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This is a gift fic for [personal profile] dodger_sister who wanted a fic about the first snow of the season. Sadly it took until the first snow here for it to be written but I hope you like this glimpse of Raven and Charles as children.

Before Anyone Else (244 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: X-Men: First Class (2011)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Raven | Mystique, Charles Xavier
Additional Tags: Families of Choice, Siblings, Snow, Gift Fic

When they're kids, Raven convinces Charles to come and play on the lawn and be the first to leave footprints on new fallen snow. A gift prompt for Dodger who wanted a fic about first snows. I hope you like it.

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I've seen Star Wars and wow, that was amazing. I want to own the soundtrack, watch it again and talk about it since there's so much in it. Oh and I want to go find more of the books and comics to read them.

Today I also did a little fun shopping with my holiday money and finally got to look around a Torrid shop and I approve. The clothes are cute and fun and I found an awesome Star Wars shirt with Rey front and center. Also its wonderful to be a place where when something doesn't work, its because I don't like the style not it makes me feel like I don't fit.

Tomorrow I'm going to help out at the Noon Year's Eve at the local library which I've done before and loved. Then small family party before friend of my father's is coming to visit. I'll be finding time to tag as I've brought Charles in from after XMFC canon and he's fascinating. I do love him.
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I made it safely after a long train ride halfway across the US and I'm now comfortable in my hotel room. Earlier I had a walk around the convention center neighborhood which as nice after sitting for so long. There was one horrible moment when my first train was running late and I thought that I'd miss my second but didn't. I'm looking forward to the conference which I know will keep me busy and I'm going to try and not bring too many books back with me, I can only carry so many.

Now for an interesting meme from [personal profile] in_the_blue: You know that meme that goes around sometimes where you post your five favorite kinks and then five favorite couples, and it's like a wish into the universe to see if anybody will write it for you? Let's make it a little more interactive.

Comment here if you want to play, and I will give you 3-6 couples that I associate with you, and you make an entry in your journal talking about those couples and fics that you wish the universe would write for you.

She gave me:

Tumnus & Lucy: This is a tricky one for me as I don't think there's anything I crave hugely about these two. There's so much great fic and sometimes weird fic out there about them. I'm always happy to see more of them learning and sharing together about their different worlds and especially history. I would love to see more of Tumnus' backstory and how Lucy reacts to it because he clearly feels complicated about what he did during the Witch's reign. Also I'd wonder more about how Lucy's experiences before Narnia play a part in their friendship.

Charles & Erik: These two are another with a lot of fic out there about them, but the kind that makes me happy is when they're confronting how honestly messed up their lives can be. They're both good at their various solutions and fantastic chemistry, but its the tough stuff in between of their relationship that I want more of. This would fill a hole for me from the movies because they skipped over a lot of years and pushed too quickly, missing out a lot of chances to see Charles and Erik working together. I wanted to know if they tried to communicate after Cuba or not, all the messy parts. How did the others react to them since one reason I love the X-Men is that no matter the iteration, they're a family and that kind of relationship effects everyone.

Charles & Raven: I think my tumblr tag for these two best captures the kind of fic I want; best messed up siblings. I want to read about them going to school, being in New York, how do they fit in with other kids, when did Raven tell Charles to never read her mind? I've actually started a few fics along these lines but haven't finished them yet but I adore their relationship. In First Class, its clear that they have a history, worries, in-jokes and I want to see how they got there.

It turns out my answers were longer than I expected but I like this meme. Maybe after the conference when I'm hanging out next week, I might even get some fic writing done.

A meme

Jan. 23rd, 2015 12:42 am
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From [personal profile] umadoshi a meme I like as I'm starting to reach that moment of eek, a week from today I'll be in Chicago for Midwinter and I'm getting substitute calls. All of this is good but a lot at once so I'm going to do a writing meme.

When you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs. Now all of these WiPs are ones that I haven't touched in a while, maybe all the upcoming travel will help to get my writing game in gear again.

The first is a bit that was originally in my [community profile] ineedmyfics story about Sam Wilson but didn't fit.

“What happened next, Miss James?” The lawyer’s voice was kind as Teresa, who had been a mechanic in Iraq clenched her hands and sought out his eyes. He gave her a nod, he believed in her and understood what had happened.

Then there's an AU about Charles and Erik where they're both captured and their memories are messed with.

She gave him a look and he managed a smile for her as she left, he didn’t want her to become annoyed with him, but he needed space and Erik. Why was it so important to have Erik there?

The last one is me going through the October Daye books with a slant on Quentin and Raj, this is a moment from Late Eclipses.

Quentin grumbled before Raj laid down on top of him and immediately fell to sleep with a rumbling in his chest that felt sort of nice. The way Raj was it was hard to move, so he ended up sagging and finally sleeping until the alarm on his phone went off and he felt Raj’s claws in his legs, “Ow, get up.”
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Since I'm having all the Charles' feels today, there's a not too far post-XMFC Charles in PFSB and Mixed Muses.

I'll be around all night and those EPs are open for ages as I process thoughts and feelings from the movie.
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Thanks to [personal profile] bjornwilde, I've seen the newest X-Men: Days of Future Past clip and it worries me so much. Spoilery thoughts under the cut.

I don't get it. )

The more I'm seeing of this film, the less and less I think its going to work. At least with fic and RP I can go AU and with the awful crap going on about Bryan Singer, its looking more and more likely that I won't go to the theater for this one. I'll just rent it at some point and consider it a weird bit of AU fiction.
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Title: All seeing blue
Characters: Charles Xavier, Erik Lensherr
Pairing: Charles Xavier/Erik Lensherr
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Rating: PG-13 for drug use
Disclaimer: No one belongs to me.
Summary: Charles and Erik are on the road recruiting when Erik tries some acid and gets rather fuzzy. Written as a birthday gift for [personal profile] andrealyn who wanted Maybe something with dopey!Erik in a weird situation. I hope you like it as your Erik makes playing Charles the most fun.

Erik was sprawled out, seeming to take up even more space as he stared up, his mind was off, the sharpness was foggy. When he entered, Erik smiled at him, reaching out a hand, “Charles, you’re too solid and stolid. Come play, the world is full of color. )

Rainy week

Oct. 13th, 2013 02:11 pm
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This week the weather has turned, its been rainy, cloudy and windy every day. Its nice to have it feeling like Fall again but I think the grey has been dampening my mood slightly, which I don't like. Though I have been getting things done as I'm working on another job application and I need to do far more of them. They just never get easier, but other stuff is happening. My car is back and registered in Delaware and slowly, slowly all my ties to the bureaucratic stuff in Michigan is going away.

I signed up for Yuletide with many requests and offers because I kept noticing options that I hadn't seen before. I may regret this but I love the challenge of writing something I haven't written before, it makes me happy.

If you follow me on Goodreads, sorry about all the reviews this week, I'd fallen farther behind than I meant to but it did prompt a librarian post. Too Many Books to Review, I have another post I plan to write as well about how I keep getting into conversations with my parents friends about how can you read fantasy?

Let's see, the other good news is that the Age Spell plot has started in Milliways and I'm having a huge amount of fun with ten year old Charles.
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I'm currently sitting in Brooklyn after a day of travel to New York City and lots of reading in various cafes around Union Square. I'm up here because my life is rather strange, the University of Victoria invited me as an alumna to a lecture and reception at the UN tomorrow night. That means I get to see [personal profile] skygiants and [profile] arushindoll for a few days before heading back down to Delaware for my father's 75th birthday party. Then on Monday, I get to start volunteering at my local library and there's a job opening for a youth librarian at the library near where my brother lives in New Jersey. I feel like good things are coming my way and that its time to get to work creating the sort of life I want. That means focusing more on looking for jobs and cover letters and putting myself out there to be seen by the people I want to see me. Also just being in New York City always revitalizes me because it gives me a great sense of how diverse and wonderful the world is and how I can connect to it. I spent most of my afternoon sitting in a gorgeous cafe called Argo Tea reading the newest October Daye novel and feeling tired but content.

I love that Uncle Rob has hit upon where I am beautifully.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): If you were about to run in a long-distance
race, you wouldn't eat a dozen doughnuts. Right? If you were planning to
leave your native land and spend a year living in Ethiopia, you wouldn't
immerse yourself in learning how to speak Chinese in the month before
you departed. Right? In that spirit, I hope you'll be smart about the
preparations you make in the coming weeks. This will be a time to prime
yourself for the adventures in self-expression that will bloom in late
September and the month of October. What is it you want to create at
that time? What would you like to show the world about yourself?

In that same spirit, I recently complete two fics for exchanges that I can't share yet but I'm proud of both of them. They were in fandoms I know but focusing on characters that I don't normally write about and I hope their recipients end up liking them.

Fic Friday last week was wonderful and I wrote a good deal.
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A reminder

Aug. 28th, 2013 03:22 pm
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As it rains outside, I'm sitting and listening to the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington on NPR and remembering why I chose to be an educator and a librarian. This past year while I worked in the suburbs around Detroit, I learned a lot by seeing how the internet has opened ways for young people to explore more of the world and question it. Yet I also saw how adults wouldn't listen because there were some truths that they weren't ready to deal with. I hope that the speeches today are heard and do make a change because listening to each other and understanding that we all need each other matters. Its heartening to hear the lists of everyone who counts in the speeches because it shows that in fifty years, more people are recognized. There's a lot to do and if I can help by providing access to books that better reflect the make up of America and access to online resources and a safe space for young people then I'll do it.

I've been rattling around in my parents' house in Delaware, which I really needed. Being by the coast makes me happy and settled in a way that's helps me feel better. Part of that is lots of pictures because this area is beautiful and my parents have created a wonderful haven for themselves here. Most of the pictures have been posted on my Twitter and Tumblr, but if you don't follow me there, on Instagram I'm here and you can look over them. Sadly Instagram doesn't make it easy to post images into blog posts or else I'd do that more often. I've been going for walks and taking care of various errands plus finishing up a few fics. Also due to being a writer, I listen to this history and find myself wanting to write about Charles listening to these speeches with his first few students and realizing that change can come about. I really wish that Pacific Rim was playing somewhere nearby because I could do with a rewatch of it.

One nice benefit of my parents' place is that they have a big TV, no cable but an Apple TV so I've been catching up on various shows. I've now watched most of the older seasons of Warehouse 13, the first season of New Girl, which I loved, some of Parks and Recreation which didn't really catch me, The Vicar of Dibley and various other movies and shows that catch my attention. Sadly I haven't figured out how to mirror my computer on the TV, I think its because my laptop is older than Airplay, but I'll sort it out at some point. And I hope soon to start working at my local library, which will be wonderful. Its a great library and a place that I enjoy being in.

FicFriday returned last week with lots of wonderful prompts.
Twitter fics> For @minkhollow42 <i>Dem, to everything there is a season</i>  )
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I just realized that I forgot to post my Twitter fics and I always like to post them before the weekend is gone. This was an interesting Fic Friday, some nice ideas and I have so many things bubbling in my brain. My Narnia fic exchange is finally in motion and I have ideas about Pacific Rim and Teen Wolf fics that I need to pin down. I just feel like I'm finally moving forward. In the next few days, I'm going to be a little slower in terms of tagging as I'm off to visit friends in other parts of Michigan.

For @notsuestorm

Charles, one perfect moment

Erik was smiling, a true open smile and Charles was afraid his knees would go weak for the beauty of seeing him so fulfilled.

For @quiverby

far away

Moist watched the road stretch out in front of the car and Joshua poked him, "Where are you?" "Wondering about the end of the road."

wishes granted

Joshua ruffled his hair and whispered in his ear, "I know you might never tell me but if you do, I won't tell." "Mm, its Moist."


Helena hid her laugh behind a fan as Moist commanded the room, when he wanted to, he could dazzle anyone he wished to with a smile

last minute plans

"There's been a change of plans." "Darling, what sort of change?" "Just follow my lead and we'll be fine." "That's not an answer."


Charles has always loved letters, Raven wasn't a great writer of them but she enjoyed sending him gossip digests of their friends.

promotion And I missed this one on the day of so filling now.

Charles looked at Ororo's somber face and said, "I think its time you went from student to teacher." She laughed as she said, "Yes."
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My mind was a rather strange place last night as I dreamed that I was not Batman and not exactly Bryce Wayne but someone in between. I was investigating something at a girl's boarding school that reminded me of the main castle in Prague. As in there was the entire little city in this small space, it was a claustrophobic sort of dream. Also at some point in the dream, I turned into a student who was lost and couldn't figure anything out.

I'm pretty sure I know why I had such a dream, that was because last night I watched the season finale of Hannibal and then before going to bed finished reading The A.B.C. Murders by Agatha Christie and there were unexpected parallels going on.

Spoilers for Hannibal, entire season and A.B.C Murders )

Otherwise, I'm finding it weird to not be heading off to work and so am spending a lot of my time writing and preparing to head to the ALA conference in Chicago from June 27th to July 1st. I'm excited and scared as I know there's more I need to be doing to really be at my best for looking for a job. I have blog posts that I should get writing but mainly that words I keep getting at the moment are fandom ones. I did get some minicards made up for myself, which I love. They have all my pertinent information on them and as my Wordpress blog is pretty much my digital portfolio, they should work.

On Wednesday, I went to the Detroit Zoo and had an amazing time, it was wonderful to just wander around and enjoy the crowds of kids and the beautiful weather. The only annoying part was that when I was trying to get a picture of the prairie dogs, I missed where the concrete changed and skinned my elbow and acquired a nice bruise on my knee. I'm still a little sore since I didn't fall all the way down, I took a major bump. I think I might end up doing another post with just those pictures or at least some of my favorites for those who don't follow me elsewhere to see them.

In terms of fandom writing, I wrote a femslash piece for the Marvel Femslash Prompt Fest, its a little out of my normal round but the prompt clicked for me. Harder than Steel, which is Raven/Emma and explicit.

Today has also been a busy day as the DE was a prompt one and I wrote a number of fics, some of I might expand out and I'm still open for more prompts there.

It was also FicFriday over on Twitter and I'm still taking prompts there as well.
Twitter Fics )
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Well, all my words decided to come out today in a librarian post as well as a fic.

First off a big signal boost to Marvel Femslash Prompt Fest because its a great idea.

Then in tougher news, I wrote End of the Year: Changed for good over on my professional librarian blog. This wasn't easy to write but I needed to put on that blog about looking for a job before I can start doing the sorts of posts I want. The next ones will be about school culture and what I learned.

The other piece that I wrote today was Last Midnight, a smutty Charles/Erik piece for one of my Tumblr followers. She was having a very hard night and this was something I could do and I'm happy with it. It reminded me of how there's a lot still to write with Charles and Erik. It contains quite explicit sex as she wanted smutty.

Tomorrow I hope to order myself some business cards as I found a design that really works for me and start the next stage of my life as I look for a job. I feel like since Wednesday, I've been in what my mother calls decompression as I shift from one experience to the next. And ten days from today, I will be on a train to Chicago for the ALA conference.

Also there was FicFriday, need to include those as well.
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I have thoughts on the goodbye lunch, the last day of school and other things that I want to get into proper shape. That so far hasn't happened today instead I spent I think almost three hours talking with the lower school librarian, C, who is probably the best friend I've made at my school this year.

I have lots of things that I will end up writing but for now I'm going to share the next bit of a fic that keeps coming in spurts for me. The newest bit has happened to go now so I'm sharing it. This is Charles in Nolanverse Gotham with [personal profile] adiva_calandia's rule 63 Bryce Nolan with guest appearances by [personal profile] walksbyherself's OC Kite. I still don't know what the final shape of this story will be since I started writing it to see if I could make them work romantically. That part is happening just slowly and I'm sharing it as its one of those fics that I like sharing as it grows. Part one is here, part two is here and this is part three for now. Someday it will all come together.

Gotham had an intensity to it that was more than what he was used to and he had yet to find out the reason for it, but he was searching. )
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My original plan for today was to go out somewhere either to the DIA or the Detroit Zoo, but instead I slept in wonderfully long and late. It turns out that I needed it and then I went and enjoyed a nice lunch. I opened up my package from my parents which had homemade chocolate-hazelnut brownies, which are delicious, lovely earrings with a circle of red and blue glass and a pile of Agatha Christie mysteries. One of them is a Poirot, which I recently bought for myself to reread as I was having a kind of craving for it. I love that we think that much alike. Early, my mother also sent me a Lush gift card which I haven't used yet but have ideas for.

Tomorrow if the weather's nice, I will head out to the zoo and then next week will be odd but good. None of the last days are actually full days so Friday really was my last full day of school. It was a nice day, chaotic and fun and it struck me how I've made an impression, the head of maintenance just kept talking to me about the history of the school and his experiences. And after work when I was eating a sandwich, two high school kids saw me and checked in. I think that might have been because one I was gone for so long and two because my eyes watering and contacts being horrible made it seem like I might have been crying. Other people checked in with me too, it was a good day. I'll probably have more feelings as time goes on but for now, I can look back at this year and be thankful for what I've learned and the trust put in me by the kids and others at the school. Wherever I go next, I'm to quote Wicked changed for good.

I realized due to heading off on my roadtrip that I never got around to writing up last Friday's fics and I ended up doing some this Friday as well. Its going to be a long list.

Twitter Fics )
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I just posted my first fic over on [community profile] queer_fest which is one that clicked for me when I read the prompt and this FicFriday was busy. Life is full of various good things as I'm currently hanging out with [personal profile] the_croupier and got to go to Dawn Treader where I picked up many wonderful books. I've really needed this break.

Misfits and Lovers (3503 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: X-Men: First Class (2011)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Charles Xavier, Raven Darkholme, Erik Lehnsherr, Hank McCoy, Moira MacTaggert
Additional Tags: Bisexuality, Bisexual Character, Community: queer_fest, Prompt Fic, Backstory, Siblings, References to Homophobia

Written for Queer Fest 2013 and the prompt: X-Men: First Class, Charles Xavier(/Erik Lehnsherr), Erik is the first person Charles has ever been completely honest with. Though Raven may have known about his telepathy, she didn't know he was queer.

Told from Charles and Raven's points of view as they navigate this new aspect of their relationship. Sexual tension between Charles and Erik is present but not acted upon. References to period fears of being queer in the 1950s and 1960s.

Title from The Wallflowers' song Misfits and Lovers.

For FicFriday, I wrote a few fics on this journal and then was very busy on Twitter.

Twitter Fics )
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I ended up doing my grocery shopping which helped me feel a little better. The next few weeks are going to be strange but I'll get through them. I also discovered that there's some sort of art fair happening in one of the towns near where I live on my birthday, so that's something I might do.

This Friday was a really good one for fic as the AU meme was going around and I filled prompts on my LJ and on DW. They ended up getting rather longer, I do plan on spinning out that teen!Charles at the Warehouse into a larger fic and I'm still open to more prompts.

Over on Twitter, I did a few prompts, Fic Friday's been quiet but then this has been a hard year for a lot of people. Lots of sickness and life being tough.

Twitter Fics )

A fic

May. 16th, 2013 11:53 pm
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Tonight was a night of really good television. I watched the first hour and fifteen minutes of Elementary before switching over to Hannibal. I need to marathon both shows because I've barely seen any Elementary but this episode made me want to watch it all. With Hannibal, I started late with it but it completely caught me. I ended up writing a fic inspired by Hannibal because I needed to read Will Graham and Charles meeting so wrote it myself.

Not your stray (470 words) by FiKate
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hannibal (TV), X-Men (Movieverse)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Will's dogs, Will Graham, Charles Xavier
Additional Tags: Psychic Abilities, Secrets, Crossover, Empathy, Identity

What if Charles Xavier offered to help Will Graham deal with his empathy? Will doesn't appreciate the offer and Charles' presumption. A brief meeting outside of Will's house as the dogs look on.

Set at some point between X2 and X3 and after the first episode of Hannibal. No spoilers for either canon but hints of psychic distress from both men.

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I saw Iron Man 3 today and wow, Marvel stepped it up with that movie. I loved the arc and the set up and while there were some issues, it all came together in a wonderful way. I'm impressed and it was a great way to spend an afternoon.

A reminder too that I have a tumblr now called atthelamppost, I've been following everyone who's tumblr username I know. If I don't know yours, follow me and I'll follow you back. Mainly I'm just using it for pictures since its pretty but still seems awkward for conversations and trying out memes on it.

This weekend has been quiet for me, which is nice. Work is still being odd but I've put a few cover letters out into the world, I'm working on a library blog post about gaming and technology and plotting going to the ALA. The rest of this month is going to be strange as there will be AP tests and lots of end of the year things, which are going to feel bittersweet but I will cheer the kids and enjoy the moments.

At this point I have no idea what I'm going to end up doing for my birthday which is a month from now and the same weekend as the school's graduation and then the next week is the last week of school. I'm making a promise to myself that I will do something special for myself to celebrate it and not let any pain of this end of the year ruin it.

This FicFriday was quiet but I still ended up writing a few stories that I'm happy with. And I finished a draft of my queer fest fic, now it needs lots of editing, but it isn't due until May 26th, so there's time.

FicFriday )
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So anyone willing to beta my queer fest fic of 3200 words of Charles and Raven dealing with him being bi?

Its pretty rough but I think its all there and there's no rush. My posting date isn't until later in the month.

Also Kevin Kline's Pirates of Penzance is on TV, I need to get the DVD version of this movie as my VHS is useless now. This movie is such a weird part of my childhood. I saw that awful movie The Pirate Movie on TV and had good thoughts about it and at the video store saw this one on sale and bought it. I then completely fell in love with it though thought the last song must have been created by the film as it was so out there. It wasn't until I took a course in college where we studied 19th century literature in which we read Gilbert and Sullivan that I learned that song was canon. It made me love the movie even more and how it just embraced the crackiness of Gilbert and Sullivan. Its been far too long since I played the Pirate King but I'm going to see if I can get around to having him take a bartending shift or something in the near future.


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