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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Let's turn our attention to the word "mortar." I
propose that we use it to point out three influences you could benefit
from calling on. Here are the definitions of "mortar": 1. a kind of cannon;
2. the plaster employed for binding bricks together; 3. a bowl where
healing herbs are ground into powder. Now please meditate, Gemini, on
anything you could do that might: 1. deflect your adversaries; 2. cement
new unions; 3. make a container -- in other words, create a specific time
and place -- where you will work on a cure for your suffering.

This feels apt for me at the moment as I'm trying to make sense of where I go from where I came and where I'm going. Mortar and building are strong ways of moving ahead, while keeping myself solid and sure. I don't know what the shape of that will be, but I'll figure it out.

The moving stuff yesterday worked out. I plan on doing a longer picture post of my boxes at the stages of their journey. One thing I did yesterday was upload many pictures from my camera, the earliest were from this spring. Those will be shared in posts as I have the energy for them. Also my car needs to get its oil changed, not a big deal but something to be done.

My list has changed in good ways as I discovered that I don't have to pay comcast any money, I know where my stuff is and I can start being more serious in my volunteer stuff at the local library. Yet other things are there, my [community profile] ineedmyfics story is going slowly and I need to find a time to just write it for a couple of hours.

Also while roleplaying is full of wonderful stuff, there are also various things that just aren't as fun. I've been doing so many things for moving that have left me tired that I think now stuff is more settled, I'll find my groove again, at the moment though I'm around just quiet. There are some great OOMs and threads and ideas happening, but I've also learned for myself that I need to play to have fun. That's the entire idea. So that's why I'm not in chat as much or doing as many EPs, I'm trying to do what fills my days happily. This is rather rambly but I want everyone to know that I'm reading and hope to do more in games, but if I seem quiet or tired or jumpy, its not you, just lots of life for me. Another edit as listening and talking has made this issue seem less of an issue. Milliways has good people in it and I'm lucky to have them all in my life. Thank you all for being so generous to me.

One other good thing I forgot is connected to RP and creativity. Yesterday after all the stuff shifting, and a nice lunch with my parents, I wandered into a wonderful newish used bookstore in Lewes. There I found for 10 dollars, a 1958 edition of The Once and Future King, this is one of my favorite books, I love his incredibly human take on Arthur and his story.

Also this edition looks quite a lot like the one used in X2 and is according to Marvel, one of Charles' favorite books. I've been wanting to reread it and my paperback copy is in a box somewhere. I love those odd moments when fandom and normal life intersect.

Full Days

Aug. 11th, 2012 11:24 pm
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Life is being all sorts of full and surprising at me. On Thursday, I went to meet with my mentor at the public library but my car was terribly dead. My mother gave me a ride but it gave the day a bit of bump. The meeting ended up being hopeful and wonderful, but after a nice lunch at a wonderful new Italian place, my bank in Michigan called to check that me using my card in Delaware wasn't fraud. I also learned that they hadn't properly changed my address yet so that had to be done.

Then I got to baking for the Democratic event that evening which was lovely but a lot, one woman was shooting ideas of what I could do at me, it was lot. I'm all for confidence and thinking I can accomplish a lot, but I wasn't sure what she heard. It does make me hopeful for the Democratic party as this candidate is grassroots all the way.

Friday, I woke up, got pulled into a Captain Awkward series of amazing posts and the Olympics before going must call AAA. I did and it turns out that a little interior light that I thought was automatic wasn't, my battery was charged without a problem. As the AAA guy was leaving, I had a call from the school in Michigan who wanted to talk to me again. Today I had a long phone interview and I'm a finalist, which leaves me kind of breathless and then I watched Olympics' diving with my parents on my laptop. Oh Tom Daley, you're amazing, I know an American won, but they all did fantastic dives. Last night I also dreamed of being lost around Christchurch on my way to a job interview and going, I know Wellington not Christchurch, quite apt. I hate being lost and this was a dream where I couldn't turn where I needed to and so was feeling like I know where I need to get but can't get there.

Another wonderful thing is that I've introduced my parents to Jim Henson's Storyteller, which they love, they even though they were adults in the 60s and 70s an 80s, never knew of his darker stuff. I get to introduce my parents to Labyrinth and Henson, Henson was the kind of creative soul that makes me hope and believe that the world can change by stories and people. In other odd but happy news. I got back my security deposit from Ann Arbor, they took off some for holes and carpet but not enough to make me go that's unfair and money is good.

Oh and the weather has been exciting here, lots of clouds and storms that hit hard and then leave, yet the sky stays grey. It's made everything cooler and is a nice reminder that Delaware is by the ocean.

Now yesterday, I wrote a few FridayFics, not terribly many as honestly I was busy and so were many other people. Life just keeps on happening. This is what I wrote and my [Bad username or unknown identity: ineedmyfics"]'s story is finally more in progress. It's been moving slower than I like but it'll happen.

Words spill out )
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Last night, I had one of the worst nights sleeps I've had since I was sick. I woke up coughing around 4 am and wasn't able to get back to sleep for another hour. Then I had this incredibly complicated and awful series of dreams. Parts were cool, I was at Starfleet Academy and young Picard was there, but there was some kind of attack. Then I was in a mall and in this store full of lots of gifts that were small and in pieces. One was this ceramic box full of beautiful tiny angry bird figurines. Now normally this shop would be a place I'd like but somehow one of my exes was there, the awful Republican one from high school and we were somehow engaged. I didn't want to be engaged and I felt sure that he'd tricked me or something but couldn't see how to get out of it. There was someone I trusted around, my mother was there later but I think someone else was in the shop part of the dream. We had to buy something from this store due to our engagement and then suddenly I was going on a bus for the invasion part of the dream and finally was able to say no to the ex. He was passive-aggressive and awful at me and then I woke up. The plan was to leave this morning for some bureaucratic stuff before someone came by to clean the house, she's nice and very talkative.

Well, I overslept, grumbled but am now registered as a Democrat to vote in Sussex County, and we ended up being able to watch the Olympics at the place we had lunch. After that I stopped off in Lewes to sit in a cafe and read. My list of stuff to do seems to be growing in weird ways and I kind of want to go back to sleep.

Yesterday was awesome as my parents had paid to see this shipwreck and before it there was a fascinating lecture about all the basic living stuff they found on it. Its called the DeBraak, this is a blog about it, at the moment it doesn't have a museum yet so its in various places. The tour reminded me of just how much I adore maritime history and that I'm always so much happier when I'm living near the water.

My main things to do at this point are more tying off loose ends to do with bills, address changes and the like as well as figuring out my schedule for the Lewes Library. I still need to unpack more but today is a day when I feel tired. Also I have letters and cards I want to send out and bah, my list is too long.

Oh and I have figured out how to watch the Olympics though TunnelBear does really make you pay for all the streaming so I'm being thoughtful in what I watch.

Editing to add my horoscope from Uncle Rob.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): The coming week will be prime time to
celebrate your eccentricities and cultivate your idiosyncrasies. Do you like
ketchup on your bananas? Is heavy metal the music you can best relax
to? Do you have a tendency to break out in raucous laughter when people
brag about themselves? I really think you should make note of all the
qualities that make you odd or unique, and express those qualities with
extra intensity. That may grate on some people, true, but it should have a
potent healing effect on you.

I like this horoscope a lot as I'm currently feeling rather unmoored and not certain of where I fit. I'm quite betwixt and between, but I know how to be myself.

Made it

Aug. 2nd, 2012 06:18 pm
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I'm back in Delaware. I still have various address changes, bills and other things to do to tie off all the loose ends in Michigan. Also I have to figure out where to put all my stuff in the house, but for the moment, I have stopped.

My body has chosen today to not like me and its left me quite tired. The road trip was lovely, yesterday we took our time and took a side trip to Fort Necessity, which led us to spending the night in Cumberland, Maryland. We stayed at a newly renovated hotel that was right next to this beautiful park that's built around the end of the Chesapeake and Ohio canal with a bike trail on the old towpath. We had delicious seafood, proper East Coast seafood and I got to watch the Olympics and tag before sleeping.

Today we drove through Maryland and Delaware and it was long and my allergies are making me feel wobbly and a little off, but the drive is done. Also yesterday during the drive, I was called by the school that interviewed me last week just to check that I was still good to be considered by them. I'm in the midst of processing and shifting gears, so much has happened and its going to take time to make it all fit and figure out the shape of this bit of my life.

One thing that I realized is that compared to the last time I was living here, I'm in a far better place. After Wellington, I was a mess and feeling a failure. Now I feel like instead of coming here to dig in and recover, I'm actually in a safe haven as I look forward. There will be some tags tonight, but I don't expect to be in chat, probably later in the week. I also plan on doing writing once I've settled in more as I do have ideas.
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I have a second interview on Friday and made it home in one piece. I hate the roads around Detroit so much, they always leave me feeling like I'm going to miss my turn or get side swiped by someone. The only roads that can compare to worry and terror are the ones around Baltimore for me, but I made it to the interview and back safely.

My lunch at a local deli was rather disappointing, so I'm planning on going out later to Whole Foods to pick up either some wine or beer and something delicious for dinner. I also had a bad moment of my lunch considering coming back up on me but it didn't. My parents will be arriving sometime tomorrow night to help me move and as they said celebrate all that I've accomplished in Michigan.

At the moment I feel rather like a harp that someone's run their hand across and all the strings are vibrating. Most of the vibration is good but some of its leftover from Detroit driving, which is a touch nervous.

I think since I have energy and am in the mood to write, let's end this with a prompt meme.

Give me character(s) from a fandom I know, setting or a lyric or anything else and I'll write you at least a hundred words.

ETA: And now the energy's gone from good to uncomfortable and I can feel myself being a little snappish. I think there's just been a little too much today and I need to give myself more time to process and a trip out will help.

Second ETA: I have driven where I know and want to go with loud music, bought delicious wine and food and feel better. It's just been a full day.
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I have a job interview next week and sent off another job application today for a library near where my aunt lives. I do love how when school's decide they want to talk to you, it happens quick. Yesterday I had an email saying are you still interested in this job, today they called to arrange the interview which happens on Tuesday. It's a school in a suburb of Detroit, so at least the drive won't be long and I've given myself time to hopefully not get lost. Detroit and the surrounding area is so confusing.

Life is strange and wonderful. I'm feeling much healthier, taking a break at [personal profile] dodger_sister's was completely the right choice. Not doing anything in a ACed house was prefect and I had a good long rest. Last night work was incredibly quiet and I hope tonight will be too as getting to work involves navigating Art Fair. I've seen some pretty things there including a lovely glass pendant in green that I might end up buying. The only drawback to Art Fair is that when its all quiet and closed down walking through it makes my late night walk a little stranger.

Now for one more round of the 5 topics meme. If you want me to give you topics just say five in the comments.

These are from [personal profile] aberration:

1. James McAvoy
I don't remember when I first discovered James McAvoy, I think it might have been when he was in Children of Dune, which I enjoyed. Then when I started at Milliways, I needed a face for Will Scarlett and I found him. Since then he's become an actor that I'm always watching to see what he does. I think what I love about him is that he's consistently good, makes interesting choices in his work and seems to have fun. At this point, I've yet to see everything he's done and probably never will but he's one of my strongest celebrity crushes. Whenever he's interviewed about any movie, he's always smiling and it's clear he chooses projects he enjoys. They're not always great and sometimes rather weird, but that's what's great about him. Sometimes I wish that more people knew of him, but not for long. I like that he can do what he finds interesting.

2. Greek Mythology
I've loved Greek Mythology since I was a little girl as I grew up with this beautifully illustrated book of the myths from the twenties that I loved. I've always been fascinated by the basic stories we tell and how they get changed through the centuries. Most of my undergrad work and grad work in Classics was based around literature and how are stories told. My favorite part of Greek Mythology is how even in their era, poets and playwrights went, this is how I'm going to tell this story and this is how someone else does. It means that there are many ways to think and approach and that's created a basis for us to be constantly examining the stories now.

3. Travel
Travel makes me happy. I love going out to see a new place, getting lost and then learning to find my way. One of the best ways to learn and realize what you don't know is putting yourself in a place where you don't fit. I've done that by living abroad and moving to new cities, its not an easy thing to do but its part of what makes me who I am. The kind of travel I'm hoping to do in the near future will be around the US, connecting with Milliways' people and more job searching.

4. New Zealand
New Zealand was the first place where I felt like an adult. During my first year there, I supported myself through temp work, found friends and connections and learned so much. The second and third years were trickier as I dealt with my master's degree that didn't work and broke up with a boyfriend, but its one of my favorite places in the world. Wellington has everything I love in a city, its by the water, its full of many different things and its walkable. I think the thing I love most about New Zealand is how the entire country feels small and people can take the time to care and do more there. When I worked for the ministry of health, I was impressed by how much they did for people and that comes through in all kinds of interactions. People just pay more attention and I hope to go back there someday.

5. Dessert
I have a sweet tooth, I always have and probably always will. Chocolate is my favorite item of dessert as it comes in so many forms and is just delicious. My father makes homemade chocolate sauce that I've had with so many lovely meals. I love to bake and cook so I enjoy trying new desserts from cakes to all sorts of other dishes. My dessert of choice this summer is ice cream and berries or yogurt and berries since it's just been far too hot.
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Tomorrow afternoon, evening and part of Wednesday, I'm going to be spending at [personal profile] dodger_sister's. The plan is watching movies, talking mainly about writing, dinner and taking full advantage of the delicious AC in her place. I was feeling better today but my rather nice dinner ended up not staying where it should, I'm not happy. My sleep schedule's off again, last night I didn't get to sleep until six and the night before my coughing woke me up at six. Tonight I hope for a fairly solid night's sleep, though the fact the weather's gotten hotter again probably will make it trickier.

Good things have been happening, I figured out what I need to do for canceling various services before moving, I had a fantastic conversation with my family. My parents are babysitting my nieces and my sister is down there as well, that meant the phone conversation was full of everything. The nieces talked about Wonderstruck, my sister raved about her Mac, she's finally getting actually digitally connected, books with my father and just general health and planning with both parents. It's weird to think that they'll be here in about a week and by August I'll be out of Michigan. For context, my sister is in her older 40s and she's had email and access to computers but it never really stuck for her. This has worried me and my family as she's wanted to change jobs and it seemed like things were passing her by, but she sounded excited and asked for my help. I look forward to what I can do for her. A lot of things in her life have been moving forward and it makes me so happy to see it. Oh and I've been acquiring some good music of late, a Wallflowers' cd, Tori Amos' To Venus and Back, The Dark Knight soundtrack, that one's fully [personal profile] adiva_calandia and [personal profile] lienne's fault <33s and then one called Songs of the Civil War with a lot of good artists I know. I'm going to be enjoying a few of these on my drive tomorrow and at other points.

This coming week is going to be quite chaotic with Art Fair and many shifts, which is why I'm going for a break. I'll have my laptop and phone, so will definitely be doing some tagging, I just won't be on as much as I normally am.

If you'd like five topics just comment with five or something like that for me.

Now for the last round of five topics, this time from [personal profile] innerbrat:

1. Children's literature.
I love children's literature from picture books to young adult stuff. It's amazing how much the concept of children's literature has changed since I was a girl in the 80s, 90s to now in terms of adding depth and quality. There are fantastic authors who are reaching out to connect with their readers, publishers doing the same and kids going YES back at them. I love seeing how my nieces have reading as a part of their life and I hope in my professional life to become someone kids know they can trust about books they like and want to read. When I was young, I read children's books and grown up books, everything I could find and I had librarians who helped me figure out my way. That's why I want to be a librarian, I also love getting to explore books as part of my life and the constantly growing world of children's literature.

2. Friendship
I consider myself a loyal friend and feel blessed for all my friends from those I've met to those I haven't. To me being a friend means doing what I can to support someone however I can, sometimes that means not doing anything. My oldest friend is someone who our mother's met while pregnant and our birthdays are both in June. Mine at the start, hers at the end and we've been close since elementary school. When we were younger, we always seemed like almost mirror images to me. She was the oldest in her family with two younger brothers and the house full of all the toys, cable and sweet snacks, I was the youngest with two older brothers and an older sister and parents who watched my television watching and had healthy food. Though I did get sneaky with the TV and they finally gave up trying to cut me off after I learned how to plug it in and they realized I read as much as I watched.

Now this friend and I have stayed in touch all over the world, she moved when we were both in high school but we're constantly visiting each other and calling and texting. I know that no matter what she's there. Then there's all the Milliways' friends and friends of friends who form my other network that I love and hope to get to see when I'm back on the East Coast. Life is short and friends make it sweet and rich.

3. Textures
Textures aren't something I'm constantly thinking about, but I'm always aware of. I play with my jewelery, touching my earrings, twisting my ring and bracelets, thinking about what's there. At the moment, I'm wearing a long silk skirt that feels light and cool and sandals that I can feel supporting my tired feet. My lips are cracked as I fiddle with them and my hair is feeling light and not heavy as I washed it yesterday.

4. Changeling
I don't recall which came first reading Charles de Lint or playing Changeling: the Dreaming, but both of them hold my idea of magic in the world. Magic where it's just out of the corner of your eyes, complicated and itself, you will be changed by it and it by you. The roleplaying games I've been proudest of running were Changeling ones. The LARP and tabletop that I ran at college, my players had their dramas but we had some great adventures. That was where I learned the great lesson of don't plan too much and trust the creativity of those around you, it's served me quite well so far.

Tiwa, [personal profile] piwakawaka my glorious fantail pooka is one of my favorite characters to play as she's a part of me. She's my creativity, my love of New Zealand and the teacher part of me all out there in the world and going, I want to know and explore and fly. The kind of stories I want to tell and write are those of magic just at the corner of your eye that gives you wings and shows you your possibility.

5. Faith
My faith is fairly simple. I was raised in the Swarthmore Monthly Meeting, which meets every Sunday in a lovely building with odd green cushions and paint on the edge of the Swarthmore campus. I spent my childhood going to First Day School, Quaker Sunday School, got marigolds on Easter, played in the pageant and after every meeting, spent time with wonderful people. One of the traditions of this meeting is after the Sunday meeting, there's brunch and everyone talks and laughs and you feel the community. That's the root of my faith, the joy of being with people, walking through lilacs and knowing that God is everywhere. I've addressed God with many names in my travels and felt his touch from Pennsylvania to jewel box churches in Greece to by the water in Wellington or with family. Faith to me means that we're all connected and have something rather strange inside us that says, yes, there is more.

I hope these answers make sense, I ended up being rather philosophical.
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I would like this week to have a few things go right on the first try. The movers were late sending out the online confirmation but that's done. There's a email from the my student loans telling me to go look at a message from them but I don't want to. Last time I did the amount of interest made me want to cry, that will get put off a little longer.

My body keeps feeling off as in having asthma issues that I haven't had in a while. Allergies have rarely made me wheeze, its disturbing and disconcerting, I would like to not fall apart. My ear also seems to have healed, but it feels like it needs more. I also haven't been sleeping properly so I keep having points during the day where my temperature feels off and I just want to fall over and hide for a time. End of body rant and worries.

Meebo messenger's been shut off and I can't find a replacement that will let me get into chat, not even AIM Express which is messed up. I've got a five hour shift today and I'm already feelings a bit out of it, need chat and its wonderful community. So guys, I'm online but can't get into chat.

I'm going to do some meme answers, try to figure out who to do Happy Hour with tonight and maybe even write more on a fic that I should write. Perhaps tomorrow is a good day to go to the movies and hide from the world for a little bit.

Icon meme first.

1. Reply to this post with Dance with me, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

These five icons were chosen by [personal profile] bjornwilde

At one point I started watching Gossip Girl, I think I finished the first season but that was it. I found this icon and I love it as it shows the best of female friendship, two friends just being together.

[personal profile] anthologia made this icon and it feels quite apt for where I am at the moment, looking towards the future and not knowing what's ahead. Its peaceful and beautiful.

I loved Inception and this was by far my favorite scene in it because there was a clear sense of this isn't true reality. I wish honestly that there had been more of this but loved what there was. It was harder than I expected to find an icon of this moment.

This is a scene from the movie Atonement which I'm not a fan of. Its a gorgeous movie with wonderful actors, but I hate, hate the story. If I could have removed the actual plot, I might have liked it better. Its a heartbreaking movie about how a badly thought out and rather selfish choice that destroyed lives and to me that the person who did the wrecking never really got it. The atonement that's supposed to be the payoff felt weak to me. I have a fair amount of icons from this movie for Will as James MacAvoy spends a lot of time in it looking older than his age and hurting. I use this icon for war related things and general sadness.

My mother's originally from Carmel by the Sea so I spent my childhood spending one or two weeks there and visiting my grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousin. I also grew up not far from the Atlantic ocean in Pennsylvania and my parents now live on the Delaware shore. I'm happiest when water is within walking distance for me. I loved that about Wellington, not only was the water right there but the waterfront was someplace I wanted to be. There was the public library and Te Papa and places to sit and watch the world go by. Everything for me feels a little more possible by the water. This icon is my beach, water one.

Now another round of the five topics meme.

Comment to this post saying "FIVE!" and I will pick five things I would like you to talk about. They might make sense or be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself, hopefully for the rest of eternity!

(I don't really care if you say "FIVE" or let me know some other way. Just for the record.)

These five are from [personal profile] crazyfurries

Five more words )

Now all this writing has been feeling a little more even keeled and now to plot who will do Happy Hour in Milliways.
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I just wrote a new blog post on my librarian's blog that I'm happy about as I've had the idea since Sunday. It's over here at Go where you want to be on Wordpress.

I still have a fic that I really need to poke at but I'm quite happy with how this turned out as well as my Peggy, Natasha fic, that's Get Your Claws In, which is also about finding where you fit and not letting go. I will definitely be getting to more meme answers tomorrow as I work a five hour shift but just wanted to share this.

I will find the library I fit in and stay there.
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Today just seems to keep being weird for me, though I am accomplishing stuff. The movers are settled, so now I can focus on starting to sort and clean my place and arranging to shut off various services. My body is being awful and I don't know why. My ankle's been hurting quite badly and when I went to get lunch, I had a point where I thought I might faint. I ended up not able to eat my sandwich and instead had some yogurt which helped. I've no idea what happened and plan on sleeping a lot when I get home tonight.

I ended up writing a fill over on [profile] marvelousladies, which is awesome, everyone should go play there. The story I wrote is Get Your Claws In, a Peggy, Natasha fic from the prompt: Any: Whatever you choose, however many roads you travel, I hope that you choose not to be a lady. I hope you will find some way to break the rules and make a little trouble out there. And I also hope that you will choose to make some of that trouble on behalf of women. Later I'll post it on Ao3, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Since I'm still feeling a bit worn out and work is quiet, I'm going to do a few more rounds of the 5 topics/question meme.

Comment to this post saying "FIVE!" and I will pick five things I would like you to talk about. They might make sense or be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself, hopefully for the rest of eternity!

(I don't really care if you say "FIVE" or let me know some other way. Just for the record.)

From [personal profile] in_the_blue
1. libraries

2. travel )

3. job hunting

4. your very favorite fictional character )

5. where you see yourself in ten years

Next round is from [personal profile] muji

1. Why librarian.
This one gets its own answer because its kind of tucked into the other one I did before. Libraries are where I keep coming back to throughout my life, they've always been the safe places for me. I know that I can enter any public library around the world and I will find a quiet space to sit, free internet and like minded people. I want to help create those places for kids, for them to know that they can come to me and I'll help them navigate books and life and creativity. Growing up it was librarians who gave me the courage to try reading books I wouldn't have normally tried and who were simply there for me.

2. Living in Michigan. )

3. Other countries. )

5 Topics

Jul. 11th, 2012 12:51 pm
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Today has started off oddly and so as I look for threadbrain, I'm going to do this lovely 5 topics meme. Last night I dreamed that a friend from high school was trying to kill me as in the dark of my room, it was a disturbing dream. Then I woke up to find out I'd missed the call from the movers, called back and left a message saying, please I want more information.

Also the bandage on my ear lobe is about to fall off and I think its all healed but its hard to tell. I need to go to the university health center and get it looked at. I have this bad habit of reaching up and playing with my ear lobe and I'm worrying that maybe I've made it heal badly. I need to stop fretting over it and get it looked at. Basically I'm feeling like there are a few too many thoughts going around in my head.

This meme I think will help sort them out. I'm going to tackle the library/job topics and then come back for the other ones.

Comment to this post saying "FIVE!" and I will pick five things I would like you to talk about. They might make sense or be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself, hopefully for the rest of eternity!

(I don't really care if you say "FIVE" or let me know some other way. Just for the record.)

[personal profile] in_the_blue gave me:

1. libraries )
2. travel
3. job hunting )
4. your very favorite fictional character
5. where you see yourself in ten years )
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This weekend has been long, tiring and surprisingly good. I went to Kids Read Comics yesterday and it was wonderful, events like that are why I want to be a librarian.

Though things have been good, they've also been one thing after another as I got the moving estimate and it was huge and didn't seem fully filled in, so I'm waiting on that. I hope to get the movers settled by tomorrow.

Also starting on Wednesday night, my trackpad was acting up, which was annoying. Today I took it to the Apple Store and they got me a new one and now its working again, which makes me happy. I have an idea for a librarian blog post to write and need to get to do more writing on my Narnia exchange but I signed up for [community profile] ineedmyfics and feel good.

That means its time for a meme, this is the first of two lovely memes that [personal profile] in_the_blue posted recently, the other one requires more thought.

1. Reply to this post with Dance with me, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

[personal profile] in_the_blue chose these icons:

This icon is called Taking Wing and [personal profile] synchronicity2 made it and I love the beauty and hopefulness of it.

These are the Weasleys and they're my favorite part of Harry Potter as I love the joy they have with life and each other. They also remind me of my own family since there are a lot of us and we can be silly and love each other so much.

This in my mind is Will from the Disney Robin Hood and I love his expression of oh god, what now? That is one of my favorite versions of Robin Hood, it just works for me and makes me happy.

Tiwa, [personal profile] piwakawaka is the name of my Changeling OC who turns into a bird called a fantail. This icon is of a beautiful statue made by a New Zealand artist of a fantail and I love the movement of it and how it has the feel of traditional carving but it its own thing. If I could, I would own so much fantail art as these little birds are quick and brave and remind me of New Zealand.

I loved the movie Up and the beauty of this moment spoke to me in that sense of far to go but the end is in sight. I made this icon as I couldn't find one that someone else had made.

Probably tomorrow I will start writing answers to the next meme which is five topics to write about. I hope everyone's week is going well. Life has been full of far too many ups and downs of late. Here's for more ups than downs.
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Work is quiet and nicely air conditioned. Last night I slept wonderfully and wanted to sleep more but had work. The walk to campus was awful as its so hot that the air feels like its sitting on you. Last night I didn't make it home until about 12:30 but I did return to power, which was fantastic. Since yesterday was so long, I want to write it all down and on my way home I'm buying beer or ice cream. I'm in the mood for cold goodies.

6:30 am to 3:30 pm-cafe hopping in Ann Arbor. I went from Starbucks to Sweetwaters to Crazy Wisdom Tea Room

4 pm-get home and get ready to drive to work, which I did. Arrive in downtown and get more iced tea.

5 pm to 10 pm-on campus, at the end of my shift I had about four questions including someone who wanted me to find them a person's phone number. I kept explaining over the phone, the library is about to close and finally got through to them. Also one guy asking me if we could hold books and if not, could I go down and ask circ to hold them as I could sweet talk them. I don't think I ever fully answered him as I was sort of stuck going wait, what?

10 to 11:30 drive to park-n-ride, which was actually easy to find and then wait and wait for the Megabus.

11:30 pm to midnight-pick up artist for Kids Read Comics and try to get her to the place she's staying which is out in a close but surprisingly rural area. That drive involved navigating roadwork, going too far, one scare of wait, did I turn against a red light on a major intersection? I actually think I was fine on the intersection, it just seemed like I wasn't. It was one of those branching ones with like five roads coming in at once. Neither of us had slept a lot, she due to traveling, me due to power outage and I kept wanting to go, honestly I'm not this bad a driver normally. And I wasn't awful, I was just going through parts of Ann Arbor I wasn't terribly familiar with in the dark. Then out into the countryside around Ann Arbor, finally found the place then I thought I knew a quicker way home, I didn't, so had one turnaround before figuring out oh that road leads back to my place.

12:30-finally home, went online to check in with people and then fell over to sleep.

Since I've been working all afternoon, I won't get a chance to get to Kids Read Comics until tomorrow. I'm not sure what I'll be doing but I know that picking up the webcomic artist was a good thing to have done. Yes, it was a lot on the top of an incredibly long day but I did something helpful. Depending on how I'm doing, I might not actually volunteer for that long but it'll be fun to look in and see what's going on, it seems like a fun even.

I feel like my horoscope from Free Will Astrology this week about you have to grind through and do all the right steps feels true. This has been a week of getting through and getting things done, which I've done.
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Today has been odd and I keep reminding myself that yes, I did get things done. I had the first moving estimate from a big moving company which was honestly terrifying in how expensive it was. Hopefully the one for the slightly smaller national company will be less. Then lost a good part of my afternoon by creating a Goodreads' account, most of you probably got emails from me, but if not, please friend me. I like how easy it is to add books and I think LibraryThing will be for doing what I've read, crosspost reviews and Goodreads for my list of to read, which is daunting. There are so many books I want to read out there.

I also emailed my mentor in Delaware who's happy to have me back, put my work shifts up on the Tradeboard and sent another cover letter out. Then I ended up waiting for a storm that didn't happen and leaving my window partly open just made my apartment sticky, so back to the fan. Tomorrow afternoon I'm heading to [personal profile] dodger_sister's and I think I'm going to make the cornbread muffins in the morning. That way they're all nice and hot instead of sitting over night.

Now to make my writing brain come back as my story for the Narniaexchange is going far too slowly. I know what I want to be the heart of it but the words aren't coming. I also really want to write a good and meaty post about heroines because reading Sappho's Leap that didn't get that Sappho was amazing for herself and her poetry, and then seeing Snow White and the Huntsman and Brave, which did get it gives me ideas. I'm not sure if its a post that will end up here or on my librarian blog, it depends on how happy I am with it.

I highly recommend Snow White and the Huntsman, which for me was like, yes, this is how I imagine the world of Robin Hood, medieval with magic and harsh and just perfect. It actually got me playing Will more and he always makes me happy. I need to write up my HP!AU breaking of him as well since I have a few ideas with it. Brave was wonderful as well though I think I'd actually go see Snow White and the Huntsman for a second time before it. Though I'd see Brave again with my family, it depends on the audience and my mood, one made me all thinky, the other made me cry and go, yes, family.
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I haven't actually posted in a few days as I've started to get into the meat of figuring out moving back to Delaware in August. Thankfully its not as confusing as it could be, most of its closing things down, clearing out and figuring out estimates and stuff like that. For those of you who've used moving companies, how does this all work? Apparently I get estimates for my stuff and dates and all. My parents have done it but I'd love thoughts from others as its at the moment a new thing for me.

Work is being busy as I have to try and find ways to get my August shifts covered as I'd prefer to actually go east with my stuff and parents but if I need to cover shifts I will. Though I find it ironic that next month, I get a two dollar raise, I don't know what to make of that. More money is good but getting it as I'm on my way out is odd.

In other I'm doing far too much stuff news, the Ann Arbor District Library is hosting Kids Read Comics on the weekend of the 6th and 7th when I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday but I volunteered for Sunday. Its the kind of event that I want to help organize and run as a librarian so I'm going to do what I can to be involved even if it means I fall over on that Monday.

I'm also still getting job referrals for school, or at least one that I sent off my cover letter for. I hope I interest them. Also I've discovered that my iPhone's to do list plus Evernote makes me feel so much more organized as I like lists where I can cross things off.

Now for a new round of the icon meme, this time started of by [personal profile] crazyfurries:
1. Comment with the word "Chimera" to engage the game.
2. The selection of five of your icons will commence.
3. Please generate your own entry with the backstory/explanation/snarky commentary behind the selected icons.
4. Watch the cycle of a game begin anew.

Keyword: Fred and Ginger Dancing
I have an incredible soft spot for early musicals especially Astaire and Rogers and when I started looking for more icons, I found this one. Its one of my life is good icons, because dancing is something I love and their joy is obvious. The image is from when they're singing "Let's call the whole thing off", which is the song where you say potato, I say potato comes from. I also have a CD of all the music they did together, it makes me happy and I wish I owned more of their movies on DVD.

Keyword: Taking Wing
Ali [personal profile] synchronicity2 made this icon and I love the simplicity of it. It's one of my contemplative icons for when life is seeming rather big.

Keyword: Weasley's family
I adore the Weasley's, I think they're probably my favorite part of the entire Harry Potter series as they remind me a lot of my own family. They're loud, a little big and messy and full of love and will welcome people in with open arms. I love this icon because the image captures them and my kind of happiness, being surrounded by those I love about to eat too much and just be together.

Keyword: Feathered face
I first found this icon while I was looking for Tiwa icons but its since become one of my favorites. Birds make me happy as does acting and there's something about this icon that holds a lot of how we're all rather complicated. Sometimes we wear masks and try being someone else, but we're always happy.

Keyword: Candy raspberries
Raspberries are one of my favorite things to eat and I also love the candy ones, I happen to have a rather awful sweet tooth. This is one of my happy icons as its simple, bright and makes me smile.
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I have a plan for the end of the summer, it needs some tweaks and details figured out but I know where I'm headed. As at this point I don't think a job is going to swoop in before my lease runs out, I'll move back to Delaware. Most of my stuff will end up in storage as I live with my parents again, volunteer as much as possible at the Lewes library and keep looking for work. I have a mentor at that library and I'm going to visit friends and connect and reach out as much as possible.

July will be full of packing, getting rid of stuff and plotting but I can do this. Now I don't think I'll have another night of not being able to sleep due to the terror of what happens next. I hope this won't be a long term measure, but it's what I need to do next. I've done what I came to do in Michigan and now I go and grow elsewhere.

Tomorrow I'm going to be working for four hours as the Ann Arbor Book Festival swirls around the Diag.

This Friday Fic was nice and not quite as busy as others but here's what I've written this week.

Friday words )
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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): An apple starts growing on its tree in the
spring. By early summer, it may be full size and as red as it will ever be.
To the naked eye, it appears ready to eat. But it's not. If you pluck it and
bite into it, the taste probably won't appeal to you. If you pluck it and
hope it will be more delicious in a few weeks, you'll be disappointed. So
here's the moral of the story, Gemini: For an apple to achieve its
potential, it has to stay on the tree until nature has finished ripening it.
Keep that lesson in mind as you deal with the urge to harvest something
before it has reached its prime.

Last night on the phone with my father, I started crying as all my worries and fears of feeling like I'm failing by not having a job yet and starting to think about what do I do when lease and job shift hit me. I also slept badly last night for the same reason, but today I went to a massage place that I've been walking by for three years almost and went into it to treat myself. I had head, back, neck, face and feet taken care of and I feel nicely wobbly and loose.

Then I came home to read this horoscope, which reflects how I feel that it isn't time to worry yet or fret. I can do that but that's not what I need. I need to keep putting myself out there and showing the world, this is who I am. I'm a storyteller, a writer, a librarian and an educator, in the right setting, I can do amazing things. I will find that place and will move ever forward even if that means for a time, having stuff in storage and being a little in limbo again. I've done limbo, I've lived with little, I've lived on my own and I've set out on my own. I can do whatever comes next.

In things that I have accomplished, I signed up for the Narnia fic exchange as playing Tumnus has made me realize that I want to write something larger in that world. I've written a number of drabbles for him and smaller pieces for DE fic prompts but my last Milliways' EP was full of worldbuilding and made me think, yes, I want this. I also wrote a drabble about Charles for [profile] 100wordstories called Quiet about Charles.

He's been in my head a lot and fascinating as all the OOMs with [personal profile] andrealyn's Erik are flaily good. I can't wait to actually have both of them in Milliways and see what happens as Charles with all the love he gives wants Erik and Iris. The two of them might not agree with that as they're rather more possessive while Charles just isn't. Soon there will be sign ups for ineedmyfics and I will keep writing and putting myself out there until the right place finds me.
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This week and today especially feel so long. I'm getting myself back into my job search and feeling scared by it. I know I can do the jobs I've been interviewing for, but I need to be better about putting myself out there. In the hopes of being a little louder I wrote a new librarian blog post Inspiration and Mirrors: the stories I'm connecting to. It's mainly about [profile] seananmcguire and Charles Xavier as they're my touchstones of late.

Today on my way to work and on the way back, I was feeling quite aware of my personal space and every ache. I wish I hadn't been because the Ann Arbor Summer Festival starts tonight and I passed two free concerts but I didn't feel up to being around people. Work was full with two long reference phone calls where I ended up feeling lost and not sure how much I helped. I'm picking up more hours at work, because money's good and so is filling my time.

Tomorrow I'm going to give myself a day of self-care as I seriously need it with how job doubt and various pains are sneaking up on me. My plan is to try and wake up a little early for me, go to the Kerrytown Farmer's Market, spend some of my gift card at Zingerman's, maybe even buy some gin or rum at the liquor store and hopefully arrange or have a massage. I know if I arrange it, it'll probably be nicer but another part of me just wants to walk in somewhere and be taken care of. Any advice?

I'm growing to really love #FicFriday as writing is one of my favorite things and I adore the challenge of writing in a tweet. As always if I've missed a prompt or a fill, let me know. I always put them up the day of since I know if I wait too long, I'll lose them all.

Words, words, words. )
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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Do you remember what you were doing
between July 2000 and June 2001? Think back. Did anything happen
then that felt like a wild jumpstart, or a series of epiphanies, or a
benevolent form of shock therapy? Were you forcibly dislodged from a rut
by an adversary who eventually became an ally? Did you wake up from a
sleepy trance you didn't even know you had been in? I'm guessing that at
least some of those experiences will be returning in the coming months,
but on a higher octave this time.

Yes, quite a lot of things happened during those months as the summer of 2000 was the one right after my first year at Randolph-Macon Woman's College and what I think of as my summer of hell. I ended up breaking up horribly with my high school boyfriend who then cut me off from a lot of friends and I worked on finding my way. Later I ended up with a fantastic partner and I had a great school year and spent time figuring out how to get myself to Athens in 2002. The world was hugely in flux, but I came out of it with some new scars but stronger and happier.

I'm taking hope from this as I just found out from my job agency that the job in Rhode Island was filled. I had a sinking feeling it probably was considering that I hadn't heard from them, but I still wish that I'd heard more than here's a check to reimburse you. Now I go back to the cover letter grind and go and write another blog post since I'm worried my current one isn't the best first impression.

My birthday celebrations keep happening as last night, I got two gift cards from one of my brothers. One for Zingerman's and one for iTunes, then did a wonderful sync watch with [personal profile] wanderlustlover, [personal profile] ladyoflorien and [personal profile] dynastessa of Shakespeare in Love and that movie is really such happiness for me.

I'm slowly getting all my errands taken care of as the new mirror's been ordered for my car and the price doesn't look to be too bad. The last steri strips are nearing ready to fall off my ear lobe, so I need to go and have another doc look at it to tell me if I need to keep it bandaged or not. My back hurts and I need to figure out getting a massage which got sidetracked by other ideas.

This is just a little dip, but I know that there is the right job out there for me. The three I interviewed for showed me that its a matter of everything connecting and it will happen. When August comes around, all the signs that say time to go out of Michigan will be answered.
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I had something happen today that reminded me how my life is changing this summer. The hours in the library are a little weird of late because the plumbing is being fixed in one library so I go an email asking me to pick up some extra hours and telling me at the end of August, I wouldn't be a student worker anymore. This makes sense as it will be a year since I graduated and I hope that by August all the job hopes do come together as that's when my lease is up. So it feels like all signs are pointing onward to whatever's next.

Today I'm slowly getting errands done like contacting the car dealership about replacing my side mirror, laundry and I might send an email to my job connections to ask for advice. I need to go and look at the referrals they sent me as I got swept into the places that did contact me and need to keep putting myself out there.

This meme is still open as I'd love ideas as I want to do more writing this week.


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