep with a general eating, cooking mantra of eat better food, so more cooking, dishes that I can make on the weekend or on my earlier days to have at other times. My big basket of food goodies and equipment from my brother and sister-in-law will help with that, lots of sauces, salts and various tastes to test out. I'm going to do a big stock up at Trader Joe's this week and enjoy making food.

Weirdly or maybe not, I just felt more like I was truly being a professional today with my new jacket and gloves that kept me warm as I went to work. I plan on putting stuff up on my walls and just doing what I need to so that my apartment keeps feeling like mine.

This FicFriday was a nice one and I'm steadily working my way through my gift fics. Here I'm posting the Friday fics so I don't lose track of them.

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I do really love my family but two days of sleeping on odd surfaces isn't fun while my shark week hits hard. Saturday was amazing as the day was spent with my brother and his family, they gave me a basket full of cooking oils, sauces, salts and dried things for my pantry. I'm going to have such fun cooking with all of them. Sunday we went to my father's first cousin's house in North Jersey which is small, was full of people I didn't know and my body went ugh, no. I had a nap, didn't eat much and just had an odd day. The best part of the party was that my father was talking up my Yuletide story to someone from his cousin's writing group, it was strange and wonderful.

Today we traveled back to Delaware and tonight a small group of people are coming over to eat, which should be nice. Tomorrow and later this week, there will be movies and lots of not doing a lot. I'm thinking about seeing Les Mis, taking my parents to see The Hobbit and maybe Wreck-it Ralph. Oh and [personal profile] muji, I'm emailing you as if there's space in your schedule I want to see you.

I finished Code Name Verity on the drive to my brother's place and I'm still in flailing mode about it. That's just a painful, beautiful book. My next two books are going to be Pratchett's and hopefully lighter, Dodger in an ebook and Snuff in paperback.

Oh and if anyone can guess my yuletide, I'll write you a story. I'm still working on various gift fics, but the offer's there. Some hints, it's been recced by someone on my circle, its over 3k and in a fandom I've never written for before.

Also signal boost: Aren't You Glad You Left Livejournal" Anniversary Fic Exchange/Festival/Creatathon! I hope to fill some of these in the coming week since there are some great prompts.

Before I descend into party prep and just not doing a lot, I thought I'd do the end of the year meme.

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It feels great to go into this new year knowing that I have a job and an apartment and am finding where I fit in a new place.
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This weekend has been wonderfully quiet for me. I just came back from Ann Arbor, where I was able to finish my last holiday shopping for my family, have a great meal with Rick and get The Hobbit soundtrack, the deluxe version with all the bells and whistles. I'm starting to realize that in one week, I will have finished the first half of my first year as a middle/high school librarian and that for all the things I still have to do, this job is working. Its complicated but all the tricky parts can be worked with and will get better with time. I need to hold onto that when the kids are getting rowdy or I'm not sure anyone's hearing me, I'm making this work.

The big stuff left for the holidays is getting paper and printing out my holiday cards and sending them. That also means finding where I packed the connector cord for my computer to my printer, its not too deep in, but I don't know where it is. If I can get them printed out before I leave then I can send them from my parents place. They won't be sent until after Christmas but that's why they're holiday cards. I'm also hoping to get writing on holiday fics, the ideas are swirling around in my head but I haven't been able to pin them down yet. I'm still open to prompts here as I love writing for everyone. Last week was focusing on my Yuletide, which is written, betaed and posted. I've never been this early before its odd and nice.

As its been floating around, I thought I'd also do the Yuletide meme. This is my fourth year doing Yuletide, I started during my first year of graduate school. I love being a part of it and its inspired me to do other exchanges, as well as learning a lot about how I write.

2009: They are Mine. Sandman with Bast, Daniel and references to Dream. My first year I wasn't sure how best to do offers and did too many Anys, so ended up with a request for I think Aphrodite/Pandora slash that made me boggle. I had recently read a wonderful anthology of short stories based around Sandman called The Sandman: Book of Dreams and my person had a request for a story about Bast. I think I wrote this story a day or two days before the deadline.

2010: By the Fire. Old Kingdom set during Lirael and a missing moment conversation between Yrael and Kibeth. This year I was better about only offering what I thought I could write. This is one of my favorite fics that I've written for Yuletide, because I feel like I captured the characters. Though this was another one that I wrote closer to the deadline, I was getting better about writing long stories but they're not easy for me. One reason I signed up to Yuletide was to get over a mental block I had about word lengths due to not finishing my masters in Wellington.

2011: On the way back. Hexwood centered on Vierran and Mordion. For this story, I ended up doing more writing ahead of time but it was a challenging one as its a tricky canon. In the end I think I posted it the day before the due date if not on it as I was driving home.

Its interesting to look at my offers as I've started using Yuletide as a challenge for myself in offering to write for fandoms that I like but don't normally write. Thanks to Yuletide, I've lost a good bit of my fear for writing in new fandoms and word lengths. I still have moments of eep, what am I doing but its better. This year mine is actually turned in early, its my longest one yet and in a new fandom.


Nov. 28th, 2012 07:20 pm
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Today was a mainly good day, but since I made it home, its been not as good. I've been waiting for a package and came home early in the hopes of catching it. Nope, I found the note from UPS on the door and now I have to drive out and get it.

Then I finally changed my address with the bank but it hasn't seemed to have changed online and I would like to update the online places I pay, yet don't want to until I know the change went through. I tried to switch it on one place and it went, nope not right, if need be, I'll drive out to the bank and say, look, is this changed? Also I'm looking at some of my bills and having a little flail, I can afford these bills, but the holidays are coming and I've barely started my shopping. I will figure this out, today was just an awful moment of ah, I hate money sometimes. None of this is huge, but with my back slightly hurting, its got me a mood of don't wanna at the world.

My work day was pretty good, I had a great talk with the facilities head, who is becoming one of my main allies and someone I talk to a lot. He's been at the school for fifteen years and was able to fill in more history for me. I love learning from different people their takes on the school. It was interesting to hear him talk about how the school can be slow to change and compared it to a Mom and Pop shop. I can kind of see that, people like things how they like them and I'm seeing that with some of the gaming. There are some kids who are just like ban games and the loudest ones usually don't spend that much time in the library. The ones who do will speak up and go, look its really about five guys who are loud and distracting, we can find a compromise.

It makes me hopeful to hear other kids speaking up and saying, we don't have to go all or nothing, that's stupid. I think a compromise will be found though its going to take a lot of talking. Since how its been for most of the students for the past few years is going to change as I think some gaming when its not disruptive is okay. I want the kids to feel comfortable to hang out in the library whether that's sitting on tables and talking, playing games, napping or studying. Thankfully most of them do seem to get that, but I don't know, it worries me to hear some kids going ban them without seeming to think it through. This discussion is happening and I'm a part of it and helping them think so I think that's good. It's just complicated and tiring as well. One of the big issues and something that I think is just part of the school environment is that Middle Schoolers and High School students approach the world in very different ways, sometimes they really help each other, but other times they bump up against those differences and its hard. There's not that much space in the library or the school and there is a real community, but there are moments when I think, yeah, separating middle and high school is a good idea.

In good job news, my desk arrived though now I need the time to be able to rearrange the library and set up, which is difficult. The library is rarely fully empty and during the day that's when I grab food and after school is when kids hang out. My parents are coming to visit this weekend, so I don't know when its going to happen. A head's up that I'll be quiet over the weekend due to them arriving.

A part of my job that I love is that kids are taking books out, sometimes they don't know how to take books out and that still has some kinks but they are. I have conversations about books, find books and have those great moments of yes, this is a library. I think some of kids get surprised to realize, oh yes, Kate can help me find the books I want. Though I do have hard moments of knowing the book I want and its not there because the collection's still so small. Another thing I need time for is to label, catalog and add a lot of donated books to the collection. It will happen, but some days, its hard to see it happening. Today I was looking at the back room and feeling like I've barely made a dent as there's so much stuff there, but I then I remind myself, I had little time before school started. I arrived two weeks before school began, had orientation, welcome back stuff for all the teachers and the long weekend before the first day, I just wanted to stop. I have ideas of what I want to do and do slowly chip it away. The other librarian had so many mugs around for storing pens and other stuff, I've been emptying them out and donating them to the kitchen shared mugs. I just need to keep doing things like that and it will change. Kids are coming to me and being sent to me and asking for help as are teachers, that's more important than the physical stuff.

My Yuletide has kind of stalled on me as I've just not been in the right writing place for it. I have the ideas but its a plotty one and that's not my normal style of story, so its hard. It's also a new fandom for me, but someone in the fandom says that its working and over the break, [personal profile] dodger_sister read what I had and liked it. It worked for her even though she's not in the fandom, which is always a good sign. I'll get back in the right headspace at some point and get it done. I've yet to finish my Yuletide until within a day or two of the deadline. At this point, its over the minimum length and I know the shape of it.

Another reminder that I'm sending out cards, please leave your address here if its changed or I've never sent you one before. Thank you, I have a lot of addresses from last year, but there are new people following and I'd love to send you guys cards. Though they might not go out until late in the holidays, they will go out.
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Today was my last day of school for the week and tomorrow I'm driving to Jackson to spend Thanksgiving with [personal profile] dodger_sister and her family. It feels so nice to know that I will be coming and going from my very own apartment. I'm still recovering from being sick but I feel much more solid at work and at home. Today was full of great moments from talking to a student about books to watching some other guys coding and talking with a teacher. Also another teacher opened up enough to complain to me about another meeting, it felt like a definite opening up.

Though I'm still rather forgetful and have a to-do list to take care of for address changes as well as other issues, but they will get done. Some of its fun stuff like finding a headboard and a nice big bookcase. I feel like I'm actually fitting in at this new job, which is a great feeling.

One thing that I almost forgot is that last week, there was a lot of writing for Fic Friday and I never posted what I had written.

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A good end

Nov. 16th, 2012 02:35 pm
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This week has been all over the place for me and my cable and internet were installed last night, but cemented that this is the most chaotic move ever. If something could be delayed or not work right the first time it happened. Finding a place, getting my stuff, everything took more steps than I expected. Then for the installation, the installer was late, it took from 6:30 to 8 pm to do the job as he had to drill holes for the cable and the first modem didn't work. In the end it worked and I have a rather nice router that has wifi in it so I didn't have to use mine, but it was a long process. I do feel now as if I'm starting to get settled and while this has been a difficult transition, I love this job.

My health is steadily improving but I'm not all the way better and still have points of needing to stop for a time. Work has been a mix of ups and downs but the gaming conversation is making me hopeful. I'm getting a better sense of how everything is done at the school and today I spent the morning talking with the other librarian. It was great to connect with her and go, yes, we need to work on that and seeing problems that go across the school and that we're in a position to fix them.

This afternoon I hope to see the library full of students for the video game and RPG club plus after school gaming. Everything's quieter this week as the sixth grade class is on a weeklong camping trip, but it will be nice to see them again.

My apartment is looking more like I want it to, I'm now at the point of having to move boxes to set bookcases up and I need to buy more bookcases. There will be more pictures to come and as a reward for getting things done, I plan on seeing a movie this weekend. I'm going between Wreck-it Ralph and Skyfall as I've heard great things about both of them. Now for a meme as my Yuletide was going along well and then stopped, I need to poke my writing brain again.

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!

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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You're a bit like a professional jet pilot who is
operating the pirate ship ride at an amusement park. You have
resemblances to a top chef who's shopping for gourmet ingredients in a
seedy convenience store. In other words, Gemini, you may feel slightly
off-kilter or dispossessed, even though you have a lot going for you.
Here's the best possible thing you could do while you wait for the fates to
show you how to make a correction: Make it your intention to feel
centered, poised, and at peace exactly as you are right now.

This is far too on point for me, Uncle Rob, as I feel like I've been trying to find my feet since August. Now that I have my apartment, I'm doing a lot better but its not all perfect. Yesterday, I woke up and lost one of my contacts, which meant going through the day wearing glasses with an old prescription which gave me a headache. Also the gaming discussions seemed to be moving faster than I expected, overall it wasn't a great day. The cable guys didn't show up and won't show up until Thursday, today won't work as I have a meeting but slowly there's progress. Once I found out that the cable guys weren't coming, I went to Pearle Vision to get an eye exam and I'm now wearing a trial pair of new lenses.

It's wonderful to be able to see properly and I'm slowly feeling healthier as well as figuring out my morning routine. I need to get a better ice scraper as mine just doesn't do enough and Michigan is being cold. I was able to be part of a discussion about what's happening in the library and feel like now things are starting to work. I can see how the school community comes together and how I can fit in with it. Up and down weeks seem to be the norm for me with good days and bad days, but this is a place where I fit and work. My aim is to keep focusing on the parts that work, look at ways to fix what doesn't work and keep making my home how I want it to be.
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Yesterday, I had a surprising amount of energy, I'm not sure where it came from. Possibly from having a good night's sleep after not having one the night before and maybe the medicine I'm taking for my infection. My day started at 8 am when the movers called me wondering where I was. I had meant to wake up early and meet them there but overslept so dashed around the hotel room packing things up and missed some of the groceries that I'd been smart and bought. Then I got there but they weren't there, they arrived around 9 am and finished around 10 am. I did a little bit of arranging before deciding that I needed food before I got in too deep. So I went out to lunch and then went shopping at Target and Home Depot, I didn't get everything I needed but a lot of stuff. Then I spent from about 2 or 3 until about 5 I think unpacking. I set up two multidirectional lamps for my living room and bedroom before heading out to a cafe for some internet then grocery shopping.

After I came home, I got going and sort of forgot to stop because I set up my entire kitchen, finding that a lot of my pantry had actually been packed so I don't need to buy more spices or as much tea, my bedroom and my bathroom. By the time I took a break, it was 10 pm and I didn't take much of a break, working until after midnight and then conking out. And I somehow didn't end up making myself dinner, this infection has made my appetite weird. I woke up this morning feeling sore and out of it.

My plan was to go and get delicious pancakes but that didn't work, most of my day so far has been trying to find parking. At the moment I'm at Barnes and Noble with tea and chili and a table. I don't plan on moving for a while as I'm feeling sore and a little wobbly. My living room is the big thing that I have to set up and I think I'm going to need to buy at least one more bookcase if not two. Also I have to figure out where to put all the empty boxes that I have. I still don't have internet at my place and won't until Tuesday, so I'll be around and about internet wise.

Today I'm planning on sitting here at Barnes and Nobles for a while and possibly doing some simple shopping for more light bulbs and paper towels later. Even though I'm still settling in, I already feel more rooted than I have since I arrived back in Michigan. I've also started to change my address and I need to figure out the best way to let everyone know it. Would a locked entry here work best or would a big email work? Please let me know as I want to make it possible for everyone to know how to reach me. Also expect in the coming week, a huge post of pictures, Twitter has been getting my pictures at the moment, but I'll do a apartment tour of pictures here later.
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Last night I had a great amount of trouble sleeping but got myself to work because I knew I would be missing tomorrow. I didn't have too much to do as around 9, the parents started the lunch set up and I pretty much tried to not fall over. At one point, my supervisor came over and told me to go home and take some food to go. It made me feel good to know that she and the school were worried enough to say, glad you're here, but you need to take care of yourself.

I did that and stopped at an urgent care clinic on the way back and had that awful experience of the nurses going, need to see you now as we can hear you breathing. It turns out I've got an upper respiratory infection that's combining badly with my asthma. At the clinic, they gave me some treatment and I have prescriptions for some drugs I haven't taken since I was I think in college. Though it was all familiar, my allergies and asthma used to be a lot worse and at one point I took a lot of meds. There's a pharmacy between the clinic and my hotel, so I stopped there and now have tea and I hope in time that I can eat some of the lovely food the parents made. Currently, I'm hungry but wary of actually eating, so tea and possibly a nap later. It never rains but it pours.

Though I did get a lot of stuff done yesterday, which is wonderful. Cable is sorted and I finally set up an email that I've been meaning to do for ages and tomorrow I move in. Also I have the weekend to get everything how I like it though I won't have internet in my place until Tuesday. That means that I'll be quiet depending on how up I feel to go out to cafes and use their internet.
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I stayed up until Romney conceded, because that felt like the point when what the news casters were saying would feel real. Most of the election I followed online before finally tuning into MSNBC and Rachel Maddow was one of the best parts of the election cycle. I loved her honesty, joy and moments of going, really, we don't know what Romney's doing. I voted by absentee ballot last month and Delaware and Michigan both went to Obama as well as Pennsylvania. Though I keep being reminded that even though my school is liberal, not all the kid's families are. Hearing students talk about the election and with some of them, it's clear they're aware of a lot of issues, but then some middle schoolers seem to be just saying what they've heard. I teach in the suburb next door to where Romney grew up, where there are a lot of rich suburbanites who support him as well as those who don't. It's complicated and my bad cough from earlier in the summer appears to have come back, it hasn't kept me up but my throat hurts.

This week hasn't been great for my productivity, it's that weird combo of sorting out paperwork and collecting research for a few topics that I've taken on for the school. Some days are busy more for what's going on in the library than the theories and ideas going on in my head. One thing I like about this job is how every day is different and as I start helping more in classes and even teaching some, my days will fill up even more. I'm feeling more comfortable and confident. Being a librarian means a lot of different things from watching out for the computers to discussing the election to talking books to ordering periodicals to answering reference questions as well as keeping the space clean.

At the department heads meeting on Monday, I had this wonderful moment of knowing that the school community is there for me in a way I had hoped but hadn't fully seen. We were talking about supporting new staff and mentoring and a number of people had noticed how since I'm my own department, it's trickier to support me. It felt great to know that they see me and I was able to say that I do feel like I'm playing catch up, but things are working as well. It was great. Also the school's student run newspaper came out and there were interviews with all the new staff, they put a recipe for New Zealand afghans next to my interview. It was wonderful to see the quality of the paper and make sure there are many copies in the library.

The movers called me and let me know that on Friday my stuff will arrive. They'll call me again tomorrow as they do twenty-four hour notice. Then I can finally shift my address and be properly moved as well as having my winter clothing. Winter has arrived in Michigan and I only have fall clothing with me. October seemed and the start of November feel like I've been juggling a lot and some things fall through, which I hate. Mail that I've been meaning to send for most of the month will actually leave my bag. I almost forgot my niece's birthday but managed to email her a late gift card. I will get my feet on the ground and settled. November does feel like its going to work better than October, I hope that's true for everyone on my flist.


Nov. 3rd, 2012 03:35 pm
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I just found out that my stuff hasn't actually left the East Coast yet, but instead will start heading to Michigan on Tuesday. That means moving in won't happen until possibly next weekend, so another week in the hotel but with time in between to put the stuff I have into my apartment. I have a key and a signed lease, that makes such a huge difference and will have a home. Compared to the destruction Sandy has wrought, I can wait another week.

In terms of getting things done, I finally posted a blog entry on my professional blog about my new job called Finding my feet: the first two months. A lot of what's there will be familiar to anyone following along here, it's just organized in a more librarian/professional way over there.
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Today was a good day, because I talked to another teacher about helping out one of her classes, she suddenly was in my library with her entire class. So it gave me a chance to talk to her, which was chaotic but good. Then after school, the library was completely full and noisy and wonderful. There was the video game club, the role play club, the guys playing Minecraft, two pairs of girls doing homework and other people passing through. It was at times quite noisy but it worked. I loved it, the kids want to be in the library. Also I found books that had been taken out of the shelves and read and just left there. They're reading and being in the library. I will make this work.

Also yesterday I got the keys to my apartment and its lovely. My stuff has left Delaware and I hope it arrives sometime this weekend. I'm ready to stop paying for the hotel and I figure if its not in by Sunday, then camping time in my apartment.

Life is good. I didn't leave school until 5:30 and loved all the time I was there.

Oh and I got my Yuletide assignment and I love it and I'm going to write in a new fandom for me. This is the first time I think that I could easily fill two of the four requests and so I can say, yes, I will challenge myself in a new fandom.
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I hope everyone on the East Coast is safe, dry and warm, you guys are on my mind a huge amount. My parents are safe and farther inland in Southern Delaware, they lost power last night, but I got an email from my mom. They seem to be doing well. Michigan is feeling too far away from everyone at the moment, Sandy is making her presence known here with cloudy skies, wind that I can feel on my car and rain. When I wake up in the morning, it's hard to believe that it is morning since the clouds make everything dark. Apparently a school that we compete with lost power, but everything's holding here. Compared to what's happening elsewhere, we're getting off lightly. Everyone on the East Coast, keep on keeping safe.

In terms of moving, yesterday I signed my lease and I really like this apartment complex, the lease is easy to understand and was explained to me. My lease on Ann Arbor was printed with this tiny font that was hard to read, this one was over many pages and felt like it was to help me. I keep realizing that this place is a step up from where I lived in Ann Arbor in terms of space, the company and other things without actually paying that much more. The person I've been working with for moving in isn't that much older than I am, and helpful and sympathetic, as is everyone at school. It just makes me hopeful that this will be a good place for me to live.

On Thursday, I'm going to pay my first month's rent and get my key, but I don't know when I'll actually move in. Due to Sandy, the movers weren't able to pick up my stuff in Delaware and I don't know when they'll be able to. My plan for now is to keep staying in my hotel and possibly camp out in my apartment if I can get access to an aerobed. I'm so close to finally having my own apartment here, but as with a lot of parts of this job, for every step forward, I get three to the side, one to the back and a turn around. It's all completely possible to deal with, I'm just tired and miss having my stuff. Also all my winter clothes are in storage and I only brought some fall stuff with me and that means at the moment, I don't actually have a proper jacket just sweaters. Depending on where I am moneywise this weekend, I'll go to one of the local outfitter stores and get one. There, that's my whine for this entry.

Yesterday I began doing some decorating in my library, I went shopping at Michael's and bought some stuff just not enough. There's now this ribbon that looks like bloodstained printed paper on my bulletin board, a big Hobbit poster, foam, shiny leaves, shiny ribbon, a vase with glittery fake leaves, wooden ornaments of a finger, spider and an eye as well as an operator symbol made out of ribbon on the bulletin board. I want to get some more stuff to keep up the general fall theme but the space is challenging. The bulletin board is half papers posted for school information, half my own papers, so there's only so much space and then I have all these shelves and this big glass wall between the main library and the quiet room. It's challenging figuring out how best to use decorations and which ones to get, and you don't get a lot of ribbon when you buy a roll. I thought it would go farther. A student just asked me if I bought the Hobbit poster for the library and I told him where to get it. That's a great sign that I'm making the right choices. When I finally get a desk that will help a lot as that will be a space I can really own. I'll take pictures of everything and will do more next month.

I'm currently waiting on the okay of the various heads at work before I can post up my librarian blog post, but that will feel great to have up. Then I can start on the technology one and more moving forward.

The Slendyplot in Milliways is nearing an end and I'm looking forward to getting to read all of the threads, especially the final confrontation.
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It looks like Sandy might cause some trouble with getting my stuff out of Delaware and that might mean some more nights in the hotel.

I'm feeling kind of silly because I keep missing Slenderplot stuff, DW, you need to give me notifs when I track a thread. I do love how the plot is going and I need to remember to write a William OOM covering him getting a door and heading home since he's not involved in the endgame at all.

At the moment, I'm feeling tired but excited. Even if I don't move into my apartment this week, I will sign the lease and get the key and soon it will be mine. Then I can get out of this weird limbo.

In other good news, I'm just about finished with a big librarian blog post about this new job and it feels wonderful to write up all that I've done. I need to keep reminding myself that its only the end of the second month and that I'm still sorting out getting my own place to live. I've made a lot of progress.

Yesterday I didn't head into school and messed up telling who I needed to, there are still many things I need to organize for work, but I have some great allies there. That makes me hopeful, I have connected.

Another fun part of yesterday was that FicFriday was busy and I wrote a lot.

Many Twitterfics )
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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): I don't have a big problem with your tendency
to contradict yourself. I'm rarely among the consistency freaks who would
prefer you to stick with just one of your many selves instead of
hopscotching among all nine. In fact, I find your multi-level multiplicity
interesting and often alluring. I take it as a sign that you are in alignment
with the fundamentally paradoxical nature of life. Having said all that,
however, I want to alert you to an opportunity that the universe is
currently offering you, which is to feel unified, steady, and stable. Does
that sound even vaguely enticing? Why not try it out for a few weeks?
Halloween costume suggestion: an assemblage or collage of several of
your different personas.

Yes, please, Uncle Rob, next week, I get my apartment and I'm in the process of getting a desk for work.

Today also I felt like I just fit within the library in a lot of little ways. Students asked for my help with computers, how to do things as did staff and faculty, it was a nice feeling. I had my picture taken for the yearbook in a posed casual shot as well with the school's Hephaestion who fixes everything. The students who asked were oh you're support staff, which made me blink at first because I usually associate that with admins but then they well you support us in the library. It was a surprising compliment and I talked fanfic with a group of students who said that I was the best librarian. Also I got to add a box of new books to the collection as the person before me set up a subscription with a service that sends books. It's a little odd to get books and not know what they are but pretty much they've been ones I know good stuff about. This horoscope also works because as a librarian I have a lot of roles and today I happened to fill in a lot of them. I helped with reference questions, computer problems, kids being kids, planning for overall school planning and roleplaying advice.

My professional development day yesterday was wonderful as I spent my time crafting what do I want to be teaching. Yes, I don't have any courses to teach yet but I was able to talk about them and make sure the library was part of the curriculum discussion. And lots of fun conversations with other people like the new government teacher who wants to go to New Zealand. It was something I needed, yesterday and today, a solid reminder that in a fairly short time, I have become a part of this community.

I'm still searching for the decoration stuff I want as I find myself being kind of oddly picky, but I'll figure it out and then lots of pictures. My to do list hasn't really shrunk as I'm pretty tired at the end of the day, but today I got my absentee ballot and will be sending it off tomorrow. Life is full and complicated but it won't be long before I'm putting together my apartment. This weekend was just a little low point for me, thank you to everyone who read and talked with me about it.
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I think the weirdest thing about living full time in a hotel is this awareness of how I have to get up and leave during the afternoon. It's not like I'm at my own place and can sleep in then wander around doing stuff online and other things, instead I need to get up and head out. I mean I can sleep in and its wonderful to have someone pick up after me, its just odd. The good news is that its now less than two weeks before I can move into my apartment, which means I have to start arranging utilities and various other stuff. I hope that my stuff will arrive the same day I move in, if not I will camp in the apartment until it does. I just keep going, wow, I headed back out here about August 22nd or so and since then I've been living out of suitcases and with only part of my stuff. It's going to be amazing to have my TV, my books, my kitchen stuff and more of my winter clothes.

Also I think I'm going to investigate meetup.com and even OKCupid soon, because I'm feeling a bit adrift and having people and places to connect to outside of work will help me a lot. This whole experience has brought out some of my shyness when I'm not at work because I'm very on there.

Today my wandering has taken me to the other Barnes and Noble and their cafe, which is bigger and where I won't get told that I can't plug my laptop in if the cord is anywhere people might walk. Tomorrow is the first professional development day, which I'm looking forward to. I have no idea what to expect from it and figure I'll spend most of it listening and taking notes.

Friday there was some writing though it happened kind of late. I'd love to find out where my longer fic brain has got to. I think most of my creativity has been going into Slenderman nightmares for Charles in Milliways, which works but I'd like to write other things as well. Though the Weekend DE of AU prompts worked for me.

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