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This day has started off amazing. I got to work which as always was quiet and so I spent most of it watching my Twitter feed and how it exploded around 11:20 when Egypt became free. I'm so amazed at how quickly things happened there and reading the tweets of people there and around the world saying, we're with you and then celebrating. It gives me a huge amount of hope for well everything. It also makes the fact that I'm going to a meeting to make sure I can graduate a little less worrisome since that's one small thing compared to the great change that just occurred.

I was hoping to be online before that meeting at 3:30 but for some reason, the lab computer I'm using it set for a huge resolution and whenever I try to fix it, it gets messed up. Instead I think I'm going to enjoy reading Bloodroot, a fantastic book, thank you [livejournal.com profile] sardonicynic and relax.

I might search out another computer but other than this meeting the rest of the day and evening are mine and I'm just happy to be warm and in a good place.


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