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Today I baked delicious pecan sandies or shortbread with ground up roasted pecans in it, they turned out beautifully. Tomorrow I'm going to make some more whole wheat bread for my family before getting ready for a trip north. Plans are starting to come along for a move which is stressful but in the end will be good for me.

I love doing the Snowflake Challenge as it pushes me to be creative and remind myself of what I've accomplished.

Day 1

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.

To start with, I'm going to post my Yuletide from this year where I wrote about the Luidaeg from the October Daye books interacting with my Great Aunt in the bookstore she owned.

Two Conversations (1157 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: October Daye Series - Seanan McGuire
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: October "Toby" Daye/Tybalt
Characters: October "Toby" Daye, The Luidaeg (October Daye), Original Female Character(s), Tybalt (October Daye)
Additional Tags: Conversations, Misses Clause Challenge, Established Relationship

Two conversations, one where the Luidaeg has the chance to be the nosy mother figure for Toby and another where a mortal woman sees more than the Luidaeg expected.

I loved your prompt and it ended up being focused more on the Luidaeg as she finds some time to herself after enjoying being the older woman figure in Toby's life. I hope you enjoy it as it was a real treat to write from the Luidaeg's point of view and this fic can be read as any point after Toby and Tybalt are officially a couple.

Thank you to Jennie and Don for betaing.

The second one, I wrote for the Narnia exchange and its about Queen Helen and King Frank and their lives in London and as they figure out Narnia.

This wild new paradise (1292 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: King Frank (Narnia)/Queen Helen (Narnia)
Characters: King Frank, Queen Helen (Narnia), Bacchus, Ceres (Greek and Roman Mythology)
Additional Tags: Worldbuilding, Mythical Beings & Creatures, Established Relationship, Domestic

The inspiration for this fic was your wonderful letter with a request for wanting to know more about Frank and Helen, how they set up Narnia and how they interact with all the strange parts of Narnia.

For me the form that took was thinking about their domestic life, beginning in London with what Helen wished she had and then in Narnia near the end of their first year as Narnia is becoming itself around them. As I happen to love Ceres myself, she makes an appearance to help Narnia flourish.

The title comes from In Kerry, by J. M. Synge.

Thank you to Jennie for betaing.

For a last fic, this year for the first time, I wrote a Newsies fic which is mixture of missing moment and what if. I'm so happy about how it turned out.

Glimpses (409 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Newsies (1992)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: David Jacobs/Jack Kelly
Characters: David Jacobs, Jack Kelly
Additional Tags: Surprise Kissing, Prompt Fic, Missing Scene

Written for Porn Battle Prompt Stack and the prompt: Newsies, Jack/David, union, night, city.

Before Once and For All, David and Jack have an honest and surprising conversation in an alley.

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I normally love the holiday season but with worrying about my sister and everything that's part of that. It truly took until a few days ago to go, okay, we're all here as a family and there are reasons to celebrate.

I found it helped too when I decided that it was alright if cards and presents went off after Christmas, the thought matters and then there isn't this horrible stress of oh god, will it get there in time attached. With that in mind, if you would like a holiday card, the ones I have aren't particular to any holiday, then message me your address. If I have your address, then I'll try and send out a card to you.

Since my family lives in two places, we do two celebrations which I love. A smaller one that's me and my parents before tomorrow going up for the bigger one with everyone else. Part of today is going to involve baking, which has been one of the true bright spots of this year for me. Also I have a library part time job after the holidays which will help me build up money for my move. Boston area, folks, I'm going to be up there in January and February as I plan my move next year.

Have a happy holiday everyone and I hope that you're around those you love. I'm glad to know you.

ETA: I forgot to crosspost this somehow as I think LJ was acting up.
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I've been doing a lot of baking lately, trying out new recipes that have turned out really well. On Sunday night, I made naan which turned out delicious and I've recently found this whole wheat sandwich bread that's easy and lasts. My writing is going slowly as my creative energy seems to be channeled into cooking.

For me though this is a time of year when I love creating for others and would love to send out cards to anyone who would like them. Comments will be screened on this post and you can also message me to let me know that you would like one and your address or even to say that your address hasn't changed.

My December meme is here and open for topics to write about or fic prompts.
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Tomorrow I'm going to the memorial of a woman who was basically an adopted aunt. I have all these words I want to say about her and I don't know where to start. I keep looking back at my life and seeing her thumbprints in terms of being thoughtful, loving and teaching.

Today my mom and I made a huge amount of cookies for the reception after her memorial, a potluck because she always loved potlucks. Food made to be shared and with love matters.

She died a week ago and I don't know if I'm ready to not have her somewhere. She's been failing and hurting and she passed in her sleep, but I miss her.
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I've waited on this [community profile] snowflake_challenge because I've had a couple of pretty awful days. I found out that I didn't get a job, didn't get to the next round on another, lots of sick going around my house and my allergies made my new contacts not act properly. It left me grumpy and I don't like doing something like [community profile] snowflake_challenge when I'm feeling in such a low place and I love the idea of the last challenge. Today has been better, I have more allergy meds, family is feeling healthier, I have Hexwood to reread and the weather's not as dire. Also last night, I made this amazing roast chicken from my Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, which so far has been one of my favorite Christmas presents.

Day 15

In your own space, create your own challenge. What’s something you want to see more people doing in fandom? Is there something fun you’ve tried that you think other people would enjoy if they gave it a go? Dare your friends to try it out, and have fun with it.

My challenge is to post a song or a poem that speaks to you. A friend of mine has been posting poetry and in April everyone posts poetry and I love it, but sometimes its songs that do it. Post these words that speak that to you and see who else they speak to. I'll start with one of my favorite artists, Jakob Dylan.

Got my window open wide
I got my window open wide
Got a good woman by my side
Got a good woman by my side

Now this kind of day has no night
Yeah, this kind of day has no night
And I ain't got much on my mind
I ain't got much on my mind

'Cause I know
Something good this way comes

Now watching the streets filling up
Watching the streets filling up
In the shade of the summer sun
In the shade of the summer sun

Got sweet apple pie on the stove
Got sweet apple pie on the stove
The birds they're all flyin' low
The birds they're all flyin' low

'Cause they know
Something good this way comes
Yeah, something good this way comes

The trouble doll, is not moving mountains
But digging the ground that you're on
If it's true that good fortune gives no change
We got just what it takes

Collar up on my coat
Yeah, collar up on my coat
Trucks are pullin' in for the show
Trucks are pullin' in for the show

Grasshopper jump in the road
Grasshopper jump in the road
Kids, they're all running home
The kids they're all running home

'Cause they know
Something good this way comes
Yeah, something good this way comes

The trouble doll, is not moving mountains
But digging the ground that you're on
If it's true that good fortune gives no change
We got just what it takes

I got my window open wide
I got my window open wide
I got a good woman by my side
I got a good woman by my side

'Cause I know
Something good this way comes
Yeah, something good this way comes
Yeah, something good this way comes

Jakob Dylan - Something Good This Way Comes Lyrics

I hope the video works, its being odd for me. If it doesn't, I recommend exploring his videos, I love his words and his voice. A lot of my fics have titles from his songs.
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The question for today's [community profile] snowflake_challenge fits in well with what I'm doing for dinner. For Christmas, I was given the Smitten Kitchen cookbook and the pizza dough recipe from it is currently rising in the oven to be my dinner.

Day 11

In your own space, post a rec for fannish and/or creative resources.

This is probably a perfect question for me since I'm a librarian and I love resources of all types and as I've been doing fact-checking as a part-time job, I've found even more.

A few that I've used and loved:

Walt Whitman archive, all of his poetry including scans of his manuscripts to see how the words changed.

Poetry Foundation, which has free poetry including poems being read aloud, poet's biographies and interviews.

Library of Congress, so many fantastic resources from images to documents.

Metrolyrics and other sites like it. I tend to find my fic titles from songs and sites like this are great for finding the right one.

Stanford's Dime Novel collection, this was part of the inspiration for my Yuletide this year, its also been a resource for RP.

I could happily list even more since I love finding the right resource to answer a question and then learning unexpected elements. This is why I adore reading nonfiction too, I'm always learning and the internet has great resources and a lot of my friends are researchers too. So we tend to be sharing questions and places that we've found answers.

Actually the last three major fics I wrote have a meta element that comes from my being a librarian and historian. I think a big part of the inspiration was that a large part of my fact-checking involved looking at who are the sources for which parts of history and who's missing.

The Outlaw Wade or A Young Lawyer's Journey, my Yuletide that looked at in world dime novels about Ben Wade from 3:10 to Yuma.

Finest Job, my [community profile] narniaexchange fic where I thought about what elements of King Frank and Queen Helen's rank would survive to the Pevensies.

Got the Details Right, my Marvel Cinematic Universe fic for [community profile] ineedmyfics where Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff watch in universe films about Captain America, which was inspired by another fic.
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Yesterday was fun, I spent the morning helping kids make shaking noisemakers out of plastic eggs, spoons and lots of duct tape then the evening cooking black-eyed peas and watching Reign. That show works for me, I think part of it is the music and the acting, also I treat it like history fanfiction. There were some moments when I looked at the outfits and situations and went, really, but its fun and pretty.

Last night, I slept for so long, it was wonderful. I woke up after having a great dream too that I'm going to hold onto. I dreamed that I was with my parents at a museum or some big city and there was this woman that had a stall selling all sorts of things. We got to talking with here and we each found various things then my parents went on ahead. I stood with her a while and we shared a glass of bourbon. Since I've been up, I've been thinking about that dream and how she wasn't in one slot, but she was happy. The way I end up moving forward might not be with one full time job, I might end up with a number of options that I enjoy.

For Yuletide, I wrote:

The Outlaw Wade or A Young Lawyer's Journey (1177 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 3:10 to Yuma (2007)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Ben Wade, Original Male Character(s)
Additional Tags: dime novel, Post-Canon, Canon-Typical Violence, stagecoach robbery, in world fiction

This story was written for DesertScribe who was interested in Ben Wade and gave me many ideas to work with. I ended up wondering about that dime novel of William's and how Ben is perceived through that lens. As Ben rides the train towards Yuma, he reads a dime novel written about himself before he finds an opportunity to escape.

My recipient DesertScribe was easy to write for as they gave me lots and lots of ideas and I only had to pick one. I decided to focus on Ben directly after canon and then I had this thought about dime novels and trying something a little meta. I'm happy with how it turned out and they enjoyed it.

Along with my wonderful Carmilla fic, I also got a great Yuletide Treat called A Promise set post canon of Scorpio Races, a short and potent fic.

I've been reading through reveals and I loved so many of your fics. May this New Year be full of joy for everyone!
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Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days and holidays of the year, due to how my family is spread out, Christmas Eve has ended up being for my parents and me. We make a delicious dinner, get dressed up and over the course of the evening open our presents. We used to just open one on Christmas Eve and save the rest for Christmas Day but since the day has become more for my brother's family in New Jersey, we do ours on the Eve. Then around midnight, there's Yuletide to read, this year there are two stories waiting for me. I've never had that happen before and I'm so curious to see which fandoms they're in as I requested a lot this year as well as offering the max. I'm happy with how my story turned out, its one in a fandom I've never written before and that I only really discovered this year.

The weather decided to behave like winter which I appreciate, its cold and crisp today which feels perfect. Also I had a great night's sleep after enjoying going to a party of some of my parents' friends who specially invited me. I talked about libraries, school libraries and had a great time, it was a nice reminder that people down here are thinking of me. Then today we walked into town and it was hilarious, we saw a guy dressed as Santa riding a beautiful old fashioned red motorcyle with a sidecare. I wish I could have grabbed a picture but he went by too fast.

Christmas day and Boxing day I'll be up in New Jersey with my brother and his family so won't be tagging as I usually leave my laptop behind. I'll be going some tagging today and probably tomorrow morning but everything else will be slowed.

Be well, my friends, I feel blessed to know all of you.

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas has a wonderful time and for everyone who is doing their best to ignore it, I hope you are happy. I feel blessed
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Since my last post, there's a lot to catch up on. I spent most of Friday walking around New York City, getting lost around Little Italy, losing wonderful amounts of time at The Strand's cheap book racks and then getting to go to the New Zealand mission to the UN. Also there was lunch with [personal profile] skygiants and more hanging out with [profile] arushindoll. I love being close enough that I can actually go and visit New York City again, because whenever I go, I end up feeling revitalized by how alive and active the city is. My feet weren't happy with me because I ended up truly footsore but I have good sandals so few blisters.

The alum reception for Victoria University was charming, it was very New Zealand; not too formal, great food and wine and an interesting lecture on climate change. It reminded me how lucky I am to have connections to New Zealand and that someday, I will get myself back there. I also have found a good way to get to NY and other points north from Lewes as with my car, I can drive to stations that have direct routes instead of navigating multiple transit systems. I plan on having more trips to New York and DC and Philly in the near future, some hopefully for interviews but mainly to see people.

Then Saturday I traveled back to have a nice dinner with my parents, older brother and nieces as we all prepared for my father's birthday on Sunday. The party went really well. I made a huge batch of my chickpea salad recipe and had lots of great conversations of people going what are you up to and how are you doing? There was only one talk that made me wince about libraries since there's someone who works with Johns Hopkins and they're removing all books from their library. The wince wasn't the person I was having the conversation with just knowing that such a large organization has made that choice to go fully online as medical journals as so expensive, that they're worth more than books. Its a tough turn of events and it worries me that such an institution has gone so completely to the only instead of looking for a place in between.

Monday was restful, I started the day by going to the local library to help with shelving books and talking to the youth director who's a mentor of mine. This Sunday is the first meeting of their LEGO robotics team so I'm going to go help her. Robotics is something I want to know about and it will be great to get experience with it.

Tuesday was my sister's birthday and we went to a pretty nature center and watched the birds. I took a lot of pictures then we had a quiet evening. This morning my mother had cataract surgery which seems to have gone well and I'm trying to get myself a looking for jobs routine.


Jul. 13th, 2013 07:13 pm
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Last night when I went to my book club, I was reminded how in this strange year, I have made some unexpected and good connections. When I told the people at my club that I would be leaving, they were sad and hoped I could come before I left. Since the weather was beautiful, we sat in the backyard of one of the main couples, which was nice. This is a small book club and pretty much the same people have attended so there has been continuity. There was one of those metal fire pits so we ended up making s'mores at the end of the night. It a was a great reminder that while this year hasn't been perfect, its had good in it.

The run up to it was kind of fun as well since I got the time wrong, so I rushed about making delicious cherry cornbread muffins. I need to make them again since they're some of the best muffins I've had in a while with the cornbread texture but very moist. So I made them, thinking I was going to be late, got to the house and there was no one there. The meeting was at 8 but I think meet up still had it listed as 7 so I had my time's wrong. As I was waiting, I went to a favorite cafe where I found a lot of teenagers and their cars hanging out. Now this isn't a huge parking lot but according to the woman in the cafe, this is what kids do. Some of the cars looked like they belonged in The Fast and the Furious, while there were also some beautiful classic cars. Later I noticed that in other parking lots along Woodward, there were more cards. According to my friends at the book club, this is a definite thing in the area and there's a day in August when Woodward itself is shut down just so people can go cruising. Moments like this remind me how much of a car town this is. Next time I spot them, I need to take pictures as there were some gorgeous cars.

Tomorrow I'm going to go see a matinee of Pacific Rim and probably see it again with Rick. I'm in the mood for a good action movie and love del Toro. I need to get to work prepping for moving, get a date from the movers and then give that date to apartment company, who sound like they'll be able to release it pretty quickly. Then I hope to have some time in the east coast to travel, settle and look for a job. I never got that before moving out here, this year has been strange with few moments to go, oh, I feel safe and comfortable where I am.

My writing is going slowly, my Narnia story is started but I need to do even more with it to make it work, but I do have a little time.

FicFriday was pretty quiet this week, I filled a few on my journal and then three on Twitter. All Teen Wolf ones because I love the families on that show.

For @afullmargin

Oooh, always up for family shenanigans!

Allison's family saw the world through trust. Trust to survive, trust to tell, trust to lie to the right people. She made trust.

Stiles learned every police code once his father realized he wanted to know to understand. That way, no matter, he would know.

For @animalmysoul

Something Teen Wolf for #ficfriday?

Stiles knew he should sleep but his father was running late. If he got up then he could hear the scanner, then he would know.

Apparently I have a lot of feelings about Stiles and his dad, I just love their relationship and how Teen Wolf deals with families.
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My meeting earlier has left me shaken but I feel more hopeful. One thing I love about this school is how even though all the complicated aspects of being part of the community as a librarian are tricky, I know I am.

Also I keep forgetting that I do sort of have a mentor or maybe just a great ally, either way I just had a good talk with a teacher about homerooms. This is the first teacher that contacted me about coming into her class and it feels like she's trying to keep an eye on me. She got where I was coming from that this is a key part of the school and I'm not sure how best to connect to it as a librarian. I got some good ideas about possibly pairing with homerooms for half the year since there are a range of homerooms. The issue for me is the library's for everyone, placing myself with just one homeroom feels odd to me. I'll find a solution.

She told me that the library feels more like a work space too and that its clear the kids respect me, I needed to hear that. Its good to know that is coming through, because one of the hardest parts of this job is getting across how the feel of the library has changed. I sometimes just want to invite teachers to come work in the library. Since I can write about periodicals and rules on gaming, but the fact that the kids see me as someone to ask for help is the change I'm proudest of.

The meeting this morning was rough but it got me going and to do some things I've been meaning to do. I will keep making things work with, but its okay to say this is hard as they haven't had a full time librarian for a while. This is new territory for everyone. My body is being weird as well because I got the hiccups, my eyes keep watering but sometimes I think they're tears, its hard to tell. Both of them have added to feeling a little out of it today.

Maybe tonight I'll go home and make sweet potato soup, that involves mashing lots of potatoes which is a good stress reliever. Then I'll have really tasty leftovers as well. I just have to get through the staff meeting first, they usually aren't too stressful.
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Last night I returned to Michigan to find a snow drift in front of my patio, all the snow from two drives in my complex has been pushed in front of it. This was not what I was hoping for as I had some cumbersome things to bring in and I was hoping to just put them on the porch and get them through my patio door, I ended up doing that but had to go around and do more hauling than I wanted. Though it reminded me how much I like where I've ended up living since someone said hello and told me that the other resident who lived here had complained as well. I've had lots of these small interactions since I moved in and its great, because it makes me feel like I've found a place where people care and watch out for each other. I left a message about it with the complex's office and one good thing came out of it, they finally fixed my loose oven door handle, but I have no idea if anything will change with the snow. My parent's surmise is probably right that they hire someone who just does what's easiest, I live on the corner so plow the snow there.

Today was also a good day as I returned to school and felt comfortable and as if I was coming back to a place that worked. I was able to figure out an issue with the computers, a teacher talked to me about her students doing research for exam week in the library and lots of wonderful little conversations. There are frustrations and issues to sort out, but it all makes me hopeful.

I'm going to try and do my best to take care of myself as well, which means waking up in enough time to make and bring my own tea. Last night I bought some granola bars when I did my brief grocery shop and I'll take some of them with me to eat during the day. I plan on doing leftovers and even frozen meals later on, but small steps that involve eating better are my focus. I'm trying to keep with a general eating, cooking mantra of eat better food, so more cooking, dishes that I can make on the weekend or on my earlier days to have at other times. My big basket of food goodies and equipment from my brother and sister-in-law will help with that, lots of sauces, salts and various tastes to test out. I'm going to do a big stock up at Trader Joe's this week and enjoy making food.

Weirdly or maybe not, I just felt more like I was truly being a professional today with my new jacket and gloves that kept me warm as I went to work. I plan on putting stuff up on my walls and just doing what I need to so that my apartment keeps feeling like mine.

This FicFriday was a nice one and I'm steadily working my way through my gift fics. Here I'm posting the Friday fics so I don't lose track of them.

TwitterFics )
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Today has been a quiet and lovely day for me and its not over yet. This morning I woke up to find an incredibly effusive comment from the person I wrote my Yuletide story for telling me how they loved it. Then I went and read my story which made me so happy. Its the Magid universe with Nick, Roddy, fairy tales, Romanov being grumpy and Maxwell Hyde taking charge, it has what I love of the world and makes me beam.

A Fairy Tale Romance (With Two Kisses). (5084 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Magids Series - Diana Wynne Jones
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Nick Mallory, Roddy Hyde, Romanov (Magids Series)

The problem with Sixteenth Birthdays, as Nick Mallory finds out, is that they are often the heralds for Great Adventure.

Unfortunately, the adventure wasn't for him, but to find him.

I haven't had time yet to dig into other fics as we had friends over for brunch and didn't open presents until a little later. My presents made me happy; two beautiful sweaters, iridescent earrings, bourbon, New Zealand wine, a bowl my father made, a piece of family china, an antique book of Voltaire from my grandfather's collection and some mad money to spend however I wish.

At the moment the house is quiet as my parents and sister are out taking a walk while I catch up on the world. One of the ways we do the holidays is lots of cooking so at a certain point there are enough leftovers to last days. The night I arrived we had duck, last night my father butterflied a turkey which was good and tonight leg of lamb.

I'm going to put up a holiday EP from Tumnus at some point this week, since my father's reading the Narnia books and Christmas and Narnia just fit. My sister heads off tomorrow and on Friday, there will be family celebration with my brother and his family, which means I have a few days to plunge into Yuletide fics, write gift fics and just be.

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! I hope that you're surrounded by those you love!

A day out

Dec. 2nd, 2012 06:31 pm
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Today I drove my parents out to the DIA, which is fast becoming one of my favorite places in Detroit. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have seen some of the pictures I took and I have even more. The thing I love best in a beautiful museum is to wander around and just go where my eye takes me.

At the DIA, there are many rewards in that and then over lunch, my parents and I talked art and Detroit. Since the drive to the DIA is following Woodward Avenue and goes from the sort of suburbs I live in all the way to the city going by parks, abandoned buildings and vibrant museums. Detroit is a beautiful, living and complex city, I look forward to getting to know it better. I was also able to get some holiday shopping done, which makes me happy.

Tonight we're making dinner of cod and roasted fennel and just being together. Tagging will happen here and there but the majority of it will wait until tomorrow when they leave.

In the meantime have a fun meme that's been floating around.

Pick a character* I've written and I will give and explain the top five** ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to depicting them.

* Try to make it someone I've written either often (including characters I RP'ed) or recently in order for me to answer.
** May not actually be five.
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This morning I checked out the Holiday Inn and settled in a place with actual suites. I have a kitchen and will be going shopping later today to get herbal tea, hot chocolate and stuff for lunch and dinner, though this place does provide dinner four nights a week. Its not too far from school, not as close as the other one but its nicer. Fall has truly arrived in Michigan, the days are grey, chilly and sometimes there's rain, but I feel as if its all possible. I think October is going to go a lot better than September as I've found my feet.

I have some ideas of what I might ask for when Yuletide sign ups happen, I always ask for at least one Diana Wynne Jones' canon, probably will ask for Tommy and Tuppence and definitely The Seven Realms. In terms of what I offer, that's going to be a little trickier as there are always ones that are stretches and some that are easy.

In wonderful writing news, I seem to have got my writing groove back and thanks to the awesome Graveyard Smash ficathon have now written two things.

What's Mine, a Natasha fic with an appearance from Mystique.

Only the moon howls, a Ruby from Once Upon a Time fic.

It feels wonderful to have the words coming, they've been slow lately. The tropes' meme got me going a little but I've been so busy and stressed that I haven't been writing as much as I normally do. There's at least a few of those prompts that want to be larger.

Yesterday was quite busy with TwitterFicFriday as well.
FicFriday )
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I have a job interview next week and sent off another job application today for a library near where my aunt lives. I do love how when school's decide they want to talk to you, it happens quick. Yesterday I had an email saying are you still interested in this job, today they called to arrange the interview which happens on Tuesday. It's a school in a suburb of Detroit, so at least the drive won't be long and I've given myself time to hopefully not get lost. Detroit and the surrounding area is so confusing.

Life is strange and wonderful. I'm feeling much healthier, taking a break at [personal profile] dodger_sister's was completely the right choice. Not doing anything in a ACed house was prefect and I had a good long rest. Last night work was incredibly quiet and I hope tonight will be too as getting to work involves navigating Art Fair. I've seen some pretty things there including a lovely glass pendant in green that I might end up buying. The only drawback to Art Fair is that when its all quiet and closed down walking through it makes my late night walk a little stranger.

Now for one more round of the 5 topics meme. If you want me to give you topics just say five in the comments.

These are from [personal profile] aberration:

1. James McAvoy
I don't remember when I first discovered James McAvoy, I think it might have been when he was in Children of Dune, which I enjoyed. Then when I started at Milliways, I needed a face for Will Scarlett and I found him. Since then he's become an actor that I'm always watching to see what he does. I think what I love about him is that he's consistently good, makes interesting choices in his work and seems to have fun. At this point, I've yet to see everything he's done and probably never will but he's one of my strongest celebrity crushes. Whenever he's interviewed about any movie, he's always smiling and it's clear he chooses projects he enjoys. They're not always great and sometimes rather weird, but that's what's great about him. Sometimes I wish that more people knew of him, but not for long. I like that he can do what he finds interesting.

2. Greek Mythology
I've loved Greek Mythology since I was a little girl as I grew up with this beautifully illustrated book of the myths from the twenties that I loved. I've always been fascinated by the basic stories we tell and how they get changed through the centuries. Most of my undergrad work and grad work in Classics was based around literature and how are stories told. My favorite part of Greek Mythology is how even in their era, poets and playwrights went, this is how I'm going to tell this story and this is how someone else does. It means that there are many ways to think and approach and that's created a basis for us to be constantly examining the stories now.

3. Travel
Travel makes me happy. I love going out to see a new place, getting lost and then learning to find my way. One of the best ways to learn and realize what you don't know is putting yourself in a place where you don't fit. I've done that by living abroad and moving to new cities, its not an easy thing to do but its part of what makes me who I am. The kind of travel I'm hoping to do in the near future will be around the US, connecting with Milliways' people and more job searching.

4. New Zealand
New Zealand was the first place where I felt like an adult. During my first year there, I supported myself through temp work, found friends and connections and learned so much. The second and third years were trickier as I dealt with my master's degree that didn't work and broke up with a boyfriend, but its one of my favorite places in the world. Wellington has everything I love in a city, its by the water, its full of many different things and its walkable. I think the thing I love most about New Zealand is how the entire country feels small and people can take the time to care and do more there. When I worked for the ministry of health, I was impressed by how much they did for people and that comes through in all kinds of interactions. People just pay more attention and I hope to go back there someday.

5. Dessert
I have a sweet tooth, I always have and probably always will. Chocolate is my favorite item of dessert as it comes in so many forms and is just delicious. My father makes homemade chocolate sauce that I've had with so many lovely meals. I love to bake and cook so I enjoy trying new desserts from cakes to all sorts of other dishes. My dessert of choice this summer is ice cream and berries or yogurt and berries since it's just been far too hot.
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Today has been odd and I keep reminding myself that yes, I did get things done. I had the first moving estimate from a big moving company which was honestly terrifying in how expensive it was. Hopefully the one for the slightly smaller national company will be less. Then lost a good part of my afternoon by creating a Goodreads' account, most of you probably got emails from me, but if not, please friend me. I like how easy it is to add books and I think LibraryThing will be for doing what I've read, crosspost reviews and Goodreads for my list of to read, which is daunting. There are so many books I want to read out there.

I also emailed my mentor in Delaware who's happy to have me back, put my work shifts up on the Tradeboard and sent another cover letter out. Then I ended up waiting for a storm that didn't happen and leaving my window partly open just made my apartment sticky, so back to the fan. Tomorrow afternoon I'm heading to [personal profile] dodger_sister's and I think I'm going to make the cornbread muffins in the morning. That way they're all nice and hot instead of sitting over night.

Now to make my writing brain come back as my story for the Narniaexchange is going far too slowly. I know what I want to be the heart of it but the words aren't coming. I also really want to write a good and meaty post about heroines because reading Sappho's Leap that didn't get that Sappho was amazing for herself and her poetry, and then seeing Snow White and the Huntsman and Brave, which did get it gives me ideas. I'm not sure if its a post that will end up here or on my librarian blog, it depends on how happy I am with it.

I highly recommend Snow White and the Huntsman, which for me was like, yes, this is how I imagine the world of Robin Hood, medieval with magic and harsh and just perfect. It actually got me playing Will more and he always makes me happy. I need to write up my HP!AU breaking of him as well since I have a few ideas with it. Brave was wonderful as well though I think I'd actually go see Snow White and the Huntsman for a second time before it. Though I'd see Brave again with my family, it depends on the audience and my mood, one made me all thinky, the other made me cry and go, yes, family.
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I'm currently at a hotel that's my normal stopping point between Michigan and Delaware but tonight is my rest between Delaware and Cincinnati. Tomorrow night, I'll be starting my two day interview by having dinner with some of the faculty and then then the next day, all sorts of meetings. The weather today has made me so happy as its been sunny out and I've been driving along and getting lots of writing ideas. Life is going forward in great ways.

I don't know what's going to come out of the interview but I know no matter what happens, I'll learn a little bit more. It's lovely to feel prepared and that's how I am. I have leftovers from my nieces' first communion brunch, choices for interview clothes and a chance to actually watch along on a few shows tonight. There are also fic and RP ideas bubbling around in my head that I want to do things with as I adore this feeling of hope and possibility.

The past few days have been strange and wonderful as well. I went to the book sale at the local library in Lewes and for ten dollars bought a fantastic bag of books along with finding a copy of Dogsbody while doing some clothes shopping. My nieces' first communion was odd, but it was nice to see that it clearly meant something to them and their mother and her parents. My parents and I pretty much went into observer mode for the mass because it didn't really mean that much to any of us. The party afterward was great too, this crowd of little kids that kept darting everywhere as adults clustered and laughed. That's my favorite sort of party full of good friends and family, too much food and wine, just an abundance of happiness.

Now for a quick meme as [personal profile] minkhollow is doing another round of the icon meme. If you want me to pick icons for you, just comment and ask.

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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Is it conceivable that you've gotten a bit off
track? As I close my eyes and ask my higher powers for a psychic vision, I
get an impression of you staring at a blurry image of a symbol that is no
longer an accurate representation of your life goal. Now of course there's
a chance that my vision is completely unfounded. But if it does ring at
least somewhat true to you -- if it suggests a question worth asking
yourself -- I invite you to meditate on the possibility that you need to
update your understanding of what your ultimate target looks like.

Uncle Rob seems to know right where I am. I feel like I'm going the right direction but taking some time to stop and think and be for a bit is going to be good for me. How that translates for the moment is that starting tomorrow I will be driving east to my parents' place in Southern Delaware. I'll be there until about the 5th or so of May and will have car and net.

I would love to try and connect with some of you that live in the Southern Maryland area, but I don't have emails for all of you. My parents' live about a three hour drive from Baltimore so meeting up somewhere should be possible. If anything seems possible, please leave a comment or DM or something for plotting and planning.

Sorry for not being faster about this, but the last few weeks have been draining for me. Mainly positive but a lot of things that keep piling on. As my mother says its the feeling of being nibbled to death by ducks, all these little things that gnaw at you. Some of them didn't work out as I hoped such as the bank didn't credit me any of the money it took for the overdrafts but I do have my tax refund. So most of my current paycheck is going to end of the month bills but there's still the refund, which will go to fun things. I'm not sure what that will end up meaning, but I'll figure it out.

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Now for positive stuff. Milliways is being wonderful of late with the fun Shindig that got a few plot things going and the prompt DE from the weekend. I'm slowly working through those and would actually love more. I've got two days of six hour drives ahead and thinking about prompts is a great way for me to fill the time. You can either leave them at the link or just drop them here.

For now I think I'm going to consider my list, possibly call my parents and work on getting rid of my headache and general tiredness. I hope this next month looks up for everyone. Too much suck going around the world, it needs to lay off my friends.

ETA: And now one of my ear lobes is split. Time for a break.
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I always find it interesting to do this year in review meme so I'm going to post it as my sister in law and nieces play hearts. Life is feeling pretty good at this point. My banking stuff is finally sorted after another phone call where someone reversed the overdraft charges and sped up my credit for stolen money. It's progress which I'm grateful for.

Also I've created mirror journals for all of my RP ones though the only differences is that Tiwa and Jane's journals don't have their underscores. I started some of the imports but then realized that honestly those can wait as with some of them that will be a project. Today was wonderful, our family went for a walk out by Cape Henlopen and I split off at one point and had a nice quiet second half of the walk and took some gorgeous pictures along with having an idea for a fic. The afternoon has been lazy and since the weather in Delaware is amazingly good, my father set up the chiminea we have outside so the girls could have s'mores.

We spent some nice time being chilly, drinking wine and eating sugar, I also took some good pictures. I love having my family close and discovering my brother and I have very similar music tastes as he gave me a playlist full of Ryan Adams. Currently there's lamb cooking in the oven and lots of delicious wine. I hope everyone's New Year is wonderful. I feel blessed to have spent this year with all of you and hopefully next year I can meet more of you.

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